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The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sleep

By TheForgottenDreams


1 The Alexander Gideon Lightwood

Chapter 1: The Alexander Gideon LIGHTWOOD

Magnus walked to his desk quickly, due to the seating plan he was right at the very back of the history classroom, which he didn't mind, next to a very attractive being – normally he wouldn't have minded but this very boy was Alexander Lightwood. For one thing, Alec ran with the popular sports crowd, the mortal foes of Magnus' cool arty gang – the two groups never got on so constantly called out rude remarks to each other to bait the other group and occasionally they had fights with each other, always ending up getting in trouble, like the Jets and the Sharks from West Side Story, but with less singing. The second thing, Magnus had been in love with Alec since the day they had met.

He had been a new transfer student, he and his mother tended to travel around a lot, he had been lost on the way to his history class – Lady Clare's Academy was a huge school, a lot bigger than his last school, plus he had lost his map when the school bullies had 'visited' him earlier. Of course, he knew he was going to be picked on for wearing his sexuality on his sleeve - his bright clothes, makeup and glitter tended to give it away – but he was used to it and it never really bothered him anyway. He was who he was and he was not going to change that for anyone.

The same bullies from before saw him looking lost in the school hallway, and of course approached him, talking in cheery sounding tones but Magnus saw the threats behind their eyes, the other kids were staring whispering and looking at Magnus like he was part of the circus. The bullies had pinned him against the wall when Alec intervened like a heroic fairy-tale prince, though he was shy he stood up for those when no one else would and when he did stand up to bullies they listened. It was part of The Lightwood Curse. He saved Magnus that day and then took him to his history lesson seeing as he had the same one, Alec even said they could sit together at the back of the classroom and so Magnus had done ever since.

During their time on the back row in the history class they had had gotten quite close and valued each other as friends, they even had lots of inside jokes, for example: The Lightwood Curse.

The Lightwood Curse was something the two of them had made up. It was how people treated Alec purely for his name. His name represented power and authority that demanded to be respected due to his parents, Robert and Maryse, they had high paid jobs, had a number of investments in the local area, were a power couple and had deiform-like looks. They were a formidable force. As a result the majority of people feared the three Lightwood children attending the school, their lives were full of fake friends sucking up to them, people avoiding them because they were scared of them and people feeling like they were compelled to act like slaves for them. But the Lightwood name did have its perks: the other students listened when they spoke, they did what the three of them said and they never answered back or questioned them. And, of course the popularity did not hurt.

But Magnus knew the Lightwood name affected each of them differently. For example: Isabelle, a year below Magnus acted ditsy and dumb even though she was actually smart, she had a new boyfriend every other week, she looked like a model and wore clothes that were ridiculously beautiful – Magnus was secretly jealous of that. Then there was Jace, though he wasn't a Lightwood by blood and he was by law, had been adopted when his parents died so he still got the Lightwood treatment, as a result he was arrogant and stuck-up, with a long string of ex-girlfriends. Though Magnus couldn't say much, his list of exes far surpassed both Jace's and Isabelle's combined – a result of failed distractions from the boy he was infatuated with. Finally there was Alec, Alec who was terrified of messing up, how he felt so negative about himself and didn't see how stunning he was, he had secrets and walls with so much security not even the best hacker could get through, and Magnus was sure the other two teens did too. But Magnus really wanted to break through them.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he walked straight into his desk, making the blue-eyed boy already sitting there chuckle. Magnus rolled his eyes and swung his bag onto the table, it landed with a heavy 'thunk'.

"Ready for a thrilling hour of history?" Magnus asked, ignoring his clumsiness. He got out his textbooks and exercise books along with his rainbow and glitter pencil case, Alec's pencil case was grey and covered specific black shapes that he had drawn on in black pen – Magnus made a note to ask what they meant.

"I'd rather take a course in demonology." Alec replied with a yawn. Neither of them where history fanatics and so they got on well – that and Magnus loved to tease Alec and Alec would never stand up for himself, instead he'd sit and blush quietly. Unlike his popular crowd he was friends with, Alec wasn't a jerk and was possibly the nicest, most naïve, honest and sweet boy Magnus knew – all these characteristics made Magnus like him more.

"To be honest that sounds a lot more enjoyable." Magnus agreed, "But, I'd rather watch hot guys getting sweaty, especially if you were in the lead." He finished with a wink as he flopped into his seat.

As if on cue, Alec went scarlet, another thing Magnus loved about him. Magnus laughed, to some he was too obvious with how he felt about Alec but the poor blushing boy never seemed to pick up on it, he genuinely thought Magnus was teasing him. And, Magnus was okay with that, he was in no rush to tell Alec how he really felt. Not when he was unsure whether Alec was definitely gay, Magnus had always suspected he closeted – he had never had a girlfriend for instance – but he was not sure if that was because Alec was too shy to ask a girl out. Or a boy for that matter.

