Unknown Entity

Town Trip (5)

Rood officially hated his life. Why did he have to run into Shicmuon!

With Shicmuon's hold on Rood's shoulder, his chances of escape went out the window.


Before Shicmuon gets a chance to finish, he is interrupted by a certain weirdo who recently regained consciousness.

"I found you, cute little boy!"

Who? They all questioned wondering who the man was.

Having never seen the man before now, it was only natural for Dio not to know the man.

Despite being chased by the man before, Rood had forgotten about the weirdo when he reunited with Lidusis.

And as for Shicmuon, he could care less about an insignificant ant not even worth remembering.

"Beautiful creature too." The man was ecstatic to see both Rood and Shicmuon. Now all that was left was for him to capture them.

That's if it such a thing were possible.

As the man charges towards them, Shicmuon felt annoyed by the interference.

Without hesitation, Shicmuon starts to throw a punch at the man forgetting one little thing. The hand he used was the same hand that was gripping on Rood's shoulder. As a result, instead of a punch, Rood was thrown at the man sending back a few meters.

Fortunately for Rood, he was safe as he landed on top of his back like a landing pad.

Shicmuon turns his gaze at his now empty hand. It seemed like he made a mistake. And then back to where Rood was at only to find no sign of him or his blue haired friend.

There was only one logical explanation behind Rood's disappearance.

"That..." Mana starts to seep out of Shicmuon's body as he was frustrated to lose his prey once again.

He ran away.



And once again another explosion caused by a certain red haired magician.

Meanwhile, as a certain pair of Helios students were walking around in search of a certain blonde Idun, they quickly caught notice of yet another huge magician explosion.

"Again? What's going on? What idiot keeps on going around rampaging like that! Really..." Chevel couldn't believe someone had the gall to cause trouble twice in the same day.

"Rood..." Lidusis quietly mutters his friend's name.

"Don't worry, if it's him, he'll be fine." Chevel assures his childhood friend. He is the Black Magician after all.

"Hey Rood..." A young Dio Varus spoke out his friend's name.

"What is it?" Rood asked while dragging Dio with him.

"I... Can't breathe..." Dio informed Rood as his face starts to turn blue like his hair.

"Ah..." While he was avoiding conflict with Shicmuon, Rood had forgotten that he was dragging Dio by the back of his collar which in turn suffocated the poor Idun. For the sake of his friend's life, Rood releases his grip on Dio's collar.

Gasping for dear life, Dio felt alive to be able to finally breathe again.

Now that I found Dio, all that's left is to meet up with Lidusis. Rood didn't want to deal with Shicmuon any longer. That guy was too crazy.

Thankfully, prior to their separation, Rood instructed Chevel to take Lidusis back to Helios. Because of that explosion earlier, Rood didn't want to leave Lidusis anywhere near a dangerous place like that and by the off chance that Shicmuon was there as well. Rood wasn't going to take any risks with Shicmuon.

The only problem is where on Helios is a safe place.

Even if he does return to Helios, it's only a matter of time before he realizes that Rood was no longer in town.

Oh well, I'll worry about that later. Getting away from here and Lidusis's safety are my top priorities. And as for him... Rood glances over at Dio who was relieved to finally be able to breathe.

"How long do you intend to stay like that?" Rood says to Dio. "Well that doesn't matter anyway."

Rood turns his head away from Dio.

"How mean, Rood..." Dio comically cries at his friend's cold attitude. "I could have died you know!"

"We have to find Lidusis and leave." For now, Lidusis's safety is Rood's main priority.

"Rood..." Dio stares at his friend. "You're still trying to avoid him?"


Dio notices Rood averting his eyes.

Dio sighs and pats the blonde magician on the shoulder.

"You should know when to give up."

From what Dio could see, avoiding the Hereis was pretty much impossible since Shicmuon has been on his case from the moment he transferred into their class. It was sad to see his friend like this.

At his desk, Professor Orphell looks down at the sheets of paper on his desk.

Professor Orphell thinks back a few moments ago when his partner Deon handed them to him.

"Here's a list of students that matched the conditions. These are the students that were teleported to Ishuella and weren't with Professor, they weren't present in class at the time the other professors were doing a roll call, and they weren't in the central auditorium when Helios was invaded." Deon hands Professor Orphell a stack of papers.

"And as for my students..."

"These are the students from Professor Heil's class that were absent at all three incidents." Deon hands Professor Orphell a smaller stack of papers since it was just once class.

"Are these all the students?" Professor Orphell questioned.

"Yeah. There may be a few I missed, but these are the ones that haven't been present at all three incidents." Deon assures his partner.

Professor Orphell goes over the documents starting with his class. It seems that there weren't that many students to watch out for. So far nothing seemed out of the ordinary, there was not one student that caught his eye. That is until he stumbled upon one particular student.

"You found someone suspicious, Orphell-nim?" Deon peers over to see which student caught Professor Orphell's eye.

"Rood Chrishi?" Deon reads the name of the student on the file.

Rood Chrishi. The boy who caught Shicmuon and Professor Rowell's eye. Professor Rowell remembers that time he saw Rood dispel that low level magic attack from a Hereis while hiding behind Chevel under the pretense it was Chevel's doing.

"Him? Orphell-nim, the Black Magaician can't be him that's impossible." Deon casually dismisses. "It says here he has a chronic illness. He even missed the first month of school because of it. It's just coincidence he happened to meet the conditions."

