Death at Kuoh Academy

The Loophole

Death is a force of nature.

Inescapable and merciless.

Everything will succumb to it.

Angels die

Devils die.

Fallen die.

Dragons die.

Creatures die.

Everything dies.

Even death…

Chapter Twelve


Rogar grew fifty times his regular size, a towering giant that rivaled the size of the four heavenly dragons.

He swung his fist at Koneko and smashed her into the pool room.

“Now Death!” roared Rogar as the three entities followed the infected girl through.

“Bile Burst!” screamed Greed as black bile exploded from Koneko’s mouth.


A wave of heat filled the room as a multi colored blast of flames erupted from Dream’s mouth, incinerating the bile in mid-flight.

“Earth Hammer!” yelled Rogar as his hammer appeared in his hand, swinging wildly at the sin, yet with a hint of graceful calm.

Ryan began hurling bolts of black lightning at the sin alongside Dream who was hurling balls of flames at her.

Even with a possessed body, one sin could not versus three entities with two of them being endless.

She faltered for a second and that was all Ryan needed.


A bright black tendril of energy snaked around Koneko and began to fry her.

“Don’t kill her!!!” screamed Kuroka but she was held back by the Vali team.

Ryan braced his legs and swung the girl through the air.

“Now Rogar!” he yelled as he swung her towards him.

“Batter up!” he cried as he smashed the girl into the pool.

“ORC get in the pool!” yelled Ryan as he cast a shield over the pool in order to keep the sin in.

“You heard him! Everyone in!” yelled Rias as she dived straight in, clothes on and all.

“Cannon ball!” yelled Issei as he jumped in.

“Is it cold?” wondered Irina as she was shoved in by Xenovia.

“Should I strip?” asked Akeno before she was knocked into the pool by Kiba.

“Activate Crystal Pool: Reaper Authorization”

The pool began to bubble and glow a bright blue color, the cave becoming lit up so brightly that everyone had to shield their eyes.

Ryan breathed deeply as the ORC began to rise from the water, their bodies glowing gold as the water wrapped around them.

His hands moved fluidly through the air, wrapping the bodies in water and gently extracting the sins.

Once the water had fully encompassed them he reached into this inner coat pocket and pulled out a fist shaped amulet with three symbols engraved on the outside: a book, a leaf and a skull.

“Come to me sins” he whispered softly as the amulet lit up.

A blinding light suddenly filled the room.

“What the hell was that?” wondered Azazel as he had to turn his back.

Ryan’s eyes snapped open suddenly.

“No…” he whispered in horror as he fell to his knees.

The ORC fell gently into the water, Dream and Rogar levitating them out.

“Shirone! Are you alright?” asked Kuroka as she hugged her sister.

“I’m fine Kuroka, she’s gone” said Koneko with a tired smile.

The ORC members shook their heads as they got their bearings again.

“Ryan… are you okay?” asked Le Fay.

“Heh… I’m such an idiot” said Ryan as he fell onto his back, laughing manically as he did.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” said Le Fay nervously.

“EVERYTHING!!!” screamed Ryan as he lept to his feet, he turned and grabbed Le Fay by her shoulders his eyes devoid of emotion, “YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!”

The words echoed through the cave.

Laughter suddenly filled the cave.

“Oh Death… always trying to play the hero” the mysterious voice filled the cave and Ryan spun quickly towards the pool.

A single, naked figure rose from the water.

“Dream, Rogar, get them to the sleigh, that is not a request, it is an endless order!” growled Ryan as they went to argue.

“Yes sir! Hold on kids!” said Rogar as he and Dream cast a mass teleport out of the room.

Leaving Ryan alone with the stranger.

“Having the sins free you, smart… I never even thought of it” said Ryan with a dark chuckle as the man gently lowered himself to the pool edge.

“Well, you trapped us in the same dimension just with different security, it was simple enough” said the man as white and black bandages began to cover him.

“Well I hate to have to do this to you after just waking up, but it’s time for you to die again”

The Sleigh

“What the hell Dream!?” yelled Lime as she furiously hit the entity of happiness who was feeling anything but.

“If Ryan asks me to do something then I have to obey, an endless order is final” said Dream with a sigh.

“Get us in the air Santa” said Rogar as he gave the ORC one more check.

The sleigh lifter gently into the air and was about to start moving when the air around them began to buzz with power.

“What the hell?” wondered Issei as his skin began to vibrate lightly.

“SANTA MOVE THE SHIP!!!” roared Ddraig but his warning was too late.

A bright beam of light shot up from the ground and tore through the left wing of the sleigh, the ship began to swerve to the side before something connected with the underside of it.


Ryan’s voice came over the intercom and via the hull based cameras they could see him supporting the side that had been crippled.

Santa quickly took manual control of the ship and guided it gently down with her magic.

