Unknown Entity

New Roommate

Hiding behind a bush away from his pursuer's trail, Rood was facing a crisis of his own. He couldn't hide forever, but he couldn't just recklessly move either especially not with him out there.

"How much longer do you intend to hide..."

From behind the bush, Rood could hear the rustling of the grass as his pursuer moves around searching for him.

Followed by the sound of rubble being reduced to ashes.

"You damn Blackie?" Shicmuon smirks not caring that he used his mana to destroy part of some buildings nearby to flush out Rood.

What is he crazy! What if someone sees him! Like Rood, Shicmuon was undercover as a student, but Rood, at the very least, played the part right. He didn't go around using his magic like some deranged madman. What should I do?

Rood had to think of to lose Shicmuon. Shicmuon was out in there so going out in the open was a no. He can't hide forever since Shicmuon's bound to find him.

Augh... Why do I have to through this because that fool! Rood felt annoyed by Shicmuon's constant interference. With him around, he can't stay by Lidusis's side. If only there was a way out of here without being detected...


There just might be one way for Rood. A secret passage. More specifically, the secret passage Dio showed him before that lead to the eastern assembly hall. Originally, they took it since they were late for the practical lesson with Professor Yubines, but in actuality, it was a trap set by Manon and several Klads. Rood doubts Shicmuon would check it since he isn't familiar with the school's layout yet and not many students probably know about it. This was Rood's chance.

Meanwhile at the same time, Dio was running from his own pursuer. He was still being by Yuti who wanted to have a picnic with him. Dio already had a lot of attention drawn to him due to the recent incident and his identity revealed. He didn't need anymore.

Rood, where are you! Dio internally cries.

After successfully ditching Shicmuon, lunch had came to an end so Rood headed back to class to meet up with Lidusis and Dio. Everything was pretty much the same. Fortunately, neither of them asked about Rood's whereabouts at lunch, but there was one thing strange. Was it him or did Dio seem kind of paranoid like someone was out for him? Even in his sleep, he was restless. Rood chose not to ask. Aside from that, everything was pretty normal. Classes went by without any trouble. The best part was that Shicmuon wasn't around. Knowing him, he's probably still out there looking for him. Rood was glad that Shicmuon didn't realize that Rood went back to class. Thanks to that, Rood was able to study in peace although there wasn't anything for him to learn.

Once classes ended for the day, Rood heads back to the dorm with Lidusis. Things are still awkward between them. The long dreadful silence between them wasn't helping either.

Not sure what else do, Rood starts up a conversation with Lidusis.

"You know during lunch... I kind of ran into some wild animal. It took longer to lose that annoying flea than expected."

Ever since he found out Rood's identity, Shicmuon has been bothering him nonstop. Rood wants nothing more than to get rid of him. He has been nothing short of a nuisance from day one.

"Me too. I had some business too... So I couldn't make it to lunch either." Lidusis meekly answered.

Rood was surprised that Lidusis was talking to him. A small smile forms on Rood's face. He was happy that he could talk to Lidusis without that uncomfortable atmosphere around.

"Then tomorrow, let's have lunch again. Sounds good..." Rood suggested. "Lidusis."

Lidusis brightens up hearing Rood say his name. It made him feel at ease.

"Yeah..." Lidusis happily smiles.

"But... What happened to Dio?" Rood asked not quite understanding what happened to Dio during lunch.

Lidusis too had no clue why Dio was acting so shaken up when he first saw him in class.

Putting Dio's weird behavior aside, Rood opens the door to their room. For now, Rood can relax. Rood goes to place his textbook on his desk when he finds something off about his desk.

His books and stationary were missing. He could have sworn that they were there before. Rood looks around his desk to see if he misplaced them somewhere.

How strange... Rood searches over the rest of his side of the room to see if they were placed there by mistake. But he soon finds that it wasn't not just his textbooks missing, all of his personal belongings are missing too. His clothes. The communication crystal he used to contact his master. Even that stupid Master doll Master gave him as a going away present was gone. Rood couldn't understand why someone would take his belongings especially that dumb doll. If a thief ever broke in, he never would have thought that a thief would want to take that thing.

Who in their right mind would take that stupid thing...? Rood didn't understand how anyone could actually steal the doll.

