Unknown Entity

1,000 Cranes

In light of his good spirits, Dio cheerfully hums a tune.

Now that Rood was better, he needed to get him something as a celebratory gift for getting better. The only problem was that what should he get Rood? Thinking about it, he's never really asked Rood what he liked or disliked. Actually, he's never really said anything about himself or his private life. The only thing he knows is that he's the Black Magician. And he only found that out by his smell instead of hearing that from Rood's mouth. There's also the possibly that he's the one he cared for the most in the past.

Dang it, how could he miss this crucial information?! He basically knows nothing about Rood. But wait, if Rood really is him, then how did he end up like this?

"Dio..." Lidusis calls out the dark blue haired Idun's name.

Hearing Lidusis's voice, Dio snaps back to reality.

"Are you alright?" Lidusis was concerned about his friend.

"I'm okay. Just went off a little there..." Dio admitted although that did not extinguish the unease in Lidusis. "I was just wondering what to get Rood when he wakes up."

Technically, that wasn't a lie as he was thinking of it, but then trailed off to a completely different matter.

"Then I'll give Rood-nim my bo—"

Lapis hits his friend in the back of his head before he says any more.

"What was that for Lapis?!"

"You idiot! What's wrong with your head?! There's no way I'm letting you give anything indecent to that child?!"

"How rude! I'm not doing anything indecent. I just want to be useful for Rood-nim. I'm willing to give my entire body for him if I can be useful to him."

"Forget that. I think you need to see a brain surgeon?!"

Since Rood was still resting, the four of them had decided to wait in the lobby until Rood woke up since they had nothing better to do. And they still haven't come up with anything. That is until they heard some noises in the back and saw Lalita and Arete at a table with a bunch of colored paper.

"What's this?" Curious, Dio asked.

"Origami." Lalita answered.

"What for?"

"We're folding 1,000 paper cranes for Rood. In the east, there's a mythical legend where if you fold 1000 cranes you get a wish granted, but my friend told me that it's just a superstition. And that it's just a good luck charm for people who are ill wishing them to get better."

"That's it?! We'll fold a 1,000 cranes for Rood!" Dio declared. This was the perfect thing although it was a bit late. It was the best idea so far.

The only problem was that he didn't know how to fold cranes. And he doubt the others knew either.

"You don't mind showing us a demonstration..." Dio bashfully requested hiding his embarrassment.

"Sure." Lalita grabs a small red, square paper and begins to fold it. "First, you fold it equally in four's like this."

Four smaller squares appear from the folds on the paper.

"Then you fold it again like this and connect the corners. And you get a small square like this."

Good. So far so good. Dio could make something like this.

"Then you do this. Fold this over here. That goes over there. And voila!"

Yes, this was definitely a crane. And a really good one too. It was hard to believe that this was made from paper. Except that...

It's too realistic!

More than a paper crane, it looked like a 3-D model of a crane in the form of paper. And he made that out of paper. That was just amazing although it's not what Dio was expecting. The others either.

"This is a proper paper crane just so you know." Arête displays his paper crane to Dio and the others.

Yeah, that was definitely the right one. Arête's was more practical compared to Lalita's. His was down right impossible. Lalita is probably the only one able to fold a crane like that.

"Strange, I followed all the right steps like Arête told me, but mine always ends up a bit different from his. I wonder why?"

That's what I'd like to know! Dio and Lapis both internally screamed. If he did follow the right steps, then how on earth did that (Arête's paper crane) become that (Lalita's paper crane)?!

"I'm done!" Linus announced as he has finished his first one. "A true masterpiece if I must say so myself."

Linus presents his Black Magician origami.

"Wait a— This isn't a crane!" Dio retorted followed by Lapis.

"This is Blow-nim!"

How on earth did he make something like that?! This wasn't sculpting this was origami!

"Art is more than just appearances. Before looking at with your eyes, try using your mind's eyes." Linus smoothly remarked.

"This isn't an art museum! And why do you sound like a professional artist?!" Lapis sometimes had a hard time understanding his friend's mind.

"We're only folding cranes!" Dio added.