“What the hell is going on Ryan!” yelled said entity.

“Activate the sleigh defense system and do not come out until I tell you!” ordered Ryan as his death jets kicked in and he rocketed into the sky.

Above the Cloud Layer

“You’re not giving it your all Death, there was once a time when you would have destroyed an entire planet to stop me” said the man with a smile.

“People change” said Ryan without a hint of emotion.

“You don’t, as much as you’d like too, you will always be the same, as will I, too sides forever bound to fight each other” said the man with a sad sigh.

“You can’t win Equality, we have another endless and you’re far weaker, absorbing sins still won’t give you your true power back” said Ryan as his hand filled with magic.

“True, that’s why I don’t plan to fight you right now” said Equality with a sinister glare.

“What are you planning?” growled Ryan as he aimed his hand at the entity.

“For now, I’d think about trying to protect the ones you care about…” said Equality with a yawn.

“What does that me…?”


The Sleigh (a few seconds earlier)

“What’s going on?” asked Asia as the group stepped out of the sleigh.

“I can’t say for sure…” said Santa as they looked up.

They heard a huge explosion and suddenly a large blast of light came hurtling towards them.

“Shields!!!” yelled Dream as they attempted to slow the blast.

Said blast tore through Dreams, Santa’s and Rogar’s shields as if they were paper.


Black filled everyone’s vision as the group was suddenly shoved to one side.

Two Hours Later

“Contrary to what you have been told, Paradox and Pandora were not actually the third and fourth entities, no, the third entity to come into existence is called Equality” said Eva.

After Equality had used his sacred art technique to escape, Ryan had taken the shot and it had promptly torn him in half.

Needless to say he didn’t die but he was in immense amount of pain as the Equality magic tried to eat away at him.

The entire endless council had gathered as soon as they had felt Ryan’s pain.

Le Fay had to be knocked out otherwise she would have gone into a mad frenzy.

Lime however simply sat by his bed and refused to leave, they had tried, they had failed…

Now Ryan’s partner was giving them a run down on exactly what was happening.

“Long ago; Death, Equality and I ruled the universe; we protected all and were close friends. Equality created fairness and well… equality among all he met, however he soon began to become disturbed after the creation of dragons, he saw the other entities: Rage, Fear, Randomness and the like as inferior beings that should have never been created, he tried to activate his madness through equality, he had almost achieved it when Death sealed him in another dimension and used his very emotions as a barrier, that’s why he is the way he is, however Equality has used the sins power to set him free, the crystal pool acted as a catalyst in order for him to free himself, he’s now regenerating his power, somewhere out in the universe and he will return…” said Eva darkly.

“And we will crush his balls when he does!” roared Rogar as he got to his feet.

“Incorrect… Equality has a unique ability that allows him to create an army of himself; the first Death was killed defeating it and him. He is not someone we can just ‘beat’” said Knowledge as he lent back in his seat.

“Back then the endless council didn’t exist however, so you guys might be able to stand up against him” said Santa with a hopeful smile.

“You still don’t understand, the only one powerful enough to stand up to him is Death and he’s currently lying in a bed, torn in half!” yelled Eva, surprised when tears sprung into her eyes.

Silence filled the room.

“God damn you guys look like shit!”

Everyone turned to see Ryan being pushed in on a wheelchair, his legs were still missing but two short stumps had begun to form where they should have been.

“Darling!!!” yelled Le Fay as she jumped into his arms, kissing him as she did.

“Easy Lele, it still burns like hell” said Ryan with a wince.

“Good to see you’re not biting the dust just yet Death” said Life with a sad laugh.

“I guess so, however things aren’t looking the best for us are they, Equality is out there and growing stronger by the second, we might not be able to take him on since I’m only at half strength…” said Ryan with a laugh.

“Don’t joke Ryan, not at a time like this” warned Eva with a scolding tone.

“Oh come off it Eva, they all know our secret now, you and I used to be besties until I locked Equality away with my emotions” said Ryan with an eye roll.

Eva sighed before a small smile reached across her face.

“I suppose you’re right, well now I have no reason to not do this” she said with determination as she went up to the crippled reaper and kissed him directly on the lips.

Ryan’s eyes widened in surprise as a golden light wrapped around the two blinding everyone present.

Once the light had faded, Eva was fast asleep in Ryan’s arms, his legs having returned.

“Thank you Eva” he whispered softly as he felt her magic repair the last bits of his legs and wipe away the equality magic still in his system.

“Another, damn, you’re gonna give Issei a run for his money for the girls falling for him” said Azazel with a laugh.

Ryan rolled his eyes and got to his feet, gently lowering Life onto the nearest couch.


The room was filled with seven puffs of smoke and all eight reapers stood before their mentor.

“YES MASTER!” they yelled whilst kneeling before him.

