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Linus Knows

With so much trouble going on, no one would be surprised if they halted classes for a while. But strangely enough, they continued normally after all that chaos.

"Due to all the recent trouble lately, practical lessons had been delayed for some time. Helios apologizes for the inconvenience. Which is why starting next week practical lessons will begin. During practical lessons, there will be individual and group evaluations and exercises to assess your ablities." Orphell informed his class. "From now until then, you will be forming groups of five. That should be plenty of time to choose proper teammates. Class is dismissed."

Orphell takes his leave after finishing his business.

Group lessons? Iel did mention that before. Rood recalled Iel telling him that group lessons were coming up soon. But that doesn't matter. Right now, I need to clear Lispen's suspicions on Dio. It would problematic if I don't do something about it first.

However for Rood that was the least of his concerns when his classmates start herding over his desk just like when he first arrived at Helios or when they thought he was tutoring Dio when in reality it was actually his master disguised as Dio.

"Hey Rood, can I join your group!"

"No fair, I called dibs first!"

"No, pick me!"

"How about me! I'm sure you'll want a reliable teammate!"

"Coming from the guy who can't even run 50 meters without tripping."

"My foot just happened to get caught on something!"

Rood felt uncomfortable with his classmates gathering all around him. How was he supposed to talk to Lispen about Dio like this.

Dio! Rood just remembered that everyone knew Dio's identity. It was fortunate that Helios didn't do anything to Dio and even let him stay in Helios, but what would their classmates think.

Fearing the worst, Rood quickly turns his head to where Dio is where he finds a portion of their classmates surrounding Dio at his desk like Rood.

Contrary to his thoughts, they weren't hostile or held any malice towards Dio.

"Dio, wanna form a group!"

"You were so cool when you transformed into that big dragon!"

"I like his smaller form better! It's much cuter!"

"You think you can let me fly on your back on day!"

"No way, I wanna a ride too!"

"Is your back okay?"

In fact, the only reason they were crowding his desk was to ask him to join their group.

"You guys, aren't scared of me?" Dio was perplexed by his classmates' strange reactions. He thought they'd be wary of him and keep their distance from him. So why are they being so friendly with him all of a sudden.

"What are you talking about Dio! You're our friend and classmate! How can we be scared of you?" A female Idun said.

"That's right. You even protected us from being crushed under all that rubble."

"And with you here, we won't to worry about the Hereis or Klads!"

"Isn't it cool having a dragon for a classmate?"

"So don't worry, Dio. We like you. Be it a demon, dragon, or an ordinary human like us. You're still our friend."

"You guys..." Dio starts tearing up moved by his classmates' acceptance of him.

"Even if you transform into some ugly beast!" A classmate unnecessarily added.

Dio instantly cries at his classmate's nonchalant insult.

It looks like Rood doesn't have to worry anymore. He was glad to see his friend alright. Rood couldn't help but let out a small smile.

But Rood's good mood was short lived as someone grabbed the back of his collar from behind him lifting off his seat and a few inches off the ground.


Upon hearing that nickname, Rood instantly knew who the culprit was.

"This practical lesson... We're teaming up."

"Impossible." Rood immediately answered.

Shicmuon narrows his eyes at Rood not pleased by his answer.

"First of all, you're a Hereis and this is a practical lesson for Iduns so there's no reason for you to take part in it."

"I could say the same for you." Shicmuon knew Rood didn't need to participate either since he too could use magic.

"Second, because this a practical lesson for Iduns, you can't take participate even if you want to." And third, I don't want to be on the same team as you.

If Shicmuon was with Rood, things are likely to get complicated. Every time Shicmuon was involved, he always made things difficult for Rood.

"I don't want to." Shicmuon didn't care if he was in a Hereis or anything. He was going to be on the same team as Rood.

This is getting nowhere. Maybe I should just run.

"Rood Chrishi!" A voice loudly announces Rood's name.

This startles Rood who did not expect to hear his name. He wasn't the only one as everyone else was surprised to hear Rood's name. Shicmuon too even if he didn't show it on his face.

Only Rood knew who the lavender haired Hereis was.

"So you're Rood Chrishi."

Linus walks towards Rood not minding that he was being lifted up a few inches off the ground by Shicmuon.

This was a bit of a surprise to Rood's classmates as they didn't expect to see a Hereis in their class. Shicmuon was a different case since he was transferred into their class so that the Hereis and Iduns could get along (although this was only a ruse to disguise the fact that he was investigating). But Linus wasn't in their class and he only visits the Idun section to see Lapis, so what's he doing in their class?

"You poor thing..." Linus cries as he grabs Rood's shoulders and then proceeds to hug the perplexed Idun who had no idea what was going on.

"Ano... Who are you?" Dio interrupts saving his friend from being suffocated by the lavender haired Hereis.

