Unknown Entity

Back in Helios

Ever since they got back, Lidusis has been strangely quiet. Well, it wasn't all that strange since Lidusis is normally a soft spoken person. But after he learned the truth behind his entrance into Helios, Rood wasn't sure if that was the case.

Even Chevel and Dio found it hard to speak.

The only good thing about the situation was that his master left since he couldn't enter Helios with the high level of security going on and the Tower magicians patrolling the grounds. The last thing he wanted was to have another talk with the Tower's 4th master again.

As they walk, Rood begins to question whether he made the right decision in telling Lidusis his mission. Maybe if I hit him hard enough he'll forget about the whole thing. And if doesn't I'll just tell him was probably a dream.

Rood starts cracking his knuckles as he emits a killing aura around him.

Noticing the murderous aura around his blond friend, Dio grabs Rood from behind as he locks his arms under Rood's underarms preventing him doing anything dangerous.

"What are you doing?" Rood didn't appreciate being put in a hold that he didn't request.

"I'm not going to let my dear friend become a killer!"

"What are you talking about you? Are you stupid?"

"I may be stupid, but I still care about my friends!"

"It's not may be. You really are stupid." Rood bluntly said out loud when he stopped struggling. "You're in last place."

"How mean!" Dio cries at Rood's cold statement. "And you didn't have to remind me that."

Chance. Rood saw an opening, and right away he swings his head forward and then reels his head backwards headbutting his poor dark blue haired friend from behind.

However Dio's head was much harder than Rood anticipated so the back of his head got hurt from the recoil. Dio on the other hand was rubbing poor injured forehead as tears well up in his eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Everyone draws their attention to the dark skinned intruder.

"I know the school has given you permission to do as you wish, but I would refrain from doing anything foolish if I were you." Professor Orphell sternly warns his students and the Hereis. Rood Chrishi...

Professor Orphell's attention is drawn to the suspicious blond Idun.

Why is he staring at me? Rood wonders slightly dumbfounded by the professor's actions. It was obvious to the young magician that he was being stared at by the Tower magician.

I'm the victim. I don't see why I have to be scolded. Dio rubs his injured forehead with teary eyes.

Foolish? Shouldn't they be saying that to the crazy person running around causing explosions outside? Chevel internally retorts.

"This is good stroke of luck. I was just going to look for you..." Professor Orphell was going to get to the bottom of this.

Rood and Dio didn't like how this was going. Surely, it wasn't going to be good for them.

"Dio Varus."


Rood turns to his dark blue haired friend. They knew this was bound to happen especially when everyone in Helios already knew Dio wasn't human. The professors had already seen his true form not that cute pipsqueak version that the princess liked.

"I have several questions for you. And I do believe you will cooperate..." Back then, he told us to run.

"If you don't want to all die, get everyone out of here...!"

I'm not sure, but it is possible he did so to prevent any casualties. If he had transformed into his real form, then without a doubt all of the students and us, professors, would died. I don't get why he put himself in such a position. But if he did so, then it's likely he doesn't have any intentions of harming the students.

"The rest of you may continue on with your activities while we discuss things."

Rood could tell that Dio felt uncomfortable going with the professor. Plus, he didn't want to leave his friend alone with Professor Orphell. The professor would interrogate Dio like a cop from some police show drama.

"Rood Chrishi, you may stay."


This confused Rood. He wanted Rood to stay. What for? Dio, he understood, but why Rood?

"Rood. Dio." Lidusis says out Rood and Dio's name. He didn't want his friend to leave him even if for a while.

"Don't worry, Lidusis. We'll be right back. You can wait for me back at the dorm." With that said, Rood follows behind Professor Orphell with Dio beside him.

Although Rood agreed to accompany Dio, Rood wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't interfere with the Tower's mission while he's undercover as a student.

If things go bad, I'll just cough and pretend to be that I'm feeling ill.

"Rood Chrishi."

Rood snaps out of his train of thoughts when he hears the professor mentioning his name.

"Yes..." Rood directs his attention to Professor Orphell.

"From your file, its states that you are chronically ill. Is that right?" Professor Orphell asks.

"That's right." Rood wasn't sure where this was going.

"It must have been terrible in your condition with demons running amok all around Helios and Ishuella."

"I was lucky not to run into any demons so I was safe."

"That must be some luck you have, Chrishi. To be able to avoid a single demon in a demon invested area not once but twice, you are quite remarkable."

"Uhm, thanks..."

"Which is why I find it best to take you to the infirmary. It would be devastating if the condition of one of our students worsens."

Rood wasn't expecting this. At least, he wasn't suspicious of him. But he couldn't leave Dio alone with Professor Orphell.

