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Made for Eachother


A match made in heaven? How much will you need to marry stranger? How long will you need to fall in love? When two souls are made for each other, they will fall in love no matter the barriers. A ForthBeam fanfiction Characters are owned by author chiffon cake. This is just an inspired piece of work by a fan. Hope you'll love it. -- love, sjk

Romance / Drama
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The Extraordinary Cast

Hi there readers. This is an inspired work of fanfiction from the series Two moons, written by chiffon cake.

Hufff.....falling in love with fictional characters is really a piece of cake. And i also happened to fall in love with the cast of two moons, where Tae Darvid and Tee Jaruji played the role of Forth and Beam. And, i have also used my other fav characters from thai bl series. 🙈 You actually can't blame me for loving them, they are too good to be true. And hy, i do show their stories as side ones here.

Another note. This book is edited, re-written and published again. Sorry for the inconveniences here. Since this was my first work, i was too amateur and also did irregular updates. Even now , I'm starting fresh. This would be my third book in Moons series. Do check out the others.

Hope you have a good read. -sjk

Let's see the cast.

Tee Jaruji as Beam

Tae Darvid as Forth.

God ithipat as Phana

Copter panuwat as Kit

Kimmon varadom as Mingkwan

Bas suradit as Wayo

New as Kao

Tay as Pete

Earth as Wai

Tao as sun

Mook as faysi

Mild as May

Nachjaree as kaiwan

And again, i don't own the characters. But the plot is completely mine. 🥰

Plz ...... If not a supporter of lgbt relations..... This work is not your cup of tea. Do not post any hate comments. But any corrections , suggestions or requisitions are gladly welcomed.

So, the chapters will be updated every two days without fail. Guaranteed. In case of any emergency situation where i cannot update, I'll post the message in my account. Do keep a check on it.

Today being 8th Feb 2020, do check every two days for an update. Hope you'll keep up with me. Do show your support, which is the only boost to aspiring authors like me. Love you guys....

Anything you want to ask me?.......

- sjk

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