Unknown Entity

Mysterious Night Visitor

That night, Rood could hardly sleep a wink at all. He never would have imagined he'd be sleeping in the same room as Shicmuon. Lying on his side, Rood faces the other direction opposite of Shicmuon's. Rood couldn't sleep in his bed with Shicmuon around. The moment he lets his guard down. Shicmuon will probably attack him. He can't even find any peace at night either. It was bad enough that Shicmuon was his classmate and following him in the day, but now he has to deal with the crazy man at night too. These days, Rood just can't catch a break at all.
Before Rood could ask Orphell to rethink his decision, Orphell had left to attend to finish preparations for the practical lessons.

Is this really going to be alright...? Rood turns to his back and glances over to Shicmuon through the corner of his eye.

Shicmuon looked like he was sleeping, but Rood wasn't too sure if he was actually sleeping or not. I doubt even Shicmuon would attack someone in their sleep.

Shicmuon has been chasing after Rood telling him to awaken so he doubts he'd want to fight a sleeping opponent. But why is that he have a bad feeling about this? As if something ominous was going to happen. No use in worrying about it now. Rood reluctantly goes to sleep with the intent of telling Orphell that he has no intention of staying in the same room as Shicmuon.

The sooner I go to sleep the faster I'll get this over with.

And with that, Rood slowly drifts into slumber unaware of what's to come.

Later that night, a window opened. From the window emerged a blue eyed faceless black figure which was a mana puppet.

Unbeknownst to Rood who was in deep slumber, the shadow of a figure slowly approaches the unsuspecting Idun.

The black mana puppet while levitating in the air makes his way to the sleeping figure lying on his side away from the intruder.

The shadow grows larger as the person walks closer and closer to Rood.

The black mana puppet stops at the bed of his target and begins to make his move. He reaches his hand out to the sleeping individual until his vision was obscured by a blanket that was flung at him. In the split second he was unable to see what was in front of him due to the blanket, someone appears from behind him locking his arm behind his back him preventing him from escaping.

"I'll say this once..." The black mana puppet's captor threatened through his words.

He wasn't expecting this.

"What are you doing here..."

This really was unexpected.


Dio was not amused to see him again after all that's he done.

In his room, Shicmuon observes his sleeping roommate. Thinking back at that time Helios was invaded and that door showed up, Shicmuon wonders if Rood's power really belonged to a human, but that didn't matter.

A smirk forms on Shicmuon's face.

"How interesting..."

This made things far more exciting for him.

As long as he gets to fight him and relive that fear again, it doesn't matter.

At the usual hour, Rood slowly opened his eyes waking up from his slumber. It was morning. Rood rubbed one of his eyes to rid himself of the drowsiness. He couldn't believe he slept in the same room as Shicmuon. Seeing as how his body was intact with no injuries or wounds, it didn't look like Shicmuon attacked him but something did feel weird.

Rood goes to get ready for class.


However he stops in his tracks at the sight of Shicmuon standing right by his bed. It looked like he was waiting for Rood to wake up.

What is he doing?

Rood didn't understand why Shicmuon was there. Of all the things to do, he chose to stand by Rood's bed?

This was not good. Knowing Shicmuon, he'll try to pick a fight with Rood now that he's awake.


Contrary to Rood's initial thoughts, no such thing happened. A few moments passed yet the undercover Hereis did nothing.

Rood's eyes go white as he didn't know what Shicmuon was thinking.

With nothing else to do, Rood gets off his bed and puts on his Helios jacket. Rood could feel Shicmuon's gaze at him. It wasn't murderous as usual which was odd. More like just observing.

Even when he heads to their class, Rood could feel Shicmuon's gaze on him. Not once did he shift his gaze or anything.

Walking through the hallways, the students around Rood and Shicmuon turn their attention to the Idun and Hereis. It was a rare sight to see an Idun and Hereis walking together considering the relationship between the two classes.


Rood unintentionally lets out a yawn.

Hardly got any sleep last night with Shicmuon around.

Rood rubs one of his eyes to get rid of his sleepiness.

Must be from that nightmare last night...

