Unknown Entity


Back in Professor Orphell's class, a certain dark blue haired Idun worries about his blond friend.

He knew Rubymonter had him watch over Rood, but that still did not ease his worries.


He didn't understand why Orphell let him off so easily before.

Under normal circumstances, he would have interrogated Dio until he got everything out of him so why did he only ask a few questions.

It was good Rubymonter pulled back and left things to Dio, but if Rood really is the one they're looking for, then what should he do.

And how should he deal with that bastard?

If Rood really is the one they're looking for, then that bastard will likely do something to Rood.

As if, he'd allow him to hurt his friend.

Dio clenches his fists.

He wasn't going to allow some traitor to harm his friends.

But one thing is for sure.

Dio felt sorry for Rood for having to deal with Shicmuon on a daily basis.

The auburn haired Hereis scared him.

Waiting for Rood to show up, Shicmuon sits at Rood's desk instead of his own. He grew impatient waiting for Rood. The scowl on his face worsened by the second. And Professor Rowell's presence wasn't making things any better as she refused to leave from her chair which she stole from another unfortunate Idun who had his seat taken from Professor Rowell.

I'm scared... Dio internally cries unable to handle being in the same class as Shicmuon.

The man was too scary for Dio.

Finishing up his business with Linus, Rood heads back to class. Originally, he was going to talk to Lispen, but when he asked one of the staff, she said that he was busy with someone.

As Rood was heading back, he heard someone from behind.

"Excuse me."

Rood turns around to see Lispen and Lidusis's older brother, not that he recognized him since they haven't formally met each other.

Lispen didn't look so well. He didn't to meet Rood again under these circumstances.

The smile on Lidusis's older brother's face made Rood feel uncomfortable. He didn't get why someone he never met before was smiling so sweetly at him.

"?" Rood wasn't sure why Lidusis's older brother was smiling at him.

Lispen looks uneasy with the whole situation.

Meanwhile in the hallway of the Idun section, two students were arguing with each other unable to stand the other.

"You Eternal Idun, you stink of failure!" Chevel pinches his nose to prove his point.

"Don't go bragging just because you're a Hereis! You're nothing more than a third rate bully!" Lapis didn't take Chevel's insult too well.

"How about going out and getting something called 'Talent.' Since you obviously don't possess any."

"Says the one who's abusing his authority. All you can do is make petty illusions."

"And what just did you do when those demons were running amuck! Jack squat! That's what!"

"It's not like you did anything either! All you did was pointlessly spray flower petals everywhere!"

"Better than some talentless hack who stayed in a corner doing nothing."

"Unlike you who had no idea what kind of demon you were facing, I knew what to do."

The two continue their meaningless argument like little kids completely forgetting their original objective.

Not surprising they catch the attention of students around them who just watch Chevel and Lapis argue with each other as usual.

"Lapis? Chevel? What are you two doing?" Linus appears wondering what his friend and classmate were doing although he didn't find it strange for them to be arguing since they did it on a daily basis every time they saw each other. What troubled him was why they were arguing in the middle of the hallways of the Idun section. Lapis was an Idun so it made sense that he'd be there. But Chevel hardly entered the Idun section these days after the incident in Ishuella. And he'd normally be in the areas where the Hereis and Iduns meet like the library.

"Hey, where have you been! And the big idea coming here!"


Linus has no idea what his friend was referring to.

"I'm talking about you going to Professor Orphell's classroom." Lapis whispers to Linus so that Chevel could not hear them. "Weren't we going to get more information about that class before going there?"

"Oh, don't worry, Lapis. I didn't go there because of that. I went there, because there was an incredibly lonely and pitiful child there."


Now it was Lapis's turn to be confused.

"What a sad life that child lived..." Linus wipes a tear drop from one of his eyes with his finger.

You're not making any sense! I don't understand a word you're saying! Or what you're thinking at all! Lapis internally retorts. Then again I'd be scared if I knew what he was thinking.

Images of the Black Magician instantly pop into Lapis's head as he had an idea what goes on in his friend's head.

"What are two whispering about? And what's this about a sad child?" Chevel interrupts unable to make heads or tails of their conversation.

"Oh, I just went to visit a poor Idun in Professor Orphell's classroom. His name is Rood Chrishi." Linus explained.


Chevel froze at the mention of Rood's name. The fear he held towards the young magician hadn't diminished from the moment he learned that the latter was the famous 'Black Magician.'

"I just wanted to be friends with him, but he ran out in the middle of our conversation." Linus recalls Rood leaving as soon as he finished his business with the Hereis.

Of course, Linus tried to chase after him, but it was no use as Rood was much faster than him. Linus ended up losing sight of him in no time.

What else did you expect?!

