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He didn't think this would have happened. It was a surprise to him when he heard that his student's condition worsened. And what's more that it wasn't by a cold either. It actually turned out to be because of some kind of mana poisoning his body. The inn staff were working on a cure at the moment, but said that it would take some time to gather all the ingredients. Axel had informed him that Rood's condition wasn't looking too good but wasn't anything life threatening just a really high fever. However he speculated that if left untreated, the fever will continue to rise. It was unfortunate that Axel didn't allow anymore visitors not even him now that Rood's condition had gotten wanted to see first hand what had was causing this.

He had never heard of something like this before.

But how on earth did this happen in the first place?

"Orphell-nim, the students are ready." Deon informed his fellow Tower magician.

For now, he'll leave this in their hands.

"Then let us continue on as scheduled. Deon, go back to your class. And keep an eye out for anything unusual."

Leading his group through the plain trail in the midst of the grassy field with his students and Lapis's class, Orphell starts off with a small introduction of Xatyre followed by a lecture.

"As I've told you before, Xatyre is a nature reservation created for the protection of various endangered animals and plantation making admittance extremely difficult. However admittance is not completely forbidden as humans are allowed entry only through a strict checking process to ensure no harm to the wildlife and plantation." Orphell began. "Wildlife and plantation will vary depending on the area. Right now, we'll be hiking through the grassland fields."

While Orphell was lecturing, a certain group of Iduns plus one Hereis were wondering how to stealthily sneak out of the group without catching anyone's attention. They needed to gather the materials needed for Rood's medicine. They couldn't just up and leave. It would be odd if they disappeared in the middle of the hike.

And speaking of odd, Lapis found Linus's quiet behavior to be quite strange. Normally, he would have just left and go find the materials regardless of his surroundings yet instead he was doing nothing. His silent behavior was not like him at all. What's more was the he was acting quite distant almost like he was lost in his thoughts daydreaming about something. Was going on with him? Did it have anything to do with Rood? Whatever it is...

It didn't matter.

"Get it together." Lapis bonks Linus in the back of the head. "Whatever's bothering you save it for later. We've got a sick child to save."

"Lapis..." That's right. Rood's sick and waiting for them. Now was not the time to be moping. He saved him many times back in Ishuella, Helios, and even recently at Helios again that Black Thing showed up again and attacked Rood.

This was the time to start repaying Rood back for all the times he's saved them. What's more was that he would be of some help to his idol and without a doubt grow closer because of this ordeal.

The thought of growing closer to his idol made Linus all bubbly on the inside.

Why does it feel like I've made a big mistake?

Lapis felt chills go down his spine.

At least, he's looking better than before.

Lapis was relieved to see his friend back in spirits.

However he soon took that back when said friend started heading off some unknown direction.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Lapis slips his arms under Linus's underarms preventing the lavender haired fanboy from escaping.

"Isn't that obvious, Lapis? I've got to find those materials for Rood-nim." His friend stated as if obvious.

Lapis understood where his friend was getting at, but he couldn't just leave as he pleased not in their circumstances.

"And then Rood-nim will reward me for getting them!"

Reward him...

Lapis didn't really care about a reward or anything since he was doing it out of his own good will. Although he would normally disagree with Linus, the latter did have a point. It is likely that Rood will be grateful for their assistance and might try to repay them. That didn't sound too bad. And it did motivate his whimsical friend into doing something productive instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching as usual.

"He'll be so happy that he'll let me sleep in the same bed as him tonight."

On second thought, he was going to stop him at all costs.

"And I've heard skin to skin contact is good for the body~"

"That's for keeping warm when you're stranded in the middle of a blizzard!" Lapis slaps the back of Linus's head trying to knock some sense into him.

"Reward?" This caught Shicmuon's interest. Normally, he wouldn't care about such trivial things. But after hearing this, there was no way he couldn't stick his nose into this. This was a perfect opportunity. He could use this chance to make Rood fight him. He'll get the material for his medicine and make Rood in his debt and force him to fight him. He can't say 'no' to this since he'll be indebted to him for curing his ailment.

Just thinking about getting to fight him made him grin in excitement.

"It's not bad to have him under me..." He feels superior over the object of his obsession knowing that he has Rood's fate in the palm of his hands. It gave him a sense of superiority. This was certainly a good opportunity. He would be able to get something to hold over his head. And there was no way he could refuse him if he used this card.

Although others didn't share the same sentiment as him. Lidusis was far more concerned about what's going to become of Rood after this. Seeing those the two Hereis act like this made him worry about Rood if he does get better. He wonders if Dio was thinking the same thing.

A reward? He never thought of it that way. Dio hadn't really thought of it. He just wanted to get the stuff for Rood so that he'll get better.

