Unknown Entity

Truth Revealed


Just what was the gray haired Idun doing here when he should be at Helios like they agreed ahead of time.

Prior to meeting with Rood and the Master of Opion, Lidusis and Chevel were well on their way to Helios when they saw a baffled Dio standing in the middle of the street.


Almost like instinct, Lidusis dashes to his dark blue haired friend's side.

"Lord Artian?" Dio was surprised to see Lidusis. He didn't think he'd run into him at a time like this.

"Where's Rood?" Lidusis didn't see hair nor hide of his blond friend.

"Oh, you see..." Dio whispers the next part in a low voice to Lidusis. A bit of blush appears on his cheeks. "He got taken away by a pretty lady."

Taken away!

This greatly shocks both Lidusis and Chevel.

Inside Lidusis's chest, he feels a heavy weight on him. He didn't like it that Rood was separated from him again.

Chevel on the other hand was astonished by the news.

"It looked like Rood knew her when she came over and dragged Rood away."

Chevel didn't know what to make of this.

Rood Chrishi, the Black Magician, was kidnapped by a mysterious, pretty lady.

It is true that Rood's looks were very appealing to the eyes, but Chevel never thought it'd be to the extent of being kidnapped.

"They're over there." Dio points the building the Master of Opion disguised as Ren took Rood to.

"You don't think something's going between those two..." Dio whispers to Lidusis and Chevel. Dio's cheeks turn a bit red tells them his opinion.

Chevel blushes a little. He didn't think Rood had a girlfriend and a much older one at that. He didn't seem like the type to interested in relationships.

He didn't like it. Once again, Lidusis got separated from Rood. Rood was somewhere else doing something behind Lidusis's back again. It was always like that. He always helped Lidusis but kept his own problems hidden. He didn't know what Rood was doing. He didn't know anything about him. He couldn't do anything for him.

"Lord Artian?"

"Hey, where are you going?" Chevel questions Lidusis's strange actions.

It was no use. No matter what Chevel or Dio said, Lidusis headed to the place Rood was. He didn't want to leave him alone. He didn't want what happened to Dio to happen again.

Just as Lidusis was about to make a turn at the corner, he heard something that caught him off guard.

"We're going back to Opion."


Did he hear that right?

"What are you doing? You can't just barge in a conversation between a man and a woman. Do you know how awkward that is?" Finally catching up to the introverted Idun, Chevel scolds Lidusis on what to do and what not to do.

One can't just invite himself in a conversation between two lovers like intruding on someone else's house. It was down right awkward.

However Lidusis wasn't listening as his attention was directed else where.

"Rood, you've been involved in two incidents at Helios. That's already enough to gain suspicion. At this rate, you'll be exposed."

Chevel stops talking when he overhears the conversation going on between the pretty woman and Rood.

What is this?! Like Lidusis, Chevel too was surprised to hear what was going on between Rood and the woman.

"But if I leave right away, that'll make me more suspicious. And I still have to protect Lidusis."

He's leaving? Although it was true, Rood couldn't stay too long with what's been going on lately. It would be bad for him if he were to be exposed.

But he wouldn't like it if Rood left Helios. It's not like he had any particular attachment to him like Lidusis did. It just wouldn't feel right if he wasn't at Helios.

"What's going on?" Dio pops out of nowhere behind Chevel.

Dio wasn't sure what was going on since he just got there, but the atmosphere didn't look so good.

Just what was going on.



The three Helios students soon witness something quite disturbing. A pretty woman turning into a man. He wasn't exactly ugly or old. He looked fairly young. He had his sandy blond hair tied back.

"Did you see that?" Dio whispers over to Chevel.

"Yeah." Chevel whispers back.

"What do you think that was?"

"I don't know."

"You think he's one of those... You know... Transvestite."

"That was definitely transformation magic, but I never heard of male magicians transforming into women."

"Actually, just a moment ago, I saw her... I mean him... getting hit on by some random guys."

Chevel gets goosebumps all over his body as he hears the horrifying news. Chevel's disgust in the mysterious man just rose up.

"You mean he actually likes that kind of stuff? So he's crossdressing perverted man!"

"No way." Dio was appalled to hear this.

"Why else would he be disguised as a woman?"

While Dio and Chevel talk about the supposedly perverted, crossdressing man, Lidusis continues to eavesdrops on Rood's conversation with the man.

As the conversation between Rood and that perverted crossdressing man escalated, both Chevel and Dio found it hard to intervene. Dio didn't want his friend to leave, but he wasn't sure if he could just pop in and tell that man to let Rood stay. How on earth did Rood have the courage to save him when he turned into his miniature dragon form in front of the whole student body?


"Lord Artian?" Dio notices something off about Lidusis.

He has been awfully quiet from the beginning. Dio knows Lidusis is a reserved person by nature, but something was off this time.

While Dio ponders on the thought, Lidusis starts heading over to where Rood and the man were at.

"Hey, wait!" Chevel tries to stop Lidusis, but he was a moment too late. Lidusis had already moved out of their hiding spot.

Rood and the man had already seen them. It was no use. They were exposed.

Clearly, Rood was shocked to see him and Lidusis. He couldn't blame him. It was only natural to be surprised if someone eavesdropped on your conversation especially a serious one.


Both sides remained silent for a few moments unable to say a word due to uncomfortable atmosphere in the air.

Surprisingly, the first one to break the silence was the one who was the most reserved among them, Lidusis.

"Rood... Are you leaving?" Lidusis didn't like it. He didn't want to be separated from his dear friend again.

"That's right, Rood— Ack!"

Before his master could say anymore, Rood covers his mouth preventing him from speaking.

