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The Worries of Lanoste's Dog

Back at the Magician's Association, before departing to Helios with a large troop of Association magicians, Van has one brief intermission with the chairman of said Association.

"Once you're there, do check up on our little Shic. I'm sure he's probably tearing through Helios looking for the Black Magician or rampaging around the school after he realized that the Black Magician isn't there. But regardless of whether the Black Magician is there or not, he can't withdraw from his mission now." Lanoste says to his loyal dog. "I'm sure there's plenty of pretty young girls in Helios that are attracted to him after all he does share the same blood as me."

That was what Lanoste said to Van before the latter went to Helios.

Well, he's not looking for the Black Magician, and he's not turning the school to rubble...

Van recalls Lanoste's final words to him.

"So be sure to get him chasing after a pretty young lady. I don't want him chasing after a man."

But this time he's going after a male student! And a kid at that!

Van wasn't sure what tell his superior when he returns.

"That jerk. Where did he run off to?" A certain light blond haired Idun mutters in frustration when he was ditched by his lavender haired friend.

"Bye Lapis! I have to send my weekly letters to Opion." Linus says before leaving his friend as he waves good bye.

"Weekly letters my foot! What is he thinking!" Lapis didn't like it how his friend just ditched him like that. But still...

Linus sends letters to Opion every week.

How scary... Seeing his friend's stalker tendencies kind of creeps and scares Lapis at the same time. He can't help but feel sorry for Opion for having to deal with that on a weekly basis.


Too caught up in his own thoughts, Lapis ended up colliding into someone as he was walking.

"My head..." Lapis rubs his sore head. It felt like he was hit by a wild animal of some sort. "I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention! Are you alright!"

Lapis just realized that he carelessly bumped into an innocent bystander.

"Pretty much..." Rood answered completely fine although he had pressing matters to attend to.

"Ah, are you sure! You don't need to see a doctor!" Lapis remembered Rood. He was that weak bodied child Professor Rowell was harassing.

"No." Rood was tired of people telling him to go to see the doctor. He was completely fine. He didn't need to see any doctor.

"Nonsense, an ill child like you should be taken to the infirmary! What if your health deteriorates even more!"

Rood knows that he often uses his chronic illness excuse to get out of sticky situations, but somehow it annoys Rood when people are always treating him like someone with an incurable disease.

"After colliding with a healthy, able student like me, there's no way your delicate body could handle it!"

Now this guy was just saying nonsense to Rood.

Lapis grabs Rood by his wrist and proceeds to drag him to the infirmary. "I have to take you to the nurse immediately!"

As Lapis was forcefully leading Rood to the infirmary, he hears a voice from behind him but chose to ignore it since he had to take a fragile child to the infirmary.

As he was walking, Lapis notices how light Rood felt. Feeling something off, Lapis turns around to no longer see the young Idun behind him.

"Found you..."

Hearing an unfamiliar voice, Lapis turns to the side where he sees an auburn haired Hereis glaring at the weak bodied Idun as he has him pressed against one of the corridor's pillar tightly gripping on his collar.

"I won't let you escape again..." Shicmuon growled not amused to lose his prey so many times in one day.

Rood didn't like this. Shicmuon had already caught him. How was he supposed to get out of this.

"Hey, you unruly ruffian! What do you think you are doing to that ill child!" Lapis intervenes. He couldn't stand to see someone picking on the weak or abusing their authority.

"How much longer will you continue to run..." Shicmuon continued ignoring Lapis's presence.

Rood sweat drops a little at Shicmuon's cold shoulder to Lapis.

"Don't ignore me!" Lapis didn't appreciate Shicmuon's rude treatment of him. "Just because you're a Hereis doesn't mean you can pick on a weak child!"


Now this caught Shicmuon's attention.

Weak child? Shicmuon didn't get why that thing was talking about. As far as he could see, there was no weak child around just him,

"To use violence against a feeble bodied child, only a barbarian would do such a thing!" Lapis scolds Shicmuon who still had no idea who Lapis was referring to.