“We’ve got shit to do! Partner up, heavies with Rogar; go and fetch the other elemental entities, rangers go and fetch the angels, devils and Norse with Azazel, fighters, go with Santa and pick up the seasons, Easter Bunny, Pedro , Randy and Fate. Protectors, go with the Dream to pick up Orphis and Sona. I bought you all back to life for a reason, to protect humanity, however I’m about to ask you to go to war, and if any of you are against that, leave now and no one will hold it against you” said Ryan with a smile.

“We will fight alongside you master” said Alexander with a bow.

“Always” said Bobby as she took off her mask, everyone (save for Kuroka, Ryan and Jason) gasping in surprise.

“Forever” said Lime.

“Very well then, let me give you something before you all leave.”


Eight balls of shadows burst forth from Ryan’s hands, each one fusing with a reaper.

“Woah… I feel like I’ve just drunk my entire flask of tequila in one go” said Roberto as shadows swirled around him.

“I have fused the souls of the dead into you to enhance your powers, you are now just short of an entity in terms of power” explained Ryan as he let out a small breath.

“Let’s go Bobbi” said Lime as the two girls grabbed Dream and vanished.

“Where to Rogar?” asked Mary with a smile.

“The pacific” he said with a laugh as the three heavy hitters vanished.

“Let’s pick up my men first and then head to heaven” said Azazel as the rangers vanished with him.

“Miss. Santa, where will we find the seasons?” asked Alexander curiously.

“Antarctica of course!” said Santa with a laugh as the three vanished.

“What about us?” asked Rias.

“Head to the Hyoudou residence and make sure the town is locked down, keep everyone in doors by magic if you have too” said Ryan as he activated his death jets.

“Where are you going?” asked Knowledge.

“To pick up our two friends outside of earth, formulate an effective attack plan and get everyone ready, I’ll be back in time to hear the plan” said Ryan as he pulled up his hood, “As for you dragons, practice fusing together, we’re gonna need the unknown entity for this upcoming battle”

“Got it!”

Ryan smiled before leaning down and giving Le Fay a gentle kiss.

“Be safe” she whispered softly.

“I will”

And then he was gone in a burst of blue flames.


“Damn, we’re a long way from England” said Walter as the cold hit him like a bat across the face.

“Reminds me of Mary’s home” said Alexander as he swiftly made his way up to the cave entrance.

“Be wary, this entity is not known for her kindness” said Santa as they entered the cave.

“Hello Molly… how are you?”

A figure with snow white hair, blue dress and incredibly pale skin sat on a throne of ice before them.

“I’m good Winter, how are you?” said Santa as the two embraced gently.

“Cold, bored, it should pick up once winter is back up” said the girl with a thin smile.

“I’ve told you before Winter, come and stay with me” said Santa with a frown.

“And you know I’ve already told you that I can’t, but enough of that, what brings you here?” asked Winter with a curious eye.

“Death needs the entities of the world to gather, an old enemy has come back to try and destroy the world, we need you” said Alexander bluntly as he saw Santa try to sugar coat it.

“You might want to lead with that next time, where are we meeting?” said Winter as she grabbed a large coat.

“Kuoh Academy, America” said Walter with a bow.

“Tell Summer that if she is not here I will ruin summer for her!” yelled Winter as she dived down an ice tunnel beside her throne.

“One down, a few more to go” said Santa with a smile.


“Damn I hate the water!” yelled Rogar as he clutched onto the top of Johnathan’s head like a limpid.

“I find that highly offensive Rogar!” roared a figure from beneath the waves, a shirtless man with a flowing white beard and a golden trident emerged on a spout of water.

“Oh come off your high horse Neptune, Death needs you to help save the world” yelled Rogar, Neptune simply nodded and descended beneath the waves again.

“Well that was easy” said Mary as she treaded water.

“So where do we go now?”


“Are you sure it’s him?” asked Orphis as she spoke to Dream.

“Positive, saw him myself, we can’t do this without you” said Dream with a sigh.

“Alright then, but I’m getting to old for this shit” said Orphis as she shrunk back down to a human and landed gently next to Lime and Bobbi.

“Damn you two get big” stated Bobbi with wide eyes.

“I do believe that is what she said” said Lime as the four girls vanished in a flash of light.


“So that’s the deal, we fight alongside the entities of the world or we all die” said Azazel with a grin.

“It doesn’t seem like we have a lot of options, heaven will lend its support then” said Michael.

“As will the Satan’s and devils” said Sir Zecks; Serafall, Ajuka and Asmodeus nodding in agreement.

“Alright then, we got a war to win!”

With Ryan

Space was a wonderful thing, completely neutral and clean.

Ryan thought this as he flew swiftly towards the large pearl that was the moon.

He landed in the largest crater on the giant rock, barely lifting even a speck of dust.

“Knock knock motherfucker!!!” yelled the reaper loudly.


