Death at Kuoh Academy

Forgotten Past, Broken Promise

"Only one week to go!" screamed Dream as she jumped around the living room.
The sound of an entire room full of people banging their heads against something is a wonder sound to hear.

Painful for everyone involved…

But a wondrous sound never the less.

Dream heard this now…

"And this is why I wanted Dream to leave the dimensional gap, I could have easily have stayed there with her, but I would have gone mad" said Orphis with a sigh.

Orphis had arrived the day before, thinking that she was just early enough but Dream had made sure to accompany her partner wherever she went and to count down the days till the endless meeting.

"Well at least you have a nice partner…" thought Ryan as he flipped another pancake onto Pandora's plate.

"You alright master?" asked Dream as she settled down and walked over to the cooking entity.

"Yeah, I'm fine; and for god's sake, stop calling me master…" said Ryan with an eye roll.

"Not until I pass the test… master" she said with a sly wink.

Ryan rolled his eyes again before everyone went back to eating breakfast.

"When are Blake and Life meant to arrive?" asked Max after a few minutes.

"Whose Blake?" asked Asia curiously.

"He's the entity of fear, real nice guy, save for the fact that he makes everyone who looks at him see their biggest fear instead" explained Ryan as he washed the pan he had just used.

"Sounds like a real people person" muttered Rias sarcastically.

"I dunno when she's meant to get here, but if it's before the day of the actual meeting, it will have been far too soon" growled Ryan as he promptly crushed the tungsten pan between his hands.

"Oh come now, Life's not that bad" said Love as she sipped her tea.

"Only because she has to be polite to you, she outshines the Sin's when it comes to being alone with her" said Ryan as his eyes flashed black, he looked out window and sighed, "Fuck…"

"What?" asked Love looking around.

Ryan simply face palmed before walking over to the window, his outfit changing to his standard reaper clothes.

"Death jets" he said simply before taking a step out the window.

Four miniature cartoon skulls appeared around his legs, two by his ankles and two along the back of his calves. They floated about a ruler's length away from his body, but they still seemed to help him defy gravity, four jets of bright blue flames bursting forth from them.

"What the hell are those?" asked Issei as they all ran to the rooftop.

"The death jets are what allow Ryan to fly, Love has her cherub wings, Paradox and Pandora have their magic, Rage has his fire, Dream and Orphis have their dragon wings and so on" explained Lime as they burst out onto the roof.

Two figures could be seen floating opposite each other.

One had four jets of blue flames holding him up.

The other had a small tornado of leaves underneath them.

"Been a while hasn't it?" said the stranger.

"I wouldn't have minded a little bit longer" said Ryan with ice in his words.

"Oh shit…" sighed Lime as she whipped out her phone and pushed a single button.

"Never did know how to have any fun, always darkness and shadows with you" sighed the stranger.

"Better than your twisted version of order" spat Ryan.

"Better my madness then yours" said the figure bitterly.

"Because the entity of life just loves to exterminate all life on a planet every thousand years" said Ryan sarcastically.

"Don't compare my world image to your complete slavery bullshit" growled Life.

"Better that people have a chance to live then know that they're all going to die" retorted Ryan as the shadows surrounding him grew darker.

The wind began to pick up as the clouds covered the sun.

"I would never kill unless it was necessary, you're just mass murder who never lets his reapers rest in peace" shot Life.

"How fucking dare you… my entities came with me on their own free will" said Ryan darkly as black lightning began to spark out of the cloud of darkness, "At least I have human beings who are care about me, better than being a loner in the amazon"

The wind suddenly dropped, the other present entities rolled their eyes before raising their hands and summoning a collective protection field.

Life raised her hand and leveled it with Ryan; it was closed into a fist.

"Take that back…" she said simply.

"But that would imply I lied, I tend not to lie" said Ryan with a straight face.

Life opened her hand quickly and four massive vines burst out of the ground from behind her, all of them locked onto the reaper before them.

