Looking for Gary at Atlantic City


This is a Anther fan fiction short story of the Sponge bob movie sponge bob movie sponge on the run

Adventure / Children
Lauren Breaux
Age Rating:

Looking for Gary at Atlantic City

It was Anther very great day at Bikini Bottom there Sponge bob and Patrick both went to look for Gary at Atlantic City there on a epic search finding Gary his pet snail that has gone missing that Patrick he said to Sponge bob I sure do hope that we Don’t lose focus at all Sponge bob Sponge bob he said to Patrick To Him Patrick I wouldn’t worry of Lose ing focus let me know if we are getting closer finding here at Atlantic City here my pet snail named Gary here and where Gary is here at Atlantic City here That never lose your focus of that at all that Sponge bob and Patrick wore both tempted seeing the yummy snacks and Deserts and treats in front of them at Atlantic City there that Cotton candy and ice cream and cheer o,s that and yummy chocolate chip cookies there Patrick he did his best to focus finding Gary with Sponge bob with him there that it really was a epic search for Gary that Sponge bob he said to anyone at Atlantic City there Where is Gary have you seen Gary that Patrick he was starting to get tempted at Atlantic City there Of the yummy snacks and treats and Deserts there at Atlantic City there that Sponge bob he kept looking for Gary at Atlantic City there looking for Gary and finding Gary there that a epic search for Gary that Where is Gary his pet snail named Gary Where is Gary that

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