The ground suddenly shook and a teenage girl who was wearing a large singlet, glasses and a pair of gaming headphones emerged from the ground; she was holding a PlayStation four controller and looked very pissed off.

“I never said you did, I simply need your help Luna” said Ryan with a smile.

“Just a sec… NO! YOUR MAMA!!!” screamed the girl into her microphone before flicking it back up and re-facing Ryan.

“COD BLOPS 3 I assume” said Ryan with folded arms.

“Fucking noobs couldn’t capture a point if they were standing right on top of it!” growled Luna as she threw her controller into her hole, “What do you need?”

Ryan grinned from ear to ear.

With Knowledge

“Ahh Luna! Good to see you again” said Knowledge as the entity of the moon appeared in a flash of navy blue light.

“Well, since Ryan called in his solid, I didn’t really have a choice” said Luna as she adjusted the large sniper on her back.

“It’s good to have you here regardless, as you can see, we have quite the number of magic users here” said Knowledge as he gestured to the large room.

“Shit! You guys weren’t kidding when you said it was gonna be a war…” said Luna in awe as she observed the members in the room.

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn; the two sister and two brother seasons were chatting away with Santa.

Rogar, Neptune, Volcanus and Gale; the four element entities were engaged in a fierce game of charades whilst they waited.

The Easter bunny, Dream and Orphis were laughing away at something Jason had said.

Bobbi and Kuroka were making out in the corner.

The four dragons were practicing their fusion and had almost got it down, now able to create a scale mail similar to that of the real dragon’s combination.

Roberto and Pedro were taking shots while Rossweisse and Walter played a game of cards.

Both the Gremory and Sitri peerages were idly chatting away with each other.

The remaining endless were sipping on drinks along with the four great powers.

“Where are the troops?” asked Luna as she leant her sniper against a wall.

“They are still in heaven, hell and Asgard. Until we give them orders they have nowhere to go” explained Knowledge as he removed his mask and took a seat, “I just hope Ryan can get your sister to help”

“Solaris? I doubt it, she doesn’t give a toss about earth” said Luna with a huff.

“Maybe…” said Knowledge with a sigh.

With Ryan

“God dammit! I hate getting plasma in my shoes” grumbled Ryan as he sunk into the core of the sun.

“Ryan? What brings you here?”

A woman with luscious flowing lava like hair greeted him from a throne made of fire.

“Hey… Solaris, kinda need a small favor from you” said Ryan as he avoided a large pool of super heated plasma.

“You’re asking someone with the power to destroy planets to help you? You must really be desperate” chuckled Solaris.

“Okay, normally I let you have your way. I leave you alone and humor you when you threaten to blow up the earth but I’ve had about enough of your shit, you’re gonna help us fight or I’m gonna force you too!!!” yelled Ryan as rage seeped into his words.

“Big talk, but you’ve never won a single battle between us” said Solaris with a smirk.

“Oh for fucks sake! I. LET. YOU. WIN!!!” said Ryan clearly.

“Oh yeah? Prove it!”

“Heh… reaper chop”

“Reaper wha…?”

Kuoh Academy

“And that’s how I ate cake on a whale whilst talking to the queen!” said Randy as he finished explaining his story.

“That still doesn’t explain how you destroyed the royal palace…” said Blake with an eye roll.

Randy simply chuckled and the entity of fear walked over to his fellow endless.

“Alright people, when Ryan gets back, we’re gonna have a war on our hands. Equality and Death hate each other so they will be facing each other one on one and we will have to deal with his million clone army” said Knowledge as he dusted his mask.

Love bought her hand up to her tattoo under her eye and softly rubbed it.

“So how desperate are we?” she asked softly.

“An endless that releases their limiter will be able to instill their madness on the world” said Eva darkly.

“So not that desperate” said Love with a sad laugh.

“Don’t worry Love darling, we’ll simply have to do it with our limiters on”

The endless council turned to see Ryan walk through a dark black portal; Solaris was unconscious in his arms, a large red mark on the center of her forehead.

“Good to see you again Death, thought you might have run off without us and tried to hunt him down yourself” said Max with a laugh.

Ryan rolled his eyes and gently lay Solaris down, he gestured to Asia to come over, he told her to heal the sun entity, which she did.


Max’s voice echoed throughout the entire hall, every suddenly turned to face the endless council.

Ryan and Knowledge stepped forward, Knowledge bought up a holographic view of the world.

“Alright, here are the facts, we’re about to go into a battle with an entity on par with Life and Death, he has the ability to replicate himself one million times, however each clone is only as powerful as a minor entity, these however will still prove a challenge since the endless are only so few, that’s where you all come in…” explained Knowledge as a large group of white dots appeared around the planet.

“I will engage Equality while the rest of you deal with the clones, if I incinerate his body then we win” said Ryan.