Ryan simply smirked before his left calf jet lit up and he bicycle kicked the first vine, the heat from the jet setting the second one on fire. As soon as his head was facing the ground, the other three jets kicked in and he narrowly avoided the remaining two vines before landing lightly on the roof.

"You missed…" he said simply as he watched the blue flames consume the vines.

Life touched down and raised her hand again.

Ryan did the same.



Ryan suddenly found himself restrained by hundreds of golden chains.

Life found herself consumed by pure inky blackness.

"Oh come on Lime! You called them!" shouted Ryan as he relaxed, there was no use in fighting the chains, he could break them but it would be pointless.

"Remember the last time you two fought for real… I almost lost an arm" said Blake as he snapped his fingers and released Life from the orb of black.

"You don't actually have a body Blake… none of us do, if we lose an arm, it means literally nothing" said Ryan as he was released and rubbed his wrists.

"True, but you get the idea" said the fear entity with a shrug.


"Ok, maybe I deserved that one" said Ryan as he rubbed the side of his face.

"Hell yeah you did! I'm no loner you arrogant ass hole!" yelled Life as she raised her hand again.

Ryan quickly grabbed it and pulled her close, wrapping his arm around her waist so that their noses were almost touching.

"But that's what you love about me; I'm the only one you can't completely crush if they don't do what you say" he said smoothly before booping her on the nose and walking off, "That's everyone then! Guess it's just a matter of time now, keep counting Dream"

Lime appeared beside Life who was still blushing.

"Don't worry, he's a sociopath who can act exactly like you want him to act, and just a head's up, even though you could crush me without a thought, keep your hands off of him" growled Lime seriously.

"Hmm… like I would ever go for someone like him" huffed Life as she straightened her laurel around her head and tightened her toga before walking inside the house.

"Guess we've got eight of the most powerful beings in the universe staying with us" said Xenovia to Issei.

"And I thought Ryan and Lime were a handful" groaned Issei before Rias gave him a light peck on the cheek.

"It'll be fine, just a few more days and then they'll be gone" comforted Rias softly.

"Yeah… a few more days"

Two Days Later

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME MAX! YOU USED ALL THE HOT WATER!" screamed Love as she fired arrow after arrow in the entities direction.

"Nope! The entity of jokes is in Europe at the moment… I'm the entity of rage, best known for my ability to piss people off" laughed Rage as he used his flaming sword to deflect all of the arrows.

"Parradox! Come snuggle with me!" whined Pandora as she blinked around the house, trying to catch the ever elusive blue bolt of lightning.

"Pandora, I love you with all my heart but just give me some space" yelled Paradox as he narrowly avoided his partners iron grip.

"I'm telling you Blake, fear is not a real emotion" said Knowledge with a sigh, his mask was sitting next to him and his long black hair was set down.

"Of course it fucking is! I wouldn't exist if it weren't!" yelled Blake in anger.

"That had better be humane and organic bacon Ryan" said Life as she sipped her green herbal tea.

"Nah, I just killed the pig this morning with my bare hands after weakening it with hundreds of poisons" said Ryan sarcastically.

Issei and Rias looked at each other before taking a deep breath in and trying to ignore the partners and their crazy antics.

If you take away the ability to destroy a country in a few minutes, the endless were actually just a group of pretty standard people. They were nice enough, but each of them had their own quirks and uniqueness about them.

Ryan loved to stay up late and read a good book with Lime.

Life would always get up early and tend to the Hyoudou garden on the roof.

Knowledge would occasionally just start stating random facts about stuff in general.

Fear would play pranks on the residents, usually involving them almost having heart attacks.

Love would play a powered up version of truth or dare…

Rage would annoy the shit out of everyone (save for Ryan who had an automatic bullshit shield)

Paradox would make the residents super old or really young

And Pandora would randomly summon things she sees on television or in a book.

It was defiantly a crazy time for the ORC members; and Issei's parents never suspected a thing.

