Death at Kuoh Academy

The Beginning of the End

The day had arrived…

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and there was a giant invisible dragon flying around the town…

Just another normal day…

“Alright Dream, come on back, it’s time” said Ryan softly, the words being transmitted telepathically.

“Sure thing master” thought Dream as she shrank back down and landed softly beside him.

“Nervous?” asked Ryan as the two walked back into the house.

“A little” said Dream honestly.

“Good… you’re a shining example to every other entity, if you put in enough effort, you can do anything, even become an endless” said Ryan, getting the entity to blush.

“You’re just saying that” she said humbly.

“Maybe… maybe not, the point is, you’re gonna rock it today, just keep a cool head and answer clearly and you’ll be sweet, I bet my scythe on it” said Ryan as the two split ways so Dream could get changed.

The reaper himself made his way to the living room where the other eight entities, ORC, Azazel, Rossweisse and Vali team were waiting.

“How does she look?” asked Knowledge, his mask set in place making his voice far more sage like.

“She’s scared, I don’t blame her, only five other entities have tried to become endless and none have succeeded” said Ryan as he rubbed the back of his head.

For the first time in a million years, he had felt his age and it didn’t feel too good.

“All ready!” came the excited voice of Dream as she came in, looking fresh and clean.

Everyone was dressed properly, most of the ORC were in their uniforms, the Vali team had even put on some better attire, Vali wore a shirt and tie along with Biko, Arthur was already prim and proper so nothing adjusted there, Kuroka wore a black dress that showed off a little more than necessary but was still acceptable.

Le Fay, Lime and Koneko were wearing similar dresses, blue, lime and purple respectively.

Each of the entities had their standard attire on, Max had slicked back his hair, Love had added a touch of makeup, Orphis had tried to practice her smile a bit more, Knowledge had shined his mask and dusted off his robes, Ryan had put a field on Blake so that he didn’t induce near fatal shocks to those looking at him. Paradox and Pandora had matching outfits, unisex clothes but in their respective colors.

Ryan was wearing his normal reaper gear but it had an unusual shine to them on this day, as if it knew it was an important day.

“When are the others meeting us?” asked Lime as she walked over to her master.

“I’ve got them to escort the other powers there, once we open it from here, they should be able to cross over” said Ryan as he clicked his neck, “Alright, let’s do this”

Paradox and Pandora nodded and two swords materialized, one purple, the other neon blue. They grabbed their respective swords and everyone got into a group. Le Fay and Lime grabbed Ryan’s hand as he rolled his eyes.

“Through time and space we call to you, every time we ask, you let us through. We ask again on this bright sunny day, allow us passage, lest you pay” said the twins simultaneously, their blades glowing purple and blue.

“Sounds a bit dark don’t ya think?” asked Issei to Kiba.

“Alright everyone, try not move, make sure you can always see us because if you don’t you will die a most horrible death” said Ryan with a smile as if this were an amusement park ride.

“Wait…” began Rias but the twins quickly slashed their swords through the air creating a large cross.

Ryan and Eva walked forward and shoved their hands into the tear before pulling it backwards, revealing an endless moving palate of colors.

“Now you pussies, follow me” cheered Ryan as he dived head first through.

The Void

“Hmm… it’s a little smaller than I remember” said Ryan as he looked around the large dome of a room.

The sound of beings falling through a portal onto their faces is a very funny one indeed, Ryan heard this and turned around to see the ORC, Vali team and Dream sprawled across the ground.

“A little bit of warning next time?” asked Issei as he rolled Koneko off of his back.

“Where’s the fun in that?” asked Ryan with a chuckle before snapping his fingers.

Alexander suddenly appeared in front of him, the four seraphs appearing alongside him.

“Master” he said with a bow before leading the leaders of heaven to their seats.

Roberto arrived next, the four devil kings in tow.

“Make it here alright?” asked Ryan to his South American reaper.

“Did indeed sir, that Leviathan girl though, she sure can’t handle her tequila if ya know what I mean” whispered Roberto and the two gave a small chuckle before he led them to their seats.

Ryan felt a sudden embrace from behind him which could only belong to one of his reapers.

“Mary, I assume you got Odin here safely?”

“Sure did! Say… is it weird that he asked what underwear I was wearing?” asked the red haired reaper as she pointed to the bearded god walking towards his seat.

“Just a little…” said Ryan as he watched her walk towards her seat.

“Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and I am… is that you Ryan?” came a high pitched voice.

“Randy?” guessed Ryan before a man in a multi colored suit and top hat appeared in front of them.



The two embraced before they got some odd looks.