"I do appreciate your concern, but I'm fine." Rood forces a smile on his face to assure the professor. "I don't need to see the nurse at the moment."

"I understand at your age. No one wishes to see the doctor, but rest assured this is simply a check up. Do stop by when you are feeling ill."

"?" Rood is slightly dumbfounded by his professor. He didn't get what he was getting at. He just called Rood a kid who's scared to go to the doctor.

Dio tries to hide his laughter by stifling it but fails when Rood was already aware of the fact that he was laughing. Of course, this earned him another punch in the face.

The professor then leads his two students into a private room where they would begin their discussion.

"So you came to Helios under the pretense of being a student to find a certain thing that you lost and to find the one who betrayed you. And those past events were the work of that lump of black mana and your associates who grew impatient. According to the Black Magician, you had no part in the incident in Ishuella. Is that correct?"

"Y-Yes..." Dio felt slightly uncomfortable with all of the questions the professor bombarded on him.

It looks like Shicmuon's report was correct. Although the issue is what they're looking for and who this betrayer is...

Professor Orphell glances over to the blond Idun seated next to Dio. There are many more questions I want to inquire, but it's likely he'll intervene in some way.

Professor Orphell took caution of Rood as out of all of the Idun he has the highest chance of being the Black Magician.

I know couldn't leave Dio alone with the professor. But what am I supposed to do! It only on impulse that Rood came along with Dio when Professor Orphell wanted to have a talk with Dio.

I still have much to ask, but I can't have Rood Chrishi becoming wary of me. I'll let Dio Varus go for now. If he really is the Black Magician, gaining Rood Chrishi's trust comes first.

While the two magicians were deep in thought, Dio was slightly puzzled by the long period of silence. He was expecting the professor to ask more questions. But after Dio answered his previous questions, he stopped. Instead, he stared at Rood. You'd think the kid would have noticed a grown man staring at him for awhile, but he didn't. Rood was too absorbed in his own thoughts to notice the professor staring at him.

"Then you may leave. That is all I wanted to know." Professor Orphell dismisses Rood and Dio.

"Eh?" That was it? Dio expected more questions to come out of his mouth. This was a surprise.

Rood too was surprised by Professor Orphell's words.

"I do not mind if you have other matters on your agenda. You may continue on with what your daily activities, however, only on the condition that you and your allies are not to harm any of the students nor interfere with our matters. I also expect you to cooperate with us should we be in need of your assistance. I believe that should be fair enough in exchange for allowing you to remain in Helios."

Dio knew this was going to happen, but at least it better than getting kicked out of Helios.


"Orphell-nim!" Deon abruptly barges in the room without any warning.

"I got the information on Ro— Gya!" Deon shrieks when he notices his partner's guests.

"?" Both Rood and Dio were perplexed as to why the professor screamed at the sight of them.

Professor Orphell just sighs at his partner's not so subtle reaction.

*cough* *cough*

Rood coughs.

"Ano, I'm not feeling well so may I go back to my room. *cough*" Rood coughs again looking like an ill child like his Master put on his school record. "I don't think I'll be able to make it on my own."

The supposedly sick Idun turns to his dark blue haired friend.

"Dio, can you help take me to my room?" Rood meekly requests.

Having known the supposedly weak bodied Idun, Dio knew that Rood was pulling an act.

Unlike the professors, Dio knew that Rood was far from sick. The kid was as healthy as a horse. He could perform feats that no ordinary human his age could accomplish.

Knowing Rood, Dio was too afraid to say no in fear of the consequences should he say no.

But Rood sure was one heck of an actor. That naive, innocent look in his eyes could make Dio blush if he didn't know it was an act.

"S-Sure..." Dio hesitantly agrees not knowing what else to say.

"Very well, it seems that I have another matter to take care of. Rood Chrishi, Dio Varus, you two are dismissed." Professor Orphell let's Rood and Dio go.

Now they could finally leave.

And once they leave, Professor Orphell and Deon begin their own discussion.

"Whew! That was a close one." Deon lets out the air inside him that he was too nervous to release when he saw Rood and Dio. "I didn't think they'd be here."

Deon was right. Talk about cutting it close. If Deon didn't notice them in time, they'd have a hard time trying to find an excuse to tell them.

"Never mind that. Did you get the information I requested?" Professor Orphell focused back on the matter at hand.

"Yeah, I got everything I could find about Rood Chrishi." Deon pulls out the file on Rood that he hid behind his back when he saw said student.

