Unknown Entity

Case of Amnesia

Did he hear that right? Dio could have sworn he had misheard that. His ears must have been playing tricks on him. It sounded like Rood said that he didn't know who he was. And what's more was that Axel said that Rood had amnesia. The guy sure knew how to joke at a time like this. He had to admit the timing was perfect. He and Rood must have planned it together. That must be it. That has to be it. There was no way Rood could have forgotten them.

"Rood, what are you talking about? It's me, Dio, your best friend." Dio lightly said to Rood.

"Friend? Is that who you are to me? I'm sorry about I really don't remember anything other than what I've been told." Rood genuinely apologized to Dio for not remembering him. The only thing he knows is what Axel told him when he first woke up. That his name was Rood Chrishi and that he was a student of a famous school called Helios.

Seriously? He lost his memories? This was a great blow to Dio as he did not see this coming. Several strands of his hair stick in a dishevel.

"I don't really know this happened, but when he woke up the first thing he asked was who I was and then who he was." Axel explained. When Rood started waking up, Axel greeted him if he was feeling better until Rood asked who Axel was and who he was.

"So that means that Rood-nim has even forgotten about me?" Tears well up in his eyes, Linus couldn't believe this. This was the absolute worst. To be forgotten by his hero and idol, there was nothing worse than that.

"No, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to remember you. But to think, he can't even remember them." Lapis knew that Rood not remembering him or Linus wasn't much of an issue. The problem was that Rood couldn't even remember Lidusis or Dio, the two people he was closest to. And since he couldn't remember who he was, it's likely that Rood has lost all of his memories.

"No way, I don't want Rood-nim to forget about me!" Linus whined.

"Excuse me, but who are you people to me?" Rood asked since he didn't recognize any of them.

"I'm Linus En Grium, your biggest fan. You were always with me not once leaving my side. And you let me sleep with you."

"Don't go making up lies! You'll only confuse him!" Lapis delivers a hand chop to Linus in the head. Lapis clears his throat. "Ahem, ignore what this idiot just said."

Lapis points to Linus after pushing him to the side.

"I'm Lapis Yuan Nuadly, your big brother!" Lapis told Rood with a serious face.

"No, you're not!" Dio pushes Lapis away from Rood before anymore of this nonsense continues. "Rood, can't you remember me, your closest and best friend?!"

"..." Rood just gives him a blank look of distrust. "I'm sorry, but is this another lie?"

After listening to Linus and Lapis's statements, he grew wary of Dio's words. Something in him told him not to believe him.

"Why am I the only one being treated like that?! How come even without your memories I'm still treated the same?!" Dio cried. This just wasn't fair.

"Rood..." Lidusis called his friend's name. This couldn't be. Rood forgot about them?

"Who are you?"

Those cold, empty words struck Lidusis right in the heart.

This couldn't be happening...

Giving Rood some time to himself, Axel sends Dio, Lapis, and Linus away for the moment so that they could continue their discussion elsewhere leaving Lidusis with the amnesic blond. He needed someone to keep Rood company since he had lost his memories and didn't even know who he was. So he let Lidusis, the closest person to Rood (from his perspective), remain by Rood's side. It got a bit hectic and annoying when Dio, Lapis, and Linus were all opposed to it as they wanted to stay with Rood, but Axel denied them of their request for the sake of that child. He had a feeling that leaving one of them alone with Rood would prove to be detrimental to him for more reasons than one.

Axel took Dio, Lapis, and Linus to a vacant room where they would hold their discussion along with one other person who had an idea what caused Rood's memory loss.

Holding a certain leafy herb in her hands, a bit of sweat drips down from Phoebe's cheek. Dio, Lapis, and Linus recognized that leafy herb as the Flaxroot they got for Dio's medicine.

"This isn't Flaxroot..." Phoebe wasn't sure how to explain this properly to them. "This is Meroroot..."

Nor was she sure how to put this delicately to them.

"Meroroot?" Lapis repeated. That wasn't the Flaxroot they got.

"Although similar in appearance, they are two different herbs. Since they're from the genus branch, their basic structures aren't too far off with slight differences. Similar to how chervil and parsley are similar but can be used differently. These slight differences in them can be crucial depending on what they're mixed with."

