Unknown Entity

Going to Town

"Based on Shicmuon's report, the whole incident was behind three individuals. None of which were human. And one of them was responsible for the breach in Helios's barrier. The fact that one of them had easily taken over Helios's barrier is enough proof that they were opponents that would be difficult to handle. And among them, there was one of them that was able to prevent the magicians from using their magic."
Indeed, there was no enemy greater than that. Without magic, the magicians are powerless to protect the students. For them, there was no situation worst than that.

"According to the magicians we sent to check on the barrier, they found absolutely no trace of the enemy's mana left on the barrier." Orphell continued.

How boring. Shicmuon wanted to this meeting to hurry up and end. He still has to find Rood.

Speaking of which, where did that kid go anyway?

Meanwhile somewhere on campus, a certain pale blonde haired Idun felt a cold shiver down his spine.

Somehow, he had a bad feeling about it.

It's best to complete this mission before things get worse.

However fate had other things planned out for Rood.


Rood recognized the owner of that annoyingly cheerful voice. Only one person could sound so stupid as that: Dio Varus.

"Where have you been? Did you finally lose that psychotic stalker?" Dio halfheartedly joked.

Rood on the other hand was in no mood for jokes. He got lucky when Professor Kan called out Shicmuon to that meeting. Any longer and that guy would have awakened demanding a match.

"Are you alright?" Lidusis who arrived with Dio had been concerned about his younger friend ever since that quick tempered Hereis showed up.

"I'm fine." Rood feigns innocence.

Although I can't say the same thing about my future. Rood internally cries at the thought.

Now that Shicmuon knows his identity things will only get more complicated.

"Hey, did you hear?" Dio started.


Rood did really care what Dio had to say. He had more important issues to worry about. It was probably something stupid like that previous joke he made.

"Apparently, the school gave us permission to go out into town."


"So why don't we go and have some fun! "

"Then go by yourself." Rood bluntly told his friend.

"How mean! With all that's been going on, we need a change of pace."

A change of pace? Shicmuon's in a meeting right now so he'll go tearing through the school for him after it's done.

"Sure why not..." Rood doubts Shicmuon would think to find him outside of Helios. "But you're paying..."

"What! Why me?! Why not Lord Artian!" Dio points to Lidusis.

Being the son of a duke, it was obvious who had more money compared to the two.

"It was your idea. So you pay." Rood deadpanned.

Watching his two friends engage into their usual conversation where Rood would unintentionally say offensive things to Dio while the latter would whine, it was at times like these that Lidusis wished they'd last forever.

Although deep down, he knew that Rood was hiding something from him. What kind of secret was he hiding? Was it something like Dio's secret?

Something wasn't right. Lapis wasn't sure what was wrong, but he knew something was way off. Honestly, he wants nothing more than to speak out his opinion but...

"Hey Lapis, you think I can get the professors to get me into an Idun class like that new Hereis..."

New Hereis?

"Hey Lapis, how are the Idun... Is there anyone strong or cool there?"


"Do you think you can take me to Professor Heil's class?"


"Hey Lapis..."

"Enough! What's with you!" Lapis couldn't take it anymore. Nonstop, his lavender haired friend had been going on and on about the Idun.

"What do you mean?" Linus cheerfully asks not getting his friend's message.

"I mean what's gotten into you. Usually, the only thing that comes out of your mouth are topics about Blow-nim. And now you're asking about my classmates, other Iduns, and Professor Heil's class. Not to mention, you're acting like you found some rare mana stone. "

This whole time his Hereis friend had been in a good mood the whole time behaving like a love struck girl asking about her crush.

"In a way, I did find something rare."

So he did find a rare mana stone!

"And for your classmates to tolerate with your uselessness for so long, they must have be something. With group lessons coming up, your group will have to put in a lot of effort to make up for your incompetence. Hahaha..." Linus playfully jokes.

"You insulted me just now. You definitely just did..." Lapis wasn't pleased to be casually insulted like that although it was nothing new since Linus would purposely say things like to him and other things just to tick him off.

All jokes aside, Linus had informed his Idun friend what he learned and heard from the conversation between the two new professors.

Lapis could not believe what he was hearing when his friend told him that the Black Magician was under disguise in Helios as a new Idun in Professor Heil's class. That would explain how he was able to be at both incidents. So he was a student this whole time. Somewhere in this school is Blow. Then he still has a chance. He'll find Blow and ask him once again to take him in as his apprentice. There's no better teacher in Helios than the Black Magician even if he's disguised as a student.

"So Lapis, do you think any of your classmates might be Blow-nim—"

Before Linus says anymore, Lapis covers his friend's mouth with his hand.

"You idiot, keep quiet. What if someone hears you?" Lapis yells at his friend in a whispering manner so that no one would overhear their conversation.

Sometimes, Lapis wonders why his friend can't read the mood or at least learn to act appropriately at the right time.

"Anyway, I do agree with you on that though. It is likely that he's hiding as a student. But the real problem is who?"

Somewhere in town, a certain young blonde Idun sneezed.


First, a shiver and now a sneeze. Was he getting a cold?

"Rood, you alright?"

"Yeah..." Rood answered his blue haired friend.

Continuing on with their trip around town, Rood, Lidusis, and Dio walk around doing a little sightseeing.

Hanging out with your two close friends was way better than being stuck in some boring classroom. And luckily for a young Dio Varus, Rood was only joking about him having to pay for them.

As they walk, Dio couldn't help but feel a bit down as he recalls the contents of the letter Rubymonter sent him after she, Gamode, and Elzeble left Helios.

"Keep watch of that human."

Who exactly was Rood? He knew he was the Black Magician. But there was no way, a human could have survived after receiving part of Rubymonter's mana.

Then is Rood really a human? Would that explain why he smelled so familiar?

From Dio's perspective, Rood didn't seem to be any different from other humans aside from his smell, character, and magical talent. Is the kid even aware that he might not be human?

"... Dio..."

It is possible that Rood might not know about his origins.


Dio could careless about Rubymonter's orders as long as he can find that person and kill him.

Rood's scent. Why was it so nostalgic? He needs to know why.


Rood's voice immediately snaps Dio out his train of thoughts.

"What's with you? I've been calling out your name several times all ready..."

Dio knew his friend was probably aware of the fact that he was out of it before, but he couldn't tell him that his thoughts.

He needs to think of something and fast.

"I was just thinking that Rood would look good in these clothes." Dio randomly points to the closest display window near him trying to prevent his friends from getting suspicious of him.








Dio wasn't sure why he was getting such a silent response from them so he turns his head to the shop that he was pointing to.

Much to his surprise, he ended up pointing at cute, frilly light blue dress with white laces from a popular women's clothing store.

"Is that so..."

Despite his smile exterior, Dio could feel the murderous intent behind that not so gentle smile.


He was so dead.

"I'm sorry, Rood!"

Dio makes a break for it before Rood decides to beat him up. Between the two of them when it comes out to a fist fight between them, Dio didn't need to be a genius to figure out that he'd lose hands down in a brawl with Rood. The kid was way tougher than he looks.

Not in the mood for excuses or apologizes, Rood chases after Dio with great killing intent.

Watching the chase scene between Rood and Dio, Lidusis couldn't control himself as he let out a chuckle. His friends were so strange sometimes.

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