Death at Kuoh Academy

A Force From Above

"So then we're all in agreement for the preparations regarding the next endless meeting" said Sir Zecks with a smile.
Three devil kings, two Seraphs, Azazel, Baraqiel, Odin, the entire ORC, Dream, Time, Space, Love and Death were all sitting in on a meeting to discuss the next get together of the endless. For the first time ever, the four present endless had granted the three great powers and the Asgard's the permission to attend the meeting.
"Do the present entities have anything else to add?" asked Michael.

"Nothing from us" said the twins simultaneously.

"Not a thing" said Love.

"Couldn't think of something to say even if I wanted to" said dream with a smile.

Everyone then turned to face the final entity.

Ryan was carving the shape of a skull in the wooden material of the table he was seated at with his finger nail; he hadn't been paying attention to anything being said the entire duration of the meeting.

"Ryan!" yelled Love.

"I'm here! What's wrong?" asked Ryan as he snapped back to reality.

"You alright? You've really been out of it for the past few days" said Love, her voice filled with genuine concern.

"I'm fine, but let it be known that your holy, demonic, fallen and Norse magic will not work in the dimension the meeting is held in; that is all" said Ryan to the room before he stood up and walked out.

"That was weird, he's not acting like himself" noted Paradox with a frown.

Pandora simply nodded before they left as well.

With Ryan

"I love you!"

"Dammit Lime, where the hell are you?" thought Ryan as he wandered down another corridor, his thoughts sparked with small traces of anger at himself.

"Well I'll be damned! The great Grim Reaper feeling some good old anger… hell must have frozen over" came a very sarcastic sounding voice from above him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Max" said Ryan stiffly as the entity of rage dropped down in front of him.

Rage, or Max, was wearing his trademarked gray cassock with no shirt, revealing his abs, his black skinny jeans and bare footedness seemed to suit him as he ran a hand through his gray, spiked back hair. His red eyes seemed to gleam with a hidden knowledge as he observed the entity before him.

"As the world's leading expert on anger in all of its forms, trust me when I say you're feeling it, you just don't want to admit it" said Max as he traced the scar running across his left eye.

"Maybe you're right… but why do you care" asked Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, after having Love for a partner, she rubs off on you after a while, I think of you like the brother I never had, so if you're not feeling yourself, I'm gonna try and make you feel better" said Max honestly.

"Well then… I feel like an asshole; I'm not really up to talking right now though, I'll see ya later" said Ryan as he walked off down the hall, "They're all on the tenth floor if you want, Dream's back in case you didn't know"

"Coolio… oh and Ryan" shouted Max before he turned the corner.


"She's in Vancouver if you were curious, I think you know where" said Rage with a wave of his hand.

Ryan's eye widened before he dashed off in a burst of shadows.


One of the upsides of being an agent of death was the unlimited funds that came with it.

Lime tended not to abuse this power but on this cold night, she decided to spend some extra on buying out the entire penthouse of a very famous hotel in Vancouver.

The hotel is question actually held a very special place in Lime's heart… as it was the first place Ryan had taken her when she had become a reaper. They had spent the night together in the very same bed she was currently tucked up on.

She knew it was foolish to come back here, especially since she was trying to avoid the very person that made this place special, but she had hoped he would look past the obvious.


"I Love You!"

Those three words rung out across the rooftop, Ryan was taken back by the pure sincerity by them before the logic kicked in and he built up his walls for what he was about to say next.

"You can't Lime, it is forbidden" he said simply, no emotion evident in his voice.

"FUCK WHAT I CAN AND CANT DO! MY HEART FELL FOR YOU!" screamed Lime as tears began to stream down her face.

"Law four states that relationship between a reaper and their master is strictly forbidden" said Ryan as if he were reading off of a card.

"I don't care! If you had told me I couldn't fall for the one person who had treated me with kindness and love for most of my life, then I would have never have agreed to become your reaper" said Lime bitterly as her tears flowed out.

Ryan bit his tongue to prevent him from saying anything before he had thought it through.

