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New Professor

This was troubling Rood. Rood has noticed that Lidusis hasn't said a word to him ever since they got back from town. Did he do something to offend him?

At first, he thought it was just his imagination so Rood didn't do anything. But several days later, no change at all. Lidusis remained the same not even speaking or uttering a word to Rood. Not only that, Rood can't seem to find Lispen anywhere. He was thinking about talking to him about Dio, but the sky blue haired professor was nowhere in sight.

Maybe it was wrong to let him know about it. But in that situation, there was no helping it. No use worrying about it now. I'll just have to wait until Lidusis is ready. Rood decides to let Lidusis be for now. He'll talk with him later. For now, he has another matter to attend to.

How do I avoid Professor Rowell now! Rood internally screams at his desk with said professor staring right at him in a chair in front of his desk.

"Professor Rowell!" Professor Kan who was the current professor at the period shouted out.

"What?" Professor Rowell didn't see why she was being called out.

"Will you please return to your class! And stop bothering Mr. Chrishi!"

"I'm only looking."

"You're bothering the whole class!"

Professor Rowell was bad enough, but now... Rood glances to his right at the corner of his eyes. Shicmuon's here!

Much to Rood's chagrin, Shicmuon was not only sitting next to him, but he also moved his desk right next to his removing any space between them.

Rood was thankful that Shicmuon wasn't at least staring at him like Professor Rowell. That being since his attention was directed at the blue haired professor. He had been glaring at the professor from that time she invaded the class and took a seat in front of Rood staring at him like it was normal.

I just want to be left alone... Rood internally cries.

Concerned about his friend, Lidusis glances the corner of his eye. He didn't know what to do.

Lidusis recalls that time Rood and Dio were summoned by their class's professor and another professor.

After Rood and Dio went with Orphell and Deon, Lidusis and Chevel were left by themselves.

As he was walking back to his dorm room like Rood told him, Lidusis didn't know what to do.

He couldn't do anything to help Dio.

All he could do was worry about his friends.

Lidusis proceeds to open the door to his room that he shares with Rood.

Rood... Dio...


But as soon as he opens the door, someone grabs him from inside and drags him in.

Lidusis couldn't see who it was since he was being held from behind. What's more was that the stranger had his hand over Lidusis's mouth so he couldn't speak out a word.

Honestly, this kind of disturbed Lidusis.

"Shhhh..." The person behind him spoke. "I only want to talk to you."

Talk? He had a funny way of asking for someone whose actions resembled those of a burglar.

"Will you promise to listen?" He asked.

With no other choice, Lidusis simply nods his head.

And in response, the man instantly releases Lidusis.

"Man, that's a relief. I wouldn't know what to do if you refused. Hahaha..."

Lidusis stares dumbfounded as the man who was holding him just a moment ago was actually the Master of Opion.

Somehow, Lidusis gets the feeling he knows why Rood chose to stay in Helios rather than go back to Opion.

"Moving on..." The Master of Opion stops laughing like an idiot. "I have a favor to ask you."

The Master of Opion got rid of all jokes and halfheartedness. He was dead serious right now.

"I would like you to let me take Rood back to Opion."


Lidusis breaks out in a light cold sweat upon hearing this.

"He keeps on refusing saying how that he has to protect you." The Master of Opion whined. "But you already have Duchess Dayner's attendant here. I'm sure he's more than enough."

As he was talking, the Master of Opion saw that Lidusis had a very melancholic expression on his face like that picture from his file that Rood saw when he was first assigned to the mission.

"I-It's not like we'll leave you by yourself! I'll dispatch another magician to protect you! Two if you'd like!" Now the Master of Opion was acting like a salesman trying to sell his products to a customer.

"... Rood."

"Anyone but Rood!"

"Why Rood?" Lidusis asked. He wanted to know why this man was so adamant about taking Rood back to Opion.

"He's a very special and unfortunate child. I can't tell you. Besides that doesn't have anything to do with you so you don't have to worry about it."

"!" Lidusis felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Nothing to do with him...

Was there really nothing he could do for his friends?


The Master of Opion is shocked to see Lidusis crying out of nowhere.

Did he say something wrong?

The Master of Opion frantically thinks up something to cheer up Lidusis.

"Here's some candy!" The Master of Opion takes out a big swirly lollipop and offers it to Lidusis in hopes of cheering up the kid.

He thought that since kids like candy it would work on Lidusis too.

It did draw Lidusis's attention as he stopped crying momentarily.

The Master of Opion was relieved that his idea worked.

Looking at the lollipop remained Lidusis of that time Rood tried to talk to him after Chevel used illusion magic on him. Just like his master, Rood offered Lidusis candy.

More tears leak from Lidusis's eyes at the memory of his precious friend.

This causes the Master of Opion to panic. He tries his best to pacify the crying Idun.

Thinking back at it, Lidusis wonders if there's anything he can do. He can't just sit by and do nothing.

Lidusis glances over to Rood through the corner of his eye.

"I only sent Rood to Helios so that he could live the normal school life he never had before. But now that Helios can no longer guarantee that, I have no intention of letting Rood stay here any longer." The Master of Opion pleaded to Lidusis. "He's more precious to me than anything else. I don't want him to be in danger, not again."

Lidusis understood the Master of Opion's genuine feelings. He truly cared about Rood's well being above all else. His mother was the same too. She didn't want Lidusis staying in Helios, because she feared for his safety so she sent Rood and Lispen.

