Unknown Entity

Town Trip (3)

That explosion was no ordinary explosion. It was obviously done by magic. And not by your average magician either. For an explosion that big, the magician had to be at least a high ranking magician.

It can't be...

And there was one high ranking magician that Rood could think of that would recklessly cause an explosion that huge in broad daylight.

At least, he knows where not to look Lidusis. He highly doubts Lidusis would be in an area with Shicmuon considering that the Association magician was undercover. After all, Shicmuon was undercover as a student so his identity as a magician was a secret from the students.

Although he's extremely reckless, Shicmuon wouldn't do something that would jeopardize his mission.






Thinking about it, actually he would do something like that.

Rood remembers that time he accidentally met the mentally unstable magician on a mission where he had to pull some guy's pants off. He threatened to eat the mana crystal that he was supposed to guard if he didn't come out.

Rood contemplates over the idea of whether he should go or not. He wants to find Lidusis, but at the same time he doesn't want to run into Shicmuon.

"Hey kid, you lost? We don't mind helping you but for a small fee, of course."

Breaking his train of thoughts, Rood sees a bunch of low level muggers ganging up on someone right by a fountain. But he couldn't see who the victim was since the muggers were hurdling around the poor sap.

"Say something already! Speak up!" The leader threatened.

"But..." The victim quietly said.

"But what!" The leader shouted losing patience.

"But I'm not lost. I-I'm waiting for my friend." The victim who was actually Lidusis nervously answered as he was not used to being surrounded by people.

The fact that he didn't even realize that he was being mugged dumbfounded even the antagonizers.

Was he being serious? He seriously had no clue he was being shaked down.

They did not know what to do since this was their first dealing with someone like this.

"Lidusis!" Recognizing his voice, Rood rushed over to Lidusis's side pushing the thug leader to the side.

Rood was relieved to see that he found Lidusis.

"What are you doing here?" Rood asked his friend not bothering to notice the petty hoodlums around them.

"I stayed here waiting for you since I knew you were looking for me." Lidusis quietly answered fidgeting a little.

"Good." Rood says as he pats Lidusis's head.

The gentle feeling of Rood's touch made all of Lidusis's previous anxiousness go away now replaced with relief and comfort.

Being left behind in favor of Lidusis, Chevel watches the reunion of the two friends. Looking at the scene, for some reason, it reminded the blond Hereis of a parent finding their lost kid.

Must just be me...

"I don't know who you are, but you seem to be this guy's friend." The thug leader says to Rood. Then if that's the case, we're going to be demanding a little toll fee."

This was bad. Chevel could see that those people were random street thugs. And of all the people they had to extort, they chose Rood Chrishi, the Black Magician. If they piss him off, who knows what the kid will do to them. Just the thought scares him. Chevel had to think of something before something happens.

"You were here?" Rood questioned as he never too notice of the man since his mind was more preoccupied with Lidusis's safety.

On second thought, Chevel might not have to do anything. Like the street thugs, Chevel is dumbfounded by Rood's lack of awareness.

"You know this idiotic ruffian?" Rood points to the thug leader.

In response, Lidusis shakes his head.

"Hey, I'm no ruffian?! I'm the leader of the notorious gang, 'Wolf Fang!'" The thug leader shouted out annoyed by the fact that Rood wasn't the least bit scared of him.

"Okay..." Rood disinterestedly responded.

"You brat! Don't look down on me!" The street thug grabs Rood by his collar.

Chevel already knew where this was going. That guy just signed his own death warrant.

A few moments later...

Rood didn't even break a sweat beating up those small fries.

Sometimes, Chevel wonders if Rood really is younger than him.

With Lidusis found, Rood can rest at ease. Although one thing did bother him. Where was Dio?

He did say that he had things to do, but he has been gone for a while. He didn't get into trouble like last time. Did he?

"Now Lidusis, shall we一"

Before Rood could finish his sentence, he was cut off.

"You brat. So you weren't just an ordinary brat after all. But don't think I'm just an ordinary ruffian."

