Unknown Entity

Misunderstandings & Accidents

The sweet mellifluous sound of the birds chirping followed by a gentle breeze. The sun shining brightly down from the beautiful clear blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. Not too hot. Not too cold either. What a perfect time for a swim.

"Whoa, I heard we had pool here, but I didn't think we'd actually get to use it for class!" Dio says in awe at the sight of the large swimming pool.

The swimming pool in Helios includes not just a swimming pool capable of fitting 150 people but also includes a 30 meter diving board as well as a diving platform and a water slide to the students pool time an enjoyable one. In case, the swimming pool beings too crowded there are several other swimming pools in the area each with their own diving board, diving platform, and water slide. Rather a school swimming pool, it looked more like a water park. Either way, the students were ecstatic to see the swimming pool. All except for one absent student.

"It's too bad Rood isn't here." Dio says as he missed his blond friend.

Lidusis too shared the same feelings as Dio. He missed Rood and wanted to enjoy the pool with him. This was his first time playing in a swimming pool with his friends. He wanted to at least make it memorable.

But it couldn't be helped.

"Although I can't really blame him after what happened..." Dio felt sorry for his friend. "That Hereis... I think his name was Linus or something... started clinging onto Rood..."

Back when Linus suddenly showed up in the middle of their class, he immediately pounced on Rood who simply stepped to the side to avoid any unnecessary contact with the lavender haired Hereis. Linus's sudden appearance surprised Dio along with the rest of the class. It wasn't common to see a Hereis barging in the middle of a class for Iduns.

"... And chased after him..."

Soon afterwards Linus started chasing after Rood saying how he only wanted to hang out. Now that Linus knows his identity, Rood will have to keep his distance from the Hereis. That and he was too overbearing for Rood to handle. Staring at the fleeting sight of his friend, Dio couldn't help but wonder what happened between them. Before, Linus treated Rood like he was some weak child that needed protection, but now he's acting like Rood was some sort of idol or god.

"Wonder where Rood is..." Dio says as he looks at his classmates playing around in the swimming pool. A few sliding down the water slide. Several like Iel who simply watched at the sidelines not wanting to take part in the fun. And a couple diving off the diving boards and diving platforms. "Oh, well... He'll show up eventually... Might as well have some fun!"

Dio dives head first into the pool splashing some water at his classmates.

Lidusis smiles as he sees his friend goofing around. Dio was probably trying to ease his worries. He had such great friends... Kind and amazing friends.


But what was this ominous foreboding feeling he had?


Rood lets out a sigh. He finally managed to lose that persistent Hereis. At least, Shicmuon and Professor Rowell weren't chasing after him. Right after Rood ran out of the classroom, Professor Kan showed up preventing Professor Rowell from pursuing him. Another professor showed up with Professor Kan but Rood didn't get a chance to see who the other professor was since he was busy running from Linus. He only realized that Professor Kan arrived when he heard the professor shout out Professor Rowell's name telling her to stop. That was a strangely fortunate turn of events for the normally unfortunate Rood.

Rood felt sorry for the professor who came into their classroom after Rood left. Now the poor professor had to deal with Shicmuon. Not much he could do. It would have been worse if Rood stayed there.

It was good that he lost Linus although Rood was currently facing another problem. He had no idea where his next class was. He remembered Professor Orphell telling their class that today was going to be a bit different due to the inspections going around. He said that he would have a professor come back when class was almost over to take them to their next class.

But due to certain circumstances, Rood wasn't able to return back before the period ended. And even if he did go back now, it would be pointless since the room would be empty already.

What should I do...?

Not sure where his next class is, Rood didn't know what to do at the moment that is until he heard something.

"Rood Chrishi."

Rood turns around to see who was the person calling out his name.

Lapis was surprised to see Rood on his way to class. His class was holding practical lessons in one of the training rooms.

Rood froze at the sight of Lapis. He wasn't sure how to react to Lapis. The guy was Linus's closest friend. And now that Linus knows his identity, Lapis is eventually going to find out too. Better steer clear away from him since it's likely that Linus will ask him about Rood's whereabouts. He can't have Linus knowing where he is.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class, right now?" Lapis asked concerned about why Rood was here instead of with his classmates.

Rood wasn't sure what to tell Lapis, but he couldn't tell him that he was avoiding Linus.

