Death at Kuoh Academy

The Wincest Paradox

A week had passed since Ryan had confirmed that Dream was ready to be judged by the other endless, it would be another month before all the endless could get together however, but Dream was easily ready to wait.
Over the past week, Ryan and Lime (who had been on an assignment in Canada during the majority of Dream's training) had become quite well known at Kuoh academy.
Since Ryan's brain functions far faster than any other living beings (save for Knowledge of course) he was acing every class and had quickly become the top student.
Lime was no exception, although she had to work far harder than her master to keep up her perfect student reputation. A few of the first year boys had also tried to put the moves on her, however they quickly learnt not too when faced with her older 'brother'.
During their free time, Ryan had been training various members from both Rias and Sona's peerages if they asked him too, usually with outstanding results to show for it.
Today was no exception…

"Try again Miss. Hanaki" said Ryan as the magical barrier shattered and the bishop was blasted back.

"This is pointless, every time I increase the barrier, it gets blown away" said the white haired beauty with a sad face.

Ryan simply tapped his chin before snapping his fingers; a large magic circle appeared next to him and Issei suddenly found himself standing there.

"Umm… what?" he said, his head darting around in confusion.

"Hi ya Issei! I need your help with something" said Ryan as he slapped him on the back.

"Okay… what do ya need?" asked Issei hesitantly.

"Activate your boosted gear, but don't go balance breaker. Boost as many times as possible before you can't handle any more, and then wait" explained Ryan before turning to Sona's bishop.

"Now Miss. Hanaki, activate the barrier again, use as much strength as you were using before" ordered Ryan before he turned back to Issei.


"Okay… that's my limit" said Issei with a bead of sweat running down his face.

"Boost again" ordered Ryan as he touched the sacred gear with one finger, the gear pulsed black before regaining its normal scarlet color.

"But I…" he began.

"Don't say you can't, because I know for a fact you can…" said Ryan seriously.

"Alright then… Ddraig, can we go on?" asked Issei mentally.

"Death has unlocked a part of the gear which was previously sealed, we should be able carry-on" said Ddraig after a moment.


Issei's sacred gear began to glow emerald before the light faded and Issei looked at Ryan who simply nodded before taking a few steps back.

"Alright then, unleash everything you have at Miss. Hanaki's shield" said Ryan simply.

"What!?" yelled both mentioned.

"Issei Hyoudou, fire your dragon shot at Momo Hanaki's shield. Momo, trust in your ability to stop it" said Ryan clearly before nodding, signaling them to begin.

"Alright, if you say so" she said before steeling her determination and sending more energy into the shield.


"Dragon Shot!" yelled Issei.

The ball of red energy was so much more powerful than what Issei had ever fired before that it blew him backwards ten feet.

Momo's eyes widened in fear as the blast approached, but a quick glance at Ryan told her to stand her ground.

"This is it…" whispered Ryan to himself as the shot collided with the shield.

There was an immense flash of light and heat as the ground was torn apart below them. Ryan was left standing on a single column of earth since he was protected by magic, but the dust had yet to settle on the defender.

"Holy shit!" yelled Issei as he looked at the crater he'd just created.

"Excellent work Miss. Hanaki, I knew you could do it" said Ryan as the dust faded and Momo was left standing there, the barrier had a large crack in it but she was completely unscathed.

"Oh my word… I can't believe it!" she said in excitement.

"Excellent work Momo, I'm very proud" said Sona as she floated alongside Ryan; Rias, Akeno, and Tsubaki were also present.

"Thank you president" said Momo, bowing quickly.

"Now… I think you need to repair the damage you've done" suggested Rias to Ryan as she looked around the area with a frown.

"No problem… Paradox, anytime you wanna lend a hand" said Ryan with a yawn.

Time seemed to stop for the figures present; the world around them seemed to shift for a moment, before rapidly rewinding. The explosion warping in on itself, before the land was left completely unscathed and brand new.

"Umm… what?" said Issei blatantly as time continued on as usual.

A bolt of neon blue lightning suddenly raced past him before stopping before the Grim Reaper.

"Good to see you kid" said Ryan with a smile as the kid jumped into his arms.

"Big Brother!" exclaimed Paradox happily.

"Where's your sister?" asked Ryan as he looked around, before he was promptly hit from behind and tackled to the ground.

"Right here!" yelled Pandora with excitement as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Ooooffff… I see and feel that Panda; how are my two favorite entities?" asked Ryan with a smile as he picked himself up and gave them both a double hug.

"We're good, sorry we're late, we had a black hole to deal with" they both said simultaneously.