But he didn't liked the idea of Rood leaving.

The very thought brought upset his stomach.

Meanwhile, in the Hereis classroom, a new professor was introduced.

Chevel was dumbfounded to see the new professor as his classmates were surprised as well.

"I'll be your new professor starting today. Marquis Hadelio." Marquis introduced himself to his new students.

Why is this happening? No wait, how did this happen in the first place? Chevel hides himself behind a book he holds up in his hands to cover his face.

Chevel prays that his father doesn't notice him.

"Chevel! What are you doing? Poorly hiding behind that book..." Marquis says from the front of the classroom questioning his son's strange actions.

"!" Chevel flinches at his name. He got found out.

"Chevel?" Anna worries about Chevel when he notices Chevel's stiff posture.

Why is this happening? Chevel internally cries.

In the next period, Orphell comes in to teach his students. He told one student to read a passage. However, his attention wasn't directed at the student but another.

He watches a certain blond Idun who was caught in the middle of a staring contest between Professor Rowell and Shicmuon. In Shicmuon's case, he was practically glaring at the woman. Orphell could practically see lightning between the two powerful magicians.

Ignoring those two, Orphell focuses his attention on the target at hand.

Orphell remember back to the day before after Deon realized his mistake and Mikel left.



"Our investigation on the Black Magician will be kept between the two of us as planned."

"Eh? We're not going to tell him or the others about it? Didn't he say that he wanted us looking for the Black Magician? Shouldn't we tell him about your theory?"

"Right now, it's only a theory. There's no evidence to back it up. And I'm not entirely confident about this either..."

"What do you mean?" Deon asked. As tower magicians, they had a duty to obey their master so what would make Orphell like this.

"It was a different matter with demons, but this is a fellow magician like us. He wanted to keep the demons alive as specimens to benefit mankind. I can see where he's getting from. But if he wishes to do the same with the Black Magician, I cannot agree with it."

Orphell told his companion.

"Especially not to a child."

Orphell has mixed feelings about agreeing with Mikel's order.

He just hopes that everything will turn out fine.

Things were not fine. Not fine in the least.

He cursed his fate. Why did this have to happen.

"Hey Hadelio, your pops sure is funny." A Hereis with cyanish gray hair slicked back except for a curled lock laughed.

Chevel didn't want to be reminded of it as he sinks his head down even lower hiding under arms. He was embarrassed beyond imagination. His father. A teacher. His teacher no less.

And that wasn't the worst of it.

During class, he kept on bothering Chevel whether it'd be singling him out to answer a question or read a passage from their textbook.

"If any of you dare to pick on my son, don't think I'll let you off so easily." The cyanish gray haired Hereis mimicked Marquis's line from before.

Chevel burrows his head even deeper in embarrassment.

"Bwahahaha! That was hilarious!" A Hereis laughed. It was ironic since Chevel was the school's biggest bully who kept on tormenting Lidusis until that incident in Ishuella.

"I don't mind him being our teacher if he's like that."

"I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out about how Hadelio acts."

"He's pretty young too."

"I know, right? He doesn't look like he has a son as big as Hadelio."

"Hey Hadelio, looks like you might getting a new mommy." A Hereis teased Chevel.

"What are you people talking about! Aren't you all at least against my father being here! He's my father!" Chevel rationalized. He didn't understand why his classmates were so calm about his father being their teacher. If his father was their teacher, then that would mean he'd be favored more than them.

"Not really..." They all answered in perfect unison.

"?!" Chevel wasn't expecting that answer has his mouth is hanging open from shock.

"He's a pretty cool."

"It's not like he's treating us like dirt or giving you any kind of benefit."

"He's good looking so I don't have a problem." A female Hereis answered.

"He's like your typical dad, but he does a good job teaching us."

"I mean if he's like today, then at least we don't have to worry about him calling out on us."

"So be our scapegoat from now on, Hadelio!"

So basically, they're all fine with his father being their teacher as long as it's at Chevel's expense.

Chevel really should reconsider getting some new classmates. At least, the only one who wasn't joining in teasing him was Linus. That guy always loves to poke fun at him. Speaking of him, Chevel doesn't see his always irritating grinning face.

"Where's Linus?"

"Grium? I think he went out to the Idun section." A Hereis with cyan blue hair tied back answered Chevel's question.

"Again? I bet he's meeting with that useless Eternal Idun again? He should try hanging out with higher class friends."

"You mean like Klads who get their butt handed to them by a single Idun?" The cyan blue haired Hereis heard that the Klads that hang around Chevel pulled some kind of stunt with Professor Heil's class before but ended up getting beat up by a supposedly chronically ill Idun.

Chevel sweats buckets as he didn't want to be reminded of one of his most embarrassing moments. Manon was right in telling him that Rood was no ordinary person.

"But I don't think it's him." The cyan blue haired Hereis recalls something.

"Not him? He only hangs out with that Eternal Idun. Who else could it be?"

"I'm not sure, but I did see him reading some papers about that kid you were with before."

Rood Chrishi! Why would Linus be interested in Rood? The only thing on his mind is usually the Black Magician. Why would he...

Chevel had a faint idea why Linus might be heading off to Rood's classroom.

Not a moment later, Chevel dashes out of his classroom and makes his way to a certain undercover magician's classroom.

"Chevel!" Anna calls out to Chevel, but it was too late as Chevel was already gone.

"What's gotten into him?" The cyan blue haired Hereis didn't get why Chevel just bolted out their classroom like that.

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