Unknown Entity

Town Trip (2)

His scent was so familiar. It reminded him of him. But now he was gone. All because of that despicable man. And he will get revenge.
One thing did bother him. Why did Rood smell like him? Could Rubymonter be right? Was he really the one they were looking for? Just who was he?


Dio could not get the blonde out of his mind as he had so many things to ask him. But he doubts even Rood has the answers he's looking for.

As long as he sticks with Rood surely, he'll find out more about the kid.

For now, he must make sure that Rubymonter and the others won't pull off another stunt like the one they did in Helios. Just a short while ago, he sent a message to Rubymonter stating not to cause any trouble at Helios again.

Dio doesn't know what that guy has in mind, but he won't let things go his way. He'll find out his intentions one way or another.


Was that Chevel Phon Hadelio that he saw ran by? Somehow, it looked like he was running away from a ghost or something.

Shortly afterwards he saw exactly what or rather who Chevel was running from.


Dio did not expect to see his pale blonde friend chasing after the Hereis.

Wasn't he with Lidusis? What was he doing with Chevel Phon Hadelio?

He wasn't in that dirty storage room Shicmuon destroyed before. He wasn't in the library. He wasn't anywhere to be seen.


Shicmuon punches the innocent wall next to him out of frustration as he could not find the one person he was looking for.

That damn Blackie...

No matter where he looked he could not find Rood. It's almost like he disappeared from the school.

It is possible that the master of Opion used another teleportation scroll and teleported him out of Helios. If that did happen, he was going to forget about his mission and march over to Opion like he did last time.

Nearby were a couple of Iduns who were coincidentally in the area. One of them was holding a teddy bear in his hands.

"Look at what I got in town." The Idun student shows his teddy bear to his friend.

"Don't you think you're a bit old for that stuff?" His friend asked.

"But you have to admit, it is cute."

"If you're a girl or a transvestite, then yeah..." He didn't understand his friend's tastes. "... Don't tell me..."

"Wrong! It's not for me! It's for my little sister!" The Idun with the teddy bear exclaimed.

"Oh..." His friend was relieved by the news.

"She said to send her some presents. She even asked me get her a date with Rood."


"Yeah, remember that recording crystal I sent her about my school life. Apparently, she got a glimpse of Rood in the background. And ever since then, she's been begging me to bring Rood over next time I go back."

"Feel bad for the kid. Not only is he being chased by Professor Rowell but a Hereis too."

"You got that right. Awhile ago, I saw him running from some weirdo."

"A weirdo?"

"Yeah. He was going all, 'Wait, cute creature! I'm not going to hurt you. Just let me put you in a cage.' Or something like that."

Okay. That was beyond weird.

From behind, the two Idun notice the shadow of someone approaching them.

"That story."

The two Idun flinch at the sight of their scary Hereis classmate.

"Where is he?"

This was just plain ridiculous. Why did Rood need to chase after Chevel for a favor?

Deciding enough was enough. Rood ends their game of cat and mouse by grabbing the back of Chevel's collar and pulling it back. This is does stop Chevel from running but almost chokes the blonde to death in the process.

"Now then has we get down to business..." Rood smiles at the blonde Hereis on the ground.


Wasn't Chevel a bit too quiet? It didn't take that long to respond.

He couldn't be...

"At least, I have one less person who knows my identity." Rood casually remarks relieved at he didn't have to worry about Chevel spilling out his secret on accident.

"I'm not dead." The supposedly dead Chevel retorted from the ground.

Chevel couldn't believe that Rood was more concerned about his identity being blown than his safety.

Settling their game of tag, Rood finally got Chevel to stay still. It always irritated him every time the blonde Hereis runs away at the sight of him before he even got a chance to say anything. Was he really the same person who kept on tormenting Lidusis before he showed up?

Chevel on the other hand wonders why Rood was chasing after all this time. Did he do something to offend him? But he hasn't been in the Idun section since he got back from Ishuella. Maybe he's holding a grudge for what he did to him and Lidusis? He wouldn't kill him, would he? Judging from his previous reaction to Chevel's supposedly death, his death would weigh very little on the Idun's conscious.