"What does that mean?" Linus asked confused about the whole thing.

"Basically, it means that although the Meroroot is not harmful and normally wouldn't cause memory loss. But when mixed with certain other components, it can create an unnecessary side effect." Phoebe explained. "Usually, Meroroot is just a medical herb used to sooth and relieve headaches. However because this recipe used several ingredients that shouldn't be mixed with Meroroot, it ended up giving the medicine an amnesic side effect to the patient. Since both Meroroot and Flaxroot are from the same genus, it didn't hinder the potency of the medicine and can be used as a substitute if Flaxroot is not available. However several ingredients must be substituted if Meroroot is used in place of Flaxroot to prevent any problems in the medicine. And because of this didn't happen, we have our current situation: an amnesic patient."

"Isn't there anything we can do to restore Rood's memories?!" Dio didn't like this situation. Although he didn't like it when Rood would tease him and play some harsh jokes at him, that didn't mean he wanted Rood to be like this.

"I've never really dealt with memory loss before, but I can look up some ways that would help. I won't guarantee anything though." This was a first for Phoebe.

"So you don't have some remedy for this like that medicine that can cancel out the side effect?" Axel asked his pink and blue haired teammate.

"I would have made it by now if I did. I'll go see if there's anything in my books that fix memory loss. Until then you kids try to restoring his memory. Try showing him around your classmates or something, he'll probably remember something if you do."

"Will it work?!" Dio earnestly hoped that it would.

"No way." Phoebe coldly answered. "But it's better than nothing. Usually, people with amnesia try to remember who they are by meeting people they used to know before they lost their memories. And sometimes it works."

Dio, Lapis, and Linus brighten up upon hearing this.

"But most of the time, it doesn't." Phoebe bluntly put unintentionally crushing their hopes.

"Usually, a very strong jolt is needed to stir up something. Try getting him to remember something or someone that left a big impression on him." Axel suggested. "Although his mind might not remember, if you stir up something from his heart, he's more likely to remember. Memories tend to fade away from the mind, but feelings etched deep within the heart can't be erased."

A big jolt... he said.

Someone who left a big impression on Rood...

Stir up something from his heart...

Deep within...


That's it! Dio, Lapis, and Linus got it. A way to recover Rood's memories.

If it was someone who left a deep impression on Rood, only one person came to mind. Someone who would be hard to forget and would be deeply etched into Rood's mind. Someone who played a huge part in Rood's school life.

"So what are you doing here?" Displeased, Chevel grumpily questioned his classmate's sudden intrusion upon his living quarters. Not just that but even that Eternal Idun, Lapis, was with him as usual. Even Lidusis and his friend, Dio Varus, showed up with them. And to top it all off, they brought the one person Chevel didn't want to see: Rood Chrishi.

But there was something a bit off about Rood though.

"So Rood-nim, do you remember him?" Linus rudely points to Chevel who was irritated when the latter ignored his question.

"Ah, I remember. He's that playboy, homosexual upperclassman who like boys in drag and shamelessly goes after men's butts, Homo-sunbae." Rood honestly answered.

"All right, who was it that fed him those lies?!" Chevel angrily demanded from the others. First, they barge in his room. And now he gets insulted like this. Was this some kind of joke they were playing on him?!

Linus and the others fill him in on what's going on as well as the blunder with the Flaxroot and how Rood lost his memories. So they're currently trying to stir up some lost memories in him by having him meet Chevel hoping that would get him to remember something.

"So that's it..." Rood lost his memories. That would explain why they showed up unannounced at his front door. But still... What the hell was with that introduction?!

"Oh yeah, before we came here, we told Rood a bit about you so that he wouldn't get confused when he saw you." Linus disclosed.

"Don't give me that shit! You only told him about the bad stuff about me! And I'm not even a homosexual in the first place!"

"Nice to meet you..." Rood courteously greeted Chevel.

"N-No, you don't have to be so formal..." Chevel was not used to Rood acting so nice to him


"I told you I'm a homo!" Chevel retorted. He needed to clear up his image before things get worse. "You've got the wrong idea. They were only joking when they said that stuff. I'm not a homosexual!"

