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Leanie Sherry The Lolibot

Chapter 2:Red Flags For Gilly

Then,red flags appeared for Big Gil.The first red flag was at the dinner table.There were sausages for dinner tonight and Leanie Sherry was a humanoid Bot,so it was easy for her to be participating the feast.The way she ate the sausages was inappropriate.Big Gil was in awe and he was drooling as he ate the sausages.Then Gus spotted him.He shouted in disgust,'Ewww,Gil,what the heck!?Leanie has a child's body for goodness sake!!!Stop drooling,you Lolicon!'Big Gil was ashamed when eyes started to look at him.Even LoAnn was angry.'Uh oh...why the heck did I do this!?',he thought.

The second red flag was when Leanie was playing video games with Gil.They were playing ROBLOX. Then,Leanie saw a game that said NSFW.Leanie actually knew what it was.She told Gil to get away and then hugged him in case he was scared.Big Gil had some nosebleed spurts.Then he fainted.

The third time was when they were sleeping.He accidentally touched her cheek in his sleep,but Leanie was a sensitive Bot.She screamed as high as she can and everybody went to Big Gil's bedroom.Big Gil just woke up to see his gils on her cheek.He started to blush so wildly,his head started to spin.Alpha Lexa scolded him,saying,'You disgust us these days,are you an actual Lolicon?'Big Gil was freaked out by her raised voice.Then he got dizzy and fainted.

What was he going to do to stop this act?
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