"Honestly, I followed the right steps too, but somehow got this." Linus admitted.

"This isn't origami any more..." Dio stared at the Black Magician origami figure.

"Well, in my opinion, it's way better than some paper bird."

"Then what's the whole point of this?!" Lapis shouted at his friend.

"I'm done!" Lalita announced. "I just finished making a new one!"

After seeing his first demonstration and Linus's, it was probably going onto be something else like flower or another sculpture like creation.

"Wow, it's perfect! The perfect crane! Amazing. It looks exactly the same. A complete replica!" Linus commends Lalita on a job well done. This time his crane looked just like the one Arête made.

Dio, Lapis, and Lidusis too had to agree that it looked just like Arête's. However...

""It's huge?!"" Dio and Lapis retorted in unison.

The crane looked exactly like the one Arête made except that it was too big. It was at least twice their height.

"Where did you find a piece of paper big enough make this?" Out of all the sheets of paper on the table, Dio didn't see one big enough to possibly make that.

"I once had a dream where I could ride a crane like this and fly in the sky." Lalita said.

"What happened to making cranes for Rood?!"

"Don't! That's no bird! That's paper there! You'll crush the moment you get on it!" Lapis added. A dream was a dream. And in reality, such a thing was impossible. It'll be destroyed no doubt if he tried.

Somehow, it looked like Lalita was losing sight of his original goal.

Having a closer examination of the table, Dio and Lapis noticed some other origamis. There were animals like bunnies and flowers like roses. They were kind of cute. The flowers looked way too real in their opinion. Hard to tell that they were made of paper. Even the animals looked like 3-D models in the form of paper. At this point, it was no longer a matter of being good at origami or not.

Needing a little bathroom break, Dio headed off to the nearest restroom with Lidusis who needed to go as well. It had been a while since the two have them had been alone since Rood was always with them. And after Rood was bedridden, Lapis and Linus started hanging around them for reasons they don't know. Most likely because of Rood. The two friends had a little chat at a one sided one on Dio's part with Lidusis listening to him.

However their little talk came to an abrupt end when a man ran past them. Looking back momentarily, Dio and Lidusis returned back to their task of going to the restroom which was being blocked by a large, burly man with sideburns and a scruffy cleft chin along side him was a probably his lackey who looked like a monkey. The man kind of resembled a gorilla in a way.

"What are you kids looking at? Can't you see that this restroom is reserved for the great Gorison!" The monkey lackey spat out glaring down at the two Iduns. Dio didn't really care since it was nothing compared to the look Rood would give him when he was mad him. Lidusis on the other hand was slightly intimidated. It couldn't be helped based on his timid nature.

The lackey continued to glare at them until the gorilla, Gorison, bonked him in the head.

"Stop it, there's no point in picking on a couple of kids. Besides, I'm done anyway." Gorison walked away with his lackey trailing behind him.

This inn had a lot of weirdos in it. It was made Dio wonder if they actually did do a background check on the people who come in and out of the place.

That aside, Dio and Lidusis pretty much finished up their business in the restroom and headed back to where Lapis, Linus, Arete, and Lalita were at. It didn't take long to spot them seeing all those folded origami on the table and ground. Most of which weren't even cranes. It was more like they just folding various of items. There were even some paper dolls and furniture there. The dollhouse was really eye catching.

Dio and Lidusis weren't even sure if they were going to finish making 1,000 cranes by the end of the day.

"Excuse me, but could you go out with me?!"

Before they could return back to the table, they heard a loud masculine voice. From another side, they could see that gorilla man they had just met at the restroom before along with his lackey. It seems that they were talking to someone.

It was the maid they had met earlier who relayed Axel's message to them.

"Or rather would you please marry me?!" The gorilla man was proposing to the maid. The maid looked rather troubled.

No one could blame her when she just got proposed to out of nowhere and by a gorilla man no less.

"What's going on?" Axel shows up beside Dio and Lidusis nearly giving them a heart attack.

Axel was just minding his own business until he heard some noises coming from the lobby. Curious as to what the whole commotion was, he takes a look at where the guests were directing their eyes at. His eyes widen at the sight. His face pales. And his smile falters.