“Oh right… this is the entity of randomness, he’s the reason the butterfly effect exists” explained Ryan as he took a bow.

“That’s right! I also like eating cake on the back of humpback wales whilst talking with the queen” said the strange man as his eyes began pulsing different colors.

“Umm… nice to meet you” said Asia as he got close to her.

“Likewise” he said with a tip of his hat before wandering off to the entity section of the seating.

The other four reapers suddenly appeared, each dressed in their standard reaper gear which looked better than usual.




And a single nod from Bobby was all he got before they went off their own ways.

The other endless had taken their positions at the front of the room, a long table facing towards the occupants of the room.

Suddenly, a large man in a green hood appeared and handed Ryan a letter.

The entity red it over before giving a small smile.

“Looks like Santa’s gonna be making an appearance” said Ryan to the ORC.

“What!?” cried Issei loudly, “You mean the real Santa is coming here?”

“I sure am” said a voice before the living embodiment of well being and harmony appeared.

“Holy moly!” exclaimed Issei as he saw her.

Picture the hottest girl you can, give her snowy white hair, put her in a slutty Santa costume and make her twice as hot.

Then you got half of what they were looking now.

“Santa’s a girl?” asked Kiba; even he couldn’t deny she was desirable.

“She is; the entity system is a little bit sexist, there’s an imbalanced ratio of guys to girls, about seventy to thirty” explained Ryan before a spring of mistletoe appeared above him from thin air and he was tackled to the ground.

Everyone could only watch as Santa kissed the shit out of him, his arms flailing about, unable to free himself.

Finally she gave him air and looked at him with a cheeky smile.

“I missed my little reaper” she said softly.

“You could literally just ask me for a kiss, I would happily give you one and it would be far better for both of us instead of crushing me! Just because my previous selves didn’t like it doesn’t mean I don’t” said Ryan as he tried to see past her bust.

“Hmm… alright, can I have a kiss?” she asked and Ryan gently touched her lips with his.

“There… now get off me!” he yelled and she neatly back flipped off of him.

“Damn… why are entities so good looking?” asked Issei sadly before getting a glare from Rias.

“Is that everyone” asked Life as Santa took her seat.

A card flew towards him and he caught it without looking.

“Nope…” he said with a sigh as a man dressed in domino mask, bright red cape and Lycra leotard appeared.

“Ryan… good to see you, is ma buddy Roberto here? I’m looking forward to doing shots with him again”

“Good to see you too Pedro” said Ryan as the two entities fist bumped, “Thought you’d be in Vegas”

“And miss out on this? Not likely, I’ve got money on this, especially since you taught her” said the entity of probability, chance and luck before walking towards his seat.

“Better get this started, its Death’s roll to talk remember” said Life as she patted him on the back and went to her seat.

Ryan took a deep breath before he sealed off the portals in and out of the void.

Somewhere Close

“It’s time Shalba, come to us!”

The Void

“Ladies, gentlemen, angels, devils, fallen, entities, reapers and fellow endless I thank you all for attending this meeting, although we are here to judge a certain entity we also have a few pieces of news and if anyone has anything to say or ask, this is their time to do so. I open the floor to anyone first” said Ryan as he took his seat, Life on his left and Knowledge on his right.

“Well I’m happy to say that deaths have been down this year from murders and other none natural matters so we have that” said Life happily.

“Yay!” cried Ryan sarcastically as she took her seat again.

“I’ve got an update from the North Pole” said Santa as she got to her feet.

“Very well” said Ryan as he acknowledged her.

“The Dasher Satellite has been acting up recently, I was wondering if any of the entities know the cause of it” she asked as she bought up a planet view, a red dot above Africa began to blink.

“It might be nothing, Panda can you and Paradox give it a look after we’re done here?” asked Ryan.

“Sure thing” said the space entity with her thumbs up.

“Thanks a bunch Panda” said Santa with a wink as she took her seat.

Michael raised his hand.

“Archangel, do you have something to ask or contribute?” said Ryan curiously.

“As the current ruler of heaven I simply wish to know two pieces of information, is that alright?” asked Michael as he stood up.

“Of course” said Ryan as he gestured for him to continue.

“What is this satellite that… Santa spoke of?”

“The reindeer satellite network is an advance weapons and monitoring system created by the entities of Knowledge, Death and Harmony, it’s original purpose is to monitor the human population, it is the system that my reapers use to locate threats against humans, the Rudolph satellite is the only one in the network with weapon capabilities, it has the destructive firepower to wipe out an entire country with a single orbital strike, however it requires the entire endless council to activate it” explained Ryan with a calmness and maturity that surprised everyone save for the endless and reapers, there was no joking tone here, no sarcasm, he was completely serious and it unnerved a few of the members present.

