Unknown Entity

Field Day Exploration

No way. This was impossible. If this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up. Never in his wildest imagination, did he think that he'd see him again. Not after what happened before. Not after he failed to protect him.

Tears drip down from Dio's cheeks.

Whether they were from joy or sadness, he didn't know. All he knew was his heart couldn't stop beating.

This nostalgic feeling was without a doubt real.

How he longed for this day to come. To think he would see him again...

Dio clenches his fists.

If only he could have done something to prevent it...

If only he could have protected him at that time...

The appearance of the one person he highly valued over all those was something Dio wanted to know. Why did he show up now of all times? And in Rood's subconsciousness no less. He wanted to know why, but he didn't care. More than anything else, he just wanted to hold him... Hold him and never let him. Not like last time. Not again.

And before he knew it, his legs were already running as if automatic. Be it the adrenaline rushing to his head or his rapidly beating heart. His desire be with him remained.

Alas, despite the amount of running he did, he was no closer to him, in fact, he was getting even further from him.


This can't be.


This can't be happening! Not yet!

"Don't go!" Dio shouted at the top of his lungs.

However his efforts were in vain as Dio could see him disappearing before him. No, the one disappearing wasn't him but Dio. As he disappeared, Dio reached his hand to him. Dio finally got 'his' attention when 'he' turned his head back to Dio but only to give him a solemn look as he shook his head in disapproval.

Why? Why did he make that face?

He had so much to ask him. So much to tell him.


He couldn't just go not like that.


Not before they could talk to each other again.






"WAIT!" Dio screamed as he tried to reach for 'him' as he did back then. Heavily panting as if out of breath, Dio looked as though he just ran a marathon or saw a ghost.

This time he succeeded in grabbing something.

He grabbed Lidusis and by his jacket.

Okay, now this was awkward. The one he grabbed turned out to be Lidusis by accident. How was he going to explain this to Lidusis? However it wasn't just Lidusis he had to give an explanation to but also Chevel, Lapis, Linus, and Axel. Although that was a later time as Axel's attention was more focused on his female teammate.

"Phoebe!" Axel yelled out to wake the unconscious woman as he shook in her in hopes of her regaining consciousness but to no avail. Not just that but she was paler than usual. Axel knew she was fair skinned but this was too much.

Based on Phoebe's condition, Dio had a feeling it most likely had something to do with their previous predicament She probably wasn't as lucky as Dio when he made it out.

Nonetheless he didn't expect to see 'him' there. Glancing over to Rood from the side of his eyes, he had no doubt who Rood was. Now that he knows that he's alive, he won't lose him not again.

"Dio?" Lidusis's soft voice went unheard by his dark blue haired friend when he noticed the latter gazing their unconscious friend. Something was off. Did something happen while he was looking at Rood's memories?

With Phoebe's current condition, Axel told them that there wasn't much they could do for them. Though he said that he would give a word to the rest of his teammates if they had a solution until then Dio and the others were on their own. However he did warn them that if they do find a solution, should the method be as dangerous as the one that harmed Phoebe, then he or any the others could no longer offer their assistance to them if it results in collateral damage on their side. Honestly, he didn't care about the others since they were always getting on each others' nerves and would always end up fights that would end with more than just a few scrapes here or there, but he didn't want to make their boss sad. Since he knew that their boss would be sad if one of them got hurt and not in the usual fun way either, Axel told them that he couldn't do that to Lalita so if by any chance that one of them would get hurt he would have the others pull back regardless of whether it cures Rood of his amnesia or not.

In spite of Axel's warning, Dio and the others knew that he was only being reasonable. No one would want to purposely bring harm to their friends or make someone they care about sad. They'd probably do the same if they were in his shoes. He was already doing more than enough help just looking for a way to cure Rood's amnesia.

Right now, the issue at hand was that Rood's amnesia still hasn't been cured. Whatever that happened inside Rood's head seemed to have stopped the process part way before Dio or Phoebe could recover Rood's memories. However Lidusis was more concerned about Dio's strange behavior lately. Ever since he came back, he's been sticking closer to Rood than ever and wouldn't even let him out of his sight. He's even sticking more to Rood than back when he started following Rood to the restroom after they switched rooms.

Was there something he saw that he couldn't tell them? Whatever it was, it made Lidusis feel completely useless at the moment. Something was going on between his two closest friends yet there was nothing he could do to help them. How frustrating...

"Uhm, I don't mean to be rude, but..." Rood was trying to put this as delicately as possible. "... Can you move a little? You're a bit close..."

"What?! Who's the jerk sticking his nose in your personal space?!" Dio wasn't going to stand for this. Just what kind of lowlife would be bothering Rood.

