Unknown Entity


Oh boy. How on earth did he end up in this situation?

This crushing gaze from behind was too much for Rood, but the one next to him was even worse. He could even feel the oppressive aura from his ill tempered neighbor.

One way or another he got caught in the middle of two Hereis staring at him. One Hereis next to him. And one behind him. Their burning gazes were too much for Rood. He wanted nothing more than for class to end already.

"Ah... Grium, it might be... How should I say this... wrong?" Orphell cuts in not sure how to put in similar terms. "But could you refrain from glaring at Chrishi..."

"But Professor, I'm not glaring. I'm just staring." Linus giddily corrected his new professor as he continues to affectionately observe his idol like a teenage girl looking at her crush which was far from the menacing glare Shicmuon was giving.

"Whatever it is. Just stop. You're disturbing the whole class."

"Don't you mean 'distracting?'" Linus rectified still staring at Rood.

"No, disturbed." Orphell knew what he said. "I don't know why your strangely attached to Chrishi, but don't get too attached."

"Why's that?"

"Because he'll be going to Xatyre for the training camp (that's if he chooses to go)."

"It's no problem if I go too~"

"No, you won't be going. It's exclusively for the Iduns practical training. You'll be returning back to your original class with Baldwin."


Did he hear that right?


Talk about a lucky break. Rood was glad that the moment class ended. Shicmuon and Linus left as soon as class ended although he didn't know why they were in such a rush to get out.

Oh well, he didn't want to deal with them any longer than he had to. Having the both of them around tired him out.

"Someone sure is getting popular." Dio lightly joked.

"Can it. Or I'll remove that idiotic look on your face... permanently."

Rood was in no mood for jokes. He was already dead tired from having to endure the long agonizing stares from not only Shicmuon but also Linus now.

"How mean!" Dio whined. "I don't have an idiotic look on my face!"

"Uh... Dio, I don't think that's the point." Lidusis quietly pointed out.

"Oh yeah. Since you left earlier, you forgot these." Dio places a bunch of small neatly wrapped bags of cookies on Rood's desk.

"Thanks." Rood thanked Dio who was looking the cookies with the look of a hungry child.

Taking pity on his friend, Rood let Dio have one.

With the small bag of cookies in his hands, Dio started eating them as he munched on his first cookie. Dio shreds tears at the joy of being able to eat Rood's cookies again.

Rood sweat drops at his friend's over exaggerated reaction. Sometimes, Rood hardly knew what goes on inside Dio's head. They were just cookies. Speaking of cookies.

"You saved some too?" Rood noticed the small bag of cookies in Lidusis's hands. "You want some of mine. I have plenty extras."

"Really!" Dio jumped at the mention of Rood's cookies.

"Not you." Rood bluntly told Dio.

"No, these are not for me..." Lidusis meekly clarified as Dio was crying in the background at Rood's cold response.

"Then it's for someone else?"

Rood doubts its for him or Dio since the three of them baked cookies together so there wouldn't have been any point in giving some for them leaving aside Dio who was especially fond of Rood's cookies. If it wasn't for him or Dio, then who else could be? It wouldn't be any one in their class since everyone probably had some of their own. And Lidusis hardly interacted with anyone else besides him or Dio. There was no one else outside of class that Lidusis was close to. Unless...

"Chevel Phon Hadelio..."


Lidusis instinctively flinches at the name.

"That's the person you're giving them to."

A small smile forms on Rood's mouth.

"Isn't it?"

He didn't know what sort of past they had, but he was happy to see his friend taking one step forward.

Lidusis meekly nods in response too nervous to answer.

"Then in that case, why didn't you say so sooner?"

Knowing Lidusis, he'd be too shy to give to Chevel on his own.

After investigating the scene where the Black Thing appeared, Orphell wasn't able to gather much information about the Black Thing's intentions, but he did find a few worthwhile clues that would prove to be beneficial for his investigation. Although they wouldn't help lead him closer to finding out the Black Thing's intentions, it wasn't all in vain. In fact, they proved to lead him to another special being.

Going over the paperwork and preparations for the training camp, Orphell makes sure to ensure that the training camp goes smoothly. The last thing they needed was another incident like the one with Professor Heil.

"How did it go?" Orphell asks his partner, Deon, who seemed a bit hesitant to answer.

"You see... It was a miss..."

"How so?"

"He didn't show up." Deon explained. "It seems that a Hereis showed up and chased after him in the previous class so he couldn't make it."

"What an unfortunate turn of events..." Orphell wasn't expecting this.

"Orphell-nim, I don't really see the point in doing all this. You changed the original study hall session to a swimming class the moment you saw the recording on your mana stone."

"Deon, you saw it too."

Before when they watching the recording of the fight from Orphell's mana stone, they saw on the white hooded figure's left was a cut. And that cut was their only lead to who the white hooded figure's identity who was likely to be the Black Magician. And if the Black Magician was among his students, he'd need to do a check up to see who had the cut on their arm. However, he also needed to make sure not arouse any suspicions from the students so he planned the swimming class for that reason.