"Lime, the laws were put in place for a reason. Simply put, you are still mortal, in the time it took for your life to start and end, in my eyes is like the drawing of a breath. I couldn't bear to be the one who stopped you from falling in love, but not with me, it cannot be with me" said Ryan firmly as he looked into her beautiful mismatched eyes.

"All my life I thought no one loved me, and then I died and met you. You finally showed me what it's like to be loved and whenever I tried to tell you in the past, I couldn't… it hurt too much, I thought you would never fell the same; but the day you came home after having gone a date with Love… I was so jealous! I thought someone had snatched you away and I was too late, but then I realized she hadn't and I still had a chance, I had never confessed before because I thought you couldn't feel anything, and then I realized you can, so I took a chance… silly me" she said with a sad laugh.

"Lime… even if you did love me, I…" Ryan took a breath before carrying on, "I don't love and never will love you like that"

Lime's heart promptly broke.

A swift jab to the jaw was all he received before she was gone.

Ryan could do nothing but fall to his knees and realize he had just made a terrible mistake.

End of Flashback

This moment played through Ryan's mind as he observed the hotel from the top of the building across from it.

"Do I even deserve to have her back, I was completely awful to her, will she ever forgive me?" thought Ryan as he paced back and forth across the rooftop.

Then he got an idea.


"I don't deserve someone like Ryan anyway, even when I confessed, he was only thinking of my well being. That doesn't make it hurt any less though" thought Lime as her tears fell down her face again.

A knock at the door startled her before she relaxed and realized that it must be a member of the staff.

"Room service!" came the voice from behind the door.

"But I didn't order anything" said Lime as she opened the door but left the chain on.

"The lovely young man from room 1018 wanted you to have it, said something about you feeling down and that this might cheer you up, already paid for" said the young lady with a smile.

Lime's eyes widened before she unhooked the chain and grabbed the silver tray with a word of thanks and a fifty dollar note placed as a tip.

Lime scurried over to her table and lifted the tray, the sight of a key lime pie greeted her and she instantly started to drool.

There was a note attached to the inside of the lid, it was neatly pressed and gently folded.

Lime opened it slowly began to read:

Dear Lime

If you haven't figured out who this is then I have done poorly as a teacher

I'm not writing this to ask for forgiveness, for I deserve no such consideration from someone who has given their life for me.

All I ask is that we meet; I simply wish to talk things through with you in person, no anger or love involved. Simply two people meeting to discuss a personal issue.

If you can find the time, then meet me in one hour in the grass field where you killed your first stray.

Your mentor


P.s don't eat the pie to quick, you get indigestion

P.s.s knowing you, you already have it; the antacids are in the top draw in the bathroom

Lime raced into the bathroom and instantly swallowed one of the pills.

Her stomach returned to normal and she smiled at the generous act.

"One hour huh?"

One Hour Later

Although it was complete rubbish, Ryan always thought that if one stood on their hands and let the blood run to their head, they would think faster and more clearly.

Complete bullshit but he still did it anyway.

"You always did have your odd quirks, must have been the thing that attracted me to you" said Lime with a smirk as she walked out from the tree line.

"Well, I'm a pretty irresistible dude, I'm not surprised that you fell for me" said Ryan smoothly as he flipped to his feet.

"You're not that good" said Lime with an eye roll.

"Maybe not… but I can be better, I treated you horribly Lime and for that, I am truly sorry" said Ryan as he looked her in the eyes.

"I am too" she said softly.

"Don't be, I was the one who was a complete ass, you have nothing to apologize for, you were just saying what you felt" said Ryan as he raised a hand.

"But I sprung that on you with no prior warning, I just wanted to be with you, more then what we currently are" she said with wide eyes.

Ryan went silent, thinking the hundreds of possibilities over in his head.

"I cannot reciprocate your feelings, if I were to have a relationship with you, it would be mainly one sided with me pretending a good portion of the time" explained Ryan causing Lime to look at him with a smile.

"Maybe not…" came voice from above them.

"Oh what the fuck do you want" groaned Ryan as the entity of love floated between the two.

"I might have a solution to your problem, it's a bit drastic, but I've given it some serious thought and effort" explained Love as she reached into her bra and pulled out a small heart shaped vial filled with a glowing red liquid.