“Where will the clones attack from?” asked Sir Zecks.

“Everywhere… they will descend from every point on earth; that is why we must spread our forces globally, assign you devils, angels and Norse armies to major cities, Pandora will handle movement during the battle, so conserve your magic for the clones themselves” said Knowledge as he gestured to said entity.

“Entities and endless will be split up around the globe, reapers will be assigned to their respective countries and with their shade enhancements will provide necessary aid, Asia and Pandora will be together, no exceptions, to deal with the injured should the need every arise” said Ryan as Panda walked over to the former nun.

“Alright Death, stop bullshitting us. How bad is it?” asked Azazel seriously.

“Pretty bad, a Satan is going to have trouble dealing with even one clone, an army of one million? I don’t know how many of us will survive”

Silence filled the room.

“So that’s why I plan to kill this mother fucker as quickly as possible, kill the original and the clones fall” said Ryan with a laugh.

“Why don’t we all concentrate fire on him then?” asked Michael.

“Cause he would promptly murder everyone in this room in less than ten seconds, the only ones who can stand even a remote chance against him are Death and I” said Eva, Michael nodded in understanding.

“What about human casualties?” asked Ajuka seriously.

The endless all looked at each other.

“We got that covered” said Ryan with a smirk.

Kuoh Academy Rooftops

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” asked Blake as Ryan, Pandora and Dream stretched lightly.

Since it was the weekend, the school was completely empty so the main group of forces were spread out down below, looking up at the roof.

“Just give me permission and we can save all the humans” said Ryan as he clicked his neck.

“Life permission”

“Time permission”

“Knowledge permission”

“Fear permission”

“Rage permission”

“Space permission”

“Love permission”

“Dream permission”

Ryan took a deep breath in.

“Death permission”


“Be careful Ryan” said Life with a worried look.

Ryan didn’t respond, instead, he let his thoughts and magic flow out into the world. He felt into the mind of every living being on the planet who was not about to fight with them.

“I feel the souls of every living being, all of their energy is flowing through me, I could end everyone with a single thought”

This was the most dangerous thing about Ryan’s madness, if he wanted, he would make humans, live, breed and die, an endless cycle where only he and life would reign as the last remaining entities.

He had the power to destroy Equality right here and now, but in exchange for the world as everyone knew it…


“Hey Le Fay”

“Yeah Lime?”

“Why do you love Ryan?”

Le Fay thought for a moment before finally coming to a conclusion.

“His heart”

Lime looked confused.

“What about it?”

“Well, he’s far from pure, I see in his eyes that there are things he regrets but I’m willing to overlook that because he now tries to make the world a better place, he’s never selfish, he’s always caring and he knows how to talk with you”

Lime nodded, her eyes closed.

“He certainly does”

“Plus he’s got a killer body and is the literal embodiment of death”

Both girls cracked up laughing.

Totally unaware that said embodiment happened to be walking by and heard the entire conversation.

Flashback End

Ryan’s power was radiating so brightly that the remaining endless had to cast a shield in order to protect the school.

“The madness is consuming him” whispered Knowledge to Life.

“No… he is strong, he will beat it, I know he can” said Eva, her eyes glowing white.


A pulse of black energy exploded from Ryan’s body, it traveled across the world in a matter of moments.

“Wow… that hurts” groaned Ryan as he collapsed to his knees.

“You did well kid, Panda, Dream, you’re up!” ordered Knowledge.


Millions of bright purple portals appeared beneath every living thing on the planet.


A wave of pure rainbow magic flew through the nearest portal and Dream smiled as she felt every living thing drift into a dreamless sleep.

“There we go... easy does it” said Ryan as he caught the two girls, using spells like that made them tired, but a quick does of death magic had them back on their feet in no time.

The endless landed amongst the scores of magical beings, each geared up and kitted out, ready for battle.

Ryan smiled before he felt a strange wave of power rush over him; he looked at life, who had also felt it.

A small white ball descended from the sky, everyone backed away from it and both life and death stepped forward.

Ryan gently reached out and flicked the ball; it pulsed and shimmer before a hologram of Equality appeared before them.

“Hello there, this is simply a recording so don’t bother answering anything I have to say… anyway! Greetings everyone, my name is Equality, although recently I have taken the name of David, it sounds kinda nice don’t you think? Anyway, I’m simply sending this warning to tell you that I have regained all my strength and have reactivated the ark Ryan… that’s right, I’m going to use your little siblings to…”

The device was cut short as a dark energy promptly vaporized it.

“It’s times like these when I’m glad Ryan is an ally” said Vali as he watched the grim reaper burn with dark magic.

“Keep it together for now Death, you’ll only have one chance when he gets here” said Knowledge and Ryan simply nodded.

“Care to give them a speech?” asked Life as she walked up beside him.