Arriving at his destination, Rood sees Lidusis and Dio at their desks. Rood walks over to Lidusis to greet him while Shicmuon stands behind Rood making him feel uncomfortable with Shicmuon behind him.

Dio was quietly sitting at his seat not noticing Rood and Shicmuon's arrival since he was deep in thought. Dio was troubled over what happened last night. He thinks back to the previous night's events.

Dio had caught the traitor and was waiting for his answer, but traitor soon vanishes leaving his question unanswered.

However not before saying one last thing before completely disappearing.

"How strange... I wasn't expecting to find you here..."

His target wasn't me? Dio ponders over the matter of who the traitor was after to begin with. Who was he after...


Dio comes to a frightening realization as an idea dons him.

As for Rood, he was having a talk with Lidusis. He wanted to apologize to Lidusis for not showing up when he said he'd be back. He didn't expect to be switched over to a different room. And worst of all, he didn't expect his new roommate to be Shicmuon. He just wanted to go and get his stuff, but as fate would have it, Shicmuon was in the room waiting for him.

"Sorry about yesterday, Lidusis. It seems that the school made some kind of decision on their own so now I'll be rooming with someone else for a while..." Rood scratches his cheek as he explains.

Hearing this, Lidusis is slightly saddened by the news. This of course did not go unnoticed by Rood.

"B-But don't worry, I'll convince the school to change it as soon as possible. Hopefully, they'll be able to change it before tonight." Rood tries his best to raise up Lidusis's spirits.

"What's the rush, Rood!" Dio greets Rood behind as he slung his arm around Rood's neck. "Take as long as you can. Besides, me and Lord Artian needs some personal bonding time to ourselves. It's no fair you hog him all to yourself every night."

Dio was worried about Rood's safety as he suspected the one the traitor was after was Rood. It was actually a good thing Rood switched rooms at the time. He couldn't leave Rood with the traitor after him. Although Rood was very strong, he wasn't going to let any harm come to his precious friend. And it's better that Rood stayed with his new roommate in the meantime. Since the traitor went into their room, he probably had no idea Rood was switched out so it's best to keep Rood hidden.


Rood looked at his friend.

"That's really creepy when you put it that way..." Rood deadpanned looking at Dio with disgust.

"How mean!" Dio cried.

Moving on, Dio changes the subject. "And I'm sure you'll like your new roommate if you get to know him."

The look on Rood's face said otherwise. On Rood's face was a deadpan expression expressing his inner feelings.

"?" Dio was perplexed by Rood's reaction. Did he not like his roommate?

Inside the Hereis classroom, Chevel was at his desk minding his own business until he saw something unusual. From Chevel's perspective, it looked like Linus was frantically writing something like his life depended on it. Chevel sweat drops at the sight of his classmate. Knowing Linus, it probably wasn't anything good.

Chevel's intuition was right on the mark since Linus was frantically writing letters to Opion. He was making up for the previous letters that he lost. He was also making a schedule of fun things he planned to do with Rood since he wanted to show the sad, unfortunate Idun the things he 'supposedly' never got to do. However Chevel's attention was more drawn to the letters than the schedule. Linus's fanyboyism slightly scared Chevel.

He didn't like it. Rood had a hard time figuring out what was going on. From the beginning, he thought it was just his imagination, but something was wrong. Be it a break or a small walk, Dio was always hanging around him. At first, it was nothing unusual, but when Rood wanted to go to the restroom, Dio wanted to join him. Something was definitely wrong with Dio.

In the middle of the hallway, Rood is on his way to class with Dio next to him acting like usual. Rood was worried that something might have happened to Dio.

"Dio, is there anything wrong?"

"What do you mean, Rood? Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything looks okay." Dio answered. Dio has his head tilted slightly upward and his thumb and forefinger on his chin.

"I mean did anything happen to you? Lately, you've acting weird."

"Eh? Is it so wrong to want to be with my best bud! Lately, you've been so busy being chased by Professor Rowell and now that new guy. I hardly get any quality time with yoooo—"

Not buying Dio's story, Rood pulls on one of Dio's cheeks.

Satisfied, Rood lets go.