But thinking about it, this was a perfect chance. Not only would he improve Rood's image of him, but he would he also...

"Maybe Rood will finally start treating me nicer..." Dio didn't have a problem with how Rood interacted with him, but he wished he didn't discriminate between him and Lidusis. It would be nice Rood showed at least as much as half of his gentleness towards Lidusis at him. He knew Rood first and longer so why was there such a big gap in their treatment.

And seeing his friend wish for something like that gave Lidusis an unusual sensation in his chest. This feeling... He knew what this feeling was. For he has felt this before, but not as much as he did at this moment.

Yes, without a doubt, this was...





Of all the things to wish for, he wished for Rood to treat him nicer. How pitiful. This was more pitiful than anything he's ever seen before.

"I'm telling you to stop!" Lapis grabs hold of Linus preventing him from running off on his own.

"Lapis, you scrooge!"

"Say what you want. That won't change my mind."

"Meanie! Stingy! Baldy!"

Bald? How on earth was he bald? No matter, those childish insults won't affect him.

"Nerd! Talentless! Eternal Idun! Completely useless in everything except for studying, coke bottled glasses geek!"

A very large, red vein pops on Lapis's cheek as his anger is evident in his eyes.

Now he was taking things too far.

"Why you?!"

Lapis dives in to hit the source of his anger. Friend or no friend, there was no way he was going to sit back and do nothing while his generosity was being taken granted like that.

"I thought you said you didn't care about what I said?"

Not wanting to be hit, Linus runs away from Lapis.

As Lapis and Linus were playing their game of cat and mouse, Orphell was giving his students a brief lecture of the various of wildlife and plant life in Xatyre.

"And over here, you'll find one of Xatyre's exotic flowers: the Sirihart."

Did they just hear the professor say what they thought they heard him say?!

Lidusis and Dio turn their attention to their dark skinned professor while Lapis stops chasing after Linus who stops running away. This even caught Shicmuon's attention.

To the side where the Tower magician was directing to, there was a large field of beautiful rainbow irises.

"We'll be having a short break here." Orphell told his group. "Use this time to rest and conserve your energy. We still much more to see before we return."

The students were happy to hear that since it's been some time since they've started. They needed a little break.

"Professor, what kind of flower is the Sirirhart?" A female student asked.

"The Sirihart is an exotic type of flower that can only be grown in the soil of Xaytre. They hard difficult to cultivate elsewhere and near impossible. It's a unique flower that contains various of colors in its petals. It's also given the name the Rainbow Flower due to it's similar color scheme. However not all the flowers have all seven colors as its name suggests. Most generally have five or six colors. Finding one with seven colors is considered good luck."

That was interesting. So the flower was similar to a four leaf clover. Some of the girls thought it would be fun to look for one while they rested. It sounded like fun.

"And it's also referred to as a strong love charm that brings great luck in romance. It is said that those who find one and present to the one they love. They will both receive great blessing and guaranteeing their future together. A flower that brings two people together. Those that have confessed to the one they love will have their feelings returned if they present their partner with this flower." Orphell enclosed. "But those are just superstitious rumors. Anyway, it's best to get some rest. We have a long journey ahead of us."

Despite Orphell's advice on resting, the students thought otherwise as their minds were more preoccupied with something else.

"I will find that flower!" A girl yelled out.

"No, I will!"

"If I find it, maybe I'll be able to confess my feelings to him..." A female student blushed while glancing at Shicmuon.

"Rood will definitely like this..." A male student voiced out his opinion.

"No way, I'm giving it to Rood as a get well present!" A male student rebutted.

"Guaranteed future together..." A female Idun dazedly repeated.

Maybe he shouldn't have answered that question after all. This was far from what he had intended when he wanted them to have a little peaceful break.

Orphell wasn't the only one feeling this way as a certain group of Iduns plus one Hereis felt the same way.

Now this was turning into a war zone...

Just how were they going to get that flower now?!

No choice...

"I'll go..." Dio stepped up.

"What?!" Lapis couldn't believe what he was hearing Dio say. Going out in the middle of that battlefield was suicide. "Impossible, you won't make it!"

Lapis tries to talk Dio into not going in.

However his efforts were in vain.

"We won't know unless we try." Dio asserted.

"That's far too reckless."

Knowing that there was no way his friend could talk his idol's pet out of this, Linus places his hand over Lapis's shoulder.

"Lapis, just stop." Linus shakes his head in disapproval.


"It's alright. Let him be. He'll soon know whether his actions were correct or not."

Still... Lapis just couldn't let Dio throw away his life like that.

"Here I go!"

Dio starts running to the mob of students in field of Siriharts.

