Unknown Entity

Despair in the Form of a Cold

Hm... Looking at the thermometer, Axel could only conclude one thing. "Yep, it's a cold alright."

Now bedridden lied a sick Rood still feverish and heavily breathing. Naturally by his side were his two close friends: Lidusis and Dio... as well as a few extras...

"Noooooo!" Lapis cried. "How could I let him fall in such a state of illness! I'm a failure of a Big Brother!"

Lapis bangs on the bed in frustration.

"Dude, it's only a cold." Axel deadpanned. Originally, he was going to hit the baths with the rest of his (male) teammates but got dragged into this he heard the commotion over at the changing room. Since he was currently working with the inn, he couldn't just ignore an ill guest.

"Waaahhh! Rood-nim... Don't die!" Linus cried alongside with Lapis.

"Like I said it's only a cold. No one's dying." Axel wondered if these students were alright in the head.

"Is it serious?" Chevel being the only sensible one between them asked Axel.

"It's a cold so it's nothing too bad, but it's really high for a fever so it'll take a while before he recovers." Axel explained.

"So much longer does he have to live...?"

"Why is it a matter of life and death for you?" Axel didn't get why Linus was over exaggerating so much over a little cold.

Rood... Dio didn't get how Rood could have gotten so ill all of a sudden. He was just fine moments ago. But that didn't matter right now. The problem was that he couldn't do anything for his best friend when he needed him.

Lidusis too felt helpless as he couldn't do anything for his blond roommate despite all the times the latter had saved and helped him. Wasn't there anything he could do?

"He'll live just so you know." Axel clarified for Linus. "But he probably won't be getting up any time soon. Nothing too big though. A good night's rest should do."

"Rood-nim, I'm here for you!"

Does this guy even listen... Axel restrains himself from wanting to smack the Hereis.

"I'll stay by your side until you get better!"

Linus plops his head and arms on top of the bedridden Rood.

"Me too, Rood! I won't leave you alone!"

"Big Brother's here for you!"

Followed by Dio and then Lapis.

Although they meant well, their actions weren't exactly helping Rood who looked like he was suffocating from the extra weight on his body. Scratch that... He's currently suffocating at the moment.

"GET OUT!" Axel grabs Linus, Dio, and Lapis by the back of their collar and throws them out of the door. He even evicted Lidusis, Chevel, and Shicmuon, but he was more gentler with them compared his rough handling of the idiot trio. "No visitors until the patient has recovered."


And with that, Axel slams the door on them officially kicking them out of the room. He even put up a 'Do not Disturb' sign on the door.


Axel sighs at the major migraine he just got from having to deal with those idiots.

"With students like that, you sure got your work cut out for you, Professor..." Axel focuses his attention at the only person he didn't kick out, Professor Orphell.

When he heard about one of his students fainting in the changing room, Orphell hurried over to the room where said student was at. He didn't expect to see the one student that caught his attention the most and suspected.

"They're all good students..." Although some of them weren't from his class. "From what you've said, one of my students, Chrishi, has come down with a cold."

"That's right. It's quite high so I don't think he'll be able to attend classes for a while. I'm no doctor, but a good night's rest should help him get better although I'm not certain if he'll be completely fine by tomorrow. So I recommend that he takes classes off for a while until he fully recovers. Rest assured, our staff are all professionals and will do everything we can to help this child."

Orphell glances over to the ill Idun. Based on the profound amount of sweat from the child's body, Rood was in no condition to be getting up any time soon.

"Then I leave my student in your hands. Please do keep me informed of Chrishi's condition at all times. Should his condition improve or worsen, I would like to be notified right away." Orphell prompted the black haired young man. According to Rood's file and what he's hear, he's a chronically ill child and has a weak constitution since birth. However Orphell heard other several things that contradicted that such as the incident caused by the Klads back when Professor Heil was in charge of the class and how he had a short spar with Professor Rowell. Although Professor Rowell had forced the matter on him, he still came out unharmed and dodged an attack from Professor Rowell as well has block one of her attacks.

However seeing Rood like, he couldn't see anything but an ill child.

Was I mistaken? Is he really just an ill child? Based on his test score on the entrance exam, he's the most talented out of all of the Iduns. Could it have been back then it was simply because of his talent?

