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Unknown Entity

By Saku_Kinoshita

Humor / Fantasy

Older Brother

It was all over. They could finally see the clear blue sky once more. The students of Helios were so relieved that they had nothing to fear anymore. All thanks to the Black Magician.
"I want to become like the Black Magician."

"As soon as I graduate, I'm going to join Opion!"

"Me too."

"He really is amazing!"

"He's even better than the rumors say!"

With the demons gone and the barrier restored, the students had forgotten about the dangerous situation they were in as the only thing that occupied their mind was their savior, the Black Magician.

"Everyone sure is noisy considering how much danger we were in before." Chevel Phon Hadelio, a Hereis, remarked. Still, Rood Chrishi... For one so young to take out so many demons and to take down that strange barrier. As one would expect from the Black Magician.

"That's because the Black Magician was there. So it's only natural, everyone would be talking about him." Fellow Hereis, Linus En Grium responded. "After all, he's so strong and cool. And not mention good looking. For him, this was only a walk in a park. Just like how he magnificently saved me, Lapis, and Cynthia from a demon back in Ishuella."

He needs help...

It was a good thing. Linus didn't know who the Black Magician really was. If he found out that the Black Magician was actually a student in disguise, he wouldn't rest until he found him. For that poor boy's sake, Chevel decided it was best that he wouldn't tell Linus that the Black Magician was actually an Idun who goes by the name Rood Chrishi not that he had any intention of revealing his identity to anyone in the first place.

Thinking it was best to leave Linus as he kept on blabbing nonstop about how great the Black Magician is, Chevel wondered what was going to happen later. After this incident, there's no way the school can stay quiet about it especially with what happened to Helios's barrier. For such a feat to be accomplished, the enemy must have been extremely powerful. There's no doubt that the Tower will take action.

The students were safe. Not much damage was done to the school. Those strange people were gone. And Lidusis was fine. Rood was relieved that everything turned out all right. Although he can't exactly say that everything is perfectly fine now that Shicmuon knows his identity.

I should wrap up this mission and leave... Rood really didn't want to stay at Helios any longer with Shicmuon around.


Rood turns around to the person who called him.

"A-Are you alright?" Lidusis Dien Artian, a fellow Idun like Rood, asked concerned about his friend since he hadn't seen him the whole time during the time Helios was invaded.

Along side Lidusis were Lidusis's bodyguard, Lispen, and their friend, Dio Varus.

"I'm fine. You should be more concerned about yourself." Rood replied.

Rood wasn't sure, but it seemed like Lispen was glaring at Dio who was feeling uneasy with the new professor glaring at him.

"Did something happen?" Rood asked Lidusis pointing at the two.


"What is it, Lidusis?"

"Are you—"

But before Lidusis could say anymore, someone had made an announcement to everyone in the vicinity.

"Excuse me!" An elderly woman with grayish hair and lightly tanned skin announced. She was Helios's school administrator. "I know all of you are probably shaken up by this recent turn of events. Right now, Helios's barrier is currently undergoing maintenance and check ups to ensure that that incident won't happen again. And it is sad to say, but due to the recent turn of events, there has been several areas in Helios that has sustained damage. Until we finish repairing the school classes will be on temporary hold until further notice. That is all. You may return to rooms."

With that said, the school administrator left along side with a few Tower magicians.

"Chevel! Are you alright?" Marquis Hadelio, a magician and father of Chevel, rushed over to his son's side.

"Y-Yes..." Chevel was more or less fine since the one who mainly did the fighting was the Black Magician. All he did was supply mana to the mana stone connected to the barrier that protected the students along side with his fellow Hereis.

"I'm glad to see that you're alright. Fortunately, no one was harmed this time. I must thank him for not only saving you once but twice. Chevel?"

Noticing his son's attention drawn elsewhere, Hadelio shifted his gaze to where Chevel's eyes were directed at which was where the second son of Duke Artian was at. By his side were three individuals. One that he recognized as a servant of Duke Artian's wife, Duchess Dayner Artian. The other two must be the Artian boy's friends.

Talk about perfect timing.


"Yes, father." Chevel gives his father his undivided attention.

"I have to go to a meeting after this. It's too bad. I wanted to spend more time with you, but I have to go as the head of our family. Tch, I'd rather spend time with my own flesh and blood than a bunch of worrywart magicians."

Chevel sweat drops at his father's childish comment.

Sometimes, his father can be very immature at times.

"And one more thing, do tell that Artian boy that his brother is here."

What? His brother was here! Chevel could not believe what he was hearing. Why would Lidusis's brother be here?

"He wanted to meet up with him. He should be waiting in one of the offices. You can ask one of the professors or Tower magicians for directions." Chevel's father says before leaving.

It was too late. His father was already gone.

Chevel wasn't sure if it was a good idea to take Lidusis to where his brother is, but he can't refuse a request from his father even if the man did push it onto him without his consent.

The relationship between the two brothers was never good in the first place. So will it really be alright to allow them to meet?