1 minute later~

"I-Impossible..." A now worn out, raggedy Dio concluded. Unable to stand up any longer, Dio plops on the ground with his weary and battered body. Who knew those humans could be so aggressive and ravenous almost like monsters.

"That's what I was telling you..." Lapis deadpanned. He knew this would happen that's why he told him not to do it, but the guy wouldn't listen.

"At least now he knows..." Linus added. He knew it was pointless trying to talk some sense into him so he just let him go and see for himself first hand.

The outcome was quite predictable: TOTAL ANNIHILATION.

"Then what do you suggest we do then?!" Dio rebutted. At least, he tried. He didn't see them do anything constructive.

"We could always ask them..."

"Unless it's Baldwin, they (the girls) won't be giving it to us."

As much as he hated the foul tempered Hereis, he knew Linus had a point. Appearance wise, he'd be categorized as the popular type. However his personality left much to be desired.

"Then what should we do?"

It didn't bode well with Lapis to just do nothing, but going into that mob was suicide. Ah, what to do. What to do...

"Why don't I just burn them all to ash?" Shicmuon recommended. Those kids were starting to get on his nerves with them getting in his way of making Rood owe him one and then make the latter fight him. How dare they get in his way of getting to fight Rood...

"Are you crazy?!" Lapis loudly voiced out his discontent. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "What are you thinking?! Are you a terrorist?!"

Did he have all his marbles... Just what part of do not harm or damage the ecosystem did he not hear?! Starting a fire in the middle of a grassy field like this was downright dangerous. Anyone knew better than to do such a thing in the middle of nature. And these were extremely rare flowers too?! And chances were that he would also end up burning the flower they were searching for. Not to mention, the people there too?!

Getting kicked out would be the least of their problems.

"YOUCH!" Dio screamed out in excruciating pain.

He didn't sound too good. On reflex, Lapis and Linus turn their heads over to the dark blue haired Idun who was being assaulted by...

A baby wolf cub.

"Fenrir!" Lalita rushes over to the baby wolf's side. He wasn't alone as Arête was with him.

Hearing his name, Fenrir removes its fangs from Dio's cranium and playfully wags its tail.

"Arf!" The wolf cub happily barks in response.

"No good. You shouldn't run off like that." Lalita lightly scolds the small pup. "Why do you always run out of nowhere like that?"

Lalita didn't understand why the little pup would run off somewhere at the oddest times and strange enough whenever Fenrir did run he would always run to where Dio was.

"You two sure do get along really well." Lalita commented on the relationship between Fenrir and Dio although he was mistaken on what type of relationship they shared.

"Are your eyes for decoration?!" Just what part of them looked like they got along! It was far from it. Every time that tiny beast showed up, it would always bite him. It even sneered at him on multiple occasions. Even if it was to give him extra points in his grade, he wouldn't befriend that thing if it was the last thing he did. He'd rather have it continue using him as a chew toy than be friends with it.

Was Lalita's head made of stone or something? Anyone could see that they were anything but friendly. Well, he probably wouldn't understand since he was kind of strange in the head. He doesn't seem like the type to face much hardships. It's not like a happy go lucky person like him would understand his feelings since all of his teammates like him sort of. Lunette sure does anyway. And Axel seems to respect him. The only questionable one was Arete who only saw him as a source of entertainment. Wait a minute... Happy go lucky...

Thinking about it, Dio remembered that he had really amazing luck. Back when he had unknowingly got the scent of that cursed Veleno Camellia on him, he did a whole bunch of unbelievable feats that would go beyond that of a miracle. If it's him, then maybe...

"Can you go look for a flower with seven colors in there?" Dio asks Lalita.

Nothing to lose in asking him.

"No way, we're busy patrolling for poachers. Axel will have a cow if we dilly dally too long." Arête answered on behalf of his partner. "And more importantly, there's nothing interesting about looking for a flower."

Dio had a feeling that was most likely his reason.

"Sorry..." Lalita apologizes.

Oh, well. It was worth a shot.

"I don't know what flower you're looking for, but if you want you can have this..."

Lalita gives Dio a rainbow colored iris.

Dio's eyes almost pop out at the sight of the flower. How did he get it before he even asked? Could it be that they were looking for the ingredients for Rood's medicine too?

"It looked so pretty so I took it." A few moments before they arrived, Lalita saw a seven colored Sirihart. He found the colors to be very pretty so he picked it on instinct.

Nah, that was just part of his luck.

This guy sure has crazy good luck. Did he save a god or something to be granted so much good luck in one life?

"We've got to go. Bye bye!" Lalita says good bye to them before departing with Arête and, much to Dio's delight, Fenrir as well.

Although it wasn't exactly how they imagined they'd get it, they still managed to obtain one of the key ingredients they needed.

"Alright..." Dio begins to read of the list for their next target. "Next up is..."

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