Back when a Hereis launched an attack on Shicmuon, although it looked like Chevel was the one, it was actually Rood who blocked it.

No... No matter how talented he is, he's still a new student who hasn't been in the school for that long. Not just that, but practical lessons haven't begun yet so he shouldn't have any experience or knowledge in casting spells much less dispelling one. However thinking back, there were two other promising students in his class that were quite talented despite having no formal lessons in magic. He heard that Iel was adept in magic when she casted a spell on the beasts Professor Heil unleashed on his students. And in the lecture hall, Lidusis showed some skill when he enchanted one of the swords with a mana stone. Orphell glances over to Rood. Looking at him right now, I can't see anything but a sickly child.

"Hey Professor..." Axel calls out to Orphell. "I know you're his professor and all but can ya quit ogling the kid like some creepy pervert."

Axel's blunt words left Orphell dumbfounded.

What's with this school? First, a stalker, and now a voyeur. Are all the professors in this school loons?

Axel remembered seeing another professor with long cerulean hair before staring at Rood back when his friends were bringing him in the room.

As for that cerulean haired professor...

"Tessi! Tessi! Look at what I made!" Royal princess of the country and student at Helios, Yutiarien Meria Kansiole, shows her loyal retainer, Professor Rowell, the drawing of her precious Ming Ming. It's wasn't an exact replica, but it wasn't a crude drawing of scribbles either. It was more like a rough child like drawing that belonged to a 7 year old.

She is currently in her room with her vassal and mission. While the other professors were busy watching over the security so that nothing like what happened with Professor Heil occurred again, Professor Rowell helped an extra stowaway sneak in the trip. When Yuti heard that the Iduns were going away on a training camp, she wanted to go no matter what. It was a perfect chance for her to play with Dio, pet name: Ming Ming.

"Hey Tessi, where did you go before? Bathroom?"

Yuti wondered if something interesting happened. Professor Rowell had been gone for some time for just getting a warm cup of milk.

"Just visiting a sick person." Professor Rowell bluntly spoke giving Yuti just the important details.

"Oh, that's nice."





Moping in the lounge were Linus, Dio, and Lapis who have been like that ever since they were kicked out by Axel while constantly muttering Rood's name to ease their pain. The heavy black aura around them had already said more than enough for them.

What are they doing...? Overreacting much. Chevel knew it was unfortunate that Rood caught a cold, but those three were acting like it was the end of the world. Even Lidusis was acting all depressed with Rood being bedridden. Honestly, now that Rood was gone, Chevel just wanted to return back to his room and leave like Shicmuon did, but... In this atmosphere, that was downright impossible. Better think up something to clear up the mood.

Coincidentally passing by were Arete and Lalita. Chevel noticed them when they were walking by.

"Oh, it's you guys again." Arete said when he spotted Chevel and the others.

This was good. With them around, they could help clear the air a little.

"I heard that blond runt of your's is sick."

Or not...

What is he doing?!

Arete's words just made the mood even worse.

Chevel could practically see thunder coming out of the black clouds around the moping trio.

"And I heard Axel kicked your sorry butts out." Either oblivious to the mood or just plain didn't care Chevel wasn't sure which was the case, Arete continued on like normal. "Wished I was there to see it."

Was he serious?! Did he find this entertaining? Chevel's got to give Lalita and Axel a lot of credit for dealing with this guy.

"Heard the kid was supposed to be chronically ill, though I didn't think he'd catch a cold all of a sudden." Arete did find it strange how Rood got so sick suddenly. He looked alright last time he saw Rood. "Most people don't usually go around catching colds. Unless, he fell in a river or something like that..."

Dio twitches when Arete mentions that as he recalls accidentally pushing Rood into a river that was hundreds of feet under the ledge they were at.

"Or maybe was in an area where there were drastic changes in the temperature."

This time Chevel twitches as he recalls the areas he went with Rood back in the forest had drastic changes in temperature where one area was freezing cold while another was practically as hot as a volcano.

"Even so... Knowing that he has a weak body, only a careless fool would let him roam around the forest unprotected since there's a whole bunch of dangerous animals and poisonous plants all around."

Dangerous animals. Poisonous plants. Thinking about, Lapis did leave Rood all by himself when the child went to search for food for them while they were recuperating.

"Since Rood's sick, why don't we try to help him get better." Lalita suggested to his black haired partner.