"I'm guessing that's not Gatorade" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"It's a specialized type of aphrodisiac, it won't change a person's perceptions of the world, it will simply unblock the inhibitors put on your brain by the first death, I've mutated it as well so it will take effect slowly, so as to not overwhelm the brain with emotion instantly" said Love as she explained the properties to Ryan.

"Seems like you've planning to use this for a while, something like this, you couldn't have just whipped it up overnight" said Ryan as he took the vial and gave it the quick once over.

"You got me, I was actually planning to give it too you after we made love" said Love slyly.

"WHAT!?" yelled Lime as she grabbed Ryan by the ear.

"Oww! Oww! Oww! Let my ear go!" yelled Ryan as he was pulled to his knees.

"What does she mean by that?" asked Lime with fire in her eyes.

"Ryan promised he would my first, and that I would be his second, once he loses himself to someone I'm going to sweep in and take him for my turn" said Love as her face went red.

"Of course this was before I knew your true feelings Lime" said Ryan quickly as her grip tightened on his ear.

"Hmm… if he takes this potion of yours, he won't instantly fall in love with someone, it will take time correct?" asked Lime as she let go of Ryan's ear, which had now swelled to double its original size.

"Correct. He might not even fall in love with you, could fall for someone totally different, just depends on what type he likes" explained Love.

"Alright then, Ryan if you take this potion and I'm not the first girl you fall for then you have to promise me I can be the third" said Lime without any room for argument.

"Oh come on! Don't I get a say in this? I don't want a damn harem, with girls lining up first, second, third and fourth! That sounds like something Max or Issei would do!" exclaimed Ryan.

"Yeah it kinda does" chuckled Love.

Ryan looked at the vial again before staring at Lime.

"Oh what the hell! What do they say nowadays? You only live once?" asked Ryan before he popped the cork and swallowed the contents in one gulp.

A minute passed before Lime spoke up.

"Well? Feel anything?"

"You could work on the flavor, tastes like cheery" said Ryan with a shrug.

Lime face palmed so hard it left a mark.

"Leave it to Death to comment on the flavor of a very powerful potion" stated Love dryly.

"I don't feel any different, maybe a bit rehydrated… my throat was a little dry" said Ryan as he gave the vial back.

"Well like I said, it will take a while to take effect, just carry on your usual routine and you'll feel a change eventually" said Love as she put the vial back (somehow) in her bra.

"How was the pie Lime? I made it myself" said Ryan as the three began to walk back to the hotel.

"Delicious as always" said Lime with a smile as she held is hand.

"It was hard to make an entire pie in less than ten minutes but…" began Ryan before he was but off by Lime.

"What do you mean a whole pie? There was only one piece when I got it" she yelled.

"Well I was going to have the staff deliver the pie in pieces to you until you met me, I was surprised you came after the first piece" explained Ryan, but Lime was already gone, racing towards the hotel to get the rest of her pie.

Love turned to Ryan.

Ryan collapsed to the ground, withering in agony.

"HOLY SHIT THIS FUCKING HURTS!" yelled Ryan as he punched the ground.

"For someone who has never felt actual love before, I'm surprised you handled it this well" said Love with a snicker.

"You knew this would happen…" stated Ryan as his strength left him.

"I guessed it might be bad, but certainly not this bad, you really have never felt actual emotion have you?" asked Love as she knelt down next to him and rubbed his back.

"Heh… you got that right, billions of years of nothingness and finally feeling something is a massive shock to my system, it's gonna take at least an hour to assimilate myself to this feeling" said Ryan as he groaned again.

"That long… wow, it really is bad" said Love with a frown.

"Just take me home, I don't feel like doing anything else tonight" groaned Ryan.

Love nodded and grabbed his hand before the two vanished in a flash of violet light.

Three days later

"I do love pizza" said Ryan as he cut up another piece with a knife and speared it with a fork before chomping down on it.

"Umm… am I the only one totally freaked out by the fact that the lord of death has gotten real friendly as of late" said Issei as the Hyoudou residents watched the entity munch through three pizzas.

Love and Lime shared a look before giggling amongst themselves.

