Finding Gary the sponge bob movie sponge on the Ru


This is a Fan fiction short story of the Sponge bob movie called the sponge bob movie sponge on the run that finding Gary

Adventure / Children
Lauren Breaux
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Finding Gary the sponge bob movie sponge the run

It was a very great day at Bikini Bottom there for Sponge bob his pet snail named Gary was in his pineapple house hasn’t gone missing yet Sponge bob he was in a good mood Today in his pineapple house at Bikini bottom Today Sponge bob he said to Gary his pet snail I remmber Gary When I first met you at Camp coral for the first time that you wore a cute adorable baby snail to me a Flash Back Of That happened that sponge bob he said to Gary his pet snail I Remmeber the day we met for the first time there that flash back started Sponge bob was at Camp coral there happy there he said am ready soaked up water there squeezed it out of him in a Happy way there Sponge bob he started to see and meet his pet snail named Gary there for the first time there that Gary looked cute looking as a baby snail to Sponge bob to him Sponge bob he said hello there little snail what’s your name is it Gary great name for a little snail like you hey do you wanna be my pet snail be my friend as well I don,t want to lose you Gary your my pet snail now your my friend now I like that me too That the flash back was over that Sponge bob he went back home in his pineapple house in it smile on his face he said Gary am home sponge bob he has seen that Gary wasn’t in his pineapple house in it at all though that Gary wasn’t there at all that Sponge bob he looked for his pet snail named Gary he said Gary are you under here Gary where are you Sponge bob pet snail named Gary was snail napped was gone missing sponge bob he went on a search to find his pet snail named Gary with his friend named Patrick with him it’s a epic search of that of finding Gary That sponge bob said to Patrick let’s go find Gary Patrick That

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