"I... I got lost." Rood blurted out. Rood mentally slapped himself for saying such a cliche line.


From the looks of it, Lapis bought it.

Rood was a bit relieved to see that Lapis wasn't suspicious of him. He needs to get away from Lapis before Linus arrives to ask him about his whereabouts.

"Then where's your class? I'll take you there." Lapis offered to help Rood. He didn't want leave the chronically ill Idun by himself. Who knows what might happen on his way back to class.

"N-No, you don't have to." Rood politely refused. He couldn't have Lapis tailing him. That would only cause more problems.

"Why? You can't get to class so you need a guide."

"I-It's fine. I can get there by myself."

Why is he so insistent not receiving help? Lapis found it strange how Rood kept on telling Lapis that he was fine on his own. Did something happen in class?

If memory serves, wasn't there a guy in Rood's class who was bullied by Chevel before.

It couldn't be... He's being bullied. Come to think of it. Wasn't that nasty looking brute of a roommate also in his class?

Last time, Lapis saw Shicmuon he got a good look the said Hereis mounted on top of the weak bodied Idun and then chasing after the poor kid. That wasn't just it. Before he recalled Shicmuon pinning the poor child against a wall. It looked like he was out for Rood. And they're also classmates as well.

Come to think of it, when Lapis heard that Lidusis was being bullied by Chevel, nearly the whole school isolated him and treated him like a monster. Even his own classmates gave him the cold shoulder. If Rood really was being bullied, then it's possible that the same thing is happening in his class. His classmates were probably either isolating him or picking on him for his weak constitution. All because of that Hereis. He probably started the whole thing and eventually got the whole class to participate.

That scoundrel... Lapis hated people like that. With no disregard, they abuse their authority and pick on the weak.

Then in that case, it's no wonder Rood didn't want his help. He probably didn't want to go back to his classroom so he lied about being lost. It wouldn't make any sense for a student to get lost. It's already been some time since he started school. He was probably skipping class because of the abuse he suffered from that low life.

Knowing this, he can't leave the poor bullied child alone all by his oh so lonesome self with no one to mend his traumatized heart. Resolved, Lapis knew what he had to do for the sad child. (A/N: Except that it's just his wild imagination.)

Lapis places his hands on Rood's shoulders startling the kid who wasn't expecting that.

"Don't worry this Big Brother will protect you!" Lapis assures Rood who was confused by Lapis's words. "I'll make sure you'll to protect you from the evil fiend!" (A/N: Again all just a misunderstanding on his part.)


Rood seriously had no idea what Lapis was talking about. Big brother? Protect? Evil fiend? Was this guy alright in the head?

Despite Rood's protests, Lapis brought Rood with him to his class where he would keep an eye on the child and any nasty cretin that dares to bring harm to this child's unfortunate life.

"Hey Lapis, why'd you bring that kid here? He's not from our class." One of Lapis's classmates whispers towards Lapis while their teacher was in the middle explaining their lesson.

"He's a very lonely and unfortunate child." Lapis starts to tear up. "I can't bring it in me to send that poor child back to that wretched place."

Lapis's classmate was wondering if Lapis ate something weird, because he was acting weirder than usual.

Before he could say anything, their professor had already caught them talking in the middle of his explanation.

"Seeing as how you two enjoy moving your mouths so much, why don't you two try moving your bodies instead?" The professor spotted the Iduns. He wasn't going to let two students get away with talking in the middle of his instructions. "As I was saying before, today's lesson will be a simple spell of utilizing the mana in these mana stones."

The professor holds up a round mana stone for testing.

"You may use any weapon you choose to attack those stone walls. However they aren't just simple stone walls. Mr. Nuadly, why don't you be the first to demonstrate?"

"Gladly..." Lapis steps up with a mana stone and sword in his hands.

The focus of the lesson was simple: cause as much damage to the stone walls as possible using the mana from the mana stone to strengthen the sword. With that in mind, Lapis concentrates on the mana inside inside the mana stone trying to get the mana to flow to the sword.

1 minute later...


2 minutes later...

No change.

5 minutes later...

Absolutely no change whatsoever.

Eh? Why? Lapis didn't get why the mana wasn't going to the sword like he tried.

The atmosphere in the room turned awkward when no spell was being casted on the sword.

