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Leanie Sherry The Lolibot


This a tale of a Bot who is made to be a kid . Ever since she visited the house of Vtubers,Big Gil was having an absolute crush on her,though he was almost 13.The Bot was made to be an 8 year old.That was what was worrying him.He began to do accidental inappropriate things to her.His friends were disapproved of him.What can he do to stop this nonsense!?

Humor / Romance
Tsundere Teko
Age Rating:

Chapter 1:The Stay

Leanie Sherry The Lolibot was a fan of Vtubers.She loved Big Gil out of all the Vtubers.Because his voice was making him very superior.She decided to learn their location.When she finally reached out,she went to visit.The Vtubers were in shock to see such a cute 8-year-old robot.Big Gil tried his best not to show he was in trance of her cuteness.He knew it was wrong to fall in love with 8-year-olds at that age.But,was he sure?No,he wasn't sure.Leanie then approached Big Gil.He was startled to see her appear like that.He blushed and said,'H-hello...Leanie...'.Leanie then started to compliment,'Your voice is so superior, Gil!'He blushed wildly and nosebleed started to drip.He covered it fast as he could,but Combo Panda saw it and shouted,'Gil is a Lolicon,Gil is a Lolicon!'Big Gil was embarrased and he hit him with one punch.Now Big Gil knows he is in love so much,he gets freaked out as he looks at her.
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