"Cause that's not creepy" said Issei as he walked over.

"Oh… Rias, Sona, Tsubaki, Akeno, Issei and Momo, meet the living embodiment's of time and space. My younger brother and sister, Paradox and Pandora" said Ryan proudly as the two children almost beamed with light.

"They're just kids" noted Rias with a neutral face.

"Actually we're over 55 billion years old…" said the two instantly, their smiles never leaving there faces.

"That's creepy on so many levels…" said Issei with a pale face.

"Well it's nice to meet you but why are you here?" asked Sona with a frown.

"Well since Ryan is putting forth a possible candidate to be another endless, we're here for that!" said Pandora with a small smile.

"But that's not for another month" explained Rias.

"We know, but it'll be nice to catch up with our brother after such a long time" said Paradox as he hugged Ryan again.

"Very well then, we'll be off. Oh, Ryan, could you possibly work with Ruruko next? She's a bit ditzy in combat and the results with Momo speak for themselves" said Sona hopefully.

"Sure… just get her to text me when she wants to meet" up said Ryan casually before waving them goodbye.

"So… what now?" asked Issei as he tapped his foot.

"Race ya back to the house?" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Keep up old man!" shouted Paradox as he picked up Pandora bridal style and dashed off in a bolt of neon blue lightning.

"Quick little bastard" growled Ryan as his body glowed black and he burst off after the two.

Issei and Rias looked at each before rolling their eyes and disappearing through a magic circle.

With the three racing entities

"Not bad Paradox, but don't forget who taught you" laughed Ryan as he came up alongside the entity of time, running along the side of a building.

"You may be the teacher, but I'm the master" said Paradox smugly as he threw Pandora up and grabbed a nearby table before tossing it at him and then promptly catching his sister.

"Oh shit!" yelled Ryan as he kicked off the wall and jumped off the table in midair, "That was a low shot, even for you"

The ground in front of him suddenly rose into a wall.

"I'm sorry Ryan, but we like to win!" yelled Pandora as her magic faded.

"REAPER CHOP!" was all they heard before the wall was completely destroyed and Ryan continued to run straight after them.

"Kick it into high gear bro" warned Pandora as she kept summoning walls to slow the entity of death down.

"I'm trying! If it were just me, I could easily beat him, but you're weighing me down that critical amount" said Paradox as he ran up the side of a building.

"Hi ya!" said Ryan as he appeared alongside them, laughing as he raced ahead.

"Damn!" yelled Paradox as he trailed behind.

Since Paradox and Pandora were still unsure of where to go, they had to take a detour of one second to check someone's phone for the address.

That was all Ryan needed…

He could see the Hyoudou residence before him, one more second and he would…


Ryan looked up and was shocked to see a bright purple portal open up and the two siblings to come traveling out at mach ten.

They were side by side now, the door to the house was wide open, Rias and Issei could be seen in the door way, it was simply a matter of who would pull up first.

Ryan didn't…

Paradox didn't…

The three entities collided with the side of the building at speeds nearing mach thirteen. Needless to say, they went straight through the house and bounced along the ground for a good hundred meters.

"My back…" groaned Ryan as he wiped the dirt off of him.

"Are you alright Paradox?" asked Pandora with a sacred voice as she shook her equal.

Ryan ran over to find that Paradox was out cold, with a nasty looking bruise on his forehead.

"Let's get him inside, Asia's Twilight Healing should help him" said Ryan.

Pandora nodded and the two jumped through a portal she created before landing in the living room.

"Woah! What the hell!?" yelled Issei as the two appeared from the exit portal.

"Asia! Can you come here please?" asked Ryan to the former nun.

"Of course, what do you need?" asked the blonde quickly.

"This is the entity of Time, his name is Paradox, and this is his partner Pandora, the entity of Space. Pandora, this is Asia Argento, the wielder of Twilight Healing" said Ryan quickly, gesturing between those named.

"Nice to meet you" said Asia politely.

"The pleasure is mine" said Pandora before turning back to Paradox.

"Now Asia, I'm about to release a restriction placed on your sacred gear upon its creation, I can't unlock its power fully since God was the one who created the healing and protection gears, but I can increase its effectiveness" said Ryan as he grabbed her hands, they pulsed black before she shivered slightly.

"I feel kinda funny" she noted.