"Is that so..." Rood responded indifferently. He looked like he could hardly care whether Chevel was a homosexual or not.

"Why do you look like you could possibly care less about me?! Does that mean you act the same towards me regardless of your memories?!"

"Really?" Dio turned to his amnesic friend. "Do you remember something?"

"No, I don't. It's just that from the very depths of my being, I feel that he's nothing more than an annoying, worthless good-for-nothing."

"Are you sure that isn't Lapis?" Linus asked in case Rood got mixed up between Chevel and Lapis. "They are both blond."

"He definitely remembered something?! He even called me a 'good-for-nothing!' Wait, does that mean that's how he's always saw me?!" Chevel retorted followed by Lapis.

"Linus, you jerk! What do you mean by that?!"

"Good job, Chevel. You stirred up some memories!" Linus pats Chevel on the shoulder and gives him a thumb's up.

"That doesn't make me happy!"

"Do you remember Chevel now?" Linus points to Chevel in hopes that he brought up some memories in Rood.

"No." Rood shook his head.

So seeing Chevel wasn't enough. Alright, then they've got to go with plan B. Switching to their next plan, Linus takes out some placards this time as slides for a picture story than signs.

Just what were they up to this time. Chevel didn't have a good feeling about this.

"As you know, Chevel is a Hereis like me and is my classmate too. He's extremely childish and the school's biggest bully. He used to pick on your friend, Lidusis Dien Artian, and still does."

"Wait a minute! No, I don't! And what have you've been telling him before you got here?!"

"Since you still haven't remembered anything yet. We'll tell you more about your school life with Chevel." Ignoring Chevel's outburst, Linus continues on. "And to make it entertaining, we put in some visuals to help."

Before arriving, they asked Lalita to draw some pictures in the form a picture story for them.

Chevel didn't see anything wrong with this that is if only he knew how wrong he was.

"Due to your weak constitution, you weren't able to go to Helios until one month after school started." The first slide shows Rood being introduced in class by Professor Heil. The chibi style gave it a cartoonish feel like a story from a picture book. "You were assigned to Professor Heil's class, but several things happened so a new professor was assigned to your class."

Although it was vague, Chevel knew that Linus couldn't say that his class's original professor was actually a grotesque, homicidal maniac who nearly killed his own students. That would only just confuse the kid who didn't even know who he was. For the moment, it was kind of (?) good in a way since Chevel didn't have to be scared of him right now. But if he does anything to anger him, by the time his memories return, Chevel might have to quit school. Amnesia or not, it'll only be a matter of time before Rood's memory returns. Doing anything to him would only postpone the inevitable. He knew better than that.

"That's when you met me, your first and best friend." Dio proudly announced.

However Rood looked just as apathetic and indifferent as he was when Dio said the same thing before he first saw the dark blue haired Idun.

Dio held back the tears and continued to put up a strong front but to a sad degree where he practically looked like he was on the verge of crying. "Th... Then I took you on a tour of the school where we met Chevel Phon Hadelio in the library."

Linus switched to the next slide showing Rood and Dio on the ground floor of the library while Chevel was leaning over the railing of the third floor with Anna and Manon by his side. For some reason, the Chevel in here was kind of mischievous as he had a pair of horns growing from his head and an evil look on his face.

"Hey! What's with that picture?! I don't look like that!" Chevel took offense to that.

"And while you were playing tag with your friend, Lidusis Dien Artian." Linus took over telling the story as he switches over to the next slide showing Chevel over a balcony rail stepping on Lidusis in front of Rood. That was when Rood firsthand saw Chevel's bullying ways. This Chevel was depicted more eviler than before as he had not just horns but also large bat wings growing from his back. His face looked more sinister this time. "You met Chevel again."

"Why is it getting more eviler than before?!" Just what kind of impression were they trying to give Rood. Are they trying to lower his image?! If they were going to make a picture story out of it, at least, get the pictures consistent.

Linus then switches to the next slide where Rood shoved Chevel off the railing as he did when the latter annoyed him. "Funny, isn't it..."

Linus found Chevel's misery to be entertaining.