"Are you calling me a liar?" asked Life as she and Ryan began to catch up.

"No… I just don't believe you" said Ryan after a thought.

"God give me strength to not blow up this building" sighed Life as she took a deep breath.

"Praying? That's new for you" said Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Says the entity that drank a potion that gave them emotions" countered Life.

"Touché… although it does feel nice to feel things again" said Ryan honestly, Life looked surprised.

"Really? Are you sure you're alright?" asked Life with the tiniest trace of worry.

"Yeah I'm fine; it just feels right to feel again. Not being able to feel happiness and sadness before made my job pretty difficult, but now it's easier to comfort people when they die, it feels right" said Ryan as he smiled softly.

Life gave her own small smile.

"Maybe you're not as bad as I thought you were… Ryan" said Life with a giggle.

"First time I've ever heard you laugh… Eva" said Ryan as he looked away.

"Well, don't get used to it… and I do give you permission to call me Eva instead of life from now on" said Eva with a blush.

"Same here… but Ryan instead of Eva of course" said Ryan with a chuckle as he snapped his fingers and the dishes washed themselves and packed themselves away.

The room was suddenly filled with a blinding light and Vali appeared from a magic circle, Biko and Kuroka were accompanying him.

The ORC burst into action until they were stopped by Ryan as he raised his hand.

"Vali, I know we're friends but you are still a terrorist in the ORC's eyes so please refrain from just waltzing in here to see me whenever you like, call ahead or something" said Ryan as the ORC stood down.

Kuroka walked up to him and slapped him across the face.

"How could you!? Going after someone so young!" she yelled at him before turning away from.

"Wait… what?" asked Ryan as he rubbed his face.

Vali sighed before rubbing his temples.

"Come to the roof Ryan, it's… quite important" said Vali vaguely.

"Can we come?" asked Lime to both Vali and Ryan.

Ryan simply shrugged and looked at Vali.

"Sure…" he said after a moment.

Once they arrived on the roof they were greeted by none other than the Pendragon twins.

Once Arthur saw Ryan however, he drew his sword and tried to cut him down, before Le Fay got in-between them.

"Wait!" she screamed.

"Out of my way Le Fay, I'm going to cut this bastard down" roared Arthur before he was restrained by Kuroka and Biko.

"What is happening!?" yelled Ryan as he watched the two Yokai restrain the royal descendant.

Le Fay turned to face him before smiling widely and wrapping her arms around him.

"Oh my love! How I've missed you"

"WHAT!?" screamed Lime as her aura erupted into flames around her.

"Hold up… who are you again?" asked Ryan honestly as he gazed down at the blonde before him.

She looked up curiously.

"I'm Le Fay Pendragon, descendant of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay" she said happily.

Ryan tried to remember anything about her but nothing came to mind.

"Alright then, any reason why you're here?" asked Ryan curiously.

"To marry you of course" she said as if it were the simplest thing ever.


Pure silence…

Broken only by the sound of a laughing entity of rage…

"OH GOD! Ryan's getting married to a little witch! Oh that's fucking brilliant!" roared Max as he rolled across the rooftop.

"My apologies Miss. Pendragon but I'm afraid I have never met you up until this moment in time" said Ryan as he slipped out of her arms.

"Don't be silly Ryan, don't you remember? You saved me from a hideous monster, got injured and I healed you" said Le Fay with a smile.

"Nope… Nothing like that has ever happened to me" said Ryan seriously.

"But… you made me a promise" she said with watery eyes.

"I tend not to make promises I can't remember, so if you could just…" Ryan began until he felt a light hand on his shoulder.

He turned to see his master, he quickly bowed and so did Lime.

"I was afraid this would happen" said Ariana as she gestured for the two reapers to stand.

"What?" asked Ryan with a tinge of fear in his voice.

"When a reaper becomes a Grim Reaper, all memory and trace of the reapers previous life as a human is taken away save for their name, master and weapons" said Ariana softly.