Ironically, the one Rood is referring to is none other than Dio himself who was completely obvious to this fact.

"It's you!" Lapis retorted. How much denser can anyone get?!

"What?!" Dio gasped in shock.

"Obviously!" Lapis didn't know how to make this any more clearer than it already is. "Anyone can see that! What's with you anyway? I know it didn't work, but you don't have to worry. Aside from his teammate, he said that you two were perfectly fine."

That much Dio knew. Unlike Phoebe, he came out perfectly fine. Most likely, it must have been 'him' who sent Dio out.

"What are talking about as Rood's closest friend I have to stay by his side whenever he needs help! And besides, after going to Rood's mind and seeing bits of pieces of his memories, I feel even closer to him ever."


This time Linus joined with Lapis as both of them were surprised to hear this and a hint of jealousy in their tones. How envious they wanted to see Rood's memories too and get closer to him.

"Liar! There's no way that can be true!"

"No fair! I want to see Rood-nim's memories too!"

Technically, he only saw parts of Rood's memories and got punched by a fragment of Rood's memories, but he did get to see some things about Rood's past that the others haven't seen even if he did get punched.

No matter what he wasn't going to let anything happen to 'him.' Not again. Never again will he lose 'him.'

Eyeing his dark blue haired friend from the side of his eyes, Lidusis had a feeling that Dio was hiding more than he let on. Dio has been acting kind of off lately. Just what exactly did he see in Rood's mind that caused this change.

With no luck in attempting to recover Rood's memories, morning came by. Leaving aside his memory loss, Rood was perfectly fine so he was allowed to take part in the training camp so long as his health didn't deteriorate. It eventually became known to the professors about Rood's memory loss after Professor Orphell was informed about it.

Honestly speaking, Orphell did not see this coming. He didn't expect the sick child to accidentally get amnesia from a mistake in his medicine. Now that he has amnesia, it would be best to restore Rood's memories. It would inconvenient for a student to have amnesia at a time like this. The fastest way to recover his memories would most likely have him meet people he knew and have him experience his usual school days. That would help jog his memory or at least get him to remember something.

"Due to unfortunate circumstances, Chrishi has temporarily lost his memories. Despite this, act as usual and treat him the same as you did when he had his memories so that Chrishi may safely recover his memories." Orphell explained to his students as they whispered amongst themselves.

Amnesia? This was a surprise for them. They would have never expected Rood to get amnesia. It's likely that it had something to do with how he got sick.

"Memory aside, now that Chrishi is no longer bedridden he may start participating in the training camp. Lessons and sessions will continue as scheduled. Hopefully, by the end of the day, he'll be able to recover his memory. And I have one more announcement to make at the end of today's session so be sure to stay until then."

While the previous day was a hiking trip around Xatyre to get his students familiar with the land, Orphell planned to have his students see the various of animals in Xatyre as it was a rare opportunity for them to see the preserved and exotic animals of Xatyre.

"Today, we'll be observing the wildlife of this area as well learning their daily lifestyle and nurturing them." Orphell continued on. "We have also made a request to the local staff in offering their assistance in today's lesson. Each group will be lead by one or two staff members who will be acting as our classes' tour guide."

So today will be a field day lesson. Lapis was a bit interested in the matter since he thought it'd be a good chance to gain more insight on the wildlife of this place. And more importantly as a big brother, this was a perfect opportunity to make new wonderful memories for the currently amnesic Rood. Lately, he's been unsure of himself. He's been hesitant in actually retrieving Rood's memories. He doesn't like it that Rood doesn't remember him (though Rood hardly knew much about him even prior to his memory loss), but it might actually be a good thing in another way. At the very least, he won't have to relive those tragic memories of his (still believing those false documents Kielnode forged for Rood). Sometimes, people are usually better off not remembering their past and move on without wanting to remember them (in comics).

"And so our tour guides will be these two..." Orphell introduces his group's tour guides.

Orphell gestures his hand over to the two staff members.

"Arete and Lalita."

Lapis's eyes as well as Chevel's nearly pop out of their eyes at the sight of the two people they had just met yesterday.

Linus was also a bit surprised but returned back to smothering Rood with his affections since it was a rare opportunity for Rood not to struggle in his holds. Though, he did tell him a teeny thing that he always hugged Rood like this. Technically, it wasn't a lie since it was true. Just that it was a one-sided action on Linus's part. Although he wasn't struggling, Rood did feel uncomfortable being hugged by Linus as evident on his face. However this only held the opposite effect as it only excited the lavender haired Hereis even more. He found uncomfortable look to be so cute and appealing, but he still loved Rood usual expressions too.

