Death at Kuoh Academy

A Dream Of Pure Sadness

"Will you die for me?" asked Raynare with a wicked grin.
Issei felt the cold sting of a light spear enter his torso, crimson blood staining his hands as he fell to the ground in agony.

Darkness began to eat away at his vision before he heard someone approach him.

"Issei Hyoudou… WAKE THE FUCK UP!"

The Real World

"REAPER CHOP!" yelled Ryan as he smashed his hand into Issei's skull.

Issei was promptly forced through several floors of the house, landing in the swimming pool ten floors below them.

Rias, Akeno and Asia shot awake as they heard all the commotion.

"What the hell is going on?" yelled Rias as she looked at the hole in the floor and then at Ryan with wide eyes.

"Err… he was having an incredibly annoying dream about dying at the hands of Raynare again and it was annoying the shit out of me" grumbled Ryan as he pulled his robe tighter around himself and walked out of the room, his cartoon skull slippers making no noise on the floor as he walked.

Akeno and Asia simply sighed as Rias ran out the door after him; explosions of red lightning could be seen out the open door before Rias was thrown back down the hallway.

Needless to say, living with the Grim Reaper was quite a handful. The members of ORC quickly found that out; since Ryan has the strangest set of sleeping patterns and eating habits it was impossible to predict where he would be and at what time.

For example: Rossweisse had found him eating a bowl of cereal on the roof at midnight, he simply bid her a good morning and she returned to bed.

Another example was when he promptly feel asleep in the middle of chemistry class and Azazel had to take him to the ORC clubroom, Lime looked after him till it was time to go home.

It wasn't all bad though, with his years of experience he could almost cook to the same level as Akeno. He would always do the dishes and occasionally tutored the ORC when Rossweisse was occupied elsewhere; his top subject being history.

"You know Ryan; you're scarily good at history. Why is that?" asked Issei as he wrote another date down in his notebook.

"Each of the endless specialize in a specific area of knowledge; mine is history; Love's is chemistry; Time and space have physics; Rage has drama; fear has mathematics; life has biology and knowledge has all of them so we don't count him" explained Ryan with a smile.

That was another upside of having death live with them; they learnt the truth about the world around them. Sure there were things that he kept hidden from them but he was becoming more and more open as each day passed.

It wasn't the same for the other member however.

Lime was basically the only clear headed person present in the Hyoudou household at the time.

Her, Koneko and Gasper had really hit it off and often hung out together, if they weren't trying to stop Ryan and Rias from butting heads together.

The heir to the Gremory household and the living personification of death didn't see eye to eye very often on many situations.

The prime example being Ryan's numerical based devil threat ranking system.

"So this little beauty will find rouge devils and categorize them based on threat level. A level one is so easy that Issei could kill it without even entering balance breaker whereas a level ten would require all eight endless to create a new world in another dimension just to save the population of the planet" said Ryan as he gave each of the ORC members a small device similar in shape to a phone.

"And why should we believe this device?" asked Rias as she promptly denied hers.

"Because RIAS, I said so" growled Ryan as he stood up to her.

"Is that so?!" yelled Rias as the two came face to face, red energy licking at Ryan's face as black lightning traced it's way around her.

So yeah… those two didn't get along the best.

But hey!

You can't be liked by everyone.

So that morning began with Issei unconscious in a pool of water, Rias being tossed around like a rag doll and Lime cooking a large amount of pancakes for breakfast…

Nothing out of the usual!

At the dining table

"Did you really have to hit me that hard?" asked Issei as he rubbed the large bruise on his head.

"No… I just wanted to cause your dreams annoy me" said Ryan with a straight face.

Rias simply narrowed her eyes at the reaper before taking another sip of her tea.

"It's not my fault I keep dreaming of that moment" groaned Issei before Asia used her Twilight Healing to ease his pain.

"I know… I'm just hoping that I'll beat the source of your problems out of your head" said Ryan with a grimace as he sipped his coffee and realized it needed more sugar.

"Hmm… if only there was an endless that could control dreams; they could fix my problems instantly" sighed Issei.

"How sad, too bad, carry-on" said Ryan as he tasted his coffee and smiled before putting a huge sack of sugar back into the pantry.

The sound of utensils clinking against china filled the room for a good fifteen minutes before a blast of blinding white light filled the room.

Everyone turned (save for Ryan of course) to see who it was.

"Vali Lucifer, what brings the white dragon emperor to a place like this?" asked Ryan as he crunched on another spoonful of chocolate flakes.

"Lord Death, nice to see you again" said Vali with a bow.

"Oh please Vali, we're old friends, no need to bow to me" said Ryan as he got to his feet and gave him a fist bump.

"Wait! You know each other?" asked Issei in surprise.