"Of course, basic knowledge" said Ryan with a nod.

Ariana raised her hand and a large ball appeared in front of her.

"Touch the ball and all will be revealed" she said softly.

Not one to be afraid of confronting something, Ryan gently flicked the orb and a memory began to play on it.


The monster raised its claw to deal the finishing blow, the young girl couldn't move, her left arm was heavily injured and her magic was completely drained.

She could only watch as the creatures claws flew towards her.

She shut her eyes but nothing came.

She opened them and her vision was filled with that of another beings.

A young boy with brown hair and a black robe on, with the creature's claws driven straight through his back and out his stomach.

He winked at her before twisting sharply, coughing up blood and snapping the creature's claws off whilst they were still embedded in his stomach.

The creature roared in pain and swiped at the girl again, the boy raised his arms, determined not to let any harm come to the young girl.

"NO!" screamed the girl, flames erupting from her finger tips and promptly vaporizing the creature.

The boy looked surprised before collapsing to the ground, his blood forming a pool around him.

One Hour Later

The boy's eyes opened to see a small fire; he felt that his stomach was wrapped in bandages. He tried to move but only felt blinding pain as a result.

"Don't move, it was a near fatal injury" came the soft voice from behind him before the young girl walked in front of him and offered him a bowl of soup.

"I've been through worse" he said with a weak smile as she fed him a spoonful of soup.

"Why did you save me?" she asked once he had finished.

"I couldn't just let you die" he said casually making her go red in the face, "Besides, I've already died, no need for another one too"

"What do you mean by that?" she asked curiously.

"My name is Ryan Blackworth, I'm a reaper under the service of my master; the Grim Reaper Ariana" he said, trying to do a small bow before gasping in pain.

"Hmm… sounds like a nice job" said the girl with a smile as she pressed a cold flannel to his forehead.

"It's not bad, but where are my manners? Who might you be?" he asked.

"I'm Le Fay Pendragon, I was out here trying to save the local village from a monster but it got the upper hand over me" explained the girl.

"You can't be more than ten years old" said Ryan in disbelief.

"I'm nine actually" she said with a pout.

"That's not any better… but why bother saving me?" asked Ryan as he sat up.

"Because… I wanted to ask you a favor" she said timidly.

"Oh? And what would that be?" asked Ryan with a raised eyebrow.

"Can you… I mean… will you… how do I say this" she stuttered before Ryan placed his hands on hers.

"It's okay, take your time" said Ryan gently.

Silence filled the cave before four words were spoken.

"Will you marry me?"

"You're only nine Le Fay" was the reply.

"I can grow! It doesn't have to be now! I'll wait any amount of time! How old do I have be?" she asked, desperation and truth the only emotions present in her young eyes.

Ryan sighed before giving his answer.

"Sixteen years old. You must be proficient in magical combat. If you cannot face another wendigo and win, then you are not strong enough, if you complete all of these, then I will marry you" said Ryan honestly.

"Do you promise?"

"I promise"

"Then can I have a kiss?"


The two gently locked lips for no longer than two seconds, the sound of footsteps could be heard approaching.


"Le Fay!"

A woman in a black hood ran in followed closely by a younger man with blonde hair.

Once they saw the bandaged Ryan and the healthy Le Fay they both breathed a sigh of relief.

"Master, I'm sorry for worrying you" said Ryan as he tried to stand but yelled out in pain before collapsing to the ground.

"I'm just glad you're alright, is the wendigo dead?" asked Ariana as she quickly set to work on healing his injuries.

"It is; Miss. Pendragon killed it herself" said Ryan with a smile and both newcomers turned to face her.

Ryan gave her a small wink and she blushed deeply.

End Flashback

As soon as the flashback ended, everything hit Ryan like a ton of bricks; he was knocked to the ground by the sudden rush of memories and emotion.

"Ryan!" yelled Lime but she was stopped by Ariana.

"No! He must face this alone" she said firmly as everyone watched him writhe in pain as his senses were overloaded.