“I see… but, is that not an extremely dangerous thing to have?” asked Michael after a moment.

“It is… however, unlike humans, we tend not wipe out a country whenever it annoys us” replied Ryan, leaving no more room for discussion.

“My other question is for the entity known as life” said Michael, gesturing to said entity.

“Oh? What does the Archangel of heaven wish to know from me?” asked Eva in a surprised tone.

Ryan tensed; he already knew where this was going.

“I told him to drop it…” he growled softly, Knowledge put his hand on his shoulder and simply shook his head.

“God was the first entity of life correct” said Michael.

“Correct, I am the second entity of life, he was a very wise man” said Eva with a nostalgic smile.

“If that is so, then why have you not taken charge over heaven again?” asked Michael and Ryan got to his feet.

“I thought I told you…” he began but was cut off by Eva who got to her feet.

“Thank you Death, but the archangel asked me” she said, not in a scolding tone, but simply wishing to deal with it herself.

“My apologies Life; please continue” said Ryan as he took his seat.

“Archangel, I do not believe I have ever told the angels why I do not rule like my master once did, it is very simple actually. When your creator passes on, you have one two options; you can either follow in their footsteps, or… you can craft your own path; I have decided on the latter, of course if you ever require my assistance, you need only ask. I will not however, take control over heaven again, you have been doing a wonderful job thus far and I see no reason to take that away from you” said Life with a smile.

The only sound that could be heard was the soft chuckling of two entities: Rage and Death.

“Very well, I understand, thank you for giving me a straight answer” said Michael with a bow as he sat back down.

“Anyone else?” asked Ryan, when no one stepped forward he cleared his throat, “Very well, now for the reason we are all gathered here today, could the Entity of Dreams and Happiness please step forward for judging”

Dream got to her feet and swiftly moved to the area before the endless table.

“Is the entity ready?” asked Life.

“I am” said Dream, a tiny bead of sweat running down the side of her face.

“Excellent, your first test will be from me” said Life as jumped over the table and stood a few meters away from her.

Dream looked quickly at Ryan who simply winked at her before she turned back to face Life.

“Make life”

Dream nodded, Ryan had told her that Life would be the easiest to accomplish.

She raised her hand and focused on what she wanted.


“Remember Dream, you sometimes forget that you’re the entity of both dreams and happiness. Use both of them to create life and you will pass with flying colors” said Ryan as the two entities sat on a tree branch.

Flashback End

It was small at first, a red glow here, a pulse of orange there. Suddenly a small fish popped out of Asia’s head.

“What the?”

Soon the room was filled with various animals and creatures, all emerging from the occupant’s minds.

“Bringing their deepest happiness to life; excellent work dream. A pass from me” said Life with a smile as she returned to her seat.

“Thank you” sighed Dream with relief.

Rage got to his feet and stood in front of the silent entity.

“Make me mad” he said simply.


“Did you hear me?” asked Rage after a minute.


Rage turned to face Ryan with a look of anger on his face as another minute passed.

“You son of a bitch…” he growled as Ryan was almost screaming in laughter, yet not a sound was heard, “Fine! You get a pass from me!”

“YES!” screamed Dream loudly and fist pumped the air.


“Max hates being ignored, so simply don’t say anything, cast a silence spell on the rest of us so he can’t hear anything and you’ll be fine” said Ryan as he threw a bottle into the air and Dream vaporized it.

“Doesn’t sound hard” said Dream with a smile.

Flashback End

Paradox and Pandora came forward next; both of them gave Dream a reassuring smile.

“Are you ready Dream?” they asked together.

“I am” she said swiftly.

“Very well” they said, and they both raised a hand.


“Now the thing with the twins is that I have no idea what they might throw at you, with all the other entities that have come forward, only one has ever made it too them, Paradox locked him a time cube and almost drove him insane” said Ryan with a sigh as he picked her up and carried her bridal style.

“I think I’ll be able to handle it” said Dream as she nuzzled up against him.

Flashback End

A human sized black hole suddenly appeared between the entities and Dream had to react fast.

Her wings kicked in but the pure sucking force was quickly overwhelming her, she couldn’t believe she would fail here. She tried to fight for a few more seconds until she finally realized that she simply couldn’t win and let her self-go.

“I’m sorry master…”


“A pass from us!” cheered both twins from the darkness.

Dream opened her eyes and saw a smiling Paradox and Pandora looking at her with wide eyes.