"We've meet a few times before, Death taught me how to use the juggernaut drive for a limited time by using my devil magic as compensation instead of my life force" explained Vali as he accepted a cup of coffee from the reaper.

"Always good to see a familiar face, but seriously, what brings you here?" asked Ryan with genuine interest.

"SHE needs to speak with you" said Vali and Ryan instantly knew who he meant.

"Seriously? Can't it wait…? I already told her I would sort that out later" groaned Ryan as he took a seat and smacked his forehead into the table.

"Oh… I forgot to mention; she's right here as well" said Vali sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

Ryan's head instantly shot up before it landed on the other figure in the room.

"Hello Brother…"

"Hello Orphis…"

(Time Skip of roughly ten seconds)

"ORPHIS IS YOUR SISTER?!" yelled Issei as he fell backwards out of his seat.

Ryan simply face palmed before clicking his fingers and muffling Issei's voice with a rag.

"She's not my actual sister, but she considers the other entities as her siblings of sorts" explained Ryan as he got to his feet and approached the small girl.

"I missed you" she said with a small smile as she raised her arms towards him.

Ryan rolled his eyes and picked her up in a hug.

"I… might; have missed you too" he said with a cough before putting her back down.

"Okay… what's going on here?" asked Azazel as he appeared from a magic circle.

Everyone turned and looked at Ryan who simply sighed and made another pot of coffee.

"Alright then… Orphis here is the entity of sadness" said Ryan simply causing everyone to look at said girl.

"But you said there were only eight endless" said Kiba as he scratched his chin.

"There are… you see; the endless is a title given to an entity of high enough power. There are probably about twenty different entities out there, ranging from life and Death all the way to Santa and the Easter bunny. However the main eight entities are called the endless and if they find another entity of equal power then they have the right to vote that entity in" explained Ryan as he poured a cup of coffee for Orphis who took it with a nod of thanks.

"Okay, that makes sense; except for the Santa thing but what does this have to do with Orphis?" asked Azazel as he tried to figure it out.

"You know my dream is to return to the dimensional gap correct. That is why I made the Khaos brigade; in the hope that Vali would be able to drive great red from there so that I may return" said Orphis with her ever sad looking face.

"So I'm assuming that's not working out for you?" guessed Azazel.

"Correct, Death owes me a 'solid' as you call it and I have come to ask him to go to the dimensional gap and make great red leave" said Orphis much to everyone's shock.

"Meh… might as well, got nothing better to do today" said Ryan as he finished off the last swigs of his coffee and got to his feet.

"You can't be serious, if you bring great red here then the results could be devastating!" cried Rias.

"They don't know do they?" said Vali with a chuckle as he clicked his neck.

"Don't know what?" demanded Rias with a growl.

"Oh nothing" said the white dragon emperor with a grin.

Ryan walked over to the nearest wall and touched the center off it, a large circle pulsed black before the wall drew back into itself and a portal appeared. The ever changing scenery of the dimensional gap could be seen through it.

"Well no point in wasting time, you guys coming?" asked Ryan as Orphis and Vali walked through the portal.

"Hell yeah!" shouted Kiba as he ran full speed through the portal.

"Might as well" said Xenovia as she followed her fellow knight.

"Ahh! Xenovia! Wait for me!" yelled Irina as she chased her friend through.

"The portal will remain open for one more minute, if you're coming then simply step through, if not then just let it close" said Ryan before falling backwards through the portal.

The remaining figure simply looked at each other before running through the portal accompanied by the two teachers, unaware of what was waiting for them on the other side.

Dimensional Gap

The dimensional gap is a rather odd place when you think about it.

Time and Space have no effect here; even Life and Death are far weaker due to the lack of either life or death.

The members of the ORC found themselves on a grassy hill which seemed to be surrounded by water, they saw Ryan in the water up to his ankles as Vali and Orphis sat and admired the sky.

"Wow… so this is the dimensional gap" said Asia with wonder, even though they had all been there before, it was nothing like this.

"Indeed, the pure tranquility of this place is what I love the most" said Orphis with a content smile.

"You don't seem very sad for the embodiment of sadness" said Irina with a puzzled expression.

"The saddest moment in your life was when you believed Xenovia betrayed the church" said Orphis instantly as she pointed at the angel.

Irina suddenly found herself in a fetal position, blubbering like a newborn baby.

"Umm… what the hell was that?" asked Issei as the fellow Christians tried to comfort the angel.

"Orphis has the ability to see whatever makes one the most sad and use it to completely destroy her opponents mind… in the angels case it was her friends betrayal" explained Vali.

Orphis clicked her fingers and Irina suddenly stopped crying and got to her feet.

"Sorry for doubting you" she said sheepishly to the young girl before her.