"Come with me. I have some business with you."

Chevel's fears come to life. He was going to be killed.

Or so he thought...

It turned out Rood just wanted him to buy a cloak for him.

In a way, it does make sense since his last one from Ishuella was left in tatters.

Chevel felt relieved that Rood wasn't going to kill him or anything.

But there was one thing that bothered him.

How did this happen?!

He somehow got roped into finding Lidusis whether he wanted to or not.

Although Rood got what he needed, all that was left was to find Lidusis. The problem was how. Even if he got a new cloak to hide his face from that troublesome weirdo, it won't be easy to move around.

How can I find Lidusis without getting noticed?

If he's by himself, the chances of him being found out are high.

Going out alone will attract attention. But how can I...

Rood glances at Chevel. An idea dons Rood as he found a solution.

And so without a word of retaliation, Rood took Chevel along with him.

Thinking back at it, Chevel had never seen such a gentle yet terrifying smile before in his life.

"You will help me, right?"

Even those words scared the heck out of him.

Chevel didn't understand why Rood needed him to tag along when he could have been alright by himself.

Now Rood can search for Lidusis without any possibility of being detected by those weirdos. But there was one thing that bothered Rood.

How did Lispen find out I was Blow?

Rood never got a chance to ask Chevel what his connection with Lispen was. Last time he tried, the Hereis ran away like he saw a ghost. And when he caught him, he failed to ask him again due to Shicmuon's appearance on campus. He felt like an idiot for intervening at that time. If not for that, Shicmuon wouldn't have been suspicious of him in the first place, and he could have avoided having his identity being found out by him.

"Hey, do you know a professor that goes by the name of Lispen?" Rood asks.

"Yeah, I know him, but I was surprised when I saw him as a professor. I only saw him a few times whenever I ran into Lidusis' brother."

So they rarely interacted with each other. Then how did he find out?

This was strange.



An explosion? Far off in another part of town, Rood and Chevel saw a large explosion. It was no normal explosion either. It was very destructive. It was obviously done by some deranged terrorist magician. And a really powerful one at that.

"I-I saw him in town looking for Artian but got chased by some perverted madman. So I don't know where he's at!"

That was information he received from the Idun who gave him the info.

Poor kid. Of all the people to have overheard his conversation with his friend it had to be Shicmuon of all people.

"That damn Blackie..." Shicmuon muttered under his breath as he walked around town in search of Rood.

Ignoring the stares he received from the women around him who blushed at the sight of him, Shicmuon continued on his search for Rood. He could care less about some women. The Black Magician was more important to him than those nobodies.

As he was walking, someone passing by him bumped into him. It wasn't that big of a deal as it was only their shoulders that collided. Shicmuon continued walking as if nothing had happened.

"Hey, you got some nerve doing that to Aniki and then leaving without as much as an apology!"

Unfortunately, the man that bumped into Shicmuon was the same creep who was chasing after Rood. He was not in a good mood since he had still yet to find the small creature he found.

Ignoring those trash, Shicmuon went ahead as if that weirdo's underling didn't say anything.

Naturally, this only irked them even more as Shicmuon ignored their presence.

"Who do you think一"

However as soon as the underling grabbed Shicmuon's arm from behind him, he was punched in the face.

Shicmuon menacingly stares the underling for a few moments before he turns around going back to search for Rood. He was in no mood to deal with small fries.

Scary didn't even begin to describe him as he had never met some so intimidating before.

"Beautiful..." The weirdo said. "I've never seen such a beautiful and elegant person before. I must take him home."

Not caring the least about some maniac's weird fetish, Shicmuon was completely indifferent to it. The only thing that irked him was that there were so many pieces if trash getting in his way. Just how many of them will keep interfering.

"Beautiful creature!"

Not bothered by the fact that some freak was charging at him going on about some beautiful creature, Shicmuon simply stands still as he had more important matters in his mind.


Just where was he?


Unable to hold back his frustration, Shicmuon releases a large blast of magic detonating the whole area along with the poor fools who had to run into Shicmuon while he was in a bad mood.


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