"That was my fault. You can go back, Mr. Nuadly. First one up is..."

"You're just going to pretend like nothing happened!" Lapis retorted.

"Mr. Nuadly, I apologize for my mistake in forgetting that you have absolutely no talent for magic at all."

An arrow labeled 'No talent' stabs Lapis in heart.

"Rest assured, I will forget about your complete failure."

Yet another arrow this time labeled 'Failure' stabs Lapis.

"So don't..." The professor continues on until he notices Lapis sitting by himself hugging his knees as he wallows in his own despair with the words 'Failure' and 'No magical talent' floating around him. "Oh my, he seems a bit under the weather. How on earth did this happen?"

Apparently, the professor remained oblivious to the damage his words had done to Lapis.

Because of you... The rest of the class internally retorted to themselves.

Despite not being originally part of the class, Rood was allowed special permission to be present. Rood wasn't sure how Lapis managed to convince the professor to allow him to stay although Rood had a feeling it had something to do with the reason why Lapis dragged him to his class since he could vaguely hear small bits of their conversation when Lapis went to discuss with his professor about Rood's presence. He heard Lapis shouting out several words like 'Unfortunate child' and 'Savage barbarian.' He still couldn't understand what Lapis was talking about or what was going on inside his head. Eventually, the professor caved in and allowed Rood to stay and watch much to Rood's chagrin.

Once again, Lapis tried to enforce his sword with the mana from the mana stone but to no avail. He refused to give up. It was his dream to become a high ranked magician like Blow, Shicmuon, and Professor Rowell.

"You still at it, Lapis? Might as well give up." One of Lapis's classmates lightheartedly said to the talentless blond.

"No way! If I can't do something like this, then how can I become a splendid magician!" Lapis refused to admit defeat.

"A splendid magician?"

"Yes, just like Blo— the Black Magician." Lapis almost carelessly blurted out Blow's name.

The Black Magician. Opion's top magician. A first ranked magician who saved Helios from the invasion of Rubymonter and her gang. And destroyed the [Door] to the demon world. To be like him is what many dream to be but can't dream of achieving.

And here was Lapis Yuan Nuadly, a student who has been an Idun ever since he first started Helios due to his poor skill at handling magic. Also dubbed the 'Eternal Idun' (by Chevel).

For someone like this to dream of being a high ranking magician let alone one like the Black Magician. This was...

This was...

This was just...







Lapis's classmate looks at Lapis with a look of pure sympathy.

"What's with that look?! Don't look at me like!" Lapis cried out. Those eyes. They hurt. "I don't need your pity!"

They say that sympathy hurts more than malice. Well, they were right.

This was much more worse than any of Chevel's insults.

"I'll show you that I can become a strong magician like the Black Magician!" Lapis declared with teary eyes.

"I'm sure you will." Lapis's classmate humors him.

"What's with that condescending tone?! Don't look down on me!"

Lapis goes back to his practice session and tries to draw mana from the mana stone into the sword. Struggling with all his might, Lapis continues to practice in hopes that his efforts will be paid off. However still no spell was cast. He was able to manifest some mana from the mana stone seeing the stone glow from the mana being drawn out, but he can't seem to get to the mana into the sword.

"Mr. Nuadly, just staring at the mana stone won't do you any good." The professor told his student when he went to check on how Lapis was doing.

"I'm practicing! I'm trying to cast a spell on the sword with the mana from the mana stone!"

"I can see that you're working very hard. Don't worry although your skills pretty much stink I'll give you an A for effort."

"I don't need your pity! And what do you mean my skills stinks?!"

Great. Now even the professor was patronizing him too.

"I'll show you! I'll succeed! And I'll show you that I can become a high ranking magician like the Black Magician!" Lapis declared as he points to his professor.

An unskillful Idun saying that he'll become a high ranking magician like the Black Magician.

"..." The professor simply looked at him with pity just like how Lapis's classmate did when Lapis said the same thing to him. "... Mr. Nuadly, reality is cruel."

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean!"

Why was it that everyone was looking down on him! So he didn't have much talent when it came to magic, but that didn't automatically mean wouldn't end up as a magician.

From a distance, Rood had been sitting on a chair who knows where Lapis got that from as he observes Lapis's class perform their practical lessons. Rood didn't know why Lapis was so insistent on having Rood stay even though all he was suppose to do was watch from the sidelines.