“What happened?” she asked as she teetered around.

“You passed our test” said Pandora as she helped steady the still shaking entity.

“But I got sucked into the black hole” said Dream in an immense amount of confusion.

“Exactly… you see Dream, a good endless must know when a fight is unwinnable, if you accept defeat and stop fighting, then that proves that you know when a battle is lost” explained Paradox before the twins took their seats.

Dream breathed a sigh of relief before looking at Ryan who gave her a wink causing her to blush.

Knowledge took to the stage next; Dream looked incredibly nervous but still determined.

“How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” he asked, snorts of laughter could be heard from the rage and death entities as they fell of their chairs laughing.

“Fifty five pieces… assuming Canadian woodchuck of course” said Dream after a moment of thought.

“Correct… a pass from me” said Knowledge with a bow before returning to his seat.


“The thing with Knowledge is that he’ll ask you a common tongue twister and you’ll have to know the answer. Just study up on some silly ones and you’ll be fine” said Ryan as he tossed her a book of riddles and jokes.

“Really?” asked Dream in a surprised tone.

“He wants you pass, so there is no reason for him to make it hard, don’t worry!” assured Ryan with a smile.

“Alright” said Dream with her own smile.

End flashback

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!???” yelled Rage as he leapt to his feet.

“My test for Dream… it takes real knowledge to know how much wood a wood chuck…” began Knowledge before Rage raised his hand and slithered back under the desk.

Love took her place in front of Dream and looked at Ryan and Paradox who simply nodded.

“Time field” the both said softly as they raised their hands, a bubble of magic encompassed the two female entities before them.

“What the heck is that?” asked Issei absently.

“That Mr. Hyoudou is a localized time field, it’s really meant to keep us for knowing what going on in there, if you were to touch it, it would either age you rapidly or make you so young that you would cease to exist” explained Knowledge.


“Because the test that is required from Love is to tell her who you truly love the most and we have decided that that is a secret that only she must know” said Ryan with a wave of his hand.


“For Love’s test, you’re just gonna have to be truthful. Not much I can say otherwise” said Ryan with a shrug.

“But… I don’t know who I love, I could say Orphis since she is my partner” suggested the entity.

“Remember Dream, Love isn’t something that is clearly defined. It could be someone who makes you happy and safe. Whose there for you and puts you ahead of them, Love is not just limited too… well love!” said Ryan before he spun quickly and caught an arrow, “I’m not wrong!!!”

“I know!!!” came another voice from the house followed by a bout of laughter.

“So just be honest?” asked Dream hesitantly.

“You’ll be fine Dream, I believe you will so there’s no hope you’ll fail” said Ryan with a wink before walking back towards the house.

End Flashback

Inside the bubble

“So Dream… you already know what I’m going to ask you but I have to say it all for reasons… Whom does your heart belong too?” asked Love as the time bubble settled around them.

Dream took a deep breath and said her answer.

“The living embodiment of death has my heart”

Love took a breath of her own.

“I see… not surprising with all the effort he has put into you over these past few months. You will get a pass from me if you answer one more question” said Love with a smile.

“Of course”


Dream thought for a minute on it, why did she love Ryan? Was it because of the effort and help he had put in and given to her training? No… that wasn’t it.

“Because he’s the first entity I’ve met who is more human than entity” she said honestly.

Love smiled and gave a small chuckle.

“Excellent answer” she said before a sad frown appeared on her face, “However let me give you one word of advice”

“Hmm? What would that be?” asked Dream curiously.

“Don’t get involved” she said darkly.


“Life might have been first but second only to Knowledge, Death knows the most about the universe and its darkest secrets. You weren’t around when it happened, but there was a battle fought between the endless and another group of very powerful beings… we beat them but death; it was never the same. Something happened to it that day and it had been passed along the various generations of Grim Reapers. I’m not trying to dissuade you from interacting with him but I’m giving you a fair warning, Le Fay and Lime are fine since they will die in the blink of an eye for him, but for you and I, it will not be so easy, he will hide things from us, he already does, you must have noticed it… all I’m saying is, be careful. A pass from me” said Love softly and the time bubble dissipated before Dream could ask anything else.

Dream looked at Ryan who gave her a nod of approval, knowing that she passed. A small tinge of red entered her cheeks but she quickly composed herself.

“Looks like I’m up!” said Blake as he walked over.

“Oh dear…” groaned Ryan.


“I don’t know what I’m afraid of! I’m a giant damn dragon! Nothing on the planet scares me!” yelled Dream as she ran around her room.