Despite Deon's words, Professor Orphell was not convinced. The circumstances around him were too much to be mere coincidence.

Not to mention, the fact that he's connected to Dio Varus is suspicious enough.

"Anyway Orphell-nim, is the board and Tower really going to go along with Marquis Hadelio's request?" Deon remembered Marquis Hadelio's proposal at the meeting earlier.

"They will after an incident like this happened there was no reason to decline his request. And I do not see any down side to it either so we shall just let him do as he wishes. For now, we have to focus on more important matters."

"You mean like finding the Black Magician."

"That is our main priority at the moment but, Deon, don't forget our purpose for being here." Professor Orphell sternly warns his partner.

"But Orphell-nim, do you really think Shicmuon was telling the truth that they were looking for a 'betrayer' and something in Helios?" Deon had a hard time believing Shicmuon since there's no telling what goes inside his head.

"Yes. Like us, he came here to investigate the Ishuella incident. It is likely that he's hiding information from us, but he has no reason to lie. His mission is the same as our's. Whether he wants to or not, he has to cooperate regardless of circumstances." He may not trust Shicmuon, but he will cooperate with him when it comes to their mission. Investigating the abnormal activities surrounding Helios is their upmost responsibility. The only issue is what he's hiding...

"How mean, Rood... I can't believe you hit me like that..." Dio cries as he rubs his poor injured cheek.

Dio follows Rood's lead.

"Then maybe next time I should go for your eyes again." Rood raises up the two deadly fingers that jabbed his innocent eyes at one time.

Not wanting to relive that horrible moment again, Dio rigorously shakes his head in fear.

With that settled, the two head back to their destination: Helios.

"Hey Rood..."

"What is it, Dio?" Rood stops walking to answer Dio.

"Am I..."

"Pervert!" A voice screamed out as Dio was in the middle of speaking.



Rood slowly backs away from his friend showing a look of disgust at him.

"That wasn't me?!" Dio defends.

However Rood didn't look convinced.

"I told you to get away from me! I have to meet up with someone!" A voice yelled out.

Wondering who was the one screaming and yelling, Rood and Dio turn their heads to the direction that voice came from.

They see a pretty woman with long, wavy red orange hair being surrounded by a few guys.

"Come on now. You're the one who came onto us."

"For directions!" The red haired woman clarified.

"In other words, you want to talk to us right."

However the woman's words weren't getting through that man's thick skull.

"Poor lady. Getting harassed like that. Should we help her..." Dio feels bad for the woman.

Silence is the only response Dio got from the blond magician.

"Rood?" Dio wonders why Rood isn't saying anything.

"Ms. Ren?"

Without a doubt, the pretty lady being hit on is none other than the Master of Opion's secretary.

What is she doing here?

For a brief moment, the two make eye contact as Ren had noticed Rood and Dio standing nearby.

"Rood!" Ren runs over to Rood's side. "There you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

Ren places her hands on Rood's shoulders.

"Why are you here?" Rood asked. He wanted to know the reason behind Ren's presence.

"You see..." Ren shifts her gaze to Dio. "Excuse me for a moment, but I hope you don't mind if we have a private conversation."

Before Dio could answer, Ren had already dragged Rood behind a building leaving behind a stumped Dio.

Alone with no one else to bother them, the two could freely talk without any distractions.

"Anyway, what are you doing here? You should be back in Opion." Rood told Ren.

"I will go back but after I take you with me."

"What are you talking about?"

"Rood, this is getting dangerous. Your mission was only to stop the bullying of Lidusis Dien Artian. Now that that's done, there's no need to stay anymore. And above all, we can't have other people finding out about you. Here's a teleportation scroll. We're going back to Opion."

"I can't leave. There are still many things I have to do before that." Rood adamantly stands his ground.

"Rood, you've already been involved in two incidents at Helios. That's already enough to gain suspicion. At this rate, you'll be exposed."

She was right. The fact that the Black Magician was involved in those two incidents was enough to raise suspicions. Someone's bound to find out.

"But if I leave right away, that'll only make me more suspicious. And I still have to protect Lidusis!"

Lidusis's safety was Rood's greatest concern. He couldn't just leave his friend when someone was targeting him.

Ren knew that Rood was worried about his friend but that didn't lower her resolve. She was still strongly opposed to Rood being at Helios any longer. Rood knew that. He could see it in her eyes as the two stare at each not backing down no matter what.

The staring contest between the two ends when Rood sighs.

"Anyway, how much longer will be staying like that..." Rood looks at Ren. "Master."


"You figured it out?" Ren or rather the 'Master of Opion' scratches their cheek.

"Of course..." Rood confirmed.

"When did you realize?"

Since Rood saw through his disguise, the Master of Opion removes his Ren transformation.

Still, he thought his acting was perfect. He even got another teleportation scroll. So where did he go wrong?

"When I saw you with those two men."

So he knew from the beginning...

It was pretty much pointless if Rood saw through him from the beginning.

"Hey, wait!" A voice shrieks in panic.


Both Rood and the Master of Opion turn their heads around to the direction where that voice came from.


Right before him, Rood saw his gray haired friend and mission, Lidusis Dien Artian. Behind him was Chevel Phon Hadelio who tried to stop Lidusis from revealing them but to no avail and Dio Varus who looked surprised not that anyone can blame him. Chevel wasn't sure how to react to the situation now that they've been blown.

This was bad. Lidusis just overheard their conversation. He probably heard it all. And if he did, Rood wasn't sure how to handle the situation if things get ugly.

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