"I don't know what it is you plan on doing to that child, but I will be escorting this ill child to the infirmary." Lapis grabs Rood by his wrist and starts dragging him to the infirmary.

"Who said you could take him..." Shicmuon wraps his arm around Rood's neck and pulls the latter away from the annoying pest towards him. "He's mine."

"He isn't an object or pet to be owned!" Lapis hated this Hereis.

As for the neglected third party, Rood wasn't sure how to get out of this awkward situation.

His best bet would be to go with Lapis except he didn't need to go to the infirmary. Shicmuon was out of the question. He's definitely want to pick a fight with him. And no doubt the school would suffer collateral damage. Not to mention, he can't have other professors becoming suspicious of him.

Inside one of the rooms, two professors are having a meeting with their superior. They were sent to investigate the abnormal activities surrounding Helios yet they couldn't do anything to prevent Helios's barrier from being overtaken.

"This matter was one that we did not foresee. To think that there was a way to immobilize magicians from using their magic, it was a blunder on our part that we did not take into account." Orphell spoke to his superior.

"It's true that we failed to prevent that kind of situation from taking place, but the fault does not lie on you or the magicians. No one could predict something like that occurring shortly after the incident in Ishuella." Mikel explained. "But it did work out really well for us in the end. We learned several details about the perpetrator behind the Ishuella incident."

Orphell couldn't argue with that, but it did irk him that it was Shicmuon who discovered this crucial information. He didn't expect someone as destructive as Shicmuon to actually fulfill his duty in something other than destroying and violence. He still has no idea why Lanoste sent him here.

"And we have a very important lead to him. That dragon child will prove to most useful in our investigations." Mikel smirks. "I also heard something quite interesting in today's meeting."

As the two Helios students debate over the matter of Rood (more like a one sided argument since Shicmuon wasn't paying any heed to Lapis as his attention was solely on the one person he was interested in, Rood, who felt uncomfortable with the Association magician staring at him), their argument drew the unwanted attention of a third party.

"What is going on?"

Professor Kan shows up not wanting the argument to escalate to anything worse.

However at the sight of Shicmuon, Professor Kan freezes.

Just what was he doing here.

Orphell and Deon quietly listen to their master as he speaks.

"That is correct. He informed us that he was hit by a black spear of mana when he tried to catch Dio Varus." Orphell verified. That was what the Black Magician told him when he questioned him.

"Hm, then that is quite interesting. If that's the case, then I would like you two to include the Black Magician in your investigation."

Despite being a bit scared of the crazy first class magician, Professor Kan intervenes as she tries to pacify Lapis who reluctantly complies but still didn't like Shicmuon. She didn't want the Association magician to kill the poor, magically deficient Idun.

And as for the main cause of the whole mess, Rood was internally relieved now he can finally have some peace.

"The Black Magician?" Deon didn't get what Mikel was getting at.

"That's right. If he awakened by receiving the mana from that black spear, then he might be prove to be a powerful asset. The fact that he received a demon's mana yet remained completely unharmed proves that he's no ordinary human. Which is why I want an analysis on the Black Magician to be added to your investigation."

By his knowledge, there should be no human capable of withstanding a demon's mana. That is if he's human. Mikel wasn't going to let someone as intriguing as him slip past his eyes.

"He will most definitely prove to be a great asset towards mankind."

After their master left, they received a new guest that they didn't expect to meet so soon.

"I want you to do something." Shicmuon told Orphell and Deon.

As for a dejected canine eared magician, he wasn't sure what to do with his younger and violent companion.

"Van-nim!" At the sight of the Lanoste Dog, a long pink haired Association magician with his hair tied up in a ponytail walks over to Van.

Ever since Van left to tend to Shicmuon and his violent nature, the pink haired Association magician was looking him.

Right now, there was no way Van could leave Shicmuon alone in Helios especially when the latter is chasing after a kid. Although Van was glad that he wasn't destroying the school and doing his job (sort of), he couldn't leave his partner alone in Helios now that he's after a kid. That and he couldn't face his master and tell him the news about Shicmuon. How can he tell him that his blood relative is running around Helios chasing a kid!

"I think I'll be staying here for a while..."

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