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Candy and the Chocolate Factory

By Tammy Payton

Humor / Romance

Chapter 1 Candy Bucket

Chapter Two: Augustus Gloop and Verruca Salt

The next day I found myself opening box after box of Wonka bars counting them to make sure they were all there. It was when I came to one box I sighed in wistful abandonment, it was my favorite Cocoa's Delight. Mr. Wonka had invented it after meeting me he had claimed I was the inspiration. It was a swirled mixture of white, dark, and milk chocolate filled with a minty-strawberry flavored caramel. I had even gotten to design the wrapper it was a violet with magenta swirls and a bronze foil wrapper instead of the normal silver. That was the last time I had ever seen him it was my twelfth birthday just before things started to go wrong.

" I have something for you cocoa bean. It is my greatest creation yet you just have to taste it." Candy smiled as she sat on the small desk in the little shop's office. She didn't get to see Mr. Wonka much anymore he was so busy with the opening of his new factory. " What is it Mr. Wonka? " Smiling Mr. Wonka handed the small child a white, brown, and black swirled piece of chocolate which she immediately shoved into her little mouth. " Mmmmmm this is weally yummy." Willy just laughed at the child's antics " My goodness cocoa bean don't eat it with your mouth open that's not polite. I'm glad though that you like it. I thought of it after meeting you it's made of my chocolate just as mummy says you are. With an extra special filling. I was thinking of calling it Cocoa's Delight after my little cocoa bean." the child giggled as Mr. Wonka used his handkerchief to clean up the chocolate around her mouth. " I have a great idea I must go tell the workers to start on this new bar immediately why don't you stay here in my chair and draw up a design for it's wrapper hmmmm." Candy nodded enthusiastically before hopping into the chair as he produced some paper and crayons from one of the drawers.

Shaking her head to clear it of the memory Candy slipped one of the bars into her apron planning on saving her money so that she could share it with Charlie later. Before long it was time to open and the memory of the candy bar stuffed in her apron was forgotten as they were swamped by children and their parents. All of them wanting Wonka bars hoping against hope they would find the golden tickets that would allow them into the chocolate paradise. She didn't even remember the forgotten bar as she placed the apron, it still hidden in it's pocket, into her locker before following Charlie out the door. As they entered the tiny house they saw their grandparents and mother watching the news. " They've found the first ticket already they will be showing the interview just before supper. If you promise to eat all your soup after dinner Charlie you may watch." Their mother ruffled his hair as he sat down and Candy helped him with his school work. It was a few hours later the Buckets now Mr. Bucket included saw the lucky boy Augustus Gloop of Dusseldorf, Germany holding up a ticket in one hand, with a bite mark, and eating a Wonka Bar in the other. "Told you he'd be a porker." Their father silenced grandpa George with a look as they listened to the newscaster.

" We are live in Dusseldorf, Germany where the first golden ticket has been found by young Augustus Gloop." he then held out the microphone to an equally large woman who could only be his mother " We just knew our Augustus would find one. He eats so many chocolate bars a day there was no way he wouldn't." the reporter than turned to the boy. " I was just eating the candy when I tasted something new. It was not chocolate, not caramel, not even peanut butter or nougat. So I look down and I find the golden ticket." The boys father just tapped him on the shoulder he was even bigger than his wife and son. " fantastic now back to the station."

Candy just couldn't believe it how could anyone's parents be proud of their child eating like that. Yes Candy had a sweet tooth herself but she had never eaten chocolate like that. It was simply disgusting that woman and man should be ashamed of themselves. Didn't they realize that the child could die from over eating of a heart attack or even develop diabetes. " Well that's the first ticket down now the demand will be even worse. I hope your little shop is prepared Candy." turning her attention to her grandpa George she sighed. " We weren't even prepared for today we have to close the shop for a week we completely ran out of stock. It will take awhile before we have enough to refill the shelves and Mr. and Mrs. Foster don't want to deal with the ticket rush until its over. " At the worried looks of her parents she smiled. " Oh don't worry I'm still getting paid as though I will be working they know how I need the money." with a sigh they all sat around to eat supper.

It was later in bed I had remembered the chocolate bar in my apron. " Shoot." Charlie looked at me from his bed. " What's wrong Candy?" Not wanting to reveal the surprise I just smiled as I tucked him in. " It's nothing Charlie I just forgot something at work it will be alright until I go back." Which was true the locker rooms for the employees was kept rather cool. The Foster's if they had extra stock loved to keep it back there since they really didn't have room anywhere else. She had so hoped to give that bar to Charlie for his birthday in a week but it seems they would have to buy another after all. Braiding her hair she once again stared at the factory as she remembered the little boy from the news.That boy doesn't need to go to the factory. What he needs is to go on a diet. The year supply of chocolate won't last him a week. Sighing Candy went to sleep dreaming of a pair of violet eyes and a magenta smile. A few days over breakfast came another bulletin the second ticket had been found. At this right all of the tickets would disappear before Charlie even had a chance. There must be a way she could talk the Foster's into letting her into the shop for that chocolate bar. She didn't know why but she just had a feeling she had to get it to Charlie quick. This time the ticket was found by a little girl here in England making it more unlikely that there would be another in this area but Charlie didn't let that get to him.

" Here we are in Buckingham shire, England where the second Ticket has been found by miss Verruca Salt." Cameras were flashing as a little girl proudly showed off the ticket her obviously rich parents standing behind her. " How do you spell that?" Verruca just batted her eyes as she spelled her name for them. Her father then went on to say how the ticket was found. " When my little Verruca said she wanted one of these tickets I knew I had to get one for her. I must of bought millions and millions of boxes. I'm in the nut business you see. So I told my workers to stop shelling the shells off the nuts and to start shelling off these wrappers. Oh it took almost forever my poor little Verruca was so upset but finally I found one."

" I don't think that's fair she didn't find it herself." I could tell Charlie was disappointed. He was right to it wasn't fair the little girl obviously only wanted one because they are rare all that chocolate probably was wasted. " Don't worry Charlie that man spoils his daughter. No good ever came from spoiling a child like that." Grandpa Joe had never said anything more right in his life. " Well I for one am glad that Candy was never like that or that Charlie isn't now." Dad said as we winked at us. " Come on Charlie I'll walk you to school." Together we left stopping to stand in front of the Factory's gates. " Do you remember Mr. Wonka Candy? Was he a nice man?" I smiled at Charlie as I leaned on the gate. " Yes he was a very nice man at least to me. You see Charlie Mr. Wonka was never much of a people person. Everyone was shocked by how quickly he took to me. Grandpa Joe said it must of been because I was a child. So it was easier for him I think. Adults though he never had anything to do with them that I can remember. He could barely even talk about let alone to mum and dad. I don't even know if he had any family of his own they never visited. I'm sure he must of once but if they are alive they must be estranged." Looking up at the windows I again saw the tall man standing in the window and actually waved before moving on. I never noticed as the man waved back.

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