"You should, Twilight Healing is incredibly unique since god literally gave his own blood in creating it, its restorative powers are unrivaled, and of course this can only be unlocked by the creator or one of his descendants. But since they're not available, I've just given you the capacity to heal an entity, before you could only heal up to the level of Satan" explained Ryan, "Just feel the power and do your thing"

"I'll try" she said hesitantly before laying her hands gently on Paradox's head. Her hands glowed a dull green before increasing into a radiant emerald.

"I'm gonna suggest taking a step back everyone, maybe a few" said Ryan and everyone promptly followed his advice and backed up a few meters.

Asia's power began to spread through Paradox's form; the area around them began to catch alight with green flames.

"Lime… anytime you want to stop the house from burning down would be great" said Ryan as the field surrounding him pulsed black due to the intense heat of the flames.

"Infinite Shield, triangle form" said Lime softly as she held out her open parasol.

A large lime shaped triangle appeared over Asia and Paradox, the flames being contained within them.

"As effective as ever Lime" noted Ryan dryly.

"Wait, Lime has a sacred gear!?" yelled Issei in surprise.

Ryan promptly turned around and flicked him dead center in the forehead.

"Yes you nitwit, why would she not have one when God and I created them. All of my reapers have a sacred gear, some just choose not to use them?" said Ryan with a sigh.

The light from within the triangle faded and Lime released the shield. Pandora was instantly at Paradox's side, fretting over him.

"Paradox! Are you alright? Can you hear me?" yelled Pandora loudly.

"Err… Panda, please shut up for at least a minute before I answer that" groaned Paradox as he slowly sat up.

Tears filled her eyes before she suddenly lunged forward and kissed him straight on the lips.

"Umm… what?" said Issei quietly.

"Well, it's about time" said someone from the window sill.

"Why are you here Love?" asked Ryan without even looking.

"I'm here for the meeting, I'm just gonna be chilling around the town till it's time, but seriously, they've been smitten with each other since my conception, about time one of them finally grew the balls to do something" said Love with a sigh of relief.

"But aren't they siblings?" asked Rias.

"Just like with Orphis, we all consider one another siblings, but those two have never been apart ever, they are far closer as partners than any other endless or entity, I am also surprised that they hadn't made a move since now" explained Ryan with a chuckle.

The two named entities finally broke the kiss before looking at each other and with red faces.

"Sorry!" they both blurted out instantly.

"No I'm sorry! No I'm sorry! I was sorry first! Don't worry! I forgive you!" they both said rapidly and simultaneously before giving each other a hug and finding their feet.

"Should we just leave you too along to catch up with one another?" asked Ryan sarcastically, getting a blush from both of them.

"Yeah… thanks Miss. Argento; that crash should have killed me but with my natural increased healing and your sacred gear, I managed to dodge Ryan yet again" said Paradox with a laugh.

"Well I could have just made you a reaper, the entity of time would have been unstoppable" suggested Ryan with a wink.

"You know for a fact that endless cannot be turned into reapers Ryan" said Paradox with a yawn.

"I thought I heard two endless" said Dream as she walked into the lounge area.

"DREAM!" cheered the two before running and tackling her to the ground.

"Oh I missed you so much!" she said with tears in her eyes.

"What about me?" said Love with a pout.

"I missed you too Love" said Dream with an eye roll as she grabbed her in a hug as well.

"Hmm… you've grown I feel" said Love seductively as she groped Dream.

"H… hey!" cried Dream as her face went red and she leapt back.

"C'mon, be a good sport and let me have another feel, it's been such a long time!" said Love as she ran after Dream.

"Get away from me!" screamed Dream with a laugh as she was chased out of the room.

"Well allrighty then!" said Ryan loudly as he clapped his hands together, "Bedtime?"

"Yes please!" said Paradox and Pandora instantly.

Pandora then jumped into Ryan's arms bridal style whilst Paradox jumped onto his back.

Everyone gave him an odd look as he did so.

"It's what I do whenever they're tired… despite them being in love with each other, they still seem to rely on me as a brother figure, no idea why since the other death's had very little to do with them" said Ryan as he gently walked out of the room with the two entities in tow.

"Well have a nice sleep" said Asia before they were gone.

"Hmm… entities are certainly a strange bunch" said Kiba with a smile.

"Indeed they are" agreed Rias before ordering the rest of them too bed.

That night, the entire house slept well…

It might have had something to do with the fact that Dream was put into a sex craved sleep and gave everyone wet dreams but those are just minor details…

The Next Day

Silence filled the Hyoudou residence on this fine Saturday morning; three figures lay in a large bed. Two of them wrapped around the arms of the third, the third mentioned being the living embodiment of death.

I'm sure you can figure out who the other two were.