This was not happening.

"Do you remember when I told you about my teammate, the one who got the rest of the ingredients..."

They remembered. Something about his teammate being a gorilla or something. Unless...

"Let me tell you. No matter what happens don't intervene unless you want to end up in a bloodbath..."

Dio couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could he say that? Right now, that gorilla man was harassing that young girl. And he wasn't going to do anything. He thought better of him.

"Even so, I just can't sit back and do nothing."

"Wait, you don't understand!"

It was too late. Dio had already rushed over to where the gorilla man, the monkey lackey, and the maid were at before Axel could warn him.

"Will you go on a date with me?! Or better yet, get married?! How many kids do you want?! I don't mind the number?!" The gorilla man, Gorison, continued on his pursuit of the maid who kept her silence.

Dio jumps in between them.

"That's no way you should act. Can't you see she's not interested."

Dio shields the maid from Gorison.

"What was that you brat?! Don't go messing with adult affairs! Go play outside!" Gorison didn't appreciate being interrupted like that.

Axel places his hand over his face. Oh no, he was too late. Now there was no stopping the inevitable. He wanted to prevent at least one more causality, but it was too late.

"Uhm, shouldn't you stop your teammate before something bad happens?" Lidusis questioned. If they were teammates, he should stop his teammate from doing anything bad.

"I wish I could, but that fool isn't someone to be reasoned with. This is beyond my capability."

"But if you don't try, he'll end up causing trouble not just for you but others as well."

"He? I think you're mistaken about something."

Mistaken? Lidusis was wrong about something?

"That's isn't your average human being I'm talking about. That's the grim reaper right there. A death god."

Grim reaper? Death god? Lidusis wasn't sure what Axel was talking about.

Meanwhile, Dio was defending the innocent girl from the gorilla man who was not happy with Dio's interference. For he had fallen in love at first sight with the maid. And now a kid was butting in his romance. Dio was stubborn and didn't give into intimidation for Rood was a hundred times scarier than a gorilla.

"How annoying..." The maid muttered.

Huh? Dio couldn't quite catch that. It sounded like the maid was saying something.

"Tch, everywhere I go nothing but nuisances around." The maid said this time a bit more louder as she scratches the back of her head.

She glares at Gorison with an extremely cold look in her eyes that could freeze the flames of hell.

"Look here, you overgrown monkey. I have no intention of marrying anyone especially not out of the human species." The maid coldly responded. "So beat it. Come back when you learn how to do simple math."

The maid turns back and leaves not wanting to deal with this anymore.

Looks like the maid didn't need Dio's help. Still if she was going to reject someone at least do it more gently. Otherwise, the other party won't take it well. Dio was now more concerned about what Gorison was going to do after being given such a harsh rejection. There was no way he'd stay quiet.

"I'm in love~" Gorison stares at the maid's fleeting figure with hearts in his eyes.

Dio face faults.

Okay, that wasn't the reaction Dio was expecting.

"That unbending will and headstrong personality. She's the perfect woman."

This guy was stronger (mentally) than Dio thought. So this was how a masochist acted. It's no wonder Lunette hated that mint haired teammate of her's. He couldn't get how someone could like pain.

"Marry me~" The gorilla man charges at the maid who turned around.

"I told you."

The maid grabs the back of Dio's collar.

Dio was slightly confused why she did so.

"I ain't marrying no gorilla!"

And throws him at Gorison like a baseball. She threw him so hard that both Dio and the gorilla man ended up crashing all the way through a wall.

Lidusis as well as Lapis and Linus could only stared dumbfounded with their mouths hanging open. They weren't the only ones as the other guests in the lobby also shared the same reaction.

"Oh boy, she's done it now..." Axel could only face palm at this.

Wait, did Lidusis hear him correctly. She?

"Phoebe!" Lalita runs over to the maid's side. "Look at what I made!"

Lalita shows the girl named Phoebe the crow origami he made.

"Oh, Leader." Phoebe takes notice of Lalita's presence.

Now Lidusis was confused.