The moping trio twitches at the word 'help.'

"Can't be helped, he did look after you while you disappeared."

So Arete can be caring if he tried. Chevel was starting to see Arete in a new light.

"All right, while you epically fail at giving him proper medical attention, I'll be on standby watching the whole ordeal. Don't worry I'll make sure to get Axel ready when things get out of whack."

On second thought, he was still same blockhead as usual.

For Rood's health and his future, it would be best to stop them before they actually do it.

"Hahaha... You guys are so helpless. I guess it can't be helped. In times like this, it's best to rely on the person closest to Rood." Dio confidently boasted. "Just leave it to m—"

"What do you think is a good method to help Rood get better?" Lalita asks Lidusis brushing Dio off to the side. Arete too shared the same amount of consideration for Dio as Lalita did.

"Why are you asking Lord Artian?! Shouldn't you be asking me, Rood's best friend?!" Dio brokenheartedly cried. Those two sure knew how to tear out a man's heart from his body and break it in half.

"But isn't he closer to Rood?" Lalita points to Lidusis.

"You might not know this, but I knew Rood before anyone else did and was with him longer than anyone else!"


"That's right. He's always with me and never leaves my side." Dio boldly expressed.

"Isn't that because you're always following him like a dog?" Chevel pointed out.

"H-He's always looking out for me and saved me whenever I get stuck in some bad situations!" Dio's resolve starts to waver a little.

"I'm pretty sure he'd save you regardless of his feelings for you..." Chevel could testify for that. Back in Ishuella, Rood saved him when he let go of Lidusis's hand despite the fact that their relationship wasn't so great at the time.

Dio falls to the ground in despair. H-How could that be... He thought for sure Rood liked him more than Lidusis.


"Wait a minute..." Dio realizes something that Rood always does to Dio that he could never do to Lidusis. "There's one other thing."

Dio gets back up.

"I'm the only one Rood will hit without hesitation." Dio confidently stated with a proud face.

He's definitely not favoring you at all! Chevel internally retorted.

"Hold it! If anyone's going to be nursing him back to health, that should be left to his Big Brother!" A completely recovered Lapis joined in after realizing that he could nurse Rood.

"It's getting late. You should probably get some rest." Lalita continued on as if Lapis hadn't said anything.

"Not much, you can do now. He'll probably be alright by tomorrow." Arete added.

It seems that no one bothered to pay any heed to Lapis and just ignored him like nothing happened.

"Then I'll be the first person to visit him! Got to get to bed fast if I want to see Rood!" If Dio couldn't nurse Rood back to health, he'll visit him when he gets better tomorrow.

"You should get some sleep too." Chevel tells Lidusis who nods in agreement.

Although he couldn't do anything right now, the least he could do was greet Rood in the morning.

"What about you, Linus?" Chevel turns his attention to Linus who had a pillow and blanket in his hands.

"I'm going to sleep with Rood-nim." Linus cheerfully answered.

"Before I stop you, I ask that you rephrase that or at least choose your words carefully next time." Chevel knew Linus didn't mean any else other than what he said, but it still didn't sit well with Chevel when he heard those words. For Rood's sake, it's best that he didn't have any visitors staying over in his room especially not Linus.

After much resistance and disapproval from Chevel, Linus was forcefully left under house arrest in his own room along with the rest of his roommates. Chevel finally managed to convince the idiot trio to go back to their on the agreement that they'd see Rood first thing in the morning. Thankfully, Lidusis being the only sensible one among them quietly agreed to go back without any resistance. Although strangely enough, he didn't see Shicmuon in the room. Chevel thought he'd find the redheaded Hereis there, but it turned out that he was wrong. No use pondering on the thought, Chevel didn't put much thought into Shicmuon's absence.

And so after one restless night, morning came along with the starting point of their day. Dio, Linus, and Lapis were all ecstatic to see Rood even if it had only been one night. Like them, Lidusis too couldn't contain his excitement which was evident on his face as he was giddily bubbling with joy on the inside. Seeing as how they were going to visit Rood, they all made sure to prepare a get well present for Rood: a basket of fruit. Hopefully, the young magician would be alright now.

So happy to finally see his best friend after one long, lonely night, the dark blue haired Idun hums a cheerful tune in joy.

Nothing could spoil this moment.