Ryan's eyes flicked open, it was not unusual for him to wake with another living being wrapped around him. He had grown used to it with Lime and even when he had been training Mary; this time it bought the slightest flicker of a smile to his face, it wasn't very often that he saw Paradox and Pandora, but he always tried to make every second count.

"Do you promise?"

That sentence flashed through Ryan's mind like a flash of lightning, he winced in pain as the voice faded. It had happened before, but he could never remember who the voice belonged too. He simply ignored it for the most part, but on this quiet morning, he decided to give it some thought.

"It can't be Ariana's since her voice is way different, another entity maybe? Or a former version of death?" thought Ryan, both options seemed plausible but that didn't sit right with him.

Ever since becoming the Grim Reaper, by the laws of Death, he had forfeited the right to any of his memories as a human save for his name, reaper weapons and master's name. Therefore anything he experienced as a human or reaper was completely lost to him. It was meant as a safety mechanism built in by the first death to eliminate the possibility of feeling any emotion. However, over the billions of years, the bindings have worn down and Grim Reapers can now feel emotions to a certain degree.

Sure they won't be jumping up and down with excitement, or getting shit pissed with anything, but it was better than nothing!

"I know I've heard that voice, it was really important too" thought Ryan as breathed deeply, trying to clear his mind.

"Do you promise?"

"Defiantly female, no doubt about that… did I have a sister or mother as a human?" wondered Ryan, it was certainly possible, but he shouldn't be able to remember it, regardless of how important they might have been.

"You alright?" asked a very familiar voice to his right.

He opened his eyes and saw his right hand reaper sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Sure am, give me a sec" said Ryan as he faded into the shadows of the bed and promptly reappeared on the floor in front of her.

Paradox and Pandora wrapped their arms around each other and smiled contently.

"Can we walk?" asked Lime with a timid smile.

"Of course, you don't need to ask" said Ryan with his own smile, he offered out his arm.

"Lead the way" said Lime happily, as she took his arm with both hands.

The Rooftop

"That was some good work in Canada by the way, level five isn't easy to do by yourself" praised Ryan as they sat on the edge of the building.

"It was nothing, really. Just a few strays that had gotten close to a village, nothing praise worthy" said Lime humbly.

"Why do you always do that?" asked Ryan suddenly.

"Do what?" asked Lime, confusion infused into her words.

"Talk yourself down… you and I know for a fact that it was a difficult mission, yet you insisted on going without any backup, you managed to execute all the hostiles and not take a scratch yourself… I just… I don't know why you don't just accept that you did good work, that's all" said Ryan with a sigh.

"Because it wasn't good work… it was just me doing what I'm supposed to do" said Lime after a moment.

"And what's that?" said Ryan with a chuckle, expecting the standard 'to protect the people' line.

"To thank you" she said softly.


"I do my job as a reaper as thanks to you" said Lime simply.

"Why would you need to thank me?" asked Ryan, now his turn to be confused.

"Do you remember the day you found me?" asked Lime with soft smile.

"Absolutely, I remember everything I've done as death" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"I was only nine years old, my parents hated me and threw me away; it was so cold that day. I could barely see in front of me, I didn't know where I was or what to do. It was only when I had collapsed on the ground and the darkness began consuming my vision did I finally release that I was dying.

"Lime…" whispered Ryan softly but let her continue.

"I wasn't afraid though, I knew that if this was where I died, then so be it!" she said firmly.

"You've always been the brave one out of us" joked Ryan.

"And then time stopped… I couldn't feel any pain or cold, it was confusing at first, and then you appeared. It was like you were coming back from a day in town; you walked up to me and picked me up, brushed me off and offered me a chair. You gave me a bowl of my favorite soup and a piece of key lime pie, all the while I never said a word" said Lime, a tear dripping off of her cheek.

"You did like that chair" muttered Ryan.

"And when I'd finished, do you remember what you said?" asked Lime.

"Like it was yesterday" replied Ryan.


"Hi ya… my name's Ryan, what's yours?" asked Ryan with a smile.

The young girl simply shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

"Hmm… don't know it? Or can't speak? Raise one finger if you don't know your name and two if you can't speak" said Ryan.

The girl raised one finger.

"I can speak though" she said quietly.

"But you don't have a name? That's rather odd don't you think?" said Ryan as he scratched his chin.

"My parents never gave me one, they always hated me" said the girl as she tried to repress tears of pain.

"It's alright, let it out, one should not leave this world with any pain or regrets" said Ryan with a smile.

"Who are you?" asked the girl bluntly.

