Death at Kuoh Academy

Let's go to school!

"So it's decided then?"

"I did not agree to this!"

"Ryan… shut the hell up"

"Well screw you too…"

"Now you two! Don't fight!"



"Ryan will go and befriend the red dragon emperor and be there simply as a precaution"

"Let it be known that I do not approve of this plan…"

"Don't worry, Lime will be going with you!"

"I hate you all…"

Chapter One

"Morning Issei!" said Kiba as the brown haired devil walked through the gates.

"Morning Kiba" said Issei with a yawn as he trudged his way towards the Occult Research Club.

"Late night?" asked Kiba as he noticed Issei's tired demeanor.

"Kinda, the girls kept me up all night and left super early this morning for some mysterious reason. I think they were taking about new students or something along those lines" sighed Issei as he pushed the solid oak doors open.

"Even I'm tired" said the red dragon Ddraig.

"Hmm… well try to look alive for the new students if there are any" said Kiba with a chuckle.

"Life and death humor Kiba… really?" said Issei with a facepalm.

"Oh come on! That was a good one…" he said with folded arms.

Issei simply rolled his eyes and pushed the doors to the club room open.

"Morning everyone" said both Kiba and Issei together but they were greeted by silence.

"Oh… you must be Issei and Kiba. I've heard so much about you two!"

Both Kiba's and Issei's eyes locked onto an unfamiliar face, he was roughly Akeno's age with dark brown hair and deep black eyes. Sitting next to him was a girl with a combination of lime and black colored hair with one green eye and one red eye. Both were dressed in the proper school uniforms and sitting on the large couch.

"So you two are the new students?" asked Issei with a surprised face.

"We are, just transferred from New Zealand" said the male with a grin, the female continued to remain silent.

"We've just been telling them all about the school and what their time tables are going to be" said Rias, finally breaking the ORC silence.

"Oh dear! Pardon my rudeness Issei, my name is Ryan Blackworth" he said as he stood and offered his left hand for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you" said Issei as he shook Ryan's hand.

"That is certainly a firm handshake you have there, surprising since most people have all their strength and power in their right hand… are you a left handed?" asked Ryan as the two shook.

All the members of the Occult Research Club went stiff as they watched Issei try to think of an answer.

"Nope, I just masturbate left handed" he said with a joking tone and Ryan joined in as the two laughed.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as Kiba went to introduce himself.

"My name's Yuuto Kiba, but please call me Kiba" he said as he went for a handshake.

"Pleasure to meet you knight" said Ryan with a warm smile.

"Wh… what?" stuttered Kiba as everyone once again went still.

"What? You're holding a shield and sword in your other hand… I was just joking" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

Sure enough Kiba was holding a fake wooden sword and shield.

"Oh yeah, these are for the school play" explained Akeno as she rushed forward and grabbed them off of the still stunned Kiba.

"Alright then… you okay Kiba?" asked Ryan as he waved his hand in front of the blonde's face.

"Ye… yeah" he said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Very well, classes will begin soon so I am having Miss. Irina Shidou show you too all your classes and Koneko will show Miss. Lime around" said Rias with a nervous smile as she gestured to the two.

"A beautiful angel to show me around and a cute little kitten to show my cute little kitten around… how lovely. Now Lime, be good for Koneko alright, no wandering off and don't try and find me, I'll see you at lunch time, until then be good" said Ryan and Lime simply nodded her multi colored head without saying a word.

"Why did you call me an angel?" asked Irina with a bead of sweat running down her face.

"Umm… it's meant as a compliment but if you're like anti-religious or something I'm so sorry I didn't know" said Ryan as he put his hands up in defense.

"No, no, no! Nothing like that… just no one really compliments me like that very often" she said with a slight blush.

"I don't see why not? Men should be fighting each other for you… that goes for every female in this room; save for Lime of course, if anyone touched her they would die a most painful death" he said with a smile.