Eventually he calmed down and managed to find his feet.

He looked at Rage and gave a very weak smile.

"This is gonna be a very different kind of hangover" he said before passing out.

Le Fay caught him and held him close.

"Don't worry my love, I'm here for you" she whispered softly as she stroked his hair.

A Few Minutes Later

"Alright, so explanation please!" yelled Issei as everyone, save for Ryan who was resting sat around the large dining table.

"It's simple isn't it?" said Rage with a laugh, everyone turning to look at him.

"Please elaborate then Max" said Love sarcastically.

"Alright then. Ryan and Le Fay meet when he was still a reaper, he saved Le Fay and she fell in love with him. He promised to marry him when she turned sixteen and got good at magic, she must have done so but Ryan became the Grim Reaper before she was ready and couldn't remember her" said Max and everyone had wide opened mouths, "What? Just because I'm an annoying son of a bitch doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two about my partner and how her emotion works, I can see love written all over little Le Fay's face, it's been hard to wait hasn't it kid?"

Le Fay nodded.

"It was almost impossible for me to not try and find him before I was sixteen, I defeated my first wendigo the month after he left, I became the most powerful magic user the Pendragon family had seen since Morgan herself but I still couldn't be with him until I was sixteen. It's my birthday today so that was my only wish, it's a little bit jarring that he doesn't remember me but I can live with that if it means we can be together" she said with a thin smile.

"Imagine our surprise when she walks up to us first thing this morning and tells us she's getting married, Arthur almost destroyed the building we were staying in" chuckled Biko as he munched on a banana.

"I was simply misinformed, if my sister truly does love Ryan, then I see no reason why she can't marry him" said Arthur as he sipped his black tea.

"So I'm guessing I don't get a say in this?" came a voice from the doorway.

Everyone turned to see Ryan leaning on the door frame, his face was pale and he was wearing nothing but a pair of black track pants, his tanned chest left for everyone to see and three distinct scars on his stomach.

"I always wondered how you got those" said Blake as realization dawned on him.

Le Fay and Lime ran towards him but he stopped them by raising his hand.

"Not now, I promise I will sort this entire out, but it must be after the endless meeting. Dream comes first and then my attention is all yours Le Fay" said Ryan with a smile.

"Very well, I've waited six years, one more day isn't that much to ask" she said with a smile before pecking him on the cheek and running off, giggling like a child.

"Well, I can move the meeting forward if you want?" asked paradox but Ryan simply shook his head.

"I need a day of rest, I just needed to see that you hadn't blown each other up after I passed out… it's happened before" said Ryan quickly as he saw everyone go to argue.

"Well have a good sleep master, see you tomorrow" said Dream with a wave.

Ryan didn't say anything but waved a goodbye before making his way back to his room.

"He's got a prime body" noted Xenovia.

"Hand's off our brother" said Orphis and Pandora simultaneously as they got right in her face.

Ryan's Room

"You knew didn't you?" asked Ryan as he stood before his master.

"I had my suspicions" she said softly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" growled Ryan a tinge of anger in his words.

"I assumed she would give up and forget about it, she was nine at the time, I had no idea it was true love" said Ariana honestly.

"I know… but now that I remember, I did feel something for her, but I also feel for Lime and I know how much it will hurt one if I commit to the other, what am I supposed to do?" groaned Ryan as he paced his room.

"You could start a harem and 'get all the bitches' as Max says" giggled Ariana.

Ryan was less than amused.

"I'm not a man whore, hell, I've never even been in a normal relationship, how would I start with two?" said Ryan before just deciding to go to bed, "Screw it, I'll devote more mental energy to it after the meeting"

He had almost drifted to sleep when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his right side.

Stiffening, he saw a nearly completely naked Le Fay dressed in only her underwear softly snoring next to him.

A small movement to his left alerted him to his reaper, also wearing only her underwear, wrapped around his left side, lost in sleep as well.

"God dammit"

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