Returning Lidusis back to his table with Phoebe and Lalita present, Axel begins to explain things to Lidusis as well as Lapis and Linus. Unfortunately, Dio was knocked out at the moment as he had yet to regain consciousness after the previous incident still lying on the ground over an unconscious Gorison where Lunette threw him at the latter.

"This is our teammate who was previously out on a mission and returned, Phoebe." Axel introduced Phoebe to Lidusis, Lapis, and Linus. "She's also the one who got the rest of the ingredients for your friend's medicine."

Before they had thought Axel was over exaggerating when he said all that stuff about Phoebe, but now they understand after seeing what she had just done.

"By the way, she has the strength of a mad gorilla so you're better off not pissing her off."

"Who are calling a gorilla?!" Lunette punches Axel in the face.


They see. When he called her gorilla, he was referring to her strength.

"Physically, she's the strongest one out of all of us despite her appearance. And for the record, she's way older than she looks. She's turning—"

"Oops, my hand slipped."

Lunette punches Axel again before he reveals her age.

"... this year..."

Somehow, that one he had to see it coming. Even they knew women were sensitive about their age for reasons beyond their male understanding.

"Anyway, what's with you? Why were you late today? I thought you said you'd be here earlier. What took you so long?" Axel returned back to the matter at hand. Last time he contacted her through their communication crystals, he clearly remembered Phoebe saying that she'd be back in no time after finishing up her mission.

"Can't be helped. I got all the stuff and was on my way here. But while I was in the forest, a glass jar came out of nowhere and knocked me out."

Glass jar? Lapis and Lidusis stiffen upon the news. They had a feeling they knew where this was headed.

"Glass jar?"

"Yeah, a glass jar came flying out of nowhere from the sky and hit square in the head. I was out cold, because of it."

"I think you must have been delirious or something. Glass jars don't come flying out of nowhere."

"Tell that to the large bump on my head!"

This was bad. If what Phoebe said was true, then the reason why she was late was because of them. But that they couldn't say that not after seeing what Phoebe did to Dio who only tried to help her.

"Uhm, was there something you needed?" Lapis quickly changes the topic directing his question to Axel.

"That's right. I'm here to tell you that your friend is awake now, but—"

Before Axel could finish, Lapis and Linus interrupts him.

"What?! He's awake!"

"Why didn't you tell us that earlier?!"

Lapis and Linus rushes over to where Rood is.


Axel just sighs.

After Axel took Lidusis and Dio to see Rood, Phoebe went to check up on Lunette. Not because she was worried about the pink haired girl, but because she wanted to take a closer look at the medicine she brewed. The recipe was originally her's. And since Lunette was using her recipe, she wanted to make sure that her fellow female teammate didn't do anything that would mess up the medicine. Well, she knew that the ingredients she got were spot on since she got what was needed except for the one's in Xatyre.

Looking at the ingredients set on the table along with mortar and pestle, she saw nothing out of the ordinary. From the looks of it, it didn't look like she didn't anything wrong. It seems that she followed all the proper procedures that is until one thing caught her eye picking up the Flaxroot Dio and the others got.



Dio and Linus were the first ones to burst in through the door to the room Rood was in followed by Lapis. Then Axel who brought Lidusis with him after Dio ran after Lapis and Linus at the news of Rood's awakening.

Like Axel said, Rood had woken up. He looked much more livelier than before as his complexion was better.

Both Dio and Linus burst into tears and jump on Rood hugging the latter tightly.

"R-Rood, you're alright!"

"I'm so glad that you're alive..."

Dio and Linus continue on sobbing. Even Lapis was so relieved to see Rood awake and healthy. Lidusis too was happy to see Rood in better health now. He had missed him during the time the blond was bedridden.

"Like I said, it wasn't anything life threatening..." Axel sweat drops at Linus's remark. "But there is one issue..."

Huh? This caught Lapis and Lidusis's attention. What did he mean by issue?

"He..." Axel begins.

Taking a while to finally come back to reality, Rood found him being hugged tightly by two people crying and saying a bunch of stuff.

"Who are you people?" Rood asked.

"... has amnesia."

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