If Rood Chrishi was with him, then...

Somehow, the thought of Lidusis being with Rood while he's meeting with his older brother put Chevel to ease.

From what that woman said, classes won't be up until some time. With classes on hold, Rood wasn't sure what to do. All he had to do was protect Lidusis at the moment and get the introverted Idun to open up to everyone. Then he'd complete his mission and return to Opion where he would beat up that idiot of a Master of his. After all, he can't stay at Helios forever. Now that Shicmuon knows his identity, he'll have to wrap this mission up as fast as possible.

"Rood..." Lidusis calls out to his blonde friend.

"Huh? What is it?"

Speaking of which, Lidusis had something to say to him before the school administrator made that announcement.



Upon hearing someone call out to him, Lidusis is a bit surprised as he did not expect Chevel to call out to him.

"What do you want?" Rood asked Chevel.

How should he put this? Chevel wasn't sure how to tell Lidusis of his older brother's appearance on Helios.

"Your older brother's here."

Okay, that could have gone better.

"Brother? Whose?" Rood didn't recall having any siblings unless his Master was disguising himself as his older brother in order to get him out of Helios.

"His." Chevel points to Lidusis who was too much in shock at the news of his older brother.

"Lidusis?" Rood wasn't sure but something was off with Lidusis.

Lidusis was awfully silent every since Chevel mentioned his older brother's name.

From Lidusis's file, they don't exactly get along. This could be a chance to get more information on that mark I saw on Lidusis's body before.

Rood needed to get as much information as he can about that magician's mark he saw on Lidusis. It must have some connection with that black thing from before.

"There you are, Blackie."


Right behind Rood stood the last person he wanted to see, Shicmuon, who is currently undercover as a Hereis under the Association's orders.

On reflex, Rood runs as far as he can away from Shicmuon. Now that the crazy redheaded man knows his identity, he going to want to fight him again. And the last thing he wants is to catch the attention of the Tower magicians.

"I won't let you escape this time." Shicmuon calmly says as he chases after Rood.

"Leave me alone!"

"Not going to happen."

"Instead of bothering me, try focusing on more important matters."

There was nothing Rood wanted more than to get Shicmuon off his back right now.

"I already told you. The more the prey tries to run away. The more I want to chase after it and grab it by its neck."

Like I care, you crazy idiot. Rood could honestly careless about Shicmuon's tendencies.

Watching the new Hereis chase after the supposedly weak bodied Idun, it sure was an eye catching scene.

"What was that?"Chevel asked the one question that was on their mind.

Aside from Lispen who had already known both their identities, the others were quite stumped as to why the new Hereis was chasing after Rood.

Since it was Rood, Dio knew he'd be alright although he pities him for being chased by a scary yet handsome man. Lidusis hopes that Rood will be alright since he finds Shicmuon to be very terrifying. Just one look from him will shut him up. Chevel wonders if there's some kind of connection between the two judging from their interactions with one another.

As Chevel told him, his brother really was here.

"It's been awhile, Lis." Lidusis's brother greeted him.

Although it was only a greeting, Lidusis really did have difficulty talking to his older brother after all these years. Just simply sitting in front of him made all stiff.

"I've heard that you've been doing well in school lately." His brother continued. "But you should be careful. I've heard that lately there's been some incidents occurring at Helios."


Lidusis reacts when his brother reminds him of the recent events.

"It would be sad if something were to happen just with like that Ibriel girl."

Ibriel. Lidusis's first friend. The one who died when a demon attacked his home.

His friend who died...

"Although it was short, I must take my leave. I have an another arrangement after this." Lidusis's brother starts to take his leave.


Just as he was about to leave, he stops at the sound of Lidusis's voice.

"Y-You don't have to worry. I will be fine." For the first time since he entered the room, Lidusis spoke. "I made close friends. I like it here... And Rood told me, he'd help me."

Lidusis gently smiles as he thinks of his precious friend. He didn't fear him. He gave him friends. He helped him. And above all, he stayed by his side.Giving his younger brother one last glance before departing, Lidusis's older brother leaves the room heading off to the meeting with the school board and other magicians as well.

He did not like this. He did not like this one bit.

Did meeting with that boy named 'Rood' really change him that much? Then he'll have to change that.

"Stop running. And fight me."

"Do you plan on destroying the school?!"


He wasn't sure where, but he could hear voices coming from somewhere.

"Enough is enough. Don't you have to attend that meeting with the school board?" Rood hoped that the crazy redheaded man would chose the meeting over him.

Rood runs thorough the hallways passing by someone.

He wasn't sure but that person sort of resembled Lidusis.

"That can wait." Shicmuon honestly didn't care about some dumb meeting with a bunch of old farts.

He had more important things to do. And it's not like missing one meeting will affect his mission or anything.

Lidusis's brother continues to stare at the direction in which the two Helios students went off to even after their figures had faded away.

He couldn't help but smile.

"How interesting..."

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