"What?" said Asia with a small voice.

"I'm just kidding!" said Ryan as he walked out of the room, "Or am I?"

Once the two new students had left everyone seemed to collapse to their knees.

"Wow! That was so close!" said Azazel as he emerged from the shadows.

"Where the hell were you?" demanded Rias with a fire in her eyes.

"Take it easy Gremory… If things had escalated I would have knocked his ass out in an instant" said the fallen angel as he took a seat.

"We need to relax guys, he really didn't do anything bad, he simply said words and we assumed he was on to us" said Xenovia and everyone nodded in agreement.

"I wonder how Irina and Koneko are doing?" asked Gasper as he looked towards the window.

"Something troubling you Rias?" asked Issei as he put a hand on the presidents shoulder.

"That obvious huh?" she said with a small smile.

"Nah, I just know you too well now" said Issei with a smirk, "But what seems to be the problem"

"I don't think he was wrong with those words, he called Kiba a knight, Irina an angel and Koneko a kitten. It was like he knew what we were…" said Rias as she went deep into thought.

"Maybe he just likes fantasy, Kiba did have a sword and shield, he was only complimenting Irina and as for Koneko… well he did call his little… are they siblings? Yeah, his sister a cute little kitten; maybe that's just what he calls smaller people?" said Issei.

"Maybe… but that still doesn't explain why he could resist my hypnotic gaze" said Rias with a frown.

"What?!" said Issei and Kiba simultaneously.

"When you walked in, Akeno had offered Ryan the ability to come to the club room whenever he wished if he needed help. I didn't think that was a good idea so I went to use my charm on him but he looked at me and then continued to carry on as if nothing had happened" said Rias whilst rubbing her temples.

"Well maybe it did work?" said Kiba as he shrugged.

"No it didn't… the energy bounced off of him and returned to me, I felt it and so did everyone else" explained Rias.

"I see… this is good then" said Kiba and everyone turned to face him.

"Explanation" said Xenovia.

"If he does have some resistance to magic than wouldn't it be best if we keep him close? It's not unheard of for humans to have magical abilities, he may have dormant ones and if we're close when they go off then we can properly contain them… just in case" said Kiba and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Excellent idea Kiba! But we still need someone to be with him throughout the day. Hmm… Akeno! He's in all of your classes so I am putting you in charge of looking after him" said Rias.

"But president… I have other prior commitments to uphold" said Akeno sadly.

"True… well, just keep an eye on him in class and Issei will watch him during breaks and any other free time" said Rias and both mentioned nodded in understanding.

"Allrighty then everyone… time for class! You've all got a pop quiz in chemistry" said Azazel with an evil grin as the students paled in fear.

First Class (Civics)

"Good morning class, I hope you all had an interesting weekend" said Miss. Rossweisse as the students all took their seats.

"I doubt it…" the response was from an unidentified student and Miss. Rossweisse simply sighed.

"Well the good news is that we have a new student starting in our class today, could they please come forward" said Miss. Rossweisse as she gestured to Ryan.

A light murmur swept through the class, the reactions were varied: who was this guy? Does he have a girl friend? Could I take him in a fight?

"Salutations everyone, my name is Ryan Blackworth. I transferred her from New Zealand with my little sister Lime, I am delighted to be here and everyone has been so nice to me already. I can safely safe that my experience here is going to be one 'hell' of a time" Ryan looked directly at Akeno and Rias as he said this and they both swallowed nervously.

"Master. Blackworth, please refrain from using cuss words in my class, since you are new I will let it pass but do not let it happen again" said Miss. Rossweisse as she totally missed the reactions of Rias and Akeno.

"My apologies Miss. Rossweisse, just a bad habit I've picked up over the years" said Ryan as he walked back towards his desk and took his seat once again.

Akeno and Rias both stared at each other, pale in the face as Miss. Rossweisse began the class.

