Unknown Entity

Town Trip (1)

Finished with their game of cat and mouse, Rood and Dio continue on with their trip around town. This was the first time Lidusis went out with friends. He was glad to spend some time and experience new things with his friends.

"Lidusis, there's a bookstore over there. They have some good stock. You want to check it out?"

"Books? Why a bookstore? Wouldn't somewhere else be way more fun!" Dio complained.

Just the sight of their school textbook was enough Dio to sleep.

"Oh, and what exactly do you have in mind? A women's clothing store?"

Underneath, Rood's calm demeanor was one hellish aura that gave goosebumps all over Dio's body.

"Now that I think about it, there's this magazine that's all the rage these days! Everyone's talking about it. Hehe..."

It was so obvious that the blue haired kid was forcing himself to act all cheerful. Not that anyone can blame him.

Having reached the bookstore, they find several varieties of books there from comics to magic textbooks. Rood went to a different section while Dio and Lidusis were preoccupied by the new releases of books. He wanted to see if there were any books that could help him find clues to what was going on in Helios like the summoning of demons and the magician's mark he saw on Lidusis. But there was one thing that was bothering him the most. What was that thing he saw inside him? It called him his brethren. What exactly did it mean by it?

So far he hasn't found much on it. The books here were actually good quality and a few of them he hasn't seen in the library before.

Nothing here. Better return to Lidusis and Dio before they worry.

Rood heads to the section where he last saw them. They were still at the same spot they were at when the three of them first came in. It seemed that they were absorbed in a magazine Dio was holding. Lidusis peers over Dio's shoulder.

"Pfft..." Dio tries to stifle his laughter.

Rood wasn't sure what was going on so he decided a little peek wasn't going to hurt. He was oddly curious as to what had caught his friends' attention.


What the hell was this?!

They were reading something like that.

If he had known that was what they were reading, he would have been better off not knowing.

How embarrassing.

For them to be reading an article about his other form, Blow, the Black Magician.

Opion's Top Magician: The Black Magician

Not much is known about the young magician. His identity is a secret. The rumored Black Magician is a man of mystery has no one knows much about him except for the fact that he's a handsome young man who wears black from head to toe. No one even knows if his current form is his awakened form or his unawakened form.

This mysterious magician is rumored to be extremely good looking. Well, this rumor is no rumor as famous singer, Seren, was moved by his charm. His great beauty is said to move both the hearts of men and women. Just one look at his gorgeous eyes is enough to catch anyone's attention. His mysterious nature makes even more appealing as no woman doesn't like a man with a bit of mystery. You can't find anyone as appealing as him.

No more. Rood couldn't read anymore of this or else he'll throw up.

Who's the idiot who wrote this? And people pay money to read this? Rood will never understand how people can like this stuff. It was down right embarrassing just reading it.

"Rood, are you okay?"

Lidusis wasn't sure why Rood looked like he was about to throw up.

"I think..."

Rood wasn't sure if he was exactly alright after reading that nonsense.

"Hey, look they even have a comic series about the Black Magician!" Dio holds up a manga with the Black Magician on the cover.

A manga. Rood really did curse his luck at times like this. The magazine article was bad enough, but now they made a manga. Rood really felt like crying right now.

Lidusis was slightly confused as to why his friend was crying when Dio mentioned the manga.

Thinking it would be a good idea to get some fresh air, Chevel takes a stroll around the town with his friend and right hand man, Anna.

Concerned about the blonde's recent, strange behavior, Anna insisted on tagging along with Chevel. Ever since they came back from Ishuella, Chevel had been acting really strange. And the time Helios was invaded, it seemed sort of out of it. When the Black Magician showed up, he seemed liked he was hiding something. It was easy to tell since the guy was always a terrible liar. But that's what he liked about the blonde. He was an honest person.

The strange incident in Ishuella. And now a mass summoning of demons at Helios. Just what was going on?

Chevel wasn't sure but there might be some connection between the two incidents.

He can't pull the whole Ishuella incident as part of Professor Heil's madness. For what reason did he do such a thing? And what of the recent event? Why was Helios invaded in the first place? Could there be something in Helios that someone is after? Or were they after someone?

Tch. This whole thing is ridiculous. If something happens again, we can't keep relying on Rood Chrishi to save us. Chevel didn't like the idea of being saved by someone he treated badly before. It kind of gave him mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Thinking about it, he was saved by someone who he not only looked down on but someone who was younger than him. This got Chevel even more depressed by thought.



Why was Anna shouting out his name?

Chevel soon understood why as he collided more like bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you."



Of all the people to run into, it had to be that guy.

Rood wasn't sure what happened. One moment, he was with Lidusis and the next thing he knows the guy was gone.

Just a few moments ago, all three of them were together. Dio said that he saw something that caught his eye. He said he'd meet up with them later.