Needless to say, the potion had done a swift job on Ryan and he was feeling ever the better for it. Not lovey dovey just yet, but the stick that had been stuck up his ass for billions of years was certainly gone.

Although a few splinters remained here and there.

"I don't suppose anyone's actually told you this, but from where I come from its rude to stare at people" said Ryan without looking up.

The ORC suddenly decided to eat something.

"So master, anything else I should know about the endless meeting?" asked Dream politely.

"All of the things they will get you to do are pretty basic, we've gone over them plenty of times and don't worry, I'll be there to back you up no matter what" said Ryan reassuringly.

"What about the rest of us?" asked Rias.

"Since this is the first time we've let devils, angels, fallen and Norse into the End, we're relying on you for security, alongside a few of the other less powerful entities" explained Ryan.

"How many other entities will be present?" asked Kiba curiously.

"Depends, it's not very often that the endless come together like this. Orphis will be there since she's Dream's partner, Randomness might be there; even Santa might make an appearance, it just depends on what everyone's doing at the time" said Ryan with a wave of his hand.

"Wait… Santa?" asked Irina, her eyes going wide.

"Correct, she represents the spirit of well being and harmony amongst beings" said Ryan with a smile.

"SHE!?" yelled Issei in surprise.

A sharp flick to the forehead was all he received.

"The entity system is relatively sexist when it comes to picking. Most of the endless are guys, however a lot of the other entities are primarily female based. Makes big get togethers very awkward especially when you're stuck with a young entity of time, the world's biggest introvert and the male equivalent of Casanova" said Ryan as he rubbed his temples.

"Rage isn't that bad…" said Love absently.

"He tried to cop a feel on you onetime" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Doesn't mean he's bad" said Love desperately.

"He owns all of the strip joints this side of Vegas… his biggest competitor being the entity of chance and fate" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmm… fine, you win, he's pretty bad" she said in defeat.

"You know I'm right here folks! Right here" said Max as he sat on the couch next Paradox.

"Yeah… we know" said Death and Love together.

"I'm finding it a bit weird that my house is now filled up with people more powerful then god's themselves" said Issei as he looked at all the present entities.

"Get used to it, we've still got Knowledge, Fear and Life to go" said Pandora as she overheard him.

"Do you ever get used to it?" asked Issei as he watched Ryan and Max pull on each others ears before getting into a mini scrap.

"You never get used to it… you just learn to live with it" said Pandora with a smile as she watched Paradox, Love and Dream get roped in.

"You know, for someone who looks like they're only fourteen, you're pretty wise" said Issei with closed eyes.

"Well don't forget, lived billions of years… but still have the heart of a CHILD!" she screamed as she jumped into the mini battle.

"Don't ever lose that"

Kuoh Academy Rooftop (One day later)

"Hello Death…"

"Knowledge… I assume you felt it as well?" asked Ryan with a frown.

"Indeed, it was faint at first, but there can be no doubt about it" said the entity of knowledge.

"Which is exactly why we need another endless, we barely managed to defeat them last time. If they gained strength, we must also" said Ryan before looking out over the horizon.

"Dream always had my vote to be an endless, from her happiness and dreams comes the most amazing forms of knowledge" said Knowledge, his Aztec styled mask masking his features.

"Will you be staying with us?" asked Ryan.

"No… I am aware that most of the current endless are already present and I do believe Blake will stay with you as well, no need to overcrowd it further, I will see you at the meeting" said Knowledge as he held out his hand.

"See you then" said Ryan as he shook the tanned hand.

Knowledge then took a step back and collapsed into a pile of sand, which was quickly scattered by the wind.

Looking towards the stars, Ryan wondered…

Would Dream be an endless long enough to see through the year?

Somewhere… where Life and Death have no hold

"I think they know…"

"Of course they know"

"Why would they not know?"

"We could stop them from knowing"

"That wouldn't help us know though"

"But it would help us grow!"

"That is true, but they will know"

"I like the look of that angel, reminds me of myself"

"Don't be too eager Pride, we must bide our time"

"Very well…"

"None of you worry… we are seven united, sin will consume all!"

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