"Hmm… it's no problem" she said absently as she watched Ryan simply stand in the water.

"So what's he doing?" asked Kiba as the watched him cross his arms and click his neck to the side.

There questions were answered as Great Red suddenly appeared in a blaze of red light, the sudden impact on the surface of the water made a huge wave that came hurtling towards them.

However Ryan simply raised his hand and the wave vanished as if it were nothing, which in reality, it was.

"Well, you're looking a bit puffier than I remember" said Ryan loudly as Great Red lowered its head so that it was leveled with Ryan. It was almost lying down due to its size.

"That's one big dragon" said Issei with an open mouth.

"Correct partner, however do not take everything at face value" said Ddraig before falling silent.

"What does that mean?" wondered Issei before turning back to the action.

"You gonna say anything or just keep looking at me?" asked Ryan with a smirk.

Great Red opened its mouth before letting out an ear splitting roar that almost blew the ORC members off their feet.

"Alright! I get you're a little pissed with me, but at least talk to me in your normal form" said Ryan as he walked out the water and back up the small grassy hill.

The ORC simply looked at him before Great Red stood up to its full extent and began to glow.

"Always has too show off doesn't she?" said Orphis with a sigh.

"Well… can you blame her?" said Ryan as he watched.

"Wait!? Her?!" yelled Issei as he heard this.

"That's right! I'm a girl… so what!?" yelled a figure from behind him.

Issei spun around so quickly that he fell straight onto his ass.

Standing above him was a girl roughly the same age as Ryan with a mixture of scarlet red, neon orange and vibrant yellow hair that combined to form a head of hair that looked as if it were on fire. She was wearing a low cut top that showed off her mid riff and had a pair of red chino jeans on; four scaly red wings spouted from her back and her red eyes seemed to burn through Issei's soul.

"Dream… good to see you again" said Ryan as he bowed to the figure.

"Don't give me that shit Death! You know what I want and I'm not leaving till you grant me it!" said the girl as she folded her arms with a huff.

"Oh come on! You know I can't just make you an endless, you have to prove yourself!" yelled Ryan as he walked over to her.

"I don't care... I'm strong enough so why won't you!?" cried Dream as she grabbed onto his arms, tears forming in her eyes.

"So is there going to be an explanation…" asked Issei to both Orphis and Vali as the other members present watched the two bicker between themselves.

"That girl over there is my entity partner, her name is Dream but she also represents happiness" explained Orphis.

"So she's another entity as well" said Azazel as the truth dawned on them.

"Correct, however she is nowhere near as powerful as Ryan or even Orphis for that matter, so I could possibly take her on if she ever accepted" said Vali with a narrow glare towards the entity in question.

"The only thing she wants in this life is to be a member of the endless, however to do that requires the acceptance of at least one other endless to propose them as a candidate to the other members of the endless, after that they vote and if even one of them disagrees then the candidate is rejected. Dream has been heckling Death ever since Ryan became the new Grim Reaper, hoping that his kinder form would finally accept her request" said Orphis with another sigh.

Dream had now wrapped her legs around Ryan's head and was tugging on his hair; Ryan couldn't see and was trying to dislodge the girl from his head.

"She seems like a real charmer" said Kiba as the two fell to the ground and Ryan tried to pin her before being reversed pinned himself.

"Yeah… they really act like siblings when they meet up" explained Vali as he watched the two tumble around.

"VICTORY!" yelled Dream as she sat atop Ryan's back and moshed his face into the ground.

"She hasn't really won has she?" guessed Azazel as he watched her smile brightly.

"Not by a long shot… Ryan could wipe her out with a single flick. Hell; he could wipe out every entity save for Life with just a thought if he wanted" said Orphis sadly.

Dream suddenly went flying over the group and landed in a pile of limbs and wings a few meters away.

"That's correct my dear Sadness, but don't worry, it takes more than just a thought… possibly a clap" joked Ryan as he brought his two hands together but stopped with less than an inch to go.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, including the two other entities present.

"Don't even joke about that Death, you know how the madness makes me feel" said Dream with a pout.

Ryan rolled his eyes and patted her on the head.

"Don't worry, the world would be way to boring without you guys" he said with a small smile.

"Umm… are we missing something?" asked Rias as they tried to figure out what they were talking about.

Ryan looked as if he were going to say something but instead shook his head.

"It's nothing, better for the mortals to never learn; of the secrets one keeps to save them all" said Ryan softly as he looked out over the ocean.

"Amen" said Orphis and Dream simultaneously.

"Ok… that was weird" said Issei as the three entities shared a knowing glance.

"Back to business then! Orphis wants to the dimensional gap all to herself, but Dream refuses to leave unless I make her an endless, and I refuse to do such a thing…. Thus leaving us in a rather difficult loop" said Ryan as he sat down on the grassy hill.