“Just relax Dream, when the moment comes, you’ll know what to say. Trust me!” said Ryan with a wink.

End Flashback

Dream nodded and prepared herself.

“You are to yell out your biggest fear to everyone present in this room” said Blake casually.

Dream drew in a deep breath and let out her answer.


Blake was almost knocked over by the sheer volume in her voice.

“P…Pa… Pass!” he said whilst stumbling back to his chair.

“And last but not least, me” said Ryan as he walked up to give her his test.

“I’m ready” said Dream, determination in each of her words.

“The entity of Dreams and Happiness, you have been tested by each member of the endless council, each member has an emotion linked to them, some more obvious than others. I am the only one that does not, state which endless has which emotion and why I do not” said Ryan slowly.

“Well… Rage represents rage and anger obviously; Knowledge represents… greed and avarice for the constant need to know; Fear represents fear of course; Life represents will… the will to live; Time represents hope… hope as time goes on; Space represents compassion… the ability to empathize with everything and everyone everywhere and lastly; love represents the emotion of love. You, the entity of death do not represent an emotion because death is emotionless, it cannot be escaped regardless of what you think about it. One must simply accept their fate and make the most of the bit in-between with the emotions given to them” said Dream after a moment.

Silence filled the room.


“Now my test is the only one I can’t tutor you in, I can give you a hint though” said Ryan as he sipped a can of instant coffee.

“I can use all the help I can get” said Dream as she sipped a can of soda.

“Study up on emotions and get to know them well, it may or may not help you when it comes to my turn” said Ryan with a grin as he crushed his can against the side of his head.

“I’ll do that” as Dream did the same.

End Flashback

“Congratulations Dream, I am over joyed to say that you have passed my test; which means you have become an endless” said Ryan with a soft smile.

The words flew into Dreams face and it took her brain a moment to process them all.

“YES!!!” she screamed before crashing her lips into Ryan’s.

Said entity of death was so surprised that he tripped over backwards and landed straight on his ass.

Dream didn’t care and neither did the crowd as they gave a thunderous applause.

The other endless circled the two entities and Dream eventually let Ryan go as they both got to their feet.

“Let the initiation begin” said Life as the endless formed a circle around her and raised their hands.

“Don’t worry Dream, it doesn’t hurt… that much” said Paradox with a laugh as his eyes lit up blue.

Eight beams of energy struck Dream and she began to float upwards, he eyes glowing as if they were on fire. A cascading aura of red, yellow and orange encompassed her form before it faded and she softly touched back down again.

“Wow… I feel, powerful” she said, he hands buzzing and glowing with energy.

“Phew… you should, we each give you a portion of our power, which allows your current amount to build on. Ours will regenerate but it’ll take a few days” explained Ryan as he caught his breath.

Knowledge suddenly fell to the floor.

“ARGH!!!” he screamed.

“Terrance!” yelled Ryan before he too was forced to the ground, writhing in pain.

“Ahh shit!” he yelled before suddenly falling quite.

“Ryan, what’s wrong?” asked Life with a worried look.

Ryan looked at Knowledge before nodding.

“Everyone in this room, get behind myself and Knowledge… NOW!!!” he roared, his voice taking on a far deeper and darker tone.

Tendrils of darkness began to swirl around his figure as the gods, angels, devils, reapers and other entities rushed alongside the other six endless behind Death and Knowledge.

Two large books, attached by chains appeared from the sleeves of Knowledge’s robes; Ryan clicked his neck and took a step forward.

“They must be behind the reindeer satellite going down, it was the one over Africa… how did we miss it?” asked Ryan to Knowledge.

“They can’t have escaped without the help of an outsider, you don’t think” asked Knowledge with genuine fear.

“No, it’s not them… they’re gone for now” said Ryan before a ripple caught his attention.

A figure appeared through a rip which formed where the ripple was, everyone gasped save for Death and Knowledge.

“Shalba Beelzebub I assume?” asked Ryan, his voice was layered and incredibly deep. His normally cheerful tone was completely gone, the numerous previous deaths all contributing their voices to his, he radiated power and everyone save for the original seven endless were terrified.

“No Shalba here Death… don’t you remember your old friends?” said the figure of Shalba; however his voice was incredibly feminine.

“You are not welcome here Sins… if you return to your book no harm shall come to you” said Knowledge, his aura flickering around him.

“Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. The smartest man in the world and you still don’t know a thing, we’re aware that a new endless was just made and that means you’re both far weaker then when we originally faced you… if you give up now, no harm will… oh who are we kidding!? We’re going to skin you all alive!!!” growled Shalba’s form.

