Upside Down || BTS x Reader


Dear Noona, Do you remember when you came to my room and saw me cry that day? "Are you crying?" -Y/n I wasn't crying because of hyung's words, but because of my own thoughts from back then. "You need to stop. She isn't yours." -Yoongi. "I don't want to hurt him." -Y/n. 1 day was enough to breakdown a civilian. 2 days were enough to breakdown a normal soldier. 3 days were enough to breakdown a sergeant, so what about 4? .......... This story begins with BTS serving their military years in SK, but while doing so, something out of the ordinary happened. BTS with many others got caught into a sudden attack by an anonymous country, leaving SK in panic. Don't forget to leave a heart and a review 😘 Book cover by @Bravewildwolf

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This book is going to be part one of the series. It's 100 chapters long so I hope you'd enjoy reading it.

This book was based upon a dream I had in 2017. Everything until chapter 13 was from the dream, but after that, it's from my imagination. And yes, it was a disturbing dream.

Finally, I want to mention that the names included are my real siblings and my real best friend so I hope you don't mind me including them in the book.


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