Unknown Entity

Worst Possible Timing

Now awakened, Rood... Or rather Blow stares at the black mana puppet in the air. In an instant, Blow appears behind the Black Thing with his usual choice of weapon, his black cross staff that he materializes with his mana. Using his black cross staff like a sword, Blow goes in to strike the Black Thing. But unfortunately, the Black Thing caught it.

"Most impressive. I did not think you would come out unscathed from protecting that human, but that is to be expected of you..."

Rood didn't care what the Black Thing had to say to him. He only wanted to know one thing.

"What is your purpose in doing this?" Rood was resolved to find out why the Black Thing was attacking him and more importantly after Lidusis.

"However you are a nuisance to my plans and must be eliminated..."

"And why are you targeting Lidusis?"

The Black Thing makes his move and sends a highly concentrated blast of magic at Blow sending him crashing down into some laundry that left to dry. The impact caused the laundry to fly around the dust clouds. The blast was very powerful as the undamaged area now looked like it was hit by a meteor. Even a few trees fell to the ground and the building nearby did not come out unscathed as it had a large gaping hole in the wall.

"That is of no concern for someone who won't be here to see it..."

Hearing the commotion going on, Orphell sensed magic being used at the source of the destruction which was where Blow was fighting the Black Thing. Orphell made sure to order the other professors to keep all students out of the area. They couldn't have any students around if it was an enemy attack. Fortunately, there weren't much students around since the area was deserted. Orphell heads off to the source of the commotion with Deon. Chances are that it was probably the mastermind behind the Black Thing again.

I won't let you get away this time...

The Black Thing continues on destroying the area not leaving anything untouched. In the middle of the chaos, parts of the ground that the Black Thing destroyed fly all over the place. A few of which head towards Linus who had yet to regain consciousness. But that was not a problem since Blow disintegrated the chunks of earth to dust. He wasn't going to let someone get hurt on his watch.

From the looks of it, Linus looked fine. As much as Blow wanted to find out what the Black Thing was planning, he couldn't involve an innocent student.

No choice... Blow peers over his shoulder to see Linus still unconscious.

Left with very few options, Blow picks up Linus carrying the Hereis in his arms after slipping on a white piece of cloth he picked up nearby like a robe. Getting Linus out of danger was Blow's first priority at the moment. However that won't be easy when the Black Thing has no intention of letting Blow escape.

The Black Thing wasn't going to let Blow slip past him. He was going to need more forceful measures now. He attempts to halt Blow's movements by using his cloak to attack Blow. He uses his cloak to unleash several piercing attacks at Blow only to be avoided by the target. Although he was skillfully maneuvering them, Blow read through his attacks.

Moments later, Orphell and Deon arrive at the scene of the commotion only to find no one there. From the looks of it, it looked like a typhoon hit the place. Broken trees on the ground. Damage done to nearby buildings. Craters on the ground.

Whoever was here must have been at least a high ranking magician judging from the traces of magic left.

Using his magic crystal, Orphell plays back the previous events that occurred prior to their arrival. With all the dust in the air, it was hard to make out what was going on. But one thing immediately caught his attention. The Black Thing.

What is he doing here! Orphell didn't see what the Black Thing was getting by destroying part of the school. It didn't look like just random destruction either. That was Shicmuon's thing.

What's this!

In the midst of the commotion, Orphell caught a glimpse of someone wearing a white piece of cloth like a robe. Based on the person's attire, the person was male. Another thing that caught Orphell's eyes was that aside from the white robe the rest of his clothes were black. Only one person he knew wore black clothes.

Black Magician...

It couldn't have been anyone else based on his movements. No ordinary student could have avoided all of those attacks. And it couldn't be a professor since most of them were in their respectable class teaching and others were keep students out of the area.

So my theory was right. He's still undercover as a student. But for what reason could he have to be staying here?

"Orphell-nim, take a look at this."

Orphell breaks out of his train of thoughts when Deon showed him something very interesting.

This is...!

No Black Thing. No professors in sight. No one around. Out of the Black Thing's reach, Blow managed to successfully lose the Black Thing. Safe at last... At least for now.

Taking shelter in an old unused room, Blow places Linus on the floor. Seeing as how Linus was sleeping peacefully, he didn't have to worry about any injuries on the Hereis. Not a single scratch on him. Although there was still the issue of explaining to Linus how he got there. Telling him the truth was out of the question. Oh well. He'll just have to worry about that after Linus wakes up. He'll just leave before Linus does wake up. That way he won't have to worry about Linus asking him how they got there. For now, he better remove his awaken.

"My name is [Blow]"

Blow's black mana starts to encircle him.


And completely envelops Blow.


Then disperses returning him to his original form.

Now in Rood form, Rood had only one thing that crossed his mind.

What am I going to do with this...