What is he doing?

Seeing the magically incompetent Idun attempt to perform a simple spell only to end in failure, Rood wondered if there was any point for him to be there. He wasn't even part of their class in the first place so he didn't understand why Lapis had to drag him there.

I can't stay here too long.

The thought of Linus showing up greatly worried Rood. He didn't want to run into the Black Magician fanatic. But most of all, he was concerned about Lidusis. It wasn't long that he meet the Black Thing again. So far Rood is the only one who knows that he's after Lidusis for some reason which is why he can't leave Lidusis alone especially at a time where he showed up again. Nothing good ever happens whenever he makes an appearance. It could only mean disaster like that time in Ishuella and when he attacked Dio causing that whole incident. Since he's made an appearance again, does that mean he's plotting something again? Rood's suspicions worries him the more he thinks about it.

No reason to over stay my welcome than necessary. Lidusis's safety is my utmost priority right now. I can't leave him alone with that thing around.

Just as Rood was about get up, someone starts to talk to him.

"Those jerks... Looking down on me like that..." Lapis didn't take it too well at how his classmates and even the professor were making fun of him. "How do you like it here?"

Lapis turns his attention back to his guest.

"It's probably a bit lonely not having someone to talk to. So feel free to talk to me about anything to your heart's content!"

Rood wasn't sure how to react to Lapis except his disgruntled facial expression said more than enough although Lapis paid no heed to it as he was caught up in his world.

"I don't understand why everyone is looking down on me and giving me those pitiful looks. It's not like it's impossible! As long as I work hard, I can become a high ranking magician like the Black Magician!"

Rood could see that Lapis was quite ambitious and was slightly moved by Lapis's dedication but that still didn't explain why he had to drag to his class.

"And as proof, I will show everyone that I can accomplish today's assignment without fail! Just watch Rood! Your Big Brother will prove to everyone that he can become a powerful magician!"

So that was the reason he dragged him there? Rood looks at Lapis with contempt thinking that he was dragged there just for that.

"What's with that look! Why are you looking at me like I'm a piece of trash?!" Lapis was a bit taken back by Rood's foul mood.

"Ah, my bad. I accidentally let out my true feelings."

"So that's how you see me as?!"

Leaving that aside, Lapis reattempts to successfully cast the spell on the sword.

1 minute later...


5 minutes later...


15 minutes later...






No progress.

Lapis falls to his knees in despair as he had made no progress in his attempts to casting a spell. Again, all of his attempts were in vain.

Taking pity on Lapis a little, Rood decides that it would be best to lend him a hand, but most of all, he just wanted to hurry up and leave. He still has to meet up with Lidusis.

As Lapis attempts to once more cast the spell on the sword, Rood places his hand on the mana stone Lapis is holding. Giving him a hand won't hurt anyone.

"Don't concentrate so hard and relax a little. Think of it as breathing."

Breathing? Lapis was a bit stumped by Rood's words.

Lending Lapis a hand, Rood imbues the mana from the mana stone into the sword strengthening its durability and power.

Lapis just stared in awe at the mana enforced sword. He couldn't believe it. He had finally succeeded in using magic for once.

He wasn't the only one as a handful of Lapis's classmates had seen the spectacle and couldn't believe it either. They had just witnessed Lapis performing magic for the first time since his admittance into Helios.

With the sword in hand, Lapis tests out its capabilities and swings the sword at a stone wall slicing the wall in two.

Now this caught everyone's attention including the professor.

Those were specially designed only to be attacked by mana enforced attacks... But even so, at most a student could have done was leave large cuts on it. The professor was astounded by how the worst student in his class (when it came to practical) could slice a mana enforced stone wall in two like that. It was beyond him.

The one most surprised by the outcome was Lapis as he never imagined he would actually do such a thing. He thought he'd just leave marks on it, but instead he actually managed to slash in half. While Lapis was left dumbfounded by his own actions, his classmates surround him questioning him on how he could accomplish such a feat.

"Hey Lapis, what did you just do?"

"Were you secretly training or something?"

"So you weren't just a useless, excess baggage after all!"

"Tell me how I can do that too!"

"Yeah, share some pointers with us!"

As Lapis's classmates bombard the still dumbstruck Idun, Rood had only one thing on his mind.

I messed up...

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