And from Deon's story, none of the students had a bandaged arm or a cut, but that only applied to the students who were present. There were two students who had been absent from that class: Shicmuon and Rood Chrishi. Orphell already knew Shicmuon's identity so it couldn't have been him. He was also aware that Shicmuon was having a private conversation with Van which meant that he had an alibi. So the only one left was Rood. From what the students said, Linus showed up out of nowhere in their class and started chasing after Rood who in turn ran away from the Hereis. This caused him to miss the next class which put a wrench into Orphell's plans.

Orphell had his suspicions on the boy for quite some time, but he couldn't gather the evidence to assure his theory.

But now he has it. And he doesn't intend to let it slip by.

He already let the Black Thing slip past him twice. He wasn't going to let this one get away either.

Without a doubt, Orphell is sure that he knew more than he was letting on.

Back when he appeared to save Dio, he said that Dio had nothing to with the Ishuella incident. He sounded completely certain of it. No hesitation. Or hint of deception. It didn't look like he was lying either. If that was the case, how did he know? And just how much does he know that they don't?

"If we don't act now, we'll lose our one lead in aiding our investigation."

Orphell wasn't going to let him get away until he finds out the truth. There were far too many mysteries surrounding the Black Magician. And one of them is bound to help advance their investigation.

"I'm still doubtful whether or not that kid is the Black Magician, but I'll do what I can to help." Deon didn't want to leave all the work to his diligent partner. "But Orphell-nim, won't it be difficult with that Shicmuon around?"

"Yes, if we're not careful, he'll easily sniff us out. But with the aid of that man, Shicmuon won't be able to move around as freely as before."

"You mean that other Association magician..."

"His presence is a vital role needed."

"Really...?" Deon never knew the Association had someone so reliable as to handle Shicmuon of all people.

"For the moment, we won't have to worry about Shicmuon interfering. The Association's Dog will be able to keep that unruly delinquent at bay long enough for us to continue our investigation. And I want to find out more about that child."

"Is that why you said the Hereis can't go? To keep Shicmuon in Helios?"

"That was the school's decision since the location were going to holds many rare species and endangered animals... I'm sure even you can picture what the results will be..."

Deon didn't have to be a genius to figure out what would happen if Shicmuon ran wild.

Complete destruction.

Dead plants. Injured animals. A beautiful forest reduced to a burnt wasteland.

Basically, a catastrophe.

"I see your point. But I do have one question. Why did you let that Hereis into your class?" Deon asked curious as to why Orphell put Linus in his class.

Why? Orphell slowly reminiscences about his previous encounter with Linus.

It was just a simple follow up after returning back from investigating the area where the Black Thing was last seen. His mind was preoccupied with the matter of the recording on his green mana crystal.

That cut...

If he was hiding among the Idun, then it's likely he still has it on him.

Right now, it was his only clue to who that person's identity could be. He can't let this chance go.

"Professor Orphell!"

Orphell heard someone calling out to him from behind. Looking back, he sees a familiar face.

He never expected it to be Linus.

Oh, how he wished that the Hereis hadn't shown up at that time, because Linus had kept on pestering Orphell asking him put in his class for some apparent reason. Orphell had no idea what Linus was thinking for wanting to be put in a class with Iduns.

At first, Orphell didn't give in to Linus's strange demand, but after constant pleas and begging he finally caved in.

Orphell gets a headache just remembering it. It was just too much for him and annoyed him to no end so he just accepted Linus's request to shut him up.


Thinking about it, he still wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not.

Where did he go?

The last time Chevel remembered seeing Linus was when he left their classroom. After that, he never came back. Chevel didn't really care what Linus did, but he was curious as to what he was doing to miss class. He was not the type to skip classes.

He probably went to see that Eternal Idun...

Chevel simply shrugged it off to the side.

Whatever that guy was doing, Chevel knew it was not good.

Getting some fresh air helped clear his mind a little. A little walk never hurt anyone.

"Oh well..." Chevel scratches his head. "Got nothing to do with m—"

. . . . .

A cold wind blows past Chevel as he comes face to face with the last person he wanted to meet.

The inside of his mind is left in a state of chaos at the moment as he tries to go over how to handle this situation.

Chevel's Options:

1. Say, "Hello."

2. Continue on and pretend like nothing happened

3. Run away

So far those were the only three options he could think of on the spot.

Wait, he didn't have to think about this. He just had one option. Following his instincts, Chevel knew what to do.

He went with Option#3: He ran.

However as soon as he turned around to run, he was stopped in his tracks when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"And where do you think you're going?" Rood sweetly questions a trembling Chevel who was sweating profoundly.

Underneath Rood's gentle facade, Chevel knew that there was more to it than that. Chevel could feel it in his bones. He didn't know if he did something to upset the younger yet way stronger than him magician.

"I have a bit of a favor to ask you~"

This couldn't be good.

Of all the things, Chevel Phon Hadelio wasn't expecting this.

Oddly enough, he would have preferred Rood beating him up than this.