"Now... As your 'best bud,' you wouldn't mind telling me what's going on..." Rood darkly smiles at Dio.

Dio knew what that smile meant. Rood only smiled like that when he was either acting or threatening someone. In this case, it was the latter. It seemed like a normal smile, but it was far from it when you notice the black menacing aura behind Rood. Although it looked like Rood was kindly asking Dio, Dio knew he was being threatened.

From the looks of it, Rood wasn't going to be backing down anytime soon.

Left with no choice, Dio does only one thing.

"It's because of..." Dio lowers his head hiding his eyes under the shadow of his bangs. "That..."

"That?" Rood lowers his head wondering what 'that' could be. He'll need to further inquire about this. "What is..."

Just Rood was going to ask Dio about 'that,' he saw no trace of his friend right in front of him.

Dio had already ran from him.

But not that far as Rood saw Dio still running, Rood who was not pleased to have been tricked by his friend ran full throttle after Dio who saw Rood coming after him. Dio knew if he wanted to see tomorrow's sunrise. He had to run as if his life depended on it which it did.

After a while, Rood ended up losing Dio and found himself in some unknown secluded area. No trace of anyone within the vicinity. Since the area was a bit far from the classrooms, not many people passed through the area. There wasn't even any people in the part of the building in the area at this time of the day. No sign of life anywhere. Only grasses and several trees. Rood cursed his luck. It irked Rood that he never got his question answered and instead got some made up BS. Next time he sees Dio, he'll beat him up till he's black and blue.

Better return to class. Lidusis is probably worried by now.

Rood starts to head back to class.

That is until the Black Thing appears in the air behind Rood.

Sensing his presence, Rood quickly turns around to see that the Black Thing was attacking him as pieces of his cloak dive in towards Rood like vines. With no other choice, Rood had to awaken to defend himself, but just as he about to awaken he stopped when he sensed another presence within the vicinity.

"Belita Shield"

That presence belonged to Linus who dived in to protect Rood from the attack.

This wasn't good. With Linus present, Rood couldn't awaken. He was currently undercover so he couldn't reveal himself to anyone especially not Linus. Rood remembers all those times Linus reacted when he was Blow.

"Rood!" Linus calls out Rood's name. "I've prepared a something fun for you!"

Linus shows Rood the schedule he made in class.

12:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Have lunch with Rood.

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Bring Rood to personal lesson to see a nest of baby Bhattis.

3:15 PM: Bother Lapis.

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Hold a study session for the talentless Lapis.

6:30 PM: Return Rood back to his room before bedtime.

"... ..." Rood wasn't sure what to say to this be it that Linus had forgotten about their predicament and that the mastermind behind the Ishuella incident was right in front of him or that Linus made some sort of schedule where he was labelled Lapis as 'talentless' and even had a slot where he bothered him.

While Linus was waiting for Rood's answer, the Black Thing attacks them by sending a large blast of mana at them. There was too much smoke from the blast that he couldn't tell where they were. He simply levitated in the air waiting for their next move.

Using the dust clouds, Rood dragged Linus into nearby bush with him. He clamped his hand over Linus's mouth to prevent him from giving away their location. Linus was slightly confused why Rood was covering his mouth. The moment that blast of mana was about to hit them, Rood grabbed Linus and dragged him behind a bush. A few seconds later, Rood removed his hand from Linus's mouth.

Considering the present situation, running wasn't an option. The Black Thing will probably chase after them. That left him only one choice. Rood didn't want to do this, but he has no choice now.

Rood turns his head to Linus.

Linus wasn't sure what Rood was going to do considering his previous actions.

"..." Rood is hesitant to do this.


It was now or never.

Rood takes a deep breath.

"L-Look, it's the Black Magician." Rood points to some random spot.

Rood couldn't believe he was actually doing this.

"Where! Where!" At the mention of his hero/ idol, Linus looks around for Blow. "Where is he—"

Once Linus turns his back, Rood delivers a neck chop from behind knocking the Hereis out cold. Rood couldn't believe he actually did it. Hopefully, the Hereis won't remember this and if he does Rood will apologize to him... Although it'll be kind of awkward apologizing to someone for giving them a neck chop...

