Unknown Entity

Town Trip (4)

Heading in the direction Chevel took Lidusis, Rood hopes nothing else happens.
Now that Shicmuon's here, as soon as I meet up with Lidusis and Chevel Phon Hadelio, we'll look for Dio and return back to the school.


Rood recognizes that voice from behind him. It belonged his close not human but also not a demon friend.

Rood turns around to see a familiar face.


Rood was relieved to see his blue haired friend safe and sound.

But one thing did bother him. Why was he acting nervous or rather stiff? Rood takes note of how Dio was fidgeting around. Rood might have imagined it, but it seemed like he was scared or something.

Did something happen?

Rood had a bad feeling about this.

"Hello..." That voice from behind Rood was a voice Rood knew all too well. "Blackie..."

Only person called him by that name.

Rood didn't need to turn around to know who was behind him.

Before Rood could think of anything, Shicmuon grabs Rood by his shoulder from behind.

"Don't think about running away..." Shicmuon tightens his grip on Rood's shoulder. "Because I won't let you escape again..."

Shicmuon whispers the last part in Rood's ear.


The awkward silence between the two childhood friends made it harder for either one of them to day anything. Lidusis was already quiet and reserved by nature while Chevel found it difficult to talk to his old friend who he has been bullying and then forgave recently. Even back in their childhood, they rarely engaged in a civil conversation unless Chevel's sister, Ibriel, was there.

Still not saying a word, both Helios students continue to walk.

What should I do? Say something? But what? How does Rood Chrishi and that nonhuman Idun talk with him? I got it! Chevel thinks of a topic that Lidusis will respond to.

"You know back then when you tried to defend that Idun, Dio Varus, I was surprised to see how you stood up for him in that kind situation. It sure was brave of you. Never knew you had it in you." Chevel stiffly says as he forces himself to engage in a conversation with Lidusis.

"Yeah..." Lidusis looks down in remorse as recalled the terrible time his friend went through. "Dio was accused of things he didn't do and treated badly. He got stabbed. And again I could do nothing as my friend was hurt."

Dark, gloomy clouds hover Lidusis's head as he gets more and more depressed.

Shit! Chevel just mistakenly stepped on a land mine. What should I do?

Chevel had to do something about his depressed friend. He could practically see the dark clouds looming around Lidusis's head.

"But he was still saved in the end by the Black Magician!" Chevel tries his best to keep the conversation alive and lift up his childhood friend's spirit. "And that you did try to defend your friend which is really an accomplishment compared to how you were before Rood Chrishi came!"

"Rood..." Like a magic spell, Lidusis brightens up a little at the Idun's name.

"Y-Yeah! I'm sure he'd be proud of you! So you shouldn't be sulking like a baby." Finally, Chevel got a smooth conversation going on.

"Ano..." Lidusis softly spoke.

Chevel listens as he awaits what Lidusis has to say.

"What do you think of Rood?" Lidusis asked. It wasn't that he didn't hold any doubts about his friend. It was just that there was something he felt that Rood was keeping from him. It made him uneasy not knowing what's going on with his friend. If Rood was hiding something, would he end up in the same position Dio was in when Lispen attacked him? And if it does happen, he'll lose another precious friend.

"Rood Chrishi... If I had to describe him, I'd say he's..."

To Chevel, Rood was just one thing and that was...


"?" Lidusis is dumbfounded by Chevel's response as he wasn't expecting that answer. He could tell he wasn't joking at all.

"That kid is like a demon in human skin."

Lidusis wonders why Chevel has this faraway look in his eyes.

"He does the most abnormal and unpredictable things." Chevel added. Like that time he pushed me off the balcony when we first met or that time he came crashing down the roof of the central auditorium with Dio Varus. Not to mention, the way he handled the situation when that Idun was revealed to not actually be human was very strange yet it was actually the best possible solution as everything ended smoothly.

"That's why I know for sure he'll be alright. He's someone in his own class. No matter what happens to him, I won't worry about him, because I'll know he'll be able to handle it."

After all, the kid was none other than the famous Black Magician. And recent events have only brought light to more of the kid's magical powers. That and raise Chevel's fear at the young magician.

"So you shouldn't either." Chevel finished while looking away as there was a slight blush of embarrassment on the Hereis's cheeks.

He wasn't good at things like this.

Lidusis sincerely smiles at his childhood friend.

"Thank you..."

Chevel turns his head away hiding the blush on his face as Lidusis thanks him.

Rood Chrishi... Chevel knew Rood was the Black Magician and that he was a strong first class magician, but he was still an anomaly like how he could use magic when no official magician could use their magic. Something doesn't look right. Who are you?


Seeing that huge magical explosion, only someone with high magical powers could cause that much destruction.

It couldn't be... Dio sweats a little as he fears running into the worst possible opponent at this time.

He wouldn't put it past that guy to attack in broad daylight. He already did it once. And even if he were caught, he would still be safe since it was only a puppet. And no one would know his true identity.

As much as Dio wanted to beat up that guy, he couldn't risk getting into more trouble he already is in. Now that his true form was seen by the students of professors of Helios, he has to be more cautious. Otherwise, they'll think he's working with that dirty scum. They are already keeping tabs on him since he wasn't human. He was lucky that Rood saved him before.