"Oh! You're that dragon thing that was with Black Magician-nim!" Linus releases Dio and dashes in front of Dio. "What's your relationship with Black Magician-nim? Does he have any likes or dislikes? You think I meet him again! Do you know where he might be! You must be really close for him to save you! I don't care what it is just tell me what you know about him even the smallest detail will be fine!"

Linus continues to press Dio for answers as he holds onto Dio's hands.

Dio wasn't sure how to handle this pressure so he just blurted something at random. "H... He doesn't like going to the doctor."

This annoyed Rood who made a mental note to beat up Dio later.

"You are a kid after all." Shicmuon commented which in turn irked Rood even more.

"Wow, he's so healthy and strong that he doesn't need to go to the hospital! He's so amazing as expected of Black Magician-nim!"

This guy needs help. Dio could see how strange Linus was.

"So what are you doing here?" Dio asked again.

"Ah, that's right!" Linus turns his attention back to Rood. "Nice to meet you. I'm Linus En Grium."

Rood wasn't sure what to say since he already knew Linus's name.

"You poor, unfortunate child." Linus starts crying.


Rood had absolutely no idea what to do when Linus calls him an unfortunate child and cries out of nowhere.

"It must have been hard growing up like that. But don't worry, I'll be here if you need anything." Linus firmly grabs Rood's hands again.

Is this guy crazy? Rood gets goosebumps as Linus says those cliche love lines.

"I mean growing up with no parents..." Linus takes Rood's personal files out of nowhere.

"!" Rood is horrified to see the file his master falsified in the hands of the lavender haired Hereis.

"And then—"

Before Linus could say anymore, Rood grabs Linus by his jacket and drags him out of the classroom.

Rood didn't want him to reveal his fake personal information to his whole class. It was bad enough his master had him pretend to be a chronically ill genius.

Who knows what else he put in there!

Rood fears what could be in those documents.

However Rood was too caught up in his own predicament that didn't notice the surprised looks of the students around them. Rood pushes Linus into an empty room. He closes the doors behind him making sure it was just the two of them.

Now that they had some privacy, Rood had a mountain of questions to ask Linus starting with how Linus came into possession of his personal records and files.

"You... Why do you have..."

"Wow, you're much stronger than you look!" Linus interjects not noticing that Rood had something to ask him.


Rood didn't see what that had to do with anything.

"Apparently, it says right here that you've had a weak body since birth. But you're much livelier for a chronically ill child." Linus says out loud as he reads Rood's file.

Somehow, Rood had a feeling that there was more to it than just the chronic illness excuse his master thought up.

"I was really touched when I read your records. It must be hard growing up without your real parents."

Rood didn't have a good feeling about this.

"Although you were taken in, due to your guardian's busy schedule you've been living all alone and with no friends, you've had to coop with the loneliness by yourself." Linus cries as if he was reading some girly novel.

What the heck was that?

I'm going to kill Master after this! Rood wanted nothing more than to punch his master for writing all that junk. How exactly was that supposed to help him live a normal school life? This wasn't some cheesy soap opera.

"But it'll be alright! I'll be your friend." Linus grabs Rood's hands again.

Just how much did he like Rood's hands.

Rood wasn't sure what to say since he couldn't deny what was on it unless he wanted to blow his cover.

"You can call me Linus! And so that you won't be lonely, I'll come over with my friend Lapis. He's an Idun like you, but he's a completely talentless, useless guy who's only redeeming feature is his brain."

Rood was perplexed as he wasn't sure if Linus was introducing or insulting his friend to Rood.

"Eto... It's fine. I already have friends so you..."

Linus gasps upon hearing that Rood had friends.

"What?" Rood didn't understand why Linus was surprised when Rood mentioned that he had friends.

"It just surprised me that you had friends." Linus told Rood his honest opinion.

A large angermark appears on Rood's head.

"I mean normally kids like you have a weak constitution are usually the perfect target for bullies. I thought you might be bullied every day and isolated from their peers. Isn't that how it is?"

"You read too many manhwas. There's no way that kind of stuff happens in real life." At least, not to me.

Rood would likely beat up his bully before anything. He wonders why his master is always thinking that someone is out to bully him. Does he look that weak or something?

"Eh? But weren't you being bullied by that new Hereis awhile ago?" Linus recalled seeing Shicmuon lifting Rood off the ground like he was holding an animal by the back of its neck. And that scene didn't look like two friends casually playing around. It looked more like someone upperclassman picking on his underclassman.

Rood wouldn't call it bullying, but it was kind of difficult defining his relationship with Shicmuon. He can't tell him that Shicmuon knows he's the Black Magician and is obsessed with fighting him in his awaken form, Blow.