“I hate public speaking but sure, why not!” exclaimed Ryan as he thought for a moment.

“Public speaking huh?” said Blake with raised eyebrows.

Ryan rolled his eyes before clearing his throat, every set of eyes turned to look at him.

“Today I ask you all, not as the entity of death or the grim reaper but as Ryan Blackworth, an average person with average interests and high hopes; fight! Not to stop an enemy that could possibly destroy the world, but fight so that we may continue to live, grow and work together! Recent changes have shown us just how far we have come; the unity between angelic, demonic and fallen powers is living proof itself! I try not to ask much of you, but when I do, then you’d better be god damn sure it’s gonna be a big request! LET’S GO AND KICK SOME ASS!!!” roared Ryan and every single person present cheered loudly.

“Positions everyone!” yelled Knowledge.

One Hour Later

A second moon hung in the sky, on closer inspection however, one could clearly make out that it was actually in front of the moon and actually a massive warship.

“How are we planning on taking that down again?” asked Life as they watched it come to a stop just outside of earth’s atmosphere.

“I’ll think of something” whispered Ryan as they both floated there.

A minute passed before a group of one hundred equality clones floated down, said entity in the center.

“Ryan! Eva! So good to see you both again!” said Equality, the group of clone surrounded them.

“I assume we can call you David then?” asked Ryan as he clicked his neck.

“But of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way!” said Equality happily.

“I don’t suppose we can tell you to surrender?” assumed Life with a curious look.

“Not at all, but then again, you would have just locked me back up anyway” said the entity with a glint of anger in his eyes.

“No” said Ryan quickly.


This response came from both Life and Equality.

“I wouldn’t lock you up… in fact, I would slaughter you where you stood right now if I could, I would single handedly take on your ‘army’ however I now have others to consider, so no, I don’t plan on locking you up ‘David’! I plan on beating you, then stripping away any power you think you have and then destroying your soul” growled Ryan, his voice began to take on several layers.

Equality was taken back by the sudden tone of Death’s voice.

“Hmm… well since I know you two plan to fight me here and have your friends deal with the clones around the planet, allow me to clue you into something…” whispered Equality with a mad grin.

“And what would that be?” asked Eva with crossed arms.

Equality clicked his fingers.

Both Life and Death could only watch as one million entity clones burst forth from the ark and headed straight towards them.

“You two are strong, but not that strong” laughed Equality maniacally.

Ryan laughed…

Eva laughed…

“Oh god damn that was way too easy” chuckled Ryan.

“Oh? Something funny is it?!” yelled Equality as he watched the two entities giggle among themselves.

“Quite… you see David my boy, we knew you were listening to our meeting, so we made a fake meeting and transmitted out real battle plans via telepathy” said Ryan as the clones got closer.

“So that means…” said Equality, truth dawning on him.

“Luna, Solaris, if you would!” yelled Ryan.


“NO!!!” screamed Equality as a wave of energy tore through the middle of his clones, spreading them wide.

That blast had destroyed one hundred thousand clones already.

Equality turned to face Life and Death, Ryan simply winked and hundreds of purple portals opened up.

“HELLO MOTHERFUCKERS” roared Rogar as he flew out of the portal, grappling with the nearest clone.

Angels, devils, fallen and Norse poured through the portals, each of their leaders fighting alongside them.


A wave of water crashed into the clones, Neptune grinning as it did.



Hundreds of clones fell as both Paradox and Gale fried the shit out of them.

“Carry out the attack, push them back, keep them on the defensive!” yelled Knowledge as he fended off five clones himself.

“Guess you’re not as smart as you say you are” smirked Ryan as Life left to help out the angels.

“Very tricky Death, but we still have you out gunned as the saying goes” said Equality with a smirk, he looked up and his eyes began to glow.

“RYAN! HE’S ACTIVATING THE ARK!!!” roared Knowledge.

True to Knowledge's words, the arc began to split down the middle, a long cannon could be seen.

It drew in energy before firing a huge blast of energy at the planet.


Ryan grunted in pain as the shield hit his shield, he was being forced back, meter by meter as he struggled to keep the blast from impacting the surface.

His shield began to crack under the immense power.

“I need my full strength” he thought to himself as he sweated.

His shield was about to give way, this was going to hurt like a mofo!


Ryan felt a pair of hands on his back as he was suddenly shoved out of the way, he turned rapidly to see the blast of magic punch a hole straight through Eva’s stomach.

“No!!!” yelled Pandora as she went to go and heal her along with Asia but they were cut off.

“Pour on the heat!” roared Volcanus as he went to back her up.

“Kill them all” said Equality as he floated gently back up the ark.

The clones began to overwhelm the defenders as they were forced to back up in order to properly defined themselves, angels, devils, fallen and Norse began to fall.

Ryan floated down gently next to Eva, who was withering in pain.