"You know you just called yourself a 'ruffian,' right?" Rood points out.

"No, I didn't mean it like that!" The thug leader panicked. "... How dare you act so insolent! Know your place."

It was so obvious that he was just trying to cover up his previous mistake by shifting the blame.

"But I didn't do anything." Rood deadpanned.

"Don't think I'm going easy on you just cuz you're a kid."

Just as he said, the man was no ordinary street thug. He was also a magician. Mana flowed around his right hand.

Of all the people to run into, it had to be a magician. Under normal circumstances, Rood would run to avoid unnecessary attention, but with Lidusis beside him, that isn't an option.

Lidusis might get caught in the middle if I fight back. Right now, I need to lure him away from Lidusis. Rood glances to the side where he spots Chevel. He might be able to help.

As soon as Chevel makes eye contact with Rood, he flinches out of instinct.

Or maybe not...

"Take this!"

The thug leader casts an attack spell directly at Rood.

For now, I'll just do what I can.

Going with his original plan, Rood pushes Lidusis to the side as Rood heads in the opposite direction.

Chevel grabs Lidusis's wrist and pulls him to his side. Chevel runs with the gray haired Idun not letting go of his wrist.

"Wait, Rood..." Lidusis didn't want to leave behind his friend with a dangerous man while he ran.

"Don't worry about him. He'll be fine." Chevel told his childhood friend. I'm more worried about his opponent than him.

Rood is the Black Magician so there was no way he'd lose to some nobody.

Good. Rood got Lidusis to safety. Now all he had to was keep his attention from Lidusis onto him and ditch him. Then go back to meet up with Lidusis and Chevel.

"You rat! Stand still!" The thug leader casts another spell at Rood.

With Lidusis safe, Rood runs in the opposite direction Chevel took Lidusis.

A little bit more, and I'll go find Lidusis.

Rood keeps running with the thug leader on his tail. To make matters worse for Rood, apparently, Rood didn't hit the other thugs hard enough.

So now he has not just one but a whole gang of thugs to lose.

This will take awhile.

Rood wanted to get this over with. But with that many people chasing him, it won't be easy.

"Damn, this kid's fast."

"Let's get the other two instead."

"Idiot, they ran in the opposite side. It'll take time find them."

"Let's split up. No point in all of trying to catch one shrimp."

At the shrimp remark, a large cross popping vein appears on Rood's head.

Change of plans.

Rood switches tactics. He was going to beat them up.

Back in Helios, a certain blonde Idun and a certain lavender haired Hereis were inside Linus's dorm room going over the information and files they gathered.

"So far all we have is that Blow-nim is likely an Idun who enrolled this year into Helios and is likely to be in Professor Heil's class that is now under the guidance a new professor." Lapis explained to his friend who was lazing on his bed daydreaming about something.

Lapis already figured out what the Hereis was daydreaming about when he heard the words: Blow-nim, Black Magician, and student.

"What are you doing?!" Lapis smacks Linus in the back of the head. "Weren't you the one to suggest we should plan things out in order to find Blow-nim?!"

"Yeah, but you put it so boring that I didn't want to pay attention anymore."

"I should have given you another blow. Maybe that'll knock some sense into you." Lapis controlled his urge to smack his friend in the head again.

"But it's too bad, we don't know anyone in Professor Heil's class. Otherwise, it'd be convenient. We could visit the class anytime we want and could information that the professors don't have."

Lapis agrees with his Hereis friend's strangely logical reasoning. He does make a very good point.

"Wait, didn't you say something about a new Hereis before?" Lapis asks as he remembered Linus mentioning a new Hereis.

"Apparently, a new student transferred in, and he was put in the Hereis class but takes classes with the Idun in Professor Heil's class. He was that guy that jumped from the roof before after Blow-nim broke through the roof and gallantly came to our rescue. I think his name was Asujen Baldwin."

"What! That's not fair一 I mean that's not right! Everyone who comes into Helios enters as an Idun. No one is placed anywhere else regardless of talent or family background. Not even the princess is allowed."