*knock* *knock*

Rood hears a knock at the door. It was likely a maid or one of the staff. Rood opens the door to see that it was a maid holding a push cart filled with cleaning supplies in one hand.

"Are you Rood Chrishi?" The maid asked.

"Yes..." Rood answered not sure why the maid was asking for him.

"I have a message for you." The maid informed Rood. "You will find your belongings upstairs with your new roommate. Here is your key."

The maid hands Rood a key.

"What! What do you mean new roommate? Lidusis is my roommate, and I didn't request a change or anything."

"It was decided by the management and several professors that you would be the roommate of a new student who is still not familiar with Helios. Your luggage was already moved by another caretaker. You'll find your personal belongings in your new room."

Rood couldn't believe this. The school moved him on their own accord. Rood didn't get what the school was thinking in doing so, but that doesn't matter right now. How can Rood protect Lidusis should that 'Black Thing' show up in their room again like before? Rood will just go and bring back his stuff. He'll explain to the staff that he doesn't want to change.

Before that, Rood turns his head to Lidusis who was surprised by the news like Rood.

"Don't worry, Lidusis. I'll be back." Rood says to Lidusis before leaving to retrieve his belongings.

Rood heads over to his 'new' room where his 'new' roommate was. He didn't get why the staff had to switch him out of all the students. Since Lidusis wasn't being treated as a 'Monster' anymore, there shouldn't be any reason to switch him. And he thought that the school wouldn't do something like that unless Rood asked to be switch. Of course, Rood would never do such a thing. He can't protect Lidusis like this. He has to get his stuff before informing the management that he didn't want to switch. Too focused on his goal, Rood didn't notice the Klads that were in the area. Some of which flinched or froze at the sight of Rood. Only the Klads Manon lead in the bullying of Lidusis in the eastern assembly hall reacted that way. Ever since that incident, they became very fearful of the blond Idun. Later, the hallway became more clearer as the number of students in the hall decreased leaving barely anyone outside.

Found it. Rood looks up at the room number above the door.


That was the room Rood was assigned to.

Now all Rood had to was get his stuff and leave.

Rood unlocks the door. Fortunately, the lights were on so Rood didn't have to turn them on. And no sign of his new roommate.

Good, then he won't have to explain to the guy about his leaving.

There it is. Rood sees his belongings on the bed. It looked like his stuff was already unpacked for him. It was pointless since he was going to be packing anyway.

Rood starts gathering his study materials first and packs them into one of his bags.

Unbeknownst to Rood, the door Rood left open was slowly being closed revealing a person behind the door waiting for Rood this whole time. Now that Rood was here, he no longer had any reason to wait. His patience was already at its limit when he couldn't find Rood during lunch. As Rood was leisurely packing his stuff unaware of the person approaching him from behind, he makes his way to Rood.

From the moment he entered the room, Rood had a bad feeling like he treading on thin ice. Rood's feeling was proven right when he saw a shadow looming over him as he was in the middle of packing his clothes. Rood quickly turns around to who it was. He was right. It was him. But before he could even move a muscle, Rood is pinned to the bed by the owner of the shadow.

"There's no escaping this time, Blackie..."

On his way to visit his friend, Linus, Lapis walks through the area of the dormitory where Hereis reside in. He overhears a couple of Hereis talking about an Idun in the Hereis side of the dormitory, but he pays no heed to it as he was more focused on getting to Linus's room where they'll discuss their progress in finding Blow. Passing by, Lapis couldn't help but hear a strange sound coming from one of the rooms almost like something dropping on the floor. Lapis walks over to the source of the sound. The door was unlocked allowing Lapis to peer through the small gap between the two doors. Much to his horror, he finds the frail weak bodied Rood being pinned by the brutish barbarian Shicmuon more commonly known to the students of Helios as Asujen Baldwin.

Not standing the terrible treatment Rood was receiving, Lapis bursts in the room.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Lapis wasn't going to stand by and let Shicmuon bully Rood.

However Shicmuon pays to heed to Lapis's presence and continues on as if Lapis wasn't there.

"Fight me. Let's settle things once and for all..."

"Are you you out of your mind! How can you fight a poor feeble bodied child!"