For once both Chevel and Lapis were on the same page. They both understood why Rood ran out on him. It wasn't much a surprise to them since this was Linus Rood was dealing with. The guy's attitude was too much for even them. They both knew how would always manage to irritate them even if he wasn't doing it on purpose.

Doesn't look like he knows. With Linus after Rood, Chevel wonders if Rood can keep his identity a secret from his overbearing fan. But will he be alright?

This was not alright.

Rood wasn't sure how he got into this situation, but he can do anything to get out of it especially since Lispen didn't say anything to help him. He was currently in the same office he went to when he was summoned by Lispen when the latter told him about the investigation going on and how he was part of the investigation.

Now he was in that very same office with Lispen and the young man who was with Lispen before, Rood wasn't sure why he was asked to come with them. Normally, Rood would have declined saying that he had classes to attend to, but Lispen's strange attitude bothered Rood so he went along to see what was going on. Although Rood did it to find out the reason behind Lispen's discomfort, he wasn't sure it was a good idea to just follow along with some stranger he never met before. But he did seem kind of familiar to Rood.

"Nice to meet you, Rood Chrishi." The young man greeted Rood after sipping on some tea. Naturally, Rood had a cup too, but he chose not to drink it and left it on the same spot it was at on the table. He was too worried about the situation to drink the tea.


Rood was surprised that the stranger knew his name. Rood never told him his name.

"I heard quite a bit about you. Thank you for looking after my precious little brother." The man who turned out to be Lidusis's older brother gently smiled at Rood.

That startled Rood as he didn't expect to meet Lidusis's older brother out of nowhere.

"Your older brother's here."

Rood recalled Chevel saying that Lidusis's older brother was at Helios but that was days ago. Rood thought he had already left after meeting with Lidusis snce he shouldn't have had anymore business at Helios.

Why is he still here?

"I heard from my father about the recent incident in Ishuella. And when I arrived, I didn't expect to see that kind of thing happening in Helios. I'm relieved to see that no one was harmed especially Lis."

From what Rood knows, Lidusis and his older brother didn't get along. At best, they had a rocky relationship. With Lidusis's older brother getting all the attention, Lidusis was neglected and left alone as a result. Despite being brothers, Rood doubts the two had much communication with each other much less kind of brotherly interactions. Rood can imagine a child version of Lidusis running from his own older brother. He did the same with Rood when he called out to the socially withdrawn Idun.

"I hope you don't mind me being a bit forward." Lidusis's older brother sets his tea cup on the table then turns his gaze to Rood. "But I have something I would like to request from you..."

With Linus in tow, Chevel returns back to their classroom now that he achieved his objective and brought back the lavender haired Hereis. He didn't get why he had to drag Linus's butt from the Idun section. At least, it didn't look like Linus knew Rood was the Black Magician. But he was stumped as to why Linus went there to see Rood if he didn't know the Opion Magician's identity. And how did he get those documents on Rood in the first place? Linus shouldn't have known that Rood was the Black Magician. Only he knew. It's possible for Dio and Lidusis to know since they're always together. It wouldn't be much of a surprise for Chevel if they knew.

"Hadelio, is it true you went to Professor Orphell's classroom?" Karina, a female Hereis and Chevel's classmate, asked the blond Hereis. A light blush appears on her cheeks.

"Yeah?" Chevel answered not understanding what that had to do with Karina.

"S-So was he there too?" Karina's face turns redder as she speaks with only one man on her mind.


"I think she might be talking about the new student, Asujen Baldwin." Linus clarified for Chevel.

"Him?" Chevel didn't know why Karina was interested in Shicmuon, but he answered her question anyway. "I didn't go to Professor Orphell's classroom since I found this idiot before I got there."

"So you didn't see him..." Karina was a bit disappointed since she wanted to hear more about Shicmuon.

"I did. He was the guy who with Rood." Linus remembered seeing the new Hereis holding Rood by the back of his collar like he was an animal.


"Since when were you two on a first name basis?!"

Usually, only close friends or family call others by their given name. But Linus had only met Rood just a moment ago. The two hardly knew each other much less be close friends. So why was Linus calling Rood by his first name?

"Since we became friends a moment ago." Linus answered happy to have made a new friend, but one thing bothered him. "Wait? How do you know Rood? The only Idun you know would be the one that you picked on..."


"Don't tell me you're picking on that poor ill child..." Linus gasps in horror. He knew Chevel was a bully and picked on the Iduns, but he thought he'd have the decency to not to pick on a weak bodied child.

"Don't say such ominous things! I don't want to die!" Chevel yells out in fear. He valued his life enough to not to pick a fight with a certain Idun that goes by the name Rood Chrishi who was actually the Black Magician in reality. He wasn't going to throw away his life like that. Chevel gets goosebumps from the fear of angering Rood who could possibly kill him for all that he's done to him.