On Rood's left upper arm was a cut he received during his fight with the Black Thing when he got injured by one of the Black Thing's attacks. Although it was only a scratch, it would attract attention. The blood would definitely be suspicious. He couldn't say he fell down the stairs or cut himself with a pair of scissors. Rood knew Lidusis would be worried if he saw it.

I'll have to go back to the room and change.

Before heading back to his new room, Rood decides to at least place the white cloth he used on Linus like a blanket. It'll probably be some time before he regains consciousness or someone finds him. Might as well keep him protected from the cold in the mean time.

At least, that was what he was going to do. Unfortunately for Rood, just as Rood was about to cover Linus with the white cloth, he noticed that Linus was wide awake staring at him with twinkling eyes. Not sure what else to do, Rood dazedly stares at Linus as his face darkens. He makes a face like he's screwed.

Despite the damage done to the school, the professors were able to keep things under control since none of the students had managed to notice the event that just happened. Fortunately for them, the area was deserted so no one hardly goes there and thankfully the students were all in class. They were able to cast a barrier in the area to prevent any of the students from noticing it before the students took notice and in case things got out of hand. Although they were unable to catch the perpetrator, none of the students caught onto them. And more importantly, they couldn't have the students find out that something bad had happened especially after the recent attack on Helios. Something had to be done before the students take notice.

"And so you have it, due to the recent attack on Helios, the damage Helios sustained was much larger than expected.

In Professor Orphell's class, Orphell makes an announcement to his students.

"As a result, several areas have shown signs of damage. But I do assure you, Helios has tasked several professors to inspect every inch of Helios. In the mean time, stay away from the restricted areas."

They don't know what happened? Rood thought they'd be suspicious to find another mess. Or are they covering it up? Certainly, it would put the school in a panic. As long as they didn't see me there, I guess it's alright for now. I have something more urgent to worry about.

Now Linus En Grium, a Hereis like Chevel and a fan of Blow, knows his identity.

What am I going to do about him...?

Rood gets depressed knowing that the Hereis knows who he is.

"And so, lessons will be held in another location due to inspections." Orphell explained to his students who gave him their undivided attention.

All except for one. A certain troubled blond Idun who was worried about his identity being revealed to an energetic, lavender haired Hereis.

No wait, I don't know for sure if he actually knows I'm the Black Magician. Rood clings onto the hopeful possibility that Linus might not have seen him release his awakening. That's right. After I ended my awakening, he...

Rood flashbacks to the prior events that happened after Rood saw that Linus had already gained consciousness.

Back at the unused room, Rood was stumped at what to do with Linus. Should he deny what Linus just saw? Bury him? Beat him up until his memory is gone?

"Ro..." Linus muttered under breath.

Rood didn't quite catch what Linus just said.


He's calling him Rood.

Does that mean he didn't see?


He was wrong. Linus saw it after all.

Then after that Linus started chasing after Rood.


Just remembering it got Rood even more depressed.

I'm doomed... Rood negatively thought. Looking down at his desk with a downcast look on his face, Rood has his hands on his head distressed by the matter of Linus knowing his identity.

As Rood was in the middle of his depression, Rood felt someone shaking his shoulder. Breaking out of his thoughts, Rood turns his head to see Dio.

"You alright, Rood? You seemed out of it." Dio worries over Rood.

Thinking about it, it all started when Dio ran from Rood when he dodged Rood's question.

"But where were you? You missed the last lesson. That wasn't like you." Rood hardly skipped class so Dio found it odd.

If Dio hadn't ran, he wouldn't have lost the dark blue haired Idun and wouldn't have had to met the Black Thing. And he wouldn't have been attacked. But more importantly, Linus wouldn't have found out his identity.

"Rood, you okay?"

Rood's silent response had Dio even more worried.

"... Your..." Rood quietly muttered under his breath.

His? Dio didn't understand what Rood was muttering.

"This is all your fault..." Rood darkly spoke glaring at his frightened friend. Dio could have sworn his eyes were glowing red from his anger.

Dio flinches at Rood's tremendous bloodlust.

"Me?" Dio confusedly pointed to himself not sure what he had to do with Rood's bad mood. Unless...

He's holding a grudge for Dio ditching him.

Dio gulps as he realized that he had indeed ditched Rood to shake him off his tail. If so, that explains why Rood was missing from the previous lesson.

This was not good. He had to divert the flow of the conversation before Rood kills him.

"Y-You know Rood. We should get going. Professor Orphell said that lessons have been changed since the place we were supposed to go to had shown signs of heavy damage to it."

Luckily for Dio, Rood didn't beat him up or worse kill him. They are currently in the middle of class which was a cooking room. Apparently, the lesson was changed to a cooking lesson.

What's this? Isn't this a magic school not some cooking school? Rood internally retorted not sure why they had to bake cookies as part of their lessons.

After giving his students their instructions, Orphell tells his students to get into teams of five.