Death raised his hand… Ryan was gone, only pure power remained.

“Last chance Sins, return or be destroyed”

“Oh… I sense some real emotion in your voice today, a little bit of Max and maybe some cupid? Got the sweets for someone have we? It wouldn’t happen to be that pretty little blonde with the strange hat would it? Maybe the cute little green and black head… no? Well if we kill them all it should…”

Ryan moved faster than even Paradox could see and appeared directly in front of Shalba’s figure.

“Soul Shatter…” he said softly, laying a single finger on Shalba’s chest.

Shalba’s body was torn apart, no, more than that; it was vaporized in an explosion of black light.

Seven bright colors burst forth from the destroyed body, each taking the form of an exceptionally beautiful woman.

“Pride, Lust, Envy, Jealousy, Wrath, Gluttony and Sloth. We are the seven deadly sins, here to kill you all” they said in unison.

“EXPLODING CHAINS!!!” roared Knowledge as thousands of chains burst from the ground around them and completely covered the seven women before exploding in a blinding flash of golden light.

As the smoke faded, a pale hand could be seen waving as if to scold a naughty child.

“Did you honestly think that would work?” asked Gluttony with narrowed eyes.

“No… however it gave Sadness, Santa, Randomness and Fate the time to erect a shield around everyone, aided by the reapers, you’re not getting to them. So what will it be Sins? Feel like facing the endless again? It didn’t turn out so well for you last time” said Knowledge calmly.

Gluttony seemed surprised at how quickly the entities and reapers had reacted but still kept her confident smile.

“You may outnumber us by two, but we have drained the magical energy of a true Satan so we are fully powered, you were weakened and have only one full powered member who can barely be called an endless” mocked Wrath.

Dream looked afraid but didn’t back down.

“Dream is an endless whichever way you look at it, now stand down or die” barked Death, his gloved hands pulsing black.

Lust licked her lips and black bile exploded out of her mouth, Death simply raised his hand and absorbed it, before giving out a small burp.

“Hmm… not bad Death” said Lust wickedly.

“You’ll have to do better than that” mocked Death as he held his hand out, the black energy forming into the infamous weapon of the Grim Reaper: his scythe.

Its shape is that of a very out of proportioned cross, with a pure black blade attached to one of the top pieces. It was an ominous sight to behold and he held it like a true master.

Life’s hands pulsed white and a gold and white spear appeared in her left hand. Just looking at it caused many to flinch and cover their eyes.

Blake’s hands became shadow claws as his body became nothing but a dark humanoid blob of inky despair.

Max drew his sword and it ignited, fueled by the pure rage of his soul; he swung it through the air before summoning a flaming shield as well.

Love drew her compound bow out and loaded seven arrows into it, each of them burning with pure energy.

Paradox clicked his neck and flicked his wrists down, two swords appearing in his hands, neon blue lighting sparking off of them as he did.

Pandora bought her hands together and clapped, two purple vector sub-machine guns appeared in her hands, her eyes gaining a crazy looking sheen.

Dream summoned two jagged edged swords; both of them blood red in color and radiating with her newly obtained energy.

“I’m so excited!” exclaimed Pride as her eyes danced with glee.

Both sides simply stood for a moment, neither one wanting to make a move, because once they did… it would open up pure hell.

“Everyone, I am transmitting through Ddraig at the moment, you mustn’t engage the sins even if it looks bad for us, if they get control of a human host then there power almost doubles and we will be forced to destroy your body as Death did to Shalba”

Issei’s hand lit up and Knowledge's voice echoed throughout the bubble.

“But Dream is my partner” growled Orphis as she sent her magic into the shield.

“I know Sadness, but none of you are prepared to face a sin, they are entities with near endless level powers” explained Knowledge seriously.

“But then Orphis should be able to help, she has near endless power as well” argued Santa.

“THEY DON’T HAVE LIMITERS!!!” roared knowledge and all of the entities paled in fear.

“B… but that’s impossible!” stuttered Randomness with a look of pure terror.

“No it’s not, all I ask is that you stay in here until we have dealt with them, do not come out under any circumstance!” ordered Knowledge before he severed his connection with Ddraig.

The air crackled with power as the nine endless stood off against the seven sins, Dream’s teeth were chattering in fear but she stood her ground.

“Endless, I’ll soften them up, do not engage until I give the word” ordered Death telepathically as he took a step forward.

“Understood” replied everyone as they took a step back ready to burst into action.

“Going to try and take us on yourself” laughed Greed.

“Why waste the time and effort of eight others when I will do?” retorted Death, his scythe spinning and cutting the air as he moved it between his hands.