On second thought, no beating up either.

It was bad enough that their relationship was rocky right now after all that's happened. The long awkward silence between them wasn't helping either.

Awhile ago, Rood dragged him into some random storage room. And after pushing him in, he just closed the door on him. It was then that he noticed the presence of the other person in the room as well. And worst of all, it was his old childhood friend/ former victim of his bullying.

It's been at least a good 10 minutes since they've been left alone and neither side has said a word.

What should I do?

Chevel was currently panicking inside his mind unsure how to handle the situation. If it was Rood he was talking to, the younger would have initiated a conversation on his own whereas with Lidusis it was difficult to even start one since he was the one to do the talking.

I want to leave, but if I do...

Chevel glances to the side fully of aware of the presence of a certain pair of Iduns peeking from the entrance. One of which was the one who put him in his current predicament. The other he already knew as the friend of Rood Chrishi and a nonhuman student as well.

Should he by any chance choose to leave, he had a feeling he'd be meeting Ibriel sooner than he thought.

Leaving was definitely not an option. He likes his sister very much, but he also likes living too.

"So what is that you want?" Chevel curtly asked.

The sooner he gets this over with the better.

Lidusis instinctively flinches at Chevel's rough manner making him more nervous than he before which doesn't go undetected by Chevel.

He didn't mean to make him scared or anything.

Now he's done it. Chevel had nearly forgotten that Lidusis was being protected by the undercover Idun who goes by the name of the Black Magician.

Behind him, Chevel could feel a scary oppressive aura along with a tremendous amount of bloodlust in the air. Only one person could possibly radiate such bloodlust. He didn't have to turn back to know who it was.

Chevel's intuition was spot on. Even Dio felt a bit uncomfortable with his close friend staring at Chevel with a disapproving look on his face.


Chevel draws his attention back to Lidusis when the latter starts to speak at last.

"... I made these in class with Rood's help." Lidusis holds out the small of cookies he made beforehand. "I don't know if they're to taste, but I was wondering..."

"... if you'd want some..." Lidusis quietly whispers the last part.

Cookies? Chevel looks at the small bag of cookies in Lidusis's hands.

Chevel sighs.

That guy...

Really, Lidusis was quite the troublesome guy, but Chevel didn't mind as he held out his hand.

Lidusis stares at Chevel's hand. Did he want a handshake?

"What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to give it or not?" Chevel asked impatiently.

Lidusis gently smiles knowing that Chevel had accepted his gift.

"I-It's not like I want it or not. I just happened to be a bit hungry at the moment. That's all." Chevel denied turning his had away while blushing in embarrassment. "Don't get the wrong idea. So hand it over."


Lidusis places his bag of cookies in Chevel's open hand.

The room's mood turns good by the kindling friendship of the two former childhood friends.

Watching from behind the door, Rood and Dio were happy for their friend.






But then a problem struck Chevel.

Wait a minute, didn't he say that he made these with Rood as in Rood Chrishi. The same child who had a mission of protecting Lidusis. Although he hasn't done anything recently, that didn't dismiss the fact that Chevel had done terrible things to Lidusis before. Surely, the kid would have thought of put something strange in them while Lidusis wasn't looking.

There wouldn't by any chance be poison in them? Would there?

Omake Take 1

After finding Chevel, Rood was about to ask Chevel a favor that is until the Hereis just turned around which he found strange.

Did he forget something back in class?

And why did his face turn pale as soon as he made eye contact with Rood.

Sometimes, Rood didn't understand Chevel's train of thoughts.

Then without a moment's rest, Chevel started to run out of nowhere.

Rood wasn't going to let him get away without letting him see Lidusis first. Rood dives in grab Chevel's shoulder.

However, unbeknownst to him, someone had left a banana peel on the floor which should have been thrown in the trash.

As fate would have it, Rood ended up slipping on the banana peel.

To make matters worse, he ended up grabbing onto something that wasn't Chevel's shoulders or rather... his pants instead.

And Chevel who was about to run, he ended up falling flat on the ground when he tried to run but got his legs ensnared by his own pants.

Passing by students walked by trying to pretend like they saw nothing while a few stopped and stared for awhile.

They weren't sure how to deal with this type of situation, but they did know one thing.

They chose not to comment on Chevel's heart patterned boxers.


Seeing as though he had all those extra cookies left, Rood decided to give some to Lapis and Linus when they made another visit to Rood's classroom as soon as their lessons ended.

"You're giving these to us!" Lapis was astonished to receive such a gift from a friend. Normally, he just gets insults (from Linus), but this was a first. This was the first time he's received a present from a friend before. Lapis was moved beyond tears, but he was still crying though. "I'll treasure this for the rest of my life."

"Cookies from Rood-nim!" Linus gleefully rubs his cheek on the bag of cookies ecstatic to receive such a thing from his idol. "I'll put this in with the rest of my Black Magician collection."

"No... You don't have to..." Rood retorted slightly disturbed by Linus's comment of his Black Magician collection. What exactly did he mean by that... "... You can just eat them like normal..."

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