As usual, Shicmuon disregards Lapis's presence not caring what an insect thinks.

"Hurry up and awaken..."

Awaken? This piqued Lapis's interest. What did he mean by that?

"Before I kill you."


He was going to kill him. Lapis wasn't going to let that happen.

"Unhand that child!" Lapis intervenes which causes Shicmuon to loosen his grip on Rood's shoulders. Enough to free Rood from Shicmuon's clutches. On instinct, Rood hides behind Lapis since it was the only thing he could do at the moment. He couldn't let himself get caught. Forget about his luggage, his main priority at the moment was losing Shicmuon.

Shicmuon was slightly peeved by Lapis's interference.

Keeping his distance, Rood hides behind Lapis.

"Come back over here..." Shicmuon holds out his hand like he was calling out to a cat or some kind of small animal.

"Enough. Will you stop harassing him! If you want to fight, I'll be more than enough..."

"Stop hiding and come out." Shicmuon ignores Lapis and orders Rood to come out of hiding.

While Lapis fruitlessly tries to keep Shicmuon away from Rood, Rood tries to think of a way to get out of this situation. Lapis won't be able to hold Shicmuon off so Rood has to quickly find a way out before Shicmuon makes a move.

Rood sees that one of the room's doors is open. It must have been the door Lapis entered through.

There. That was Rood's chance. Rood escapes through the open door.

Rood lets out a relief of sigh as he managed to get out of that room. However it was short lived when Shicmuon started chasing after him from behind. Shicmuon wasn't the only one running too. Lapis was running as well to stop Shicmuon from harming Rood.

"Stop. I'll kill you." Shicmuon wasn't going to let Rood get away from him.

Isn't he supposed to have a weak constitution? How is it that he's running so fast? Lapis found it strange how Rood was running faster than him despite his weak body.

Rood didn't have time to deal with Shicmuon. Rood's best bet would be to lose him and then return back his room. Rood wasn't going to sleep in the same room as Shicmuon. Who knows what he'll do to him! On second thought, Rood already knows. Rood wouldn't put it past Shicmuon to attack him in his sleep. The man wouldn't let anything get in his way when it came to fighting Rood in his Blow form. And a late night sneak attack from Shicmuon is the least of his worries.

I guess I'll just leave my stuff there are the time being. I'll just ask Lidusis to—

In the middle of his thoughts, Rood accidentally bumped into someone.

Rood was slightly surprised to see who he ran into.

Professor Orphell.

Like Rood, Orphell was surprised to see the young Idun.

Rood Chrishi!

Orphell wasn't alone. By his side is his partner, Deon.

From behind, Shicmuon appears and grabs Rood by the back of his collar.

"Caught you."

Oh no, I forgot about him! Rood had completely forgot that he was being chased by Shicmuon.

A moment later, Lapis shows up telling Shicmuon to let Rood go, "Unhand that child! You brute, do you enjoy picking on children!"

"Orphell-nim, are you sure this is a good decision? I still don't think this is..." Deon did not feel right with Orphell's decision.

"Decision?" Rood repeated confused by what sort of decision did they have.

"That's right. This is perfect timing." Orphell said to Rood. "I'm sure you're aware by now that your luggage and belongings were moved to Baldwin's room. That is because from now on he'll be your new roommate. As I told you before in class, the relationship between the Hereis and Idun have become problematic lately. So the school is trying to improve the relationship between the two classes. We have already held integrated classes with the Idun and several Hereises. However there hasn't been much development as we anticipated, so the school has decided to expand on it. You'll be the first Idun to share a room with a Hereis."


Did he hear him right? The news of Shicmuon being his new roommate disturbed Rood.

"I've heard of your accomplishments too. During the time of your admission to Helios prior to your one month absence, you aided Lidusis Dien Artian when he was being persecuted a 'Monster.' And according to a report, you dealt with the Klads behind the incident they caused your class before my arrival to Helios. I believe there should be no better candidate than you." Orphell concluded.

"What!" Lapis yelled out. "Professor, pardon my rudeness, but are you out of your mind! I'm against this!"

"Me too. Orphell-nim, I think you really should reconsider." Deon agrees with Lapis. He couldn't entrust the safety of a student with Shicmuon especially a weak bodied one.