"I also heard that he entered without any due process." Linus blurted only adding fuel to the fire.

That guy who does he think he is. One can't just get admitted and become a Hereis. It was official. Lapis hated the new Hereis already. But if he's a Hereis, then Linus should probably know him...

"Then why don't you try asking him if he's in Professor Heil's class?"

Lapis didn't want to rely on a guy like that new Hereis but he didn't have a choice. If it'll help them find Blow, he'll have to.

"Can't. I never talked to him. I've seen him a couple of times, but we never interacted with each other."

"Isn't there anyone else that you know that's in that class?"

"The only Idun I can remember from Professor Heil's class are a few Iduns who showed up to defend that blue haired Idun when that professor tried to kill him. But I only saw them. I never talked them either." Linus holds up the files for Dio, Lidusis, Iel, and Lin.

"I remember. Everyone was saying how everything was their class's fault." Lapis wasn't sure why Linus mentioned that. "Everyone was talking about how everything was their class's fault... Wait a minute!"

"What is it, Lapis?"

"I think know where I saw them before!"

"Yeah, they were defending that baby dragon kid that got stabbed."

"No, I mean before that. Professor Rowell was holding a personal sparring match with an Idun."

"Oh yeah. I heard about that. It's rare for the professor to do such a thing." Linus recalled hearing a couple of Idun talking about it when he went to visit Lapis.

"But I was disappointed in the professor when she forced a child to spar with her. He was later saved by those Idun from Professor Heil's class." Lapis takes out the file on Rood that he gave to Linus.

"So you know him?" Linus asked while reading over Rood's file.

"Not exactly but we did have a little chat about teleportation circles." Lapis continued. "He's the first person I could actually talk to about magical theories and formulas."

"If he can keep up with your nonstop rambling, then maybe he's Blow-nim!" Linus hoped that he was right. Then that would make things a whole lot easier for them.

"No, he's a frail child. So we can take him off our list. And another thing, there's a huge gap in physical structure between them." Lapis informed his friend. There was no way an ill child like him could be someone as strong as Blow.

"Is that so..." Somehow, Linus wasn't fully convinced. He knew his friend wasn't lying, but he just couldn't believe it. "But Lapis, this is good. Now we can find Blow-nim if we visit him."

"But isn't it bad to use him an excuse to find Blow-nim?" Lapis didn't like the idea of deceiving an innocent kid for the sake of his goals.

"You do have a point. Then let's just go have look around." Linus gave up thinking of a plan to get into Professor Heil's and just went with his original idea that was shot down by Lapis for being too idiotic.

"I already told you. It's bad to just go there without an excuse. We'll stand out if we go to that class especially you, a Hereis."

"There's already a Hereis in there so what difference would it make if they have another. Hahaha..." Linus chuckled.

"That's because it's his class. So he won't stand out if he goes there!" Lapis wonders how many times does he have to explain to his friend before it gets through his thick head.

"No, I heard he stands out a lot."

"Well, a Hereis in a class with Idun will definitely attract attention."

"He's really popular with the girls. Girls from other classes even gather around the classroom's entrance just to gaze at him. Karina too is smitten with him. He is her type so I guess it was natural." Linus went on until he noticed how strange Lapis was acting. "Lapis, you paying attention?"

That guy... He came in without any due process and entered as a Hereis. He gets to be in a class where Blow-nim is. And he's incredibly popular with girls...

Just how privileged was this guy.

"That should be it. Better go look for Lidusis."

Finishing up his business, Rood leaves the badly beaten up street thugs who call themselves 'Wolf Fang.'

Meeting up with Lidusis is Rood's top priority. Now he won't have to worry as much as before since he left him with Chevel.

As Rood departs, he failed to notice someone hiding in the shadows watching the whole spectacle from the beginning.

"So those buffoons were really incompetent from the start. But they did at least managed to be of some use."

The person hidden in the shadow smirks as he watches Rood leave the scene.

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