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Long lost road


Young kid coming up form the hood tries making it out. He never can find a stable way of money and had been in a rough spot his whole life. Never one day was it easy. In this book we take you way back to the day it all started.

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It was time

DXavier now I’m his late 20’s living in Russia and surviving under another name has 2 kids and a wife. He was living a pretty normal life. Nobody knew where his old self went. Nobody could find him and that was the way he wanted it. Until one day the block was full of police cars and he knew. Everything he had built up was going to come falling down unless he can get away again. So he sends his family to the basement. He gets a few things and runs out the back and jumps the fence to a neighbors house. He climbed to the top of it and looked down and saw haundereds of cops. He started to run and jump house to house while everyone was staring at his house. He ran and ran and more cops just kept coming. Finally one of them spots him about three blocks away. They start running after him. He keeps running until he hears shots go off. Next thing you know Xavier was laying lifeless on the street. A pool of blood under him. The gang, drugs, and murder caught up to him. It was over no more worrying or running. He was finally at peace with his past.

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