Not waiting for Rood to make a move, using his cloak again, the Black Thing attacks Rood and Linus. It was hard to tell if he hit them or not since he couldn't see through the dust clouds. Then a gentle breeze flows through blowing the dust clouds away revealing an unconscious but unharmed Linus perfectly fine without a single scratch, but that wasn't what the Black Thing concerned about. It was the one who protected Linus from his attack. The one now before him...



Waking up from his slumber, Rood sees no one in his room. On his way to class, he felt the school's atmosphere was a bit off. Something doesn't feel right. Not sure what it was, Rood enters his classroom where he is stunned beyond words.


He wasn't expecting this.

"Rood! Good morning~" Lidusis happily cheerfully greeted Rood as he waves to his blond friend. This was strange since Lidusis is usually introverted and quiet. "Did you finally convince Professor Orphell to switch you back? It's so lonely without you!"

Lidusis pouted as he hugs Rood for comfort. "Really, why did the professors have to move you?"

Now this was weird. Lidusis acting so open and amiable.

Another thing, he found strange was that normally Dio was the first one to greet him in the morning.


"There he is!"

"He's so handsome~"

Rood sees a large group of girls surrounding the classroom's entrance. He shifts his attention to the direction they're looking at. Much to his surprise, he finds Dio sitting at his desk reading a complicated book on magic circles surrounded by several girls. Dio takes notice of Rood's presence and lifts his head from his book.

"Good morning, Rood. I take it your night was enjoyable."

Was it Rood or did he see sparkles near Dio? This was the same goofy idiot that Rood knew? Rood stares dumbfounded by his friend's strange behavior. Not just them but everyone else in Rood's class was acting strange.

Iel socially chatting with her classmates.

Lin drawing on a sleeping classmate's face with a black marker.

While Rood was confused by the out of ordinary behavior from his classmates, Lapis and Linus show up.

"Good morning, Rood." Lapis greeted Rood.

From Rood's perspective, it didn't look like Lapis was acting weird like his classmates. Though, one thing did bother him, but he can't seem to put his finger on it.

"I heard you're rooming with a Hereis, is that true? Then if that's the case, they should have put you in with me."


Rood found it. On Lapis's jacket, there was the Hereis symbol on his collar.

"?" Rood wasn't sure why Lapis was wearing a Hereis uniform when he's supposed to be an Idun.

Out of the corner of his eye, Rood spots Linus who had a stoic facial expression.

Linus who was usually cheerful was now wearing a blank face.

"A-Are you alright?" Rood had a feeling something was wrong with Linus too.

"What do you mean? I'm completely fine." Linus replied in a completely monotone voice. "Did you get infected by some weird brain virus from Lapis, Little Roodie."

Little Roodie...? Rood's eyes turn white as he had no idea why Linus called him that.

"I see you're still has rude and cheeky as usual." Lapis calmly remarked despite the large vein popping out of his head.

Things were way too weird for Rood.

Then Chevel showed up.


Chevel walks to Lidusis.

"It seems that some kind of program is going out to improve our classes' relationship." Chevel was now acting friendly with Lidusis when he would usually all high and mighty except in front of Rood who he would run from.

"If you'd like... I wouldn't mind sharing a room with you..." Chevel quietly muttered as his cheeks slightly blush in embarrassment fidgeting around a little.

Things were getting bizarre.

Did everyone eat something weird? Rood had a bad feeling about this.

So far almost everyone he knew was acting strange.

The only one he hasn't seen so far would be...

Don't tell me... Rood breaks out in a cold sweat.

"Good morning, Rood. I'm sorry, I couldn't walk you to class. I had other business to take care of." Shicmuon who appeared from behind Rood ruffles Rood's hair as a small smile forms on his mouth.

Rood sweats like crazy as he gets goosebumps all over his body.






Rood's eyes burst open waking up from the dredged nightmare.

"Hah... Hah..." Rood panted in exhaustion. What a dreadful dream.

The goosebumps still remain on Rood's body along with the sweat.

What a terrible nightmare...

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