"You don't have to show him that!" Chevel wanted to forget about that black stain in his school life.

The next slide shows Manon and the Klads picking on Rood's class with Chevel sinisterly watching in the background as the Klads have Lidusis tied up to a large practice target.

"Then out of spite, Chevel called up his Klad henchmen to get even with you and caused a big uproar in your class."

The worst. What kind of sick person does that. Rood glares at Chevel as if he were garbage.

"Wait, I didn't do it!" Chevel tries to defend himself.

Moving on, Linus switches over to the next slide showing Rood standing triumphantly over Chevel's body and the Klad's.

"But thanks to Rood-nim, Chevel's evil ways were put to an end as Rood-nim saved everyone and won naturally. I wished I could have seen Rood-nim's magnificent figure as he gallantly comes to aid of his classmates." Linus narrated.

"You bastard! Are you trying to ruin my image?!"

Enough. Chevel had enough of this. Before Linus went to the next slide, Chevel puts an end to this awful story.

"So remember anything?" Dio asked his amnesic, blond friend.

"Sadly, nothing at the moment." Rood shakes his head. "But I did learn something..."

It wasn't what they originally planned, but this was an improvement. Dio wondered what did Rood learn from this.

"That Homo-sunbae is the absolute worst degenerate." Rood bluntly deadpanned.

Chevel instantly becomes depressed upon hearing Rood's image of him. Why was this happening to him...

No sooner did the door to Chevel's room burst open as the intruder forcefully made his way in along with two companions.

"Good news, you bed-wetting babies! Phoebe found a way to help recover your friend's memory!" Axel announced.

Ignoring the fact that Axel called them bed-wetting babies, the news of Rood's memory recovery was more astounding. Was there really a way to get back Rood's memories?!

"Although she said that it's not guaranteed to work, it's still worth a shot to try." Axel informed them. "Just follow me and I'll take you to..."

Axel stops midway of his sentence when he makes eye contact with Chevel who was slightly puzzled by the black haired youth's reaction to him.

"Oh, don't worry. A homo like you is more than welcome to come as long as you don't touch anyone's ass." Axel bluntly said.

"It was you!" Chevel just realized who the culprit was behind telling Rood those insidious lies about him. Thinking about it, the others only introduced him as a bully which he was, but that was in the past. So meaning that someone else labelled him a 'homo' to Rood, because he definitely wasn't one and the others knew that at least he thinks. Not just that, but Axel was the one who discovered that Rood had amnesia and must have told him several things.

"I only told the kid a little about you guys to fill him in on what's going on."

So it wasn't just Chevel! He had a bad feeling about this. If his description of them was anything like his, then he can already imagine what he's going to say.

"You're the annoying, stupid looking moron." Rood remembered what Axel told him about Dio.

Hearing this directly from Rood's mouth made Dio cry even if he was just repeating what Axel told him.

"And you're the scaredy cat loner."

Lidusis sweat drops. Just what was Axel telling Rood when they were gone?

"You're the nosy mother-in-law." Rood turns to Lapis and then Linus. "And you're the creepy pedophile."

"Wait, I'm no mother-in-law! I'm a Big Brother!"

"And I'm no pedophile. I just like Rood-nim, not kids!"

Lapis and Linus clarified.

"That's what you have a problem with!" Chevel retorted. Not so much as being insulted was the issue but rather the insults themselves.

Lalita tugs on Chevels shirt and asks him, "So you're not a homo?"

"Of course NOT!" Chevel immediately denied.

"But Phoebe says that all men with long blond hair like a girl were homos especially ones that come from high class families." Lalita clearly remembered his female teammate telling him that a long time ago.

"You were tricked! That's nothing but a lie!" Now that was just plain prejudice. Just because he has long blond hair and came from a noble upbringing that doesn't make him a homosexual.

Hearing Lalita's words, that did make sense in a way as most guys in homosexual comics were like that. Linus, Dio, and Lapis keep their distance from Chevel as they slowly back away from him. Linus keeps Rood away from Chevel protecting his idol's chastity from his homosexual classmate who targeted cute boys in drag.

"I'm not a homo!" Chevel defended but to no avail as they did not believe him.

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