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Memory Dive

Doing his job, Axel brought them to the room where their friend once resided in. Awaiting their arrival was Phoebe who was standing beside the bed. If what Axel told them was true that there really was a way to recover Rood's memories, Dio will take any chance he gets.

"Do you really have a way to get back Rood's memories?" Dio asked wanting to confirm Axel's words.

"I found one, but there's no guarantee that'll work though." Phoebe explained. "Originally, this method wasn't used to recover memory loss but to interlock two separate minds. The chances of memory recovery are quite slim since it hasn't been used like that. And not to mention this is my first attempt in using this method so I can't guarantee any success on the first try."

The more they listen the more difficult it becomes for them to understand all of them except for Lapis, the walking magic encyclopedia. It sounded fairly complicated based on Phoebe's explanation.

"So can you get back Rood's memories?" That was Dio's prior concern at the moment.

"Not me. I am simply creating the path leading to his memories... Whether he remembers or not is not upon me but solely on you."

On him?!

"More specifically, it's the one who's going to dive into the kid's mind." Phoebe clarified. "Like I said, this method only creates the chance to get back his memories. However he can only regain his memories depending on the performance of who I send."

So basically, whether Rood will remember or not will depend on them. That was a heavy load on one's mind.

"The mind is a maze of corridors filled with twists and turns. And sometimes, you may end up seeing something you shouldn't. Right now, your friend's mind is probably in a haze of darkness completely devoid of anything. It'll be your job to go in and unlock the hidden memories inside him, but I do advise you on one thing. You're likely to encounter something that not even your friend was aware of regardless of his memory loss. Inside the mind, there are many things that people do not wish to know so they hide the truth deep within themselves. For your's as well your friend's sake, tread carefully. Least you wish to make it out in one piece."

Tread carefully... They didn't need to be told that. This is a delicate human mind they're talking about. Who knows what could possibly happen if they make one mishap inside Rood's mind.

"In those words, I'm sending off one of you into his mind. And it's up to that person to get him to recover the kid's memories." Phoebe stated it in terms so simple that even a five year old could understand.

Diving into one's mind was a very serious matter. And could be dangerous for both the sender and Rood. This wasn't something to push off to the side. Even Linus couldn't take this lightly. They did want to help, but if they make a mistake, they could end up affecting Rood's mind.

"Incidentally, you'll also be seeing other sides to the kid that you haven't seen and will probably learn more about him than you ever have."

At this, Dio, Linus, and Lapis immediately raise up their hands at the chance to sneak a peek at Rood's hidden past.

"That includes all kinds of trauma and emotional scars that he may not have known even with his memories. Since you'll be connected to him, you'll also be experiencing his feelings and emotions throughout the entire time. On the note, this is my first attempt at this so I'm not a 100% certain if I'll be able to pull this off or if it'll work for that matter. So far it's a 50 - 50 chance. Worse case scenario, I may end up accidentally permanently separating your mind and body."

Okay, now all hands were down as they were reluctant of the risks.

Chevel sweat drops at the idiot trio's display of comedy.

Despite the risks, they all knew if it were to help Rood they would do anything. Still, this was a big task. And the first attempt is still filled with uncertainty.

"So who's up first?" Axel nonchalantly brought up since it didn't really concern him in any way.

"Lapis, of course!" Linus volunteered (sacrificed) Lapis for the job.

"What?! You jerk! Offering me up like a sacrifice! Why I ought a..."

"Reject!" Phoebe immediately refused.

"Yeah, rejected!" Lapis eagerly with Phoebe until he took a few seconds to process what Phoebe had said. "Wait, why?!"

Although he was glad that he wasn't made as the first sacrificial pawn, he felt offended by how fast the older woman rejected him.

"The one who I'm sending is you." Phoebe points to Dio who confusedly pointed to himself.


"That's right. From what I've gathered, you're the closest person to Rood Chrishi and the first person to officially befriend him. You also have known him the longest for the duration of his stay in Helios. Therefore, it would be wise to send the one with the closest relation to him."

Hearing Phoebe's explanation, Dio grinned in embarrassment as his cheeks flush. Never had anyone said that. It made him so happy to hear that someone could see how close he was to Rood. Finally, someone got it. This Phoebe woman had really good eyes.

"Then in that case, send me!" Linus volunteered himself as he wanted to be the closest person to Rood.

"No, if you need the closest person to him, then I should go." Lapis insisted.

It seems that the three of them no longer cared about the possibility of being permanently separated from their bodies as they were all gunning for the position of being the closest person to Rood.

Chevel could only sweat drop at the whole charade. What a bunch of idiots. Now they were acting like kids.

Chevel turned his head to his childhood friend.

"What about you, Lidusis? You're pretty close to him compared to others." Seeing as how he casually threatens me for your sake.