First Class (Chemistry)

"Morning everyone! Hope you youngsters had a good few days off. Now, before we begin we have a new student who will be joining us" said Azazel as he gestured to Lime who rose softly and made her way silently towards the front of the class.

"Hello. My name is Lime Blackworth and I have come here from New Zealand with my older brother" said Lime quickly, not a single word wasted.

"Thank you very much lime, I trust that Koneko and Gasper can help you with whatever you need in this class" said Azazel as he gestured to the two named.

"Yes sir" said Gasper quickly.

"Leave it to us" said Koneko with a simple nod.

Lime walked back down the class and sat in the spot between the half vampire and nekomata, Azazel then whipped out the pop quiz and everyone groaned sadly.


"Hey Ryan, Lime! Come have lunch with us!" yelled Issei from across the cafeteria.

"Sure thing" said Ryan as he held both his and his sisters trays, they weaved their way through the crowds of students and Ryan took a seat next to Issei while Lime sat next to Koneko.

The two Blackworth siblings began to eat their lunch in silence as all the members of the Occult Research Club watched them.

"Are you going to eat something or just keep staring at us?" said Ryan suddenly causing everyone to jump slightly.

"Right… so, what's for lunch today?" asked Issei as he looked at Ryan's tray which had a piece of pizza, a chocolate muffin and a milkshake on it.

"The best food in the world!" said Ryan as he grabbed his knife and fork and began slicing the pizza up and skewering it with the utensils.

"Umm… that's an odd way to eat pizza" noted Asia as Lime followed suit.

"Force of habit, keeps the hands clean and you savor the taste" explained Ryan as he took another bite and smiled contently.

"So… what made you guys come to America?" asked Akeno as she took a bite of her salad.

"We wanted a change of scenery and since we are legally American citizens on our father side it wasn't that hard" explained Ryan as he slurped his milkshake.

"What do your parents do?" asked Rias as she picked at her plate of nachos.

Lime visibly stiffened at the question and Ryan grabbed her hand as it began to shake uncontrollably.

"It's alright Lime…" whispered Ryan as she began to cry silently into his shoulder.

He simply sighed and rolled his eyes as the ORC looked at them oddly.

"She is very sensitive when it comes to anything having to do with our parents" Ryan clamped both of his hands over Lime's ears "They're both dead you see"

He removed his hands and offered a tissue to Lime who wiped her eyes before returning to her meal.

"I'm sorry, we didn't know" said Rias with a sad look.

"Don't be, we didn't tell you so how were you to know?" said Ryan as he tore a chunk out of his muffin and tossed it into his mouth.

"Still, I'm very sorry Lime" said Rias, Lime simply looked at her and nodded, her neutral expression never leaving her face.

"So what's New Zealand like?" asked Xenovia trying to break the awkward silence.

Lime went stiff again, but not out of sadness, out of fear!

Ryan's grin widened by a few molars…

"Well… where should I begin?!"

After school

"I deeply regret ever having asked…" sighed Xenovia as the Occult Research Club made its way back to their home. Ryan was still explaining the history of his country to Asia and Gasper; the only two who were both still genuinely interested. Lime was walking with Koneko since they both enjoyed silence immensely.

"And that's how the treaty of Waitangi was signed" said Ryan as he took a deep breath of air.

"Wow! That's so amazing… and for such a young country you sure have a lot of history" complimented Asia.

"Thank you very much, wait, where are we going exactly?" asked Ryan as he looked around.

"Oh, well Rias invited you and Lime over to our house to get to know each other better, since you were busy explaining, Lime agreed on your behalf" explained Gasper with a small smile.

"I see… well, I can tell you guys more about NZ some other time then" stated Ryan as they arrived at the massive building.

Ryan gazed up at it in wonder and almost fell over backwards it was so tall.

"You guys live in this? What are you like gods or something that you have to live this high?" joked Ryan as everyone went stiff before entering.

"Oh welcome back everyone!" said Miss. Hyoudou as the teens entered the house.

