Helios Daycare


Why was it that young five year old Rood Chrishi sent to a daycare for kids to learn magic when he was already a magician! Now taking his first step into school, what sort of adventures awaits Rood?

Fantasy / Humor
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First Day of School

He didn't understand why he was there, but more importantly why did his master do this to him in the first place.

"Starting today, we'll be having a new student with us." Orphell informed his students. "Due to his chronic illness, this is his first time attending in school. I expect you all to get along. And just because he's new that does not mean you can pick on him."

Next to the dark skinned professor is a pale blond haired child with blue eyes.

Orphell continues on with the introduction of his new student.

"His name is Rood Chrishi. Chrishi, do you have anything you would like to say to the class."

"Nice to meet you..." Rood quietly greeted his new classmates averting his eyes from their curious gazes.

It was extremely uncomfortable for Rood being put on the spot like that.

"Alright, now that that's settled. Chrishi, you may take a seat in the back next to Lidusis Dien Artian." Orphell directs Rood to the table with a gray haired kid.

Rood complies and walks over to his new seat.

He takes a seat next to Lidusis beginning his first of school.

So far things weren't bad. The classes were relatively easy and simple for him since he usually spent his free time reading advanced, complicated , there wasn't anything Rood didn't know in class. Which brought he question: Why the heck was he even there?

Time eventually flew and break time came by.

Thinking it would be impolite to not to introduce himself to his neighbor, Rood greeted his gray haired neighbor. "Hello."


However he received no reply from Lidusis.

"You know it's polite to answer back."


Still no reply.

Now this irritated Rood.

He didn't like being given unwanted attention, but that didn't mean he liked being ignored either.

"Hey Lidusis—"

Before Rood could finish, Lidusis bolts out of the classroom.

Not appreciating being ditched like that after receiving the silent treatment, Rood proceeds to chase after Lidusis, but he is stopped when his classmates gather all around his table.

His classmates start bombarding with a whole bunch of questions.

"So this is your first time in school!"

"Where are you from?"

"You want to play outside with us!"

"What kind of illness do you have?"

"Hey, that's rude!"

"You want to hang out!"

What's going on? Rood knew being a new student would gather attention but not this much. This is all Master's fault.

A few days ago, Rood was minding his own business reading an advanced book on magical circles until the Master of Opion barged in unannounced.

"Hey Rood, guess what! I have good news for you!"

"What is it?" Rood decides to humor him for the moment so that he can leave him alone when he's done.

"You're going to school!"

At the Master of Opion's announcement, Rood unconsciously drops his book.

"You got admitted into Helios Daycare! You're starting school in a few days so get ready!"

Scared that Rood might regain his senses again and pick up his book and throw it at him in the face, the Master of Opion rushes out the door leaving a stunned Rood.

And what was with that chronicle illness thing!

"Since it's been some time since the school year started, I sort of told them that you're a chronically ill child. After all, I couldn't tell them that you never had the need to enter a school. So you'll be playing the role of the handsome, ill genius! Sounds like fun, huh!"

Fun, my foot! I'll kill him when I get back to Opion after school. Rood wasn't going to forgive his master for throwing him in school without his permission.

"Now, now. Can't you all see that you're scaring the new kid!" A dark blue haired boy comes in ending the series of questions.

"No fair, Dio!"

"Yeah, don't hog him all to yourself!"

"You stingy scrounge!"

"We were here first!"

Dio grabs Rood by his wrist pulling him out of the classroom.

"My name is Dio Varus! Nice to meet you, Mr. Superstar!" Dio introduced himself as he walked with Rood. "You know you're really amazing! This is your first day of school, and you weren't nervous at all! Usually on the first day of school, most kids don't want to be separated from their parents. Some even cried and begged their parents to stay. There was even one kid that wet himself!"

"You're pretty amazing too."

"Really! You must have a good sense of judgement!" Dio smugly said as he cups his chin with his hand.

"To wet yourself on your first day of school and still stay, you are really amazing." Rood seriously told Dio.

"Yeah, I— Wait, who said I wet myself!"

Rood paid no heed to Dio as his mind had other things on it.

Where did Lidusis go?

"I never wet myself! It was only juice... I mean it was someone else! I heard someone bumped into him and spilled his juice on him!"

And why did everyone start talking to me after Lidusis left?

"It wasn't me! You hear Rood!" Dio defended. "I—"

"Hey, you with the dark blue hair..."

Both Rood and Dio turn around to see a blond haired student. By his side were two other students: one with long pink hair and another with long brown hair tied up in ponytail and dark tanned skin.

"Y... Yeah..."

"You're from Professor Orphell's class. How's the Monster?" The blond asked Dio.

"The same as usual..."

"I see... Who's that?" The blond notices an unfamiliar face. "I've never seen his face before."

"He's nothing special. He's just new. That's all! This is his first day."

"Then let me give you friendly piece of advice, new kid." The blond walks over to Rood until he's facing him face to face. "Here, if you want to live a normal school life, then you better not step out your bounds."

Rood just blankly stares at the haughty blond.