“Then why do they still have their weapons drawn?” asked Wrath with a sly grin.

“Insurance” said Death before squaring off.

His aura was so powerful that even low level demons back on earth could sense it and they knew something was wrong.

“Enough chit chat!” roared Envy as she darted forward, her hands clenched into vicious claws that would tear any angel, demon, fallen or human apart… Death was none of them.

He simply side stepped and slashed forward with his scythe, Envies body fell into two pieces behind him before he burst forward slashing rapidly at Greed.

She had to quickly backpedal in order to avoid the black blade, Sloth raised her fist slowly to strike at him but he was quicker and lopped off both arms in quick succession. Pride dived for the reaper and he spun over her whilst simultaneously throwing six other bolts of energy at the other six sins, each hitting their targets.

“Holy shit he’s good!” noted Issei from within the safety of the shield, everyone was eagerly watching Death do what he does best.

“Correct, Ryan is the only entity created with the sole intention of bringing about death so it is only natural that he be the best at it” explained Luck.

“But he seems so calm and lazy normally, he just gets his reapers to do everything” said Rias with a furrowed brow.

“What you don’t understand Rias, is that my brother has the sheer raw power to wipe out anyone he wants, however it would most likely wipe out anything within a planets radius of it, he has no middle ground in combat, he either fights lightly or goes full out, there is no medium level of combat for him. And that poses a risk for the other endless since, as you can see, he is nothing but a blur of black steel and magic” explained Orphis as the sins formed a circle around Death, he was spinning rapidly, blocking every blast of magic with a quick twirl of his deadly scythe.

"So he's not even using his full strength now?" guessed Rias.

"We wouldn't be talking if he were Miss.Gremory" said Orphis as they watched the battle rage on...

“Oh boy, this is not looking good” thought Ryan to himself as he watched his body go to work.

You see, whenever Ryan cuts loose and lets Death take over, his cheery personality that drives normally takes the back seat whilst the entity of death runs wild.

He still had sway over himself however and is able to prevent himself from going overboard and wiping out the entire dimension.

“Backup!” he sent telepathically to the endless as he sliced through another sin, it regenerated in a matter of moments

“WILD VINES!” yelled Life as hundreds of vines emerged from the ground and screamed towards the sins








"Reaper Coil!"

All nine attacks flew at the sins and vaporized their bodies instantly, there was no way they could protect themselves.

Unless of course they simply regenerated…

Seven balls of energy quickly filled the air, each swirling with energy which were slowly beginning to take form.

“We need a plan, we can’t just keep attacking them head on, we need the book” said Death as he unleashed seven energy claws from within his robe and fried the regenerating orbs with magic, keeping them at bay a little longer.

“It’s locked in my library and I can’t leave to get it” growled Knowledge as his brain tried to figure out a solution.

“Time’s up!” screamed Pride as the seven sins burst towards Dream intent on killing the newest endless.

An explosion of light blinded the creatures present and a blood curdling scream was heard as the sins stabbed straight through Orphis’s stomach, the entity of sadness having tossed herself in front of her partner to protect her.

“FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUE UNLOCK: DEATH PULSE!” roared Death as his hands glowed, and rings of black energy hit the sins before pinning them to the nearest walls, keeping them immobile.

“Asia Argento! Here! Now!” yelled Life as she began healing Sadness’s wounds.

“Hurry!” growled Death as he struggled to keep the sins compressed.

The shield slipped and Asia ran over to Orphis and Life quickly, “Oh my, what should I do?”

“Paradox, Stasis Lock her” ordered Life as she quickly swiped her hands over Asia’s.


Paradox closed his eyes and made a triangle with his fingers, “Stasis Lock, target confirmed, LOCK!”

Orphis pulsed blue and her chest stopped moving as she was frozen in that moment in time.

“Start healing her, it will be rough but she should be fine” reassured Life to Dream as the entity of happiness was feeling anything but that.


The sudden sound made every jump and the next moments moved in slow motion.

The sins broke free of Death’s Pulse field and dashed towards the mortals, intent on claiming them to double their power. Death and Paradox burst into action, their speed the only thing allowing them to possibly stop the sins. The two entities threw up shields around the four great powers, preventing six of the seven from infecting any hosts, however one sin managed to slip past and headed straight towards the ORC group.

Seeing no other option, Death and Paradox hurled all their energy at the remaining sin, which fused with the other six before spreading over Rias’s peerage and Irina.

“NO!” yelled Death as the sins were absorbed.

Silence filled the room as the ORC members looked dazed.