"Restrain him! No, get him out of here!"

Well, almost nothing.

Sounds like Axel. What could happening this time?

"Hey Shic, I told you to hold still!" Van holds back his redheaded partner. "Can't you see now's not a good time. You can come back when things get better. What can you do at a time like this?"

"I said let go." Shicmuon grimly orderly the Association Dog.

"And I said to stop!" Van rebutted.

"Uhm, are we interrupting something?" Dio asks Axel who was dead tired from dealing with the Association magician.

"Just a bit tired..." Axel places his hand over his right eye mostly due to exhaustion. "You don't know what I had to go through. That guy wouldn't stay quiet and started making a mess in the middle of the night. Saying something about not leaving Blackie or staying with him otherwise he'll disappear. He was really persistent. Wouldn't take 'No' for an answer and kept on forcing his way in. I had to call a few professors here. Several were sent for medical attention. Right now that guy is the only one left to hold him back."

What a rough night Axel had... Dio couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy for having to deal with Shicmuon. Even Lidusis and Lapis felt sympathetic for Axel.

He must be quiet tired after such a long night.

"So what brings you guys here so late at night?"

Actually, he needed rest ASAP.

"It's not night. It's morning." Dio clarified for Axel.

"Really? Hahaha... Day... Night... Does it make a difference? I've been up keeping one of your classmates from causing a disturbance." Axel lightly laughed with a distant look in his eyes.

Yep, he needed rest alright.

"Well, it doesn't matter if its morning or not. You guys still can't see your friend."

What! Did they hear him clearly?

"You said that we could see Rood when he gets better!"

"No, I'm pretty sure I just kicked your sorry butts." Axel deadpanned. "Whatever the case, the kid still isn't feeling better so no visitors right now."

"Even if he's still sick, can't we at least pay him a visit. He must be lonely without his best friend by his side!"

Axel sweat drops at Dio's remark. Somehow, he found that hard to believe.

"Sorry, I'd let you in if I could, but your friend's condition got worse so we can't have—"

"Wait, what did you just say?!" Dio tightly squeezes both of Axel's arms.

"I just checked. His fever is way higher than before. I don't know how that happened. I gave him all the right medicine and proper aid, but he still hasn't gotten any better. In fact, it got worse."


The life drains from Dio's face at news of his friend.

Looking at the sad, miserable look on the dark blue haired kid's face, Axel saw how much Rood meant to Dio. Not just Dio, but the others too. They had felt their hearts being squeezed from inside when they heard about Rood's condition. Lidusis being the worst one out of all them.

"Axel-nim, the boy is awake!" The mint haired young man from last night with those weird games informed Axel as he comes out of the room Rood was residing in.


Axel sighs.


He gives up. No use talking to them anymore.

"Just this once I'll let it go... However should the patient's condition worsen during your stay... I'm kicking you guys out no questions asked."

"Really!" Linus's eyes sparkle with excitement.

"Thank goodness." Lapis was so glad to know that he could see Rood again.

Even Lidusis brightened up hearing the news.

"Rood!" Dio starts running to Rood.

"Wait a minute."

"Gck!" Just as Dio was making a beeline to where Rood was, Axel grabbed the back of Dio's collar before the Idun disappears and makes things worse.

"Let me tell you this. Although I'm allowing you admittance, that doesn't mean all of you get to go in."

"Then we go in one by one?"

"No, you all get to go in..." Axel responds to Dio's inquiry. "All except for one."

All except for one? So that meant one of them was going to be left behind.

Linus places his hand over Lapis's shoulder.

"Although you won't be with us, I'll be sure to deliver your last words to Rood-nim."

"Don't make it sound like I'm going to die!" It irritated Lapis how Linus was talking as if he were delivering the last words of a dying person. "And what makes you think it's me?!"

"Well, who else could it be but the completely useless baggage?"


Lapis grinds both of his knuckles on his lavender haired friend's temple.

"Ow. Ow. Ow. Lapis that hurts." Linus whined.

"Good, it should."

"So, who is it?" Lidusis asked worried that he may not be allowed to see Rood.

"Him." Axel points to the rampaging, wild beast behind him with his thumb.

Van is using all of his strength to hold Shicmuon back from storming into the room of a sick child.

Ah... It was Shicmuon.

That was understandable.

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