"I am the living personification of the force you know as death" said Ryan simply.

"I thought you'd be taller" she said simply, giving him an inquisitive look.

Ryan looked surprised before letting out a genuine chuckle.

"Well that's a first" he said more to himself than anyone else.

"What is?" asked the girl.

"Most people are usually afraid or ask me to spare them; but you young one, you ignored both of those options and simply spoke your mind… I respect that" he said honestly.

"Well… I've tried to brave all my life" said the girl just as honestly.

"I like your eyes by the way, very beautiful and very unique" said Ryan after a moment of looking at her.

"Y…yo… you do?" she asked in surprise.

"Hell yeah! They're wicked as… wish I had double colored eyes like that" said Ryan honestly.

"That's… that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me" said the girl, tears forming in her eyes.

Ryan whipped out a handkerchief and gave it to the girl who gratefully wiped her nose and eyes with it.

She went to hand it back but he put up his hand.

"Keep it, you need it more than I do" he said lightly.

Another minute passed before the girl spoke up.

"So I'm going to die?" she asked, realization dawning on her.

"Depends…" he said as he scratched the back of his neck.


"Do you want to die?" asked Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Not really, there's still a lot I want to see in this world, but if it's my time then I'll accept it with open arms" she said with steely determination.

"What about working for me?" suggested Ryan casually.


"You get reborn as a reaper and help me fight evil across the world" he said simply.

The girl thought about it for a solid minute.

"But I don't know how to fight evil" she said honestly.

"Don't worry about that just yet, I'll protect you and train you, nothing will hurt you until you can hurt it back. You will never be alone again unless that is your wish, I will guide you until I die and forever be your master" explained Ryan as he stood up.

"Sounds amazing… I accept" said the girl as she got to her feet as well.

"Very well then, place your left hand out please" said Ryan as he closed the gap.

"Okay…" said the girl nervously.

A small ball of shadows appeared in Ryan's hand before it took the shape of a small blade, he made a small cut on the tip of his index finger and a small cut in the center of the girl's palm; and because of the barrier he had set up, she couldn't feel it in the slightest.

"Now, repeat after me. I do so swear, to serve the living embodiment of death, in sickness and in health, till my dying day, and with this drop of blood, we are bound forever" said Ryan simply.

"I do so swear, to serve the living embodiment of death, in sickness and in health, till my dying day, and with this drop of blood, we are bound forever" said the girl clearly.

Ryan then let a drop of his blood drip from his cut and onto the one present on the girl's hand.

"I don't feel any dif…" she began before her body started to glow with black light, her hair regained its life, the strips of lime green which had been bleached out by her parents bursting forth. A black and green corset with black stockings and a sliver necklace with a cartoon skull attached to it appeared around her neck.

A lime green parasol appeared in front of her and she hesitantly grabbed it. As soon as she touched it though, it filled her with power.

"A parasol with a hidden sword, very interesting weapon" noted Ryan as the girl removed the sword and swung it around a bit before putting it back.

"So what now?" asked the girl with a frown.

"Now… you take my hand and trust me" said Ryan simply as he offered out his hand.

The girl reached out and took the hand without a second thought.

"Thank you…" she whispered softly.

"No need for that… you will need a name however" thought Ryan as he bought her close.

"Can we discuss it over more of that pie?" asked the girl hopefully.

"Hmm… what about Lime?"

"Sounds perfect…"

End Flashback

Lime pulled out the handkerchief and used it to wipe her eyes with it.

"You still kept it, even after all these years" said Ryan with a smile, his eyes glimmering with liquid.

"It was the first thing you ever gave me, and you've never asked for anything in return, the only way I feel right with your kindness and generosity is by doing my job without praise" she said honestly.

"I see… but that doesn't explain why you've been avoiding me more often" said Ryan as he thought back, "I've noticed it started after Valentine's Day"

"I've just been giving you your space, after being by your side for so long, I thought it would be only fair" lied Lime; in all honesty, she just couldn't stand to be around him lest her heart ache in agony.

"Lime… don't lie to me, it hurts" said Ryan sadly but with a serious tone in his voice.

"I don't want to say" she said in a panicked tone.

"Please Lime, if it's something I've done wrong, or something about me, I can change" said Ryan as he desperately searched for the truth.

"It's because you're willing to do so much for me that I can't tell you" said Lime as her breathing increased.

"Please Lime; I have to know, what's wrong?" begged Ryan desperately, on his feet.

Lime looked for a way out before staring into those eyes… she couldn't help it; It just tumbled out!

"I love you!"

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