"They will be guiding us throughout the land and allow us to observe the animals in their natural habitats. However do be on your best behavior and do not disturb any of the animals."

After Orphell's explanation, Arete and Lalita surprised the whole group of students that didn't know them. They didn't expect to see people around their age to be the ones leading their lessons. Despite their youth, they were doing their job really well at least Lalita was anyway. Although he appeared childlike, he was remarkably more intelligent than he appeared when he began showing and explaining the various of plants and geographical structures of the land. Meanwhile, Arete just tagged along Lalita as he was giving the students a brief lecture of the land. Unlike his partner, Arete had absolutely no interest in them and didn't care about doing this chore Axel forced on him. Thus having no motivation to do anything except follow his leader/ partner.

Lalita brings the large group of students to a stop when they come across a nest of light blue furred and cobalt blue striped tiger cubs.

"Those are Tigrains, a rare feline species of cats in Xatyre. They're normally found in packs like this. Occasionally, you will find a Tigrain wandering around by itself, but they are not alone as they are paired up with a partner, a Snow Cat, which acts as a bodyguard for the Tigrain. They generally have a master and vassal type of relationship between the two species." Lalita gave the students a small lecture on the cute, cuddly creatures.

His description of the Tigrains was spot on and easy to understand. However there was one thing that left them confused. They weren't sure how to ask him, but it only bothered them even more as they kept it to themselves. Even if it was awkward to say it at this moment, they just wanted to say one thing to Lalita.

Why the heck was he standing so far from those feline cats?!

The fact that Lalita was at least 10 meters away from the Tigrain cubs was strange. As a someone working in a place filled with animals, you'd think he'd get used to them. After all, it would be weird for someone to be working with the thing he fears.

"Ah, he's not good with animals so don't mind him." Arete enlightened the students knowing that his teammate's actions were perplexing them.

Then why the heck is working here in the first place?! was what all the students who hadn't met the two internally retorted.

"But it's not because he's scared of them or anything." Arete clarified for them.


This left them slightly stumped.

"It's because..."

As Arete was in the middle of explaining, the Tigrain cubs notice Lalita and start jumping on him.

"He seems to some kind of weird animal attraction phenomenons on him so animals can't help but like him so much to the point of crushing him when they jump on him like this." Arete nonchalantly stated despite the fact that his partner was currently being crushed by the animals that love him so much at that very moment.

Seeing Lalita like this, it's no wonder he was so cautious of the furry creatures. But again...

Why the heck was he even working in place like this?!

With his partner incapacitated at the moment, Arete took over the lessons in Lalita's place. "Well, whatever. Just grab a cat and play with it for a while before we move onto the next animals we see."

That was a really sloppy instruction he just gave them.

"But be careful not to harm those bag of fleas or you'll end up as mincemeat by those overgrown fur balls." Arete monotonously warned them not really caring about their safety.

Even they understood that much from his tone.

Basically, he just said not to hurt any of the Tigrains or their Snow Cat partners will tear them limp from limp.

Reluctant, the students couldn't pass up a chance like this to play with rare animals. The feeling of the soft fur and the cute purs from the cubs had won over the female population. Since it was part of their lesson might as well make the most of it. It was actually fun playing with the cubs. It was like playing with kitties. There were even toys and food prepared. More than an observation, it felt more like being at a petting zoo. This was so far the most enjoyable part of the tour. Everyone was pretty much in high spirits... well almost everyone.

There was no way he could touch those things. Not in a million years. Especially not after what happened the day before yesterday. He'll never forget those razor sharp claws and that deadly gaze. Although he had already washed off the Veleno Camellia's scent on him, he wasn't going anywhere near those Tigrains cubs. He wasn't going to risk another mauling with those bloodthirsty Snow Cats again.

"Uhm, aren't you going to join them?" Rood had wondered why Dio wasn't joining his classmates like how Lapis and Linus were.

"N-no, I'm good." Dio stammered maintaining a strong front.

"But you should at least participate. It's a class assignment."

Dio wouldn't go near one of those furry creatures if his life depended on it.

"Look." Rood holds a Tigrain cub close up to Dio's face.

By default, Dio accidentally let out a bloodcurdling shriek. One you'd find in a cliche horror film.

Rood didn't think he'd get this kind of reaction from the dark blue haired Idun. It was never his intention to do such a thing. Just as it was never his intention to have a pack of Snow Cats mauling him either. Unfortunately, when Dio screamed, he ended up scaring the poor Tigrain cub in Rood's hands which is currently clinging onto Rood for safety like a frightened child clinging to their mother.

With the Tigrain cub shaking in his arms and weeping in his chest, Rood could only stare in disbelief at the scene of his so called best friend being used as a chew toy. Him and the rest of the class.

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