"And wasn't there some Idun who was being bullied not too long ago?" Linus remembered Chevel bullying an Idun but didn't bother to know the victim's name since he was only interested in the Black Magician.

Seeing as how things were getting nowhere, Rood reluctantly let Linus do as he pleased. His main priority was not worrying about the 'fake' documents that somehow ended up in Linus's hands but rather the safety of his friends. As long as Lispen sees Dio as an enemy, things will be rough since Lispen was the one who instigated Dio. Rood couldn't blame him since he was doing his duty of protecting Lidusis. And with the situation of Helios being invaded by demons, it didn't help Dio's case either.

In order to clear Dio's innocence and prove that he's harmless, Rood will have to have a talk with Lispen before anything else. Then he'll have a talk with Lidusis on the latter's strange behavior.

He needs to guarantee Dio's safety before anything else.

So far, he hasn't found him yet. Chevel just hopes he isn't in the place he thinks he went to.

Why did that idiot come here? No rather how did he get the file regarding Rood Chrishi? Even if he is a Hereis, Helios wouldn't allow him access to the students' personal records. Only the staff is granted permission do such a thing...

"Huh? What are you doing here?"

Chevel turns around to see Lapis.

"Ugh, stay away from me, Eternal Idun. You reek of incompetence." Chevel pinches his nose.

"Then you shouldn't be in the Idun section! And why are you even here in the first place! Don't tell me you're here to pick on the students again!"

"Like I have time to waste on you Iduns."

A large tick mark appears on Lapis's head.

"Then you're here to make fun of me..." Lapis refrains himself from trying to punch the blond Hereis.

"I'd rather face a demon than spend any of my valuable time with a talentless hack like you."

Lapis controls himself.

"Apparently, Linus came down here for some reason."

"Then isn't he just here to see me like usual..."

"Not this time. I don't know why, but he went to Professor Orphell's class."

If Lapis recalls, Professor Orphell was the new professor in charge of Professor Heil's class now.

He didn't... Lapis has a pretty good idea why Linus went over to Professor Orphell's class.

"I don't know what that idiot's doing there, but it'll be really bad if he goes there."

"Bad? How is it bad if he goes there?" Lapis gets that it would be bad for them if Linus went over there for no reason, but how did Chevel find it bad was what Lapis was wondering.

"I-It just is! It has nothing to do with you, Eternal Idun!" Chevel tries to hide his actual intentions by forcing Lapis to leave. However, he does a very poor job at it. "So go back you where came from!"

Fortunately for Chevel, Lapis didn't see through Chevel's lousy lie.

"What was that?!" Lapis couldn't stand Chevel and his pompous attitude.

Orphell wasn't sure what to do. As a Tower Magician, he had a duty to obey his superior, but he wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do to let him meet the Black Magician.

"Finding him is the highest priority."

That was what Mikelcarugo ordered him to do before heading off to meet an acquaintance.

For now, he will continue on with his investigation and find out which student is the Black Magician.

"Orphell-nim, are you sure about agreeing to Shicmuon's request?" Deon asked his dark skinned partner. He wasn't sure about agreeing to Shicmuon's request.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"But Orphell-nim, this is that Shicmuon we're talking about! If we do that, then that child's life will be in danger. Didn't the school put him as a Hereis so that we could avoid something like that! And it will prove to be a hindrance to his investigation as well!"

Under normal circumstances, Shicmuon would have been placed with the Idun, but this was a short tempered first class magician who's specialty is destroying everything in his sight they were dealing with. If they weren't careful, it's likely that Shicmuon would destroy Helios himself if one of the students angered him. So they tried to keep the students out of his reach by placing him as a Hereis who have the most freedom. He won't have a roommate meaning the school won't have to worry about him possibly killing his roommate out of annoyance. He'll be able to move around with ease. He'll have access to materials and other stuff that most students can't touch due to being a Hereis. For the sole purpose of keeping the students safe and away from any harm from Shicmuon, they placed him as a Hereis. And now they were about to endanger a student because of Shicmuon's request.

Deon couldn't fathom why Orphell would agree to Shicmuon's request in the first place. Didn't he dislike the Association magician?

"Deon, remember we put Shicmuon in my class under the pretense of improving the relationship between the Iduns and Hereis. And it's likely that there are some things that the students may know that will prove to useful in our investigation. In order to do so, he'll need to get along with them. But with his personality the chances of that happening are slim to none which is his request will likely be useful in his investigation."

"You do have a point, Orphell-nim. But can we really trust him?"

"If he does anything, we'll intervene."

"Yeah! And if he tries anything funny, we can kick him out!" Deon liked the idea of getting rid of Shicmuon.

Orphell sighs at his partner's simplemindedness.

If we kick him out now, how will we find out the information he's keeping from us...

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