"No, I'm not." Rood cuts in before his master does something stupid again. "Didn't I tell you... If I was going to leave, I'd tell you. I'm not going anywhere."

Lidusis felt relieved to hear those words coming out of Rood's mouth.

"And I have no intention of leaving just yet." Rood menacingly smiles at his master who shivers in fear.

"Just yet?" Fear returning, Lidusis didn't like the sound of it.

"Well, you see. I'm here on a mission and I'll be leaving once my mission is done." Rood tries to explain the situation as gently as possible without hurting Lidusis knowing how he is.

But that still did not make him feel any better, Lidusis still showed that same gloomy look on him before he met Rood.

Irritated by how things got like this, Rood jabs his master in the ribs.


"OW!" The Master of Opion cries out in pain. "That hurt, Rood!"

The Master rubs his injured side.

Rood glares at the Master that says 'You-deserved-that! What-were-you thinking-causing-trouble-again!'

The Master flinches on reflex even Chevel and Dio also flinch in fear of the blond magician.

I'm going to kill him after this.

Because of him, Rood's identity was revealed twice already. Chevel and Dio already knew so that wasn't much of an issue. The real problem was Lidusis. He did say he wanted to tell the young noble the truth about him and his mission but not like this.

Hah, things have gotten worse. No point in brooding over this any longer. This was bound to happen.

"Lidusis, what I was going to tell back at the dorms I'll tell you right now."

Lidusis looks up from the concrete floor to his blond friend. Lidusis's expression brightens up a little now he can finally know what's going on with Rood.

The meeting was finished. Investigations were going on, but no clues were found as to how the enemy was able to breach through Helios's barrier.

Several things run through Lispen's mind. For one, he could not understand why Rood Chrishi, the Black Magician, defended that nonhuman.

The mass demon summoning. The breach in Helios's barrier. And the Magician's inability to perform magic. They were the obviously the work of the demons. So why defend someone who wasn't human in that situation. And more importantly, what was with that weird scene? Lispen still didn't understand how everything changed when Rood lifted Dio up and told him to apologize which he did. Nor did he understand how everything was settled by one apology.

Many things didn't make any sense.

As Lispen contemplated over the issue, he hears his name being called out.


He turns around to see the first son of Duchess Dayner, the one he attended to years ago before he served Duchess Dayner.

Lidusis's older brother.

"I have a request for you. There is something I want to know."

"And that's how it is." Rood finished explaining. He told Lidusis that he was a magician hired by Lidusis's mother, Duchess Dayner, to stop the bullying of Lidusis and to help him. Naturally, he kept the fact that he was the Black Magician a secret. He couldn't tell him everything. He didn't want to bother him with unnecessary stuff. But he at least told him enough to ease Lidusis's worries.

"So you came here to stop Lord Artian from being bullied?" Dio questioned.

Chevel feels uneasy knowing that he was the instigator behind Lidusis's bullying when he heard about Rood's mission.

"But wait, now that that's settled then is there any reason for you to stay here?" Dio blurted out his mind. Not a moment later, he clamps his mouth shut with one of his hands knowing that he said something unnecessary.

"He's right, Rood! Now come into my arms and let's go back to Op—"

Before his master sprouts any more idiotic lines, Rood backhands his master in the face.

"Lidusis's mother asked for an extension on the mission and wanted me to protect him."

That answers that question.

"So I won't be leaving anytime soon."

Dio was glad to hear that. He didn't want his close friend to go away especially if he's really the one that he and the others are looking for.

So that's how it was. Lidusis finally understood what was going on with Rood. The reason why he was so adamant about saving Lidusis. The reason why he was always out when Lidusis wasn't looking. The reason why he was missing during those two times in Ishuella and in Helios.

No wonder Lidusis tried to stop the Black Magician from leaving when he hid the moment the Tower magicians came. Lidusis didn't want him to leave. He didn't want his friend to leave.


Now he knew why the Black Magician called him by his name back then and why he saved Dio.

He was really...

"Black Magician." Lidusis unknowingly said out loud in a soft voice.


This startled everyone since Rood didn't mention anything about the Black Magician.

"Rood, you are a magician of Opion?" Lidusis spoke.

"Yeah..." Rood hesitantly answered not sure what else to say.

"Then that weird man over there is the chairman of Opion?" Dio asked.

"Pretty much." Rood curtly responded no point in denying the truth only to receive the cries of a broken hearted master in the background.

A weird chairman who transforms into a woman and acts like a child.

"You have it rough." Dio finally understands how his friend was so mentally tough.

"Anyway, I'll be staying at Helios so you can go back to Opion now." Rood turns to his master who cries at his precious surrogate son's cold hearted treatment towards him not that it was anything new.

"How could say such a thing, Rood! I was only worried about you! Don't you know how deep my love for you is!"

"I don't know and don't care." Rood grabs the closest thing around him which was a huge wooden crate. Rood holds it up over his head ready to throw it at his master.

"Now Rood, let's talk with words not big scary crates that could possibly kill your master." The Master of Opion reasoned trying to talk Rood out of killing him.

Chevel, Dio, and Lidusis weren't sure what to do since this was new to them. A grown man cowering in the face of a kid capable of lifting objects much bigger than him.

"Umm, Rood, shouldn't we be getting back to Helios? I don't think it's a good idea to stay here any longer..."


Chevel and Lidusis as well as the Master of Opion were all slightly confused by what Dio meant when he said that. Why would staying outside of Helios be bad?

Only Rood knew what Dio was talking about and what he was referring to or rather who.

A certain auburn haired magician in disguise comes to mind.


At the thought of the Association magician, Rood unconsciously loosens his grip on the crate and drops it causing it to fall to the ground behind him.

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