“This is very bad” said Knowledge as he bought up a magic circle and analyzed the ORC individually, “You’ve each been infected by the sins, however who has which one, I cannot say… it’s like they’ve been mixed up together”

“Paradox and I did strike an almost lethal blow on them before they entered, perhaps they are wounded and cannot fully regenerate themselves?” suggested Death as he gave them a quick once over as well.

“So we’re going to be possessed when they return to full health?” asked Akeno, a sad look on her face.

“Yes, but I think I know how we can stop them, if I use the amulet on them when they manifest themselves than it might be possible to expel them from their bodies allowing you to capture and contain them” explained Knowledge to Death.

“It might work, however we have no way of knowing which sin will appear and in which host, the only ORC member safe is Asia since she wasn’t with you” said Ryan as his energy faded and he regained his normal voice.

“I see no other option” said Knowledge grimly.

The ORC swallowed nervously…

“Hehehe, welcome to hell little devils and angels” said Koneko suddenly, her eyes flashing orange briefly before she regained her sense.

“Hmm… makes sense, she was hit first, so she’ll be the first” stated Knowledge as he scanned her and frowned at the results.

“I need to make a call, get ready to go everyone, make sure you keep healing Orphis Asia” ordered Ryan as he walked off, pulling out his phone as he did.

“Who could he possibly be calling?” asked Kiba curiously but didn’t investigate.

Knowledge appeared beside the entity of Death, his mask off and his face troubled.

“They wouldn’t go to all this trouble just to try and kill us… you know that” stated the wise man.

“I know, that’s why we need as much help as we can get for the upcoming battle, we can’t let them get the principle, we still need the dragons” said Ryan as he tapped a number on his phone and raised it to his ear.

“Hello? Is that you Ryan?”

“Hello Cara, I need you and Blair to meet me at the Hyoudou residence in Japan, it’s very important, your brothers will be there”

“Issei and Vali?! Really!? We’ll be there! But…”

“What is it?”

“We felt your power surge from here… is everything alright?”

“I’ll explain later, just get there as fast as you can, use your scale mail if you have too”

“Will do!”

Ryan ended the call and turned back to look at the people gathered, he took a deep breath in and sighed.

“You alright?” asked a familiar voice from beside him.

“I’m fine Le Fay, I’m sorry I can’t give you my full attention like I promised but…” he began but she shushed him quite.

“Think nothing of it, I was very impressed at your degree of combat prowess, you continue to impress even years after we last saw each other” she said with a smile.

A soft pair of arms wrapped around her and she looked at the reaper curiously.

“Sorry, I just needed a hug” he said with a red face as he quickly let go.

“What about a kiss?” asked Le Fay cheekily.

“Don’t push your luck, I might have to marry you but I’ve yet to fall in love with you” said Ryan stiffly but his cold demeanor broke and he gave her lips a quick peck before chuckling softly.

“Well I have another competitor for your heart, Dream seems to be after you as well, you’re quite the heart stealer” commented Le Fay with a sad face.

“Yeah, I made to many promises and I can’t be sure if I can keep them… hell, I might not even be around for long enough to get even one of you” said Ryan darkly as he glanced towards the ORC.

“Don’t say such stupid things, there is no way you’ll let this little thing get to you, I’ve seen you take a wendigo claw through the stomach and shrug it off like it was nothing, this should be like breathing to you” reassured Le Fay before she left him and ran over to her brother.

Ryan sighed as he summoned his scythe.

He looked at Knowledge and Life who nodded and threw him two items.

“VAULT KEYS: AUTHORIZED ACCESS DEATH, LIFE AND KNOWLEDGE” said Ryan as he threw three keys into the air and they formed a large triangle, he slashed quickly through the air in the middle of the triangle and a human sized portal appeared before he stepped through, the portal closing behind him.

Somewhere Very Far Away (The Cube)

“Hmm… what a surprise! Lord Death come to visit us?”

“Cut the crap, what are you planning?”

“Me? I have no idea what you’re talking about; I’ve been here this entire time, locked in your little prison; did something happen?”

“The sins got free and they tried to kill the endless, we had a new endless recruit however and managed to stop them”

“I doubt that… you probably confined them to human hosts, if you want to extract them then you have to destroy the bodies, you know this, but they don’t… do they?”

“If you have nothing to offer than I will leave”

“… Wrath…!”

“Hmm… what about her?”

“She will be the first one to show herself, it has to be equal and this is a chance I am giving you to make it so”

“… Thank you, but you will never be forgiven for what you have done”

“I thought as much, goodbye Death! Happy sin hunting!”

“Goodbye… equality”

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