"Cat got your tongue? I guess it can't be help if..."


"Gyyyyyyaaaa!" The blond screams in pain as he felt his foot being crushed by a large rock. "My foot!"

However, it wasn't a rock but Rood's foot.

"Chevel!" The pink haired student rushes over to Chevel's side just like the dark skinned boy next him.

Dio on the other hand was completely flabbergasted by Rood's audacious action.


Dio rushes over Rood's side.

"What do you think you're doing to an upperclassman! Do you realize whose foot you just stepped on was!" Dio loudly whispers to Rood.

"No, should I?"

"Of course, you should! That's Chevel Phon Hadelio, a Hereis! Unlike us, Iduns, the Hereis are really strong! Not even a class of Iduns could take down a single Hereis!"

Aren't they still rookies who haven't awakened? Rood didn't see what the big deal was.

"And among the Hereis, you should be careful of Chevel Phon Hadelio. He comes from a long line of super strong magicians so he gets special treatment even in a place as strict as Helios. Anyway, maybe if you apologize, he'll forgive you. If you don't... How should I say this... He's kind of..."

"Messed up?" Unlike Dio, Rood had no problem in voicing out his opinion.

For his new friend's sake, Dio covers Rood's mouth silencing him.

"You Idun brat... Do you have a death wish?" Chevel grabs Rood's head not pleased with Rood's cheekiness glaring down at the new student.

"No thanks. I like living. Can you stop bothering us already?" Rood nonchalantly answered unaffected by Chevel's threat. "And can you remove your hand too? It's uncomfortable."

Rood's unfazed attitude only irritated Chevel even more. He couldn't stand to see an Idun not giving him

"What are you doing!"

Passing by, a professor arrives at the scene.

"Tch. It's Professor Kan." Chevel clicked his tongue. "Consider yourself lucky, Idun brat."

Chevel and his two companions start leaving as Professor Kan rushes over to Rood and Dio's side.

Thinking it was best to keep their conversation away from the ears of the public, Dio took Rood to a random storage room.

"Rood, Rood, you poor thing. It seems that you don't know the truth of social hierarchy."

Rood didn't see what the big deal was. All he did was step (more like stomp) on some Hereis's foot. Besides, the guy was really irritating.

"Listen, here at Helios, all the students start off as Iduns like us. And when the annual promotion test comes, those who pass move up to the next class, Klad. Same thing for the Klads who want to move up to Hereis."

Rood didn't really see the point of this. He already knew about this when he learned looked over the school's handbook. But lets Dio speak either way.

"Meaning, here the Hereis are the elite. And if we get on the wrong side with a Hereis especially that Chevel Phon Hadelio, it'll be the end of your school life."

It's only kindergarten... Rood internally deadpanned. What was with this school?

"There was already one kid who was made into an example, and after that no one dared to defy the Hereis. So Rood, for the sake of your precious school life, don't go pulling off stunts like just now!"

Rood sweat drops at Dio's over exaggerated tale.

"You better pro..." Dio stops midway of his sentence as his face froze.

It seems that they weren't alone when a familiar looking individual rose up from behind some old boxes like he had just woken up from a nap.

Rood recognized the child as his classmate and seatmate, Lidusis Dien Artian.

So this was where he was...

Rood wondered where the young gray haired child went. Since he suddenly left all of a sudden, Rood never got the proper chance to talk to him.

"Hey Lid—" Before Rood could finish, Dio clamps his hand over Rood's mouth preventing him from doing something that would only spell trouble for him.

Rood struggles to break free from Dio so that he could speak with Lidusis. Despite his appearance, Dio was more tougher than Rood thought as the dark blue haired Idun wouldn't let go.

After break, Rood made several attempts to speak with Lidusis all of which were interrupted by Dio. He didn't get why Dio was going out of his way as to not even let him say hi to Lidusis. This continued on all the way to the end of class without Rood even as much as being able to get one word out of Lidusis.

"Listen Rood, I'll be back shortly so don't go doing anything stupid while I'm gone." were the last words Dio told him before the latter went back to class to retrieve something. But not before Rood gave him a hurtful remark.

"I don't want to hear that from you, Mr. Crybaby Wetter."

"I didn't wet myself?! Juice just fell on me?!"

Once Dio left, Dio patiently waited for his dark blue haired classmate by the playground sitting on a large stone as he read a book he recently borrowed from the local library: 999 Methods to Punishing Your Irresponsible Father.

He was sure to make him pay for sending him to school without his permission.

I'll throw a stray cat in his room when I get back. Rood darkly thought to himself.

As Rood was in the middle of his thoughts of finding a suitable punishment for his guardian, he overhears something.


"It's the Monster!"


Looking up from his book, Rood shifts his gaze to the playground where he sees that annoying blond from before and his two companions. Chevel was it? It looked like there was another person over there.

Catching sight of a familiar looking lop of gray hair, Rood instantly recognized the last kid.

It was...

Meanwhile, on the other side, Chevel was doing his usual routine of bullying Lidusis. His two companions, Anna and Manon, stood by his side while Chevel continued on with his daily antics.