"Good to be home" said Rias as she kicked off her shoes at the door.

Everyone followed suit and they all proceeded to sit in the lounge area.

"Oh Rias dear! Your brother is here by the way" shouted Miss. Hyoudou from the kitchen.

"Erg… what does he want?" said Rias with an eye roll.

"He needs to discuss the…" began Sir Zecks before he was silenced by Rias's hand over his mouth, she motioned towards Ryan and Lime who were both sitting on the couch.

Zecks realized his mistake and removed his sister's hand from his mouth.

"I just wanted to discuss how your day was, a brother worries" he said smoothly.

"Well, we have two new students" she said gesturing to the two on the couch.

"Pleasure to meet you Mr. Gremory, my name is Ryan Blackworth" said Ryan as he went to shake Zeck's hand.

"Please, Mr. Gremory is my father, call me Zecks" he said with a smile; as their hands touched Sir Zeck's eyes widened and he looked at the boy before him with a look of pure fear.

Ryan simply smirked and let go, he turned his back to the powerful devil before speaking again.

"I think I recall you being on the news for your help in reconstructing an ancient monument, you got a knight hood for it didn't you? So I should be calling you Sir Zeck's then?" said Ryan without looking back.

"I didn't realize many people knew that about me…" said Zecks with a strained voice.

"Well, New Zealand is part of the common wealth, so whenever someone is knighted we get to see the ceremony live. I must say you look rather good in a royal attire, do you wear it often?" asked Ryan as he looked out the window.

"Not really…" said Zecks as he carefully watched the boy.

A short buzzing sound was heard.

Ryan instantly looked at Lime before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone, he opened it quickly and seemed to be thinking something through before putting it back in his pocket and turning around fully.

"It seems we must be off, terribly sorry to leave on such short notice by something has come up that must be dealt with immediately" explained Ryan as he helped Lime up and they slipped into their shoes.

"Well if you must be going then by all means, have a nice night" said Rias as the two Blackworth's left the house and briskly walked away.

"What was that all…" began Issei before he was silenced by Zecks.

"Follow them, stay at a long distance and do engage them whatever you do, I have to meet with Azazel and Michael" ordered Sir Zecks before he disappeared in a flash of red light.

"You heard him, come on everyone! Mum, we're going out again, we forgot something at school!" shouted Issei.

"Okay dear, be safe" she said with a cheerful voice but the devils didn't hear her since they were already in the air.

With Ryan and Lime

"What luck, meeting the devil himself!" said Ryan as he and Lime ran through the town towards the woods.

"You could have made it a little less obvious that we knew who they were" said Lime as she visibly relaxed.

"And you could have picked a better cover than the silent loner" said Ryan with a smirk.

"Touché, but did I really have to cry when our parents were mentioned? I mean, we're not even related!" shouted Lime and Ryan simply chuckled before they came to a clearing in the woods, a single wooden shack that could barely be called such since it was a few pieces of rotten timber with an incredibly rusted corrugated iron roof on top and a door that looked like it would break off its hinges if someone so much as looked at it.

"Ready?" said Ryan as he cracked his knuckles, Lime nodded and a bright green light appeared in her hand before it took the shape of a lime green parasol.

"I think the direct approach would be best, get it over with quickly" suggested Lime and Ryan simply nodded and made his way quickly towards the door before knocking on the side of the house.

"Hello! My name is Ryan and I'm here to kill you!" yelled Ryan but the house was completely silent.

Ryan turned to Lime who simply shrugged before turning back to the door.

"Always wanted to do this…" chuckled Ryan as he took a step back and then yelled: THIS. IS. SPARTA!

He kicked the door of its hinges with far more force than should have been necessary and he heard the screams of pain before leaping back to Lime.

"Think that worked?" he asked.

The wooden shack was suddenly blown apart and the pair was both showered in shards of wood.

"Yeah… I think that worked" said Lime as she clutched her parasol tightly.