"We could fight for it?" suggested Orphis eagerly.

"NO WAY! You know your stronger than me, it wouldn't be a fair fight" cried Dream in despair.

"Why doesn't Ryan just train you until your powerful enough to become and endless?" suggested Issei.

Ryan went completely still in the hope that it might somehow have stopped Dream from hearing what he just said.

"You can do that?" asked Dream with an innocent look.

"Maybe…" said Ryan as he trailed off.

"YOU TOTALLY CAN! THIS IS PERFECT!" cheered Dream as she lept to her feet and tackled Ryan from behind.

"Waah!" cried Ryan as the two went tumbling down the hill, Dream landed on his chest at the bottom.

"Oh… sorry" she said with a blush, Ryan tried to groan something, "What was that?"

"I need more oxygen then I am currently receiving" gasped Ryan as Dream realized her knees were on his chest.

"Oh I'm sorry!" she said with a yelp as she jumped back and Ryan got to his feet.

"So what about it Death? Willing to train my partner? You don't have a choice since this is also part of my solid you owe me" said Orphis with a wicked grin causing Ryan to grimace.

"You guys are worse than the sins you know that" growled Ryan as he held out his hand.

"I doubt that, but we're pretty close" said Orphis with a genuine smile as she also held out her hand.

"I, the living embodiment of death swear to the living embodiment of sadness to train the living embodiment of dreams and happiness in the hopes that one day she will be able to achieve the tile of Endless, thus fulfilling the contract bound between the first two entities" said Ryan as his hand pulsed black and Orphis's pulsed gray.

"The living embodiment of sadness accepts the terms stated by the living embodiment of death and acknowledges the completion of the contract bound between the two entities" said Orphis with a sigh of relief.

The two broke the contact and gave each other a smile before Orphis turned around and began walking towards the sea.

"See you around Sadness" yelled Ryan, she simply raised her hand before her body disintegrated into pieces of light on a breeze.

"Now then… Dream; I believe Mr. Lucifer has something to ask you" said Ryan as he gestured to Vali.

"Oh? And what would that be?" asked Dream as she gave Vali a curious look.

"As you are aware, I am the white dragon emperor" said Vali with a bow.

"I am, and it's nice to finally meet you face to face" she said whilst returning the bow.

"I simply wished that one day I could challenge you to a fight" said Vali humbly causing Dream to gasp in surprise.

"You want to fight… me?" she said with the utmost confusion.

"Indeed I do, I believe you are an opponent worthy enough to face in combat" said Vali honestly.

"Hey!" shouted Issei but he was promptly shut up by Ryan who grabbed him in a head lock.

"Any man who comes to me with such honesty and openness is welcome to a battle with me at any time of their choosing. You Vali Lucifer have a deal" said Dream with a smile as she held out her hand.

"Umm… Dream; you know bonds are only made between entities right?" whispered Ryan from behind her.

"Oh… right, sorry about that" she said sheepishly as she retracted her hand.

"No its fine. In fact, I could try" offered Vali as he held out his hand.

"Alright, just repeat after me Dream" said Ryan as the two touched hands, "I, the living embodiment of dreams and happiness, swear to the white dragon emperor that he may challenge me to a fight at any time of his choosing"

"That's it?" she said and Ryan nodded, "Alright then. I, the living embodiment of dreams and happiness, swear to the white dragon emperor that he may challenge me to a fight at any time of his choosing"

"Excellent! Now Vali, repeat after me" said Ryan as Dream's hand pulsed red, orange and yellow, "I, the white dragon emperor, accept the bond stated by the living embodiment of dreams and happiness"

"I, the white dragon emperor, accept the bond stated by the living embodiment of dreams and happiness" said Vali clearly as his hand pulsed a combination of white and blue.

"All done then…" said Ryan as he fist bumped Vali and snapped his fingers.

Another large portal opened up and the kitchen to the Hyoudou residence could be seen on the other side.

The ORC members walked back through, leaving Ryan and Dream to go.

"You know I always wanted you to be an endless" admitted Ryan with a chuckle.

"WHAT!?" yelled Dream as she punched him in the arm.

"Hey! It's true, but… you've always been like a little sister to me, so I never wanted to put you in harm's way. If you become an endless then… I don't know what will happen" said Ryan honestly.

"As long as you train me… I'll be able to take on Life herself!" swore Dream with a determined look.

Ryan rolled his eyes before he kicked Dream through the portal.

He took one last look back as he saw a dragon, double the size of great red fly slowly past the island. He gave it a wave before walking through the portal himself.

Leaving nothing but silence…

Pure, beautiful silence…

"Just the way I like…" sighed Sadness with a smile as she flew.

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