"Still the same usual. I guess a Monster will always be a Monster."


Unable to say anything in retaliation, Lidusis gazes down upon the ground.

"Know your place, you Monster."

"Excuse me..." A small voice said but went unheard.

"And don't forget your sin. Your dirty existence."

Chevel looks down on Lidusis who could only accept Chevel's words.

"Could you move..."

"Yeah, that's more like." Chevel haughtily smirks.

"Excuse me..."

"Now that's how brats like you should be—" As Chevel was talking, someone roughly kicked him in the back causing him fall flat on his face like an idiot. This stunned not just Lidusis but Anna and Manon as well.

"Chevel!" Anna rushes over to Chevel's side along with Manon who was still in a bit of a daze at what had just happened.

Just as Chevel was about to get up, a foot crushes down on his back as he lets out a sound of pain.

"There you are Lidusis." Rood walks over to Lidusis as he casually steps on Chevel as if he was a doormat. "I was wondering how come..."

"Gya?! Rood?!" Dio who had just returned from class make a bee line towards Rood and drags him away from Lidusis.

"Oh Dio."

Rood was glad to see that Dio had finished up his business and came back. Rood was bored waiting for him.

"Now's not the time for that! Do you realize who you were just stepping on?!"

Wondering what Dio meant, Rood looks down to where he was at to see Chevel lying on the ground with footprints all over his back.

"You sure got some nerve..." Chevel seethed in anger.

Never had he felt so humiliated like this before in his entire life. To be trampled by some kid, Chevel already didn't like him.

"Oh, you were there?" Rood had not noticed that Chevel was under him when he was talking to Lidusis. That would explain why the ground was so lumpy.

"You brat, do you realize who I am?"

"Of course, you're Chevel... Chevel... Chevel Phon..." Rood tries to remember the rest of Chevel's name. "What was it again?"

Rood's ignorance had only added more fuel to the fire as Chevel was not pleased to be trampled by some kid who didn't even know his name.

"You Idun brat, I'll crush you."

Rood didn't really care what Chevel said to him, but it did annoy him that Chevel got in his way when he was trying to talk to Lidusis. Rood wanted at the very least hold a decent conversation with his neighbor before the end of the day. Above, it irritated him how Lidusis always ignored him.

Thinking about it for a second, this scene might actually be a good thing. If his master found out about his current situation, he'll immediately pull him out of the school. He is always going on about if Rood was being bullied by someone. This was the perfect chance to get out of this place.

"I'll teach you your place." Chevel tightly grips on his mana stone necklace preparing for to cast a spell.

Rood could see that Chevel had some skill seeing the mana gathering around Chevel's mana stone.

"Chevel Phon Hadelio!" Professor Orphell calls out Chevel's name. "Your father is here to pick you up."


Talk about lousy timing.

"It seems that you've got the devil's luck." Chevel stops his attack. "Don't think this will last. Once your luck runs out, you're in for it."

Not wanting to worry his father, Chevel heads off to the school gates where his father is waiting for him.

"You better not forget this!" Chevel gives Rood one last message before departing.

"Too late I already did." Rood mockingly remarked causing Chevel to face fault.

Even Lidusis and Dio were surprised by Rood's remark.

Having returned back to Opion, Rood enters his master's office with Ms. Ren who came to pick him up from the kindergarten.

"Oh, Rood. How was your first day of school?" Kielnode Chrishi, Rood's guardian, cheerfully asked his son while cowering behind his chair.

He knew very well the consequences his actions would lead him to. Although much smaller and younger, Rood was very frightening when angered. He knew this far better than anyone else.

And today was no exception.

No doubt in his mind, Rood was going to skin him alive for what he did.

"Nothing much, just stepped and kicked an upperclassman. And somehow, I think I made a friend." At least that's what Dio told Rood.

"What?!" The sandy blond haired man screamed out in surprise. "Th... That's wonderful!"

The childish man hugs Rood while crying tears of joy.

"To think, you could make a friend on your first day of school..."

Apparently, he found the news of Rood making a friend to be more important than Rood kicking an upperclassman.

"I'm so glad I sent you there."

"Is that so... I'm not sure if I share the same sentiment."

A cold shiver is sent through Kielnode's spine.

That tone. He knew that tone. It was the tone Rood used when he looked fine but on the inside he was searing mad.

"To think you'd actually do something like that..." Rood gently smiled at his guardian/ master, but underneath that gentle facade was a demon.

That day a mysterious scream echoed throughout the hallways of Opion, but no one knew whose scream that was.

That was exception for a select few.

At the Artian Estate, Duchess Dayner Artian, mother of Lidusis, was staring out at a window reminiscing the time she came to pick up her son from the daycare.

Because of her position as a duchess, Duchess Dayner hardly had any time for her children as she spent most of her time on business affairs. But when she came to pick up her son, she couldn't believe her eyes. The sight had left her stunned too speechless to say anything.

Her son... was smiling... and for the first time in ages.

Just remembering it brought a smile on her face.

It's been a while since I've seen him like that.

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