“It hurts Ryan…” she whispered weakly.

“You’ll be alright Eva, I won’t let you die yet” swore Ryan as he tried to cleanse the wound of the equality magic that was eating her.

“You have to stop him…” she coughed violently before gesturing to their allies who were being forced back.

“We can’t win” said Ryan glumly.

“Don’t say that, I might actually start to believe it” joked Eva as he held her gently.

Eva suddenly went stiff.

“Eva? EVA!” yelled Ryan as he felt her pulse.

There was nothing left…

“It is alright to feel pain now Ryan, I know I did when my friends died” said Ariana as she appeared behind him.

Ryan wasn’t feeling pain… how on earth could Ariana describe what he was feeling with the word ‘pain’?

No… this was molten, this was crippling, this was agonizing…

This was unbearable and the only thing that would make it bearable?



An immense wave of energy exploded from Ryan’s form, it tore through the waves of clones like they were nothing, allowing the defenders the chance to go on the attack.


Ddraig, Albion, Lilly and Diana suddenly burst forth from their hosts and started tearing into the clones like they were paper.

“Fire the ark, aim for death!!!” yelled Equality as he watched his clones get slaughtered.

Another beam shot straight towards Ryan but instead of erecting a shield, he simply opened his cloak and the energy was absorbed.


The energy that he had absorbed obliterated the ark cannon, nullifying its threat.


Hundreds of identical copies of Pandora appeared around her, each one equipped with her signature smg’s.


A huge tornado ripped through the clones, sucking in hundreds.


Hundreds of arrows sunk deeply into the chests of various clones, each one turning into ash.


Dozens of fire sword wielding warriors burst forth from Max’s chest, engaging the nearest enemies.


An orb of inky blackness began to suck in clones by the dozen.

“I’m sorry Eva, I should have been stronger” whispered Ryan as his energy began to collect.

The eight reapers felt a cold wave wash over them and they turned to look at their master.

“Something’s happening” noted Walter as everyone, including the clones turned to face the Grim Reaper.

“Eva didn’t need to die… she was kind, gentle and pure. She embodied life, I should have been the one” said Ryan as tears streamed down his face.

His face suddenly hardened and the energy surrounding them was almost sparking with power.

Knowledge was the first to realize what was happening.

“NO RYAN! THIS ISN’T WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE WANTED!!!” he roared but was cut off by the clones.

“Everyone, if you’d rather not die, leave this place at once. Issei, Vali, Carla, Blair; fuse and keep at a nearby distance. As for you Equality; you made a poor decision… AND NOW YOU MUST PAY!!!”

Black lighting exploded from the boy and the clones nearest to him were vaporized in the blink of an eye.

“What’s this?” whispered Equality as he watched from the ark.

“The second, born from need, I reap all and show no mercy. I will carry on, throughout all of time and beyond: I am death personified!”

Knowledge tried to stop him but the energy he was emitting was too strong.


The gloves fell off like leaves in the wind…

And the tornado that had blown them off struck with full force.

Ryan’s body grew in size; his feature becoming less and less human with each passing second, dark magic was being drawn from the planet itself.

“No… he removed his limiter?! That’s impossible!” yelled Equality as he abandoned the ark.

Death simply looked at the machine and blinked, it was willed out of existence in a matter of moments.


The beam of energy collided with the mass of darkness yet it had no effect whatsoever.

“Damn you!” yelled Equality as he drew in his magic.

The clones suddenly swirled around him, an infinite vortex that not even Death could penetrate.


The shout echoed throughout the air, everything went silent.

“NO RYAN!!!” screamed Love.


The planet itself shuddered violently before, millions, no; billions, maybe even trillions of shades burst from the planet.

Each shade possessing the equivalent power of a mid-level entity.

It was a black spiral of pure death versus a white spiral of rouge cloned entities.

“KILL HIM!!!” screamed Equality as his eyes took on a desperate glint.

Both endless burst forward, before flying high into the sky, there was no combat here, it was simply two balls of pure energy tearing at each other.

“Clones! Help me!” yelled Equality as Death tore another chunk off of him.

The clones responded quickly however they were instantly swamped by the never ending wave of shades.


Equality coughed as Death drove his right arm directly into Equality’s stomach, all the way up to his elbow.

“You can’t kill me Death, Equality is everywhere nowadays, I will never die” whispered Equality smugly as he coughed out black blood.

“Oh but that is where you are wrong; NOW DDRAIG!!!”


Equality could see a green light glow from within him and Death tore his arm out, the former endless member could only watch as he saw Death with the boosted gear on his arm.


The four heavenly dragons fused together and absorbed the energy Death had taken from Equality.

“Y… you… gave them my magic” whispered Equality in understanding.

“I knew that in order to kill you, I had to take what power you had and give it to four individuals who won’t let it corrupt them, take it from the first death, you done fucked up” said Ryan as his true form faded.