With the two of them, they continued on with their stroll around town. Lidusis didn't mind where they went as long as he was with Rood.

It was then that began his misfortune. Nearby, there was a 50% sale in a clothing store. Naturally, the store was crowded with women going in the store. Rood paid no mind to the women and their shopping spree. However that was not the only store having a sale as all the other stores around them were having sales.

Shortly after, a large horde of women came stampeding towards them.

Rood was fast enough to avoid the flock of hyperactive women, but Lidusis on the other was not so fortunate enough as he was too late to notice the women heading towards them.

"Lidusis!" Rood called out to his friend who was carried away by the flow of people.

It was too late. Lidusis was no longer in sight.

It was kind of stupid now that Rood thinks about it. To get separated because of a sale, this was the first time such a thing happened to Rood.

Since it was daytime and in the middle of town, Lidusis wouldn't get attacked... He thinks.

The chances may be small, but Rood can't take the chance that something might happen to Lidusis while he's gone with all that's happened lately.

"Lidusis!" Rood runs around the area searching for Lidusis. "Lidusis!"

Rood looks around but sees no sign of his friend.

Knowing the guy, he might be in some dark, secluded place with no people around.

He wasn't in that dark alley.

He wasn't in an unpopulated street.

He wasn't hiding behind a bush.

Where could he be?


The more time goes by the more Rood feels anxious.

Since Lidusis lived at home, he hardly went out to places like this.

So it wouldn't be hard for the guy to get lost without him or Dio with him.

Petty thieves and muggers were a bit of a problem, but they were the least of his problems. As long Rood doesn't know why Lidusis is targeted, he can't leave the socially withdrawn guy alone.

That hair...

In the midst of a group of people, Rood spots someone with short gray hair. Although he could only see the guy from behind, he had to find him.

"Lidusis!" Rood grabs the man by his shoulder.


Sadly, the man was not Lidusis. For one thing, Lidusis was better looking than this guy, and Lidusis didn't have the face of a street thug.

"Ah, sorry. Wrong person." Rood removes his hand from the man's shoulder and goes back to searching for Lidusis.

"Hey kid, where do you think you're going?" The man Rood mistaken for Lidusis grabbed Rood by his arm. "Do you think you can grab my shoulder and walk away like nothing..."

How annoying. It seems like Rood picked one troublesome person. Better to settle this before things get messy. He needs to find Lidusis as soon as possible.

The faster he gets this over with the better.

"I'm terribly sorry about my rudeness. I had accidentally mistaken you for my lost friend. I didn't mean to trouble you." Rood monotonously apologizes.

And with that Rood leaves in search of Lidusis.

As he is on his way, he is stopped when the man he mistook for Lidusis grabs him by his arm again.


He already apologized so what else could he want.



"I've never seen someone as cute and charming as him before."

What did he just say?

"I want to take him home and lock him up in a cage."

Great. He just ran into someone mentally sick person. Rood's luck really sucks today.

Finished with his business, Shicmuon bolts out of the room to find Rood.

Like Shicmuon, the other magicians and school staff leave the office but in a more normal fashion compared to the Association magician.

The only ones left were Professor Orphell and his partner Deon.

"Orphell-nim, do you think what Shicmuon said was true?" Deon asked his fellow Tower magician.

"They are looking for something in this school and someone who betrayed them."

"He may be hiding things, but he was the only aside from the Black Magician who was with the intruders. And if he's right, then this will be our biggest clue to our investigation. We do not know what the enemy's motive is. So this is the only lead we have."

As expected of Orphell, he knew what to do.



"Make sure to keep a close eye on the students, this might be a speculation, but it is possible that what this unknown enemy is looking for could be a student."

A student!

Rood wasn't sure, but he had a bad feeling about something. It would be best to find Lidusis immediately.

"Gya, Big Bro!"

"Big Bro, hang in there!"

The disgusting creep who had taken a liking to Rood was currently lying on the floor badly beaten. Several members of his gang rushed to his side to aid their beaten leader.

"You brat! What gives you the right to punch someone like that?!" One of the man's underlings shouted out in anger.

When some sick person jumps at you talking about taking you home, isn't normal to retaliate in self defense?!

Rood could tell that like their boss they were all idiots. Talk about bad luck.

"Our Big Bro is just a collector of beautiful things who loves anything cute to the point of obsession! He's hunter of love!"

What was this guy talking about? They're all crazy.

"I won't give up. I will take you home with me!" The man Rood had punched earlier got up this time determined to catch Rood.

"Big Bro!"

"Go Big Bro!"

And from the sidelines were his idiot followers.

Things are getting complicated and troublesome. If talking won't work, then there's only one choice.


Normally, Rood would have fought back, but he doubts he can beat any sense into that thick skull of his. And magic is out of the question.