"Good work, Deon." Professor Orphell praises his fellow Tower magician. Dio Varus doesn't seem like he'll harm the students so I'll let him be. If he truly did want to harm them, he would have transformed into his real form like back then. The school would indefinitely suffer a large amount of casualties should that happen. As long as we keep an eye on him, it's likely he'll lead us the owner of that black thing.

Professor Orphell goes over the file on Rood that Deon just got.

"This is...!"

"Shic, what were you thinking going outside and causing havoc at a time like this! I seriously thought it was those demons that attacked Helios! I even brought along Tower magicians with me!" Van, an Association magician like Shicmuon and goes by the name of Lanoste's Dog due to his canine ears and tail, scolds his redheaded companion. "Do you realize how embarrassing it was for me when I saw you nearly killing an innocent civilian."

Just as Van got to the scene where he saw the magical explosion, instead of seeing some atrocious demon, he saw his fellow Association magician holding an unconscious man by his collar. Even the Tower magicians he brought with him and the long pink haired Association magician didn't know what to make of the situation as they were dumbfounded by the scene too.

"..." Shicmuon pays no heed to Van's words as he had other things on his mind.

"And what were you doing there in the first place! You should be investigating with the professors and Tower magicians. Why else did we send you here?!" Van continues to scold Shicmuon who leans against the wall of a school building nearby cross armed.

"..." Shicmuon didn't care what the professor or Tower magicians were doing. If they were investigating, then they can handle it themselves. He doesn't need to babysit them. It's not like they'll find anything by searching through some heaps of rubble. They already knew that the three intruders weren't human so what was the point in looking around for.

"Listen to me, you bastard!"

Shicmuon didn't care those old geezers did. He only cared about one thing and that was finding the one person he was solely interested in.


Coincidentally, passing by were the two Iduns that finished up their talk with Professor Orphell.

"That was a close one..." Dio says to his friend. "Right, Ro—"

Dio stops dead in his tracks at the sight of the auburn haired Hereis. He wasn't he only one as Rood too froze the moment he saw the crazy magician.


An awkward silence fills the air.

Being the only one didn't know what was going on, Van was the odd man out as he didn't understand why the atmosphere suddenly turned sour when those two kids passed by. From the looks of it, they were Iduns, the lowest class. Van did hear that the Hereis and Idun don't really get along as the Hereis often look down and pick on the Idun. Judging from the frightened and stiff reactions he got from the two Iduns, they were not on good terms with Shicmuon who was undercover as a Hereis.

Shic, isn't the type to pick on kids... Van knew his companion better than that. Although he's extremely violent and short tempered, Van knew Shicmuon wouldn't bully a couple of kids.

But he does have a tendency of taking his anger out on others be it a person or an object.

Now that I think about it, the chairman did lie to him about the Black Magician being here.

"Hey Rood, I think we should—" Just as Dio was about to warn Rood about the blond's mentally unstable stalker, he realizes that Rood was no longer next to him.

In fact, Rood responded faster than Dio seeing as how he was already running not that anyone can blame him. Dio too would run if he was being chased by someone as crazy as Shicmuon.

"I won't let you escape..." Shicmuon was the first to react to the absence of Rood Chrishi as he immediately started chasing after the blond.

Being the only one out of the loop, Van was left perplexed by the whole situation. Normally, Shicmuon would be chasing after the Black Magician, not an inexperienced student that hasn't even awakened yet (although that's what he thinks).

"Deon, what is this?" Professor Orphell shows Deon the papers that he received from the latter.

The dark skinned professor was expecting information on a certain blond Idun; however, instead he got a bunch of fan letters of the Black Magician and requests to Opion requesting a meeting with the Black Magician.

One of the papers read:

Dear Black Magician-nim,

I will never forget that glorious moment where you came from the heavens to save us. It was like God wanted us to meet.

Another one read:

Dear Black Magician-nim,

I would like to know more about you like your favorite food, your favorite book, your hobbies, what kind of person you like, or what you like to wear. Anything is fine even what time you wake up or what place you like to go to.

The next one read:

To Opion: I would like to request the Black Magician to become a professor at Helios. And more importantly, be my class's professor. Or better yet my classmate.

"Eh?! What's this! I'm sure I got the file you told me to get!" Deon had no clue how the file he got about Rood Chrishi turned into a bunch of fan letters and requests to the Black Magician.


Professor Orphell sighs at his partner's mistake.

This is going to take a while.

Meanwhile somewhere around campus, as a student was going over his letters to Opion before sending them, he notices something off.

"Huh? What's this?"

For one thing, he found himself in possession of the personal records belonging to someone by the name of Rood Chrishi.

"Isn't this the kid Lapis told me about?" Linus wonders how did he get this.

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