"Die?" Linus didn't see what Chevel dying had anything to do with Rood.

"You have a friend in Professor Orphell's classroom..." Karina says to Linus.

"Yeah, he's a sad child so he needs some companionship." Linus wipes a tear.

"Y... You don't mind if I tag along next time you go there." Karina blushes a little.

"To see the new guy?"

"Eep!" Karina's face reddens even more at the mention of Shicmuon.

"I don't mind, but it will be hard to get in the class... With all those girls crowding the doors and all."

Girls? This caught Karina's attention.

"He's really popular. I didn't expect to see that many girls there and from different classes too. I think I saw some Klads there too." Linus remembered seeing a bunch of girls from both the Idun and Klad section trying to catch a glimpse of Shicmuon which made it extremely difficult for Linus to get in. Fortunately, he was a Hereis so they complied and let him through with much ease.

There were other girls eying Shicmuon? Karina didn't like that. She wasn't going to let another girl snatch him away from her. She swears she won't back down and give her all.

As for the popular lady's man...


"That damn Blackie is taking too long." Shicmuon said to himself glaring down at Rood's desk that he forcefully occupied which had a bunch of new cracks forming from the small crater on it curtsey of Shicmuon himself.

He was growing more and more impatient by the second.

Dio felt sorry for his blond friend who was going to come back after dealing with a weird Hereis only to be welcomed by a crazy Hereis and a banged up desk.

Scary... Dio's instincts told him to steer clear away from their new classmate.

Having waited long enough, Shicmuon decides to take matters into his own hands. He'll just search for Rood himself. He wasn't going to stay in some dingy classroom if Rood wasn't going to show up anytime soon. He still had business with Rood to deal with.

Coincidentally, Professor Rowell was thinking the same thing. Waiting wasn't her forte. She was a woman of action. If Rood wasn't coming, then she'll come to Rood.

Although their wavelengths were on the same pattern, as soon as they both head to the door, their egos get in the way.

"Move, you're in the way..." Professor Rowell ordered.

"No... You're the one in the way, you piece of shit woman..." Shicmuon glares at Professor Rowell for standing in his way once again.

"I will find Rood Chrishi." Professor Rowell remained unfazed by Shicmuon's glare that frightened all of the male Iduns in the area while the girls with the exception of Iel and Lin were mesmerized by an angry Shicmuon as the scowl on his face only further enhanced his appeal.

"The one to drag Blackie's butt here will be me." Shicmuon grabs Professor Rowell by her collar as he glares down at her.

With Shicmuon leaning close to her, Professor Rowell did the only thing a normal person would do.

She swung her sword at Shicmuon like she was cutting down a demon.

Well normal, by her perspective at least.

Naturally, Shicmuon dodges Professor Rowell's sword without any effort. He wasn't a first class magician for show. He had to do at least that much if he was to fight with the Black Magician.

Professor Rowell was not pleased to see Shicmuon avoiding her attack. She wanted to cut him down and get on her way. Professor Rowell was not the only displeased with the situation. Shicmuon wanted nothing more than to find Rood. But with Professor Rowell on Rood's tail, that was not going to happen so long as she keeps on interfering. Shicmuon hated this. Why did he have to deal with so many nuisances? When was he going to see Rood?

It didn't take long for the small exchanges of blows to turn into an all out fight in the classroom. Luckily, the two didn't really go all out. Otherwise, the whole classroom would have been reduced to rubble, but they fight. Professor Rowell swings her sword at Shicmuon who didn't use magic to fight unless he wanted to blow his cover. Although he wasn't using magic, that didn't mean that he was weak at close combat. With no one in the room capable of stopping the two powerful magicians, the students just watch as Shicmuon and Professor Rowell fight.

Are they crazy? What are they doing fighting in the middle of a classroom? Dio didn't want any part of the fight. He valued his life.

Rood... Lidusis worries about his absent friend who had yet to return. It didn't feel right. Something inside him was telling him that something bad was going to happen. He just hopes that Rood is alright.

Rood couldn't believe what he just heard. They had only just met and Lidusis's older brother had asked him that.

Rood was stunned to hear what Lidusis's older brother requested. He did not expect to hear that kind of request from someone he just met. There must be some kind of mistake.

"What was that...? I think I might have heard that wrong..."

Lidusis's older brother shakes his head. "No. You heard correctly."

Did Lispen knew this was going to happen? If that's true, then that would explain his previous behavior... Rood glances over to Lispen who gave Rood a look of unease confirming Rood's suspicions.

"I ask that you become a court magician of the Artian Estate as my personal magician."

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