"I won't let you get away!"

Now he was chasing after Rood.

How stupid.

In order to shake off the man, Rood runs a few alleys, a crowd of people, and up a three story building. He then jumps down into a tree before his pursuer catches sight of him.

Fortunately, the man lost sight of Rood and didn't notice that he was hiding in a tree. From above, Rood could hear that weird man's voice.

"Damn, I lost an extremely rare creature! You guys go find him! I don't want to see you until you find him."

Looks like he still hasn't given up on finding Rood. With that guy on his trail, it'll be harder to find Lidusis. He'll need to hide his appearance in the mean time.

It seems that Rood was in luck as he saw a store selling some cloaks and robes. That's the perfect place.

But wait, does he have enough money though? Since he was just going to look around with Lidusis and Dio, Rood didn't bring much money with him. Plus he was mostly at school so he didn't need any there.

This was going to be a problem.



Of all the people to run into, it had to be that guy. The one who started it all.

"It's been a while."

The first son of Duke Artian. And Lidusis's older brother.

They only met a few times, but he still remembered him. Chevel remembered him all too well.

"It seems that you go to the same school as Lis."

Lis. He must mean Lidusis.

Chevel holds doubts that he changed at all. He probably still treats Lidusis the same.

Someone like him doesn't deserve to be an older brother.

What exactly is he doing here?

His father did say that he was in Helios for some business.

But why was he here? This wasn't Helios. They were currently outside of Helios.

"The meeting ended earlier than expected so I came out for some fresh air."

"Then why are you here? You don't have to be here if you're just out for some fresh air."

From above, Chevel could hear the bristling of the leaves. Must have been a squirrel.

"Many things are going on in Helios. I needed to clear my head. But more importantly, shouldn't you be more concerned about yourself?"


"Yes. Lately, misfortune has befallen Helios. It's only natural for the students to feel insecure."

This guy...

"You guys find him! Search all over this place if you have to!"

What was that? Sounded like it came from above. Must be looking a missing child or something.

"Well, no need to be concerned. Nothing bad's going to happen."

As long as Rood Chrishi was there, Chevel was sure that the students will be alright. After all, there was no better security than him. The last two incidents were enough proof.

"And Lidusis too. He'll be alright too."

"I'm a bit disappointed, Hadelio. I thought you were a bit smarter this time after what happened. So you still did not heed my advice after all these years..."

What advice. All he did was sprout out nonsense. And he's still doing it. He hasn't changed after all these years. He was still the same despicable sham of an older brother. He doesn't deserve to be an older brother. What kind of brother treats his own younger brother like a monster.

Chevel felt like an idiot for believing his words about Lidusis.

"My decision is obvious. I have no intention of withdrawing from Helios. And the same goes for him too."

Chevel won't let this guy get to him like last time.

"How sad. From now on, misfortune will befall you as long as you continue to stay at Helios."

The atmosphere around Lidusis's brother starts to darken a little as the conversation heads in a more serious direction.

Regardless of what he says, Chevel's decision was already made.

"Don't talk like you kn一"


Having accidentally landed on an old tree branch, a certain blonde Idun ends up falling down the tree due to gravity.

Fortunately for him, he got a landing cushion. It was kind of lumpy, but it was better than the hard ground.

It happened all so suddenly. One moment, he's up in the tree and the next thing he knows he's on the ground. His luck really stunk today.


Rood looks up and sees a couple of unfamiliar faces. Not wanting to make things more awkward, Rood stands up from his spot.

He wasn't sure what else to do. It seemed kind of rude to sit while the other two were standing. Rood had the feeling that he was interrupting something.

Under him, he felt something off about the ground. For one thing, it was really lumpy. So he looked down see what was the problem.

He then finally notices that he was stepping on a certain blonde Hereis.

Rood kindly removes himself from Chevel allowing the blonde to get up. As he gets up, Chevel catches a glimpse of the person who used him as a landing pad.

At the sight of the kid he used to look down on, Chevel breaks out in a cold sweat that does not go unnoticed by his right hand man.

"Chevel?" Anna wonders why Chevel was acting so strange even more than usual when that Idun kid that hangs out with Lidusis showed up.

Although he wasn't sure what was going on, Rood needed a favor to ask since he can't go around town without some kind of disguise and going around as Blow was out of the question.

"Hey, do you—"

Recalling those times he behaved towards Rood, Chevel makes a break for it.

"Ch... Chevel?"

Now this confused Anna even more. Why would Chevel, a Hereis, be running away from Rood, an Idun? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

He wasn't sure why Chevel ran from him, but it did irk him that the blonde ran from him before he got a chance to say anything.

Rood chases after a frightened Chevel since he still had something to ask him leaving behind a dumbfounded Anna and Lidusis's brother.

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