"This barbarian just assaulted this poor child moments ago!" Lapis places his hands on Rood's shoulders. Rood felt uncomfortable being caught in the middle like that. "If I hadn't shown up, who knows what that brute would have done to him?!"

"You see." Deon added in agreement.

"I understand your concern, but it will take time to find a suitable roommate. I ask that you at least wait until the school has finished processing this. In the mean time, you may use this time to get along with Baldwin. You may even come to form a close bond with him."

Impossible! Rood internally deadpanned.

"Once we do find another candidate, you may switch out if you haven't changed your mind."

No way, I'm staying in the same room as Shicmuon. Rood worries about Lidusis. "I'm sorry, but I can't accept this sudden arrangement like this. I already have a roommate so there's no need for me to switch."

Rood couldn't leave Lidusis unprotected at night.

"If it is about your roommate, Lidusis Dien Artian, you don't have to be concerned about him."

Rood wasn't sure about this.

"We've made adjustments to a few other rooms as well to keep the balance in order. Artian will be receiving a new roommate in place of your transfer."

A new roommate. Rood was still not fully convinced. He couldn't let an innocent student get involved.

"Artian's new roommate is someone you both are acquainted with, your friend, Dio Varus."

Dio! Rood's eyes slightly widen a bit hearing his friend's name.

"Recently, his roommate switched out leaving him without a roommate at the moment. So he was assigned to be with Artian. There should be no issue with that since the three of you are close."

If it's Dio, Rood can leave Lidusis's safety to him. But if Dio gets attacked by that 'Black thing' again, then Rood won't be there to protect him.

Meanwhile, Lidusis is waiting for Rood to show up. He said that he would be back, but Lidusis felt lonely without Rood like those solitary days before Rood came and changed everything.


Lidusis hears a click. It sounds like someone was coming in.

Only one person came to Lidusis's mind.


However the person who came in was not Rood.

"Sorry, I'm not Rood." Dio scratches his cheek in embarrassment. "I guess I'll be your new roommate apparently..."

In his hands, Dio had his luggage with him.

Back at the Magician's Association, the chairman was awaiting to hear the report of his loyal dog who only recently returned from Helios despite the fact that he was supposed to have returned after the incident in Helios was dealt with.

"I wonder what kind of news you have brought me to have kept you..." Lanoste gently smiles. "Loyal dog of our's."

Van who was there to report back to Lanoste about Shicmuon shivered at his master's mischievous words. He still hated that name.

"Will you please stop saying that!"

"It was quite the spectacle. To think, a door would open up. I guess it was a good thing to send Shic there after all." Lanoste light hearted noted. "Speaking of Shic, how is he doing? Did he finally stop going after men and found a charming woman?"

Van slightly averts his eyes.

"Well, he wasn't chasing after the Black Magician when I met with him."

This caught Lanoste's interest. It really was a good thing to send Shicmuon to Helios.

"Oh, so he finally gave up and moved onto someone else!"

"In a way, yeah..."

"So he's into a younger partner then."

"If you want to put it that way..." Van wasn't sure if he should outright tell his boss or not.

"Give me a description of the one who captured Shic's heart."

"Blond... Kind of young like around 15 years... Lower class... Blue eyes..."

"So he fell for a charming, young 15 year old blonde fair maiden in the Idun section." Lanoste was impressed to hear that a woman actually managed to catch Shicmuon's eye considering how Shicmuon pretty much ignores any lady that looks his direction.

"Not exactly..." Van said trying to get his point across without saying it out loud.


"Another man..." Lanoste guessed.

Lanoste got the message.


Van's silence was more than enough to confirm Lanoste's suspicions.

Lanoste sighs. "What am I going to with him? If a man wasn't enough, now it's a child. Somehow, he's deviating from his original interest."

Lanoste wasn't sure what to do with Shicmuon. Lanoste is starting to think that sending Shicmuon to Helios wasn't such a good idea especially since he heard that the Black Magician was sighted there.

"Alright, Van..."

Van pays attention to his master and listens in on what he has to say.

"Pack up your bags, you're going to Helios!" Lanoste ordered his loyal dog with a gleam in his eye.

"Eh?!" Van was obviously confused by Lanoste's order.

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