“Heh… you got me, but… you’ve been got too” said Equality as he gestured to Ryan’s hand which was promptly fading into nothingness.

“The price of using the final art, your very life energy” said Equality as he promptly died and plummeted to the earth.

Ryan fell beside him, his landing braced by his last strand of magic which promptly left him.

He leant against a rock and watched as the shades returned to their resting place; he could hear shouts far off in the distance but didn’t have the strength to call back.

“Is this me?” wondered Ryan as he watched his legs vanish.

It wasn’t painful; it was more of a relief.

There was no more trouble, no more pain, no more fear and no more doubt.

Ryan watched as the sun set gently on the horizon, his waist fading into nothingness.

“I’m sorry I broke my promises everyone; stay strong my reapers, be brave Lele, I love every single one of you” he whispered as his chest, head and right arm remained.

“Are you sure you want me to do this Ryan?” asked Ariana as she crouched down to him.

“I am, make them forget”

“Very well, you better be sure about this”

A small smile was all she received before she was gone on the wind.


He could here Knowledge's voice calling out to him.

“I’m nowhere anymore… I wonder when I lost my index finger”

He looked at his hand with a confused expression before it faded into nothing, and then he promptly forgot about it.

“I can see you mother, father, sister? I can hear laughter in the great beyond! I’m going, I’m going, I’m….”


One Year Later

“Status report”

“It’s working miss, faster than we anticipated in fact”

“Very good, leave us”

“Of course”

Santa breathed a sigh of relief and adjusted her tie.

“Well you’ve certainly changed”

The sudden voice made her leap in fright.

“Ariana I assume?”

“Correct, is he almost done?”

“He is, the scythe provided enough magical energy to restart his automatic regeneration sequence, however we’ve had to keep him in stasis whilst it went to work” explained Santa as she tapped on the metal tube.


“What do you need?”

Ryan bought his hand up and materialized his scythe; he then quickly slashed through his right index finger before sealing the wound closed.

“An endless is only killed when their body is completely vaporized and not a trace of them remains, if push comes to shove and I end up biting the dust, I’ve given my former master Ariana orders to wipe me from everyone’s memories save for you, I need you to take this piece of me and my scythe and keep it safe, can you do that?” asked Ryan seriously.

“You plan on invoking the final move… don’t you?” whispered Santa in horror.

Ryan’s silence was all the confirmation she needed.

“I won’t do it! Not if it means sacrificing a friend!” she yelled, shoving away the scythe and wrapped finger.

“You don’t understand!!! I would give my life up without a second thought if it meant saving you all, however that was my previous way of thinking, now I know that by doing so would leave behind so much pain, I devised this plan in order to hopefully ease the pain and you’re the only one who can do it Molly” said Ryan desperately.

Santa looked for any hint of a lie in his eyes, she saw none.

“Very well, but you’re gonna have a rough time explaining this to everyone”

“I’m aware”

Flashback End

“The last thing I remember is invoking the final move…” said Ryan as he sat on the bed in the medical bay.

“Well, let me give you a run down on the past year then” said Molly as she passed him a cup of hot chocolate.


“Well after you died, Ariana instantly activated her mind wipe so there was no grieving, everyone simply thought they had won, the siblings returned to space, Max went back to his cave, Knowledge to his library, Blake to his castle, Love carried on spreading romance and Life returned to the amazon… still not sure how she survived though” said Santa honestly.

“I asked Ariana to fake the death of someone close to me in order to achieve the energy necessary to perform the final move” explained Ryan.

“I see… the ORC have almost finished school, the dragons keep in contact with one another and your reapers still fight monsters across the globe with the aid of Dream, she seems to have found her calling” said Molly with a smile.

“Then we have no time to lose, tell everyone to meet us at the Hyoudou residence” said Ryan as he snapped his fingers and got changed.

“Are you sure?” asked Molly hesitantly.

“I am, one year was long enough, I’ll restore their memories and fill in the blanks while I’m at it” said Ryan with determination.

“Very well”

One Hour Later

“Alright big tits, what’s the big idea?” asked Max as he helped himself to a can of beer.

“I assure you all that there is an excellent reason why I have gathered you all here” said Santa with a smile.

“It better be; we’ve got people to protect” said Dream with folded arms, her hair tied up in a ponytail.

Santa simply smirked.

“Anytime you want to step in…” she said whilst leaning back.

The sound of snapping fingers was heard before everyone was suddenly hit by what felt like a cannon balls worth of memories.

“R… Ryan” whispered Le Fay as tear sprung to her eyes but were quickly vanquished as her emotions lined themselves up with her memories at the same speed.

Everyone eventually got back to their feet and looked at Santa.

Said entity simply point at the door which had a single figure in it.

“Hi ya! Long time no see”

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