Naturally, Rood, Dio, and Lidusis formed their own team. The three of them hardly separated from each other.

"I wonder who else would want to join us?" From Dio's memory, Professor Orphell told them to get into groups of five. So they were short two members.

"Why not ask that green haired girl? I'm sure she'll be more than happy to join." Iel suggested.

"Ah, Lin. I see..."


"Wait, how long have you been here?!" After processing Iel's presence, Dio was surprised to see Iel with them.

"So slow." Iel pointed out.

"So you're with us?"

"It's only natural for groups to spend time together even outside of practical lessons."

Iel's reason for joining was because she was going to be in their group for practical lessons so she'd might as well group with them outside of practical lessons to improve their relations. That and there was one thing that bothered her.

As Dio was asking Lin to join them, Iel glances at Rood who was asking Lidusis if he knew how to cook from the corner of her eye.

"Tada! Our fifth and final member!" Dio introduces Lin as their teammate.

Slightly embarrassed by Dio's over enthusiastic introduction, Lin simply waves hello to Iel, Lidusis, and Rood.

"Now that we're all done. Let's get to cooking!"

Dio was eager to have some cookies. He'll finally have something to eat during those boring lectures.

"Hey Rood, do you..."Dio turns to his blond friend but freezes midway at the sight of the blond or rather at the person behind him.

Right behind Rood was Shicmuon. Based on that oppressive air around him, Shicmuon wasn't going anywhere or taking 'no' for an answer. It looks like somehow they got another member whether they want to or not.

Being the only one with cooking experience, Lin helped guide everyone even if some of them were being difficult. Iel failed to see the point in doing the whole thing when it didn't have anything to do with magic. Dio played around not bothering to check if he was following the instructions right. Shicmuon just stood by himself staring at the whole scene not doing anything harmful but not doing anything to help either. The only productive ones were Rood and Lidusis. Being born in an aristocratic family, Lidusis had no experience or knowledge of the kitchen. Leaving Rood no choice, but to help the socially withdrawn noble.

Although there wasn't much point in the class, it was enjoyable and they did get to keep the cookies. Overall, it was fun. Excluding Dio exploding one of the ovens when he set the oven too high. Lin already had her hands full with helping Iel so she couldn't do anything to help Dio. Being the only one who wasn't bothered by the fact that Dio set fire to either class, Rood dumped a bucket of water over the flaming oven extinguishing the fire. Left with no other choice, Rood took it upon himself to keep Dio from setting off another fire. Lidusis was doing fine so he wasn't much of a hassle, but Dio, on the other hand, was a bit more difficult to deal with. After a few pointers and a minor threat that if he messes up this batch Rood would be making roasted dragon instead of baked cookies, Dio eventually got the hang of it considering that his life was on the line.

And the end product wasn't ashes this time.

Rood picks up one of Dio's cookies and takes a bite.


This aroma.

This texture.

This flavor.

"Normal..." Rood uninterestedly responded.

The cookies tasted more dull than Rood expected. Better than ash though.

"Excuse me for for being normal!" Dio knew his cookies tasted normal which was a miracle compared to his previous attempt, but he still felt insulted by his friend's honest but blunt opinion. "If you're going to eat mine, let me try your's, Rood!"

Dio steals one of Rood's cookies and eats it.


This sensation... This taste was not one that Dio had ever felt before.


Dio places his hand on Rood's shoulder.

"You don't need all those cookies right...?" Dio smoothly says to his friend with a gleam in his eyes.

"..." Rood wasn't all that into cookies and there were plenty to share. He didn't see why Dio had to react like that.

"Not bad." Shicmuon commented on the cookie he bit into. Rood was a better cook than he thought. "Aside from running away and being short, you're good at cooking."

Were those two necessary... A large tick mark appears on Rood's head as his face darkens.

"You act more like a girl."

Inside Rood, something snapped.

"You sure you're male."

That tears it.

I'm going to kill him.

"Tasty." Professor Rowell said appearing out of nowhere. Like Shicmuon, she stole one of Rood's cookies and is currently eating it.

This surprised everyone as they didn't expect to see Professor Rowell in their class. And eating a cookie no less. One student in particular was not happy to see the blue haired woman in their classroom.

"Get lost, woman." Shicmuon snarled at Professor Rowell as he glared at her.

"No." Professor Rowell refused ignoring Shicmuon's death glare that would send any man or woman running for the hills. "You get lost."

The atmosphere between the two powerful magicians turns cold as they glare at each other trying to get rid of the other. So much that lightning manifests between them. Hitting each other causing sparks. As usual, they don't get along with each other. The tension was unbearable for the normal students around them.

While Shicmuon and Professor Rowell have their glaring contest, footsteps were heard from the door drawing closer and closer by the second until...


A lavender haired Hereis arrived cheerfully calling out to his idol. He was beyond happy to meet his idol.

Rood on the other hand paled at the sight of Linus.

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