Close, huh? It's true he sees Rood as an important person in his life and is more than willing to go into Rood's mind even at the risk of possible failure if it means saving his friend. But is he really the closest person to Rood. After all, Rood knew things about Dio that he didn't know like how he wasn't human. And Dio probably knew things that he didn't know about Rood.

"Besides if anything happens, it's no big deal." Phoebe deadpanned.

"Hey, what do you mean by that?!" Dio cried.

"Anyway, come over here." Phoebe gestures Rood to walk to her and has him sit on the bed while she takes out something: a bottle of what appears to be perfume.

What would she need with that the others wondered except for Axel who knew what the older woman was going to do? Since she carried that with her, she was a girl after all despite all the things Axel told them about her.

However instead of using it on herself as they initially thought, the pink blue haired woman sprayed Rood and right in the face. Not a moment sooner did Rood fall backwards into deep slumber.

"Gya, Rood-nim!" Linus cried out at the sight of his currently amnesic idol losing consciousness.

"You witch! What do you think you're doing to Rood!" Dio shouted at the culprit behind Rood's state of unconsciousness.

Before things get complicated, Axel enlightens the five students of his teammate's actions.

"For this to work, this method requires both parties to be in a state of unconsciousness so that Phoebe can transfer this thing's consciousness into your friend's mind. She only put your friend to sleep with that shady concoction of her's."

Now said students were dumbfounded. He just admitted that it was shady. Was that really right to say?

"It's completely harmless just a little sleeping drug if you will. She usually has a hard time falling asleep so she made that."

So it was only a sort of sleeping medication.

Then all of a sudden the room got colder. Not just that but they could feel a very dark and malevolent presence in the room. Dio in particular. He felt shivers down his spine.

"So what was this about a witch..." Phoebe glared down at Dio as her face slightly twitches. Despite holding back her rampaging emotions, her displeasure in Dio's choice of words was evident in the dark aura surrounds her.

This was bad. She's mad. Dio knew wasn't going to end well... for him.

"Y-You see..." Dio tried to defend but to no avail as Phoebe sent him a sucker punch right in the jaw.

"Who are you calling a witch?!" Phoebe yelled out.

Ah, now Dio finally understood why Axel said all those stuff about her and called her a gorilla. Without a doubt, all of it was definitely not an exaggeration. They were 100% real especially about that part with the monster gorilla strength. This woman sure knew how to throw a mean punch that would even KO a high ranked demon. How could someone like her pack such a powerful punch.

Slowly, Dio could feel his consciousness drifting away from him.

Not long did it take for him to completely black out.








Coming back to his senses, Dio felt a piercing light shining through his eyelids. The brightness was so blinding that it was hard to remain unconscious. Oddly enough, he could have sworn he was hearing something. A kind of small voice. And something that was nudging him too.


There was again.

"Excuse me, but are you alright?"

Curious as to who was talking to him, Dio opens his eyes to the bright clear sky. The sudden contrast from darkness to light hurt Dio's eyes, but that didn't matter. Just who was talking to him? And why did it sound so familiar?

"Oh, you're finally awake." The second thing to greet Dio's eyes after the sky was the face of his close friend, Rood Chrishi, who had his face in front of Dio's though upside down. Rood was hugging his knees as he was leaning over Dio. He was seated a few inches away over Dio's head while Dio was lying on the ground flat on his back. It didn't take him long to realize that he was in the middle of an alley.

But more than that.

"Rood!" Grabbing both of Rood's arms, Dio closely examines Rood's face. Without a doubt, this was Rood. But it was strange how he was dressed. Instead of his usual Helios uniform, Rood was dressed casually. Plastered on his face was a rather perplexed expression. Since Dio did grab him all of a sudden, it wouldn't be surprising if he startled him.

"Do I know you?" Rood questioned the dark blue haired stranger. As far as he knows, he never met anyone like Dio.

"It's me, Dio!" Dio answered until he realized something very important. "Wait, you have amnesia so you wouldn't know me very well, but I did reintroduce myself to you so you should recognize me... "

Dio starts muttering to himself which starts to creep Rood out even more.

"Unless, you got amnesia again..."

Stumped by Dio's rambling, Rood grew more and more wary of the stranger. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to check on him.

Horror struck Dio at the idea of Rood forgetting him. Once was bad enough, but twice was just...

"Don't tell you actually got amnesia again?!" Dio yelled out in horror only to be punched once more and in the same spot Phoebe initially punched him beforehand.

Before Dio could get back up or do anything, Rood ran far far away from him.

What the heck was that for? He knew Rood was acting on reflexes but to punch out of nowhere. That hurt. And this wasn't the first time he did so. Memory loss or not, Rood was still the same violent person he was.

Wait, memory loss!