Ryan clicked his fingers and the cloud of dust and dirt suddenly vanished, a single woman was left standing on the base of the previous building.

"Hi ya!" said Ryan with a wave, "I'm Ryan"

The woman looked at them with glaring eyes before sniffing the air.

"You're not devils?" she said with a confused look.

"Not really… now I'm sorry to have to do this to you after we just met, but it's time for you to die again" said Ryan as he clicked his neck.

The woman hissed and launched high into the sky, she shot a ball of purple energy at the two and it collided in a massive explosion.

When the dust cleared however, only Lime was standing in the same spot, completely unharmed having put her parasol out as a makeshift shield.

"Where is the other one?!" screeched the woman, her eyes darting around the area.

"REAPER CHOP!" yelled Ryan as he appeared above the woman and smashed the side of his hand like a blade down on her skull, sending her crashing into the ground.

When the dust cleared a large crater was seen and the woman was lying in the center of it trying to stand back up, she managed to struggle to her feet before a thin blade went straight through her heart.

Lime had snuck up behind her and dealt the final blow when she wasn't expecting it.

The woman fell onto her back as Lime removed the sword before sheathing it back into her parasol and locking the two pieces back together.

"Excellent work Lime. As for you, time to judge" said Ryan as he bent down next to the women and plunged his hand into her chest, the women screamed in pain before Ryan pulled out an orb of black energy roughly the same size as an apricot.

"Pure evil" stated Lime and Ryan nodded in agreement.

"Correct, not a trace of redemption left, well, it was nice knowing you" said Ryan cheerfully before he promptly crushed the orb in his hand.

The women's body began to turn into long strands of black dust that floated on the air before simply vanishing.

"Another one bites the dust! Let's go home…" said Ryan as the two made their way back down the path they had taken here.

"You're aware that they were watching right?" said Lime after a while.

"I wouldn't have put on a show had they not been" was the simple response as Ryan plugged in his headphones and began bopping to the world known language: music.

The Occult Research Club

"Well we weren't wrong…" said Rias in a nervous tone.

"We weren't right either though" said Akeno as the ORC watched from above as Ryan and Lime walked away.

"If god hadn't died I might seriously consider praying to him right now" said Gasper as he sheltered behind Xenovia and Irina.

"Well we've got to tell Sir Zecks, Michael and Azazel about this, we still don't know who they are exactly since they didn't use any devil, angelic or fallen powers" said Rias with a sigh.

"Ddraig did you sense anything?" asked Issei to the red dragon within his hand.

"Maybe… an echo of power I have only ever seen once, I felt it when the boy attacked the woman from above with his hand" noted Ddraig before falling silent once again.

"Let's head home, we all need our sleep and we will discuss this more at school tomorrow" ordered Rias and everyone simply nodded before making their way back home.

With Ryan and Lime

"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" asked Lime as she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her hair still lightly wet.

"Tomorrow? I think we'll give the Occult Research Club a proper introduction, summon the other reapers and have Ariana deal with soul departures in their absence" said Ryan as he marked his spot in the book he was reading and pulled the blankets over his body.

"Are you sure about bringing all of them here?" asked Lime nervously.

"It is necessary; I don't believe Sir Zecks, Michael and Azazel will be very kind, combined with the fact that we almost lied through our teeth to the ORC… I think we'll need them there so I don't accidentally hurt them" explained Ryan before he turned off his lamp.

"Goodnight Master" said Lime as she lay down next to him.

"I ordered a room with two beds for a reason Lime… and stop calling me master, you're not nine anymore" scowled Ryan as he turned his back to Lime.

"Not going to happen… master" said Lime with a hint of smugness in her voice.

"Just don't kick me out of the bed or sleep talk about how much you like pie this time" said Ryan with a chuckle.

"That was only once and I wasn't feeling well" said Lime with a huff.

"Goodnight Lime…"

"Goodnight… master"

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