For now, he has to return to Rood and Lidusis. Their safety were more important to him than anything else.


A terrible thought struck Dio as he fears something bad happening.

Rood... Lord Artian...

It was possible that they were there. And if that guy was there too, then he just can't sit by.

Worried about his friends, Dio rushes to the place where the explosion took place.

Please be alright. Dio hopes his guess is wrong. Although he knows how strong Rood is, he did not want to bring his friends any more trouble.

Fortunately, Dio's hypothesis was off the mark as he did not see hair nor hide of his friends.

Dio lets out a sigh of relief as he was glad that Rood and Lidusis weren't involved.

However he breathed out too early as someone overshadows him.

Somehow, Dio had a really bad feeling about this. He knew it wasn't that guy, but the person behind him gave Dio a fright.

Dio slowly turn his head around.

Dio breaks out in a cold sweat as he comes to meet face to face with his new classmate, Asujen Baldwin who was actually Shicmuon undercover but he didn't know that.

What's more is that he's that deranged psychopath who keeps stalking Rood.

"You are... Blackie's friend..."

Blackie? Dio didn't know anyone by that name.

"This is good." Shicmuon smirks at the frightened Idun.

Dio didn't like that grin on Shicmuon's face.

I have a bad feeling about this.

His intuition was right on the mark as the Hereis wouldn't leave him along. He kept on following Dio like he did with Rood.

Whether he'd walk this away.

Or the other way.

Or through that dark alley.

Shicmuon still followed Dio regardless of where he went.

The most frightening part that scared Dio the most was that Shicmuon quiet the whole time. He didn't utter a single word just trailed behind Dio.

And it freaked him that he was quietly following him like that.

"Ano... Is there a place you want to go to? I don't come here a lot of so I won't know where what you are looking for is at." Dio said hoping that would get Shicmuon to leave him alone.


However he received no answer as Shicmuon continued to follow him.

What should I do? I don't want to be stalked. That's Rood's job.I want to tell him to leave me alone, but... Dio contemplates over the matter of Shicmuon following him.

His face is too scary! Dio internally cries.

Maybe if I go in a store, he'll give up. Dio enters a random store in hopes that he work lose his pursuer.

Fortunately, he did lose Shicmuon who stayed outside although he didn't move from his spot at least he didn't follow Dio in. Now all he had to do was wait for him to lose interest and leave.

Yes! It worked!

Dio's happiness was short lived when he finally took notice of what kind of store he went into.

A female good's store.

Everywhere he saw were cute plushies that most women of all ages would like.

But that wasn't the end of it as Dio heard a voice from somewhere in the shop.

"Ming Ming!"

That voice. Oh no. Dio knew that voice.

"Ming Ming!"

It was the empire's princess, Princess Yutiarien Meria Kansiole who wanted to go out instead staying stuck at school since classes were on hold.

And she wasn't alone as she was with her two attendants: Professor Rowell and Rom.

Professor Rowell walks up to Dio and asks him, "Where is Rood Chrishi?"

Although she knew his identity, that still did not extinguish her interest in the young magician.

However, there was something or rather someone in the room that Dio was wary of. So much that he didn't paying attention to what the blue haired woman said.

At the immediate sight of the princess, Dio dashes out of the store not to only preserve his manhood but to also avoid said princess.

"Ah, Ming Ming~"

"Escape." Seeing her prey run away, Professor Rowell does the only logical thing to do. "Chase."

At least, logical by her standards.

Now Dio has to run from the eccentric professor.

More concerned about the matter of avoiding the princess, Dio had completely forgotten about Shicmuon.

This really wasn't Dio's day as he's being pursued by two crazy people: a brutish woman who uses her fists more than her reason and a violent classmate whose is mind as stable as a dog on rabies.

How does Rood deal with this all the time... Dio starts to empathize with his precious friend as he's being chased by the two people who normally chase after the blond Idun.

After he got tired of running, Dio was glad that he finally got away from the two nut jobs and more importantly the princess. Ever since she saw him in his other form, she strangely became attached to him which made Dio uncomfortable.

He was tired of it all. He just wanted to find his friends and leave.

Just as it seemed like fate was playing a joke with him, God gave him a bit of a hand.

In the midst of town, he saw his close friend.

Although he should be happy to see his friend, he couldn't express his happiness with all that happened.

When he thought he found some luck, he knew it was too good to be.

Right behind Rood was none other than the Hereis who was chasing Dio not so long ago.

"R-Rood..." Dio stiffly called out to the blonde Idun in hopes of warning him that his mentally unstable pursuer was right behind him.


Luckily, Rood heard him, but it was too late as Shicmuon already had Rood in his grasp.

"Hello Blackie..."

Blackie? He was referring to Rood? So the Blackie Shicmuon was talking about turned out to be Rood. But one thing bothered Dio. Why did is calling him Blackie? Dio wonders what kind of relationship do those two share. Didn't Rood tell him that he didn't know that Hereis? And more importantly... Shouldn't it be Blondie instead?

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