Now he remembers. Phoebe had sent him to Rood's subconsciousness. But in order to do so, both of him and Rood had to be unconscious. She probably did that after she attacked him like a wild gorilla. Axel wasn't kidding about her being a violent savage. Despite her cute appearance, she had the strength of a behemoth. That glare of her's nearly made him wet himself not that he actually did fortunately.

If the spell worked, then that must mean that this is the inside of Rood's mind. Most likely apart of Rood's memories. Then in that case, it's no wonder Rood acted the way he did. It wasn't that he had amnesia. It was because he was in the a part of Rood's memory before Rood went to Helios and met him. It's likely that this the time period in Rood's memories takes place prior to his admittance to Helios. However one thing did bother him...

How the hell am I supposed to get Rood's memories back?!

Dang it, that woman just sent him here without any proper instructions. Thinking about it, isn't there one more critical thing to worry about.

How do I get back?!

It just struck him that he had absolutely no idea to recover Rood's memories let alone return back to his body.

Meanwhile, as for the woman who sent Dio into Rood's mind without any prior warning or instruction, she was diligently watching over the two unconscious bodies on the bed. Originally, she intended to leave Dio's unoccupied body on the ground. However due to the other kids' protests, she arranged his body next to Rood's on the bed keeping watch on both of them in case any unfavorable situations may turn up.

"Why does it feel like I'm forgetting something?" Phoebe wondered. For some reason, it felt like there was something really important she had to remember but had no idea what it was. Only drew a blank.

"Must be old age. You know what they say, 'First thing to go is the mind.'" Axel bluntly said out loud.

Only to receive a deadly sleeper hold from the older woman.

"Who are you calling old, you cheeky brat?!" So she was a bit older than the rest of them, but that didn't make her an old hag. In terms of appearance, she almost looked the youngest after their leader anyway.

"It's precisely because you use those old people words that you sound like one."

That wasn't the best way to speak to someone who was currently choking the life out of him.

Phoebe's hold tightens.

This was painful for the peanut gallery to watch. Despite Axel's disapproval, Lidusis, Chevel, Linus, and Lapis remained in the room. Phoebe didn't care whether they stayed or not so long as they didn't make a ruckus or caused them any trouble.

"We're done!" Lalita bursts in through the door with his complete set of 1,000 cranes or at least a giant one made from a thousand cranes.


"Leader." Phoebe stops tightening her hold at the sight of her leader.

"What are you two doing?" Lalita questioned.

"Just disciplining an impudent brat on manners." Phoebe releases her hold over Axel's neck.

"He got what he deserved." Arête said to Axel. "After all, you've got to treat your elders with more respect."

Axel had nothing to say in retaliation to Arete's words.

"You've got a death wish too..." Phoebe glared at Arête.

"Hey..." Lalita spoke while squatting next to the bed where Rood and Dio lied. "When are they going to wake up?"

Lalita was curious as to when Rood and Dio would regain consciousness as he wanted to give Rood the cranes he made.

At this, the room goes silent as a cold wind passed by from the open window.

Ah, thinking about it, Phoebe never really did tell Dio that or what he was supposed to do to get Rood's memories back.

"Whoops." Phoebe let out her clear mistake after sending Dio in Rood's subconsciousness.

"You mean to say you sent him without telling him what to do?!" Chevel yelled out in horror.

This was plain ridiculous. Who uses an unknown spell on someone and sends them into someone else's mind that may or may not work without telling them the proper procedures to their mission or how they'll get out.

"Told you the first thing to go is the mind." Axel blurted out.


"Getting out isn't really that much of an issue. I can just bring him back." Phoebe explained while Axel rubbed the newly formed bump on his head.

"Really!" Lidusis inquired.

"Yeah, I can just periodically monitor his performance by sending in my consciousness in and come back. That's why I'm on guard duty here. Although he won't be able to get out unless I release the spell so I have to keep tabs on your friend's status time from time."

"Then how does he get back Rood Chrishi's memories?" Chevel asked.

"That's the more difficult part." Phoebe scratches her head. "I only recently found this. And as I said, it wasn't originally meant to recover memories. It's more primal use was to uncover hidden secrets and information inside other people's minds mainly spies or enemy soldiers. As for getting back your friend's memories that part is left a mystery to me."

Lidusis's heart filled with anxiety tightens. This can't be. This was their only hope and yet...

Lapis and Linus shared the same sentiment as Lidusis as they too wanted this to work.

Chevel felt awkward in this gloomy party. He wanted Rood to remember, yes. But the depressing atmosphere around those three was killing him.

"However I do have one hypothesis that may help in recovering your friend's memories."

There was a way...

Hearing this, Lidusis, Lapis,and Linus slightly brighten up.

"Though I'm not a 100% guaranteed that it'll work."

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