"All right class, sit down." The teacher, Miss Grayhart – a thirty-something small mousy haired woman with grey eyes and glasses - cut through the class's chatter. "We've got a lot to get through today…"

"Great." Magnus groaned and rolled his green eyes.

Alec laughed quietly, he had taken a black pen and was drawing one of the shapes on the back of his pencil case. Magnus couldn't help it, he wanted to know what they were.

"What are they?" He whispered, leaning into Alec so they wouldn't have to be too loud and then get in trouble.

"Runes." Alec replied, his cheeks slightly rosy from their close proximity. "They had different meanings, for instance this," he pointed to one, "means Angelic and this," he pointed to one that looked like an eye, "means Clairvoyant Sight. My siblings and I made them up for one of Izzy's fashion projects."

"Fashion projects?" Magnus raised an eyebrow, Alec put his pencil case and pen down.

"She wants to be a fashion designer but she also wants to model the clothes she designs but she can cook as well as she can make clothes – which is not at all. But she can draw and she's sketched a whole fashion line using the runes we made up with Jace. She must have at least ten different fashion lines in her sketch books, she always using them."

"Maybe she and I should team up, I design clothes and make them then use Cat as my model and photograph them. But if we both designed clothes then I made them and she wore them, we'd be unstoppable." Magnus smiled jokingly but apparently Alec didn't take it that way.

His blue eyes lit up, "That's a good idea and I know she'd love it! I'll tell her about it later!"

Magnus was about to reply but stopped when Grayhart noticed them not paying attention and scolded them. Magnus then decided to concentrate on the teacher who was blabbing on about the war they had studied. He zoned out almost immediately and began doodling in the back of his history book – ideas for dresses, bags, necklaces, hats flooding out on to the blank space. Somewhere in his doodling state he registered Alec had relaxed in his chair, moving closer to Magnus, his smell swirled around Magnus, soap, ink and a smell so pleasant and deliciously unique that he could only describe as Alexander Lightwood.

It was a few minutes later that Magnus felt a heavy weight on his shoulder. He looked out the corner of his eye and saw Alec's head. His blue eyes were closed, his mouth open slightly, his breathing was even and quiet and Magnus realised he was asleep. The Alexander Lightwood had fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Magnus didn't know what to do. He looked at Alec again and saw the tiredness marking his sleeping face, the dark marks under his eyes, the tension he hadn't realised had been there had evaporating from his limbs. Magnus didn't have the heart to wake Alec up, not when he looked so peaceful and was snuggling into Magnus like this. The conscious teen was glad they were at the very back corner of the classroom, away from their classmate's stares.

That's when Magnus got the idea. He shifted slightly, careful not to wake Alec, to get his phone out of his back pocket. He typed in his password with one hand and then put on the camera, he took a sneaky selfie, clearly getting Alec's sleeping face in and then texted his two best friends: Ragnor and Catarina. Then he tried to pay attention to the lesson. It wasn't easy considering his crush was sleeping on his shoulder and hugging his arm like a teddy bear.

Magnus' phone screen lit up, signalling he had a new message for Catarina. He opened it and read:

"The Alexander LIGHTWOOD is snuggling your arm! Now I understand the fangirls, I think I ship this."

He stifled a laugh. A few minutes later Ragnor replied:

'You couldn't have told Cat after lesson? She keeps whispering 'I ship it', it's scary especially in Geology when she's now shipping rocks. ROCKS! She is pairing up rocks and making love stories about them! Naming them after you too. ROCKS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I think we've lost our beloved friend to the dark place of fangirling."

Magnus sent a reply:

'The rocks are still a better love story than Twilight."

Magnus put his phone on the table and listened to the teacher and the work they had been set. Magnus started the work and a few minutes later Alec started to mumble in his sleep. Luckily the rest of the class were talking amongst themselves whilst working and Grayhart was typing into her computer. It took Magnus a while to work out what Alec was saying but when he realised what was being said his face heated and he was sure he was blushing. Alexander Gideon Lightwood was saying his name in his sleep.

Magnus grabbed his phone and sent a text to Cat:

'He's saying my name! The Alexander LIGHTWOOD is cuddling my arm like a teddy bear and saying my name in his sleep! What do I do?"

He put his phone on the table again and carried on with his work, he got half way through the questions when Cat replied.

'I have no clue. Embrace the moment?'

Then almost instantly another reply came through.

'And please ignore Ragnor when he talks about me shipping rocks. I don't think even fangirls sink that low that they ship solid mineral materials that form part of the surface of the earth and other like planets.'

Magnus shook his head with a smile on his face and carried on working, then once he was done he copied up the notes into Alec's book. Magnus looked up and saw Grayhart was walking around to check on students, Magnus turned to Alec.

"Alec? Alec, honey, wakey-wakey." Magnus shook him gently, "You need to wake up or Grayhart will yell at you."

"F-five minutes…" Alec mumbled, snuggling into Magnus' arm more.

"You don't have five minutes, sweetie." Magnus replied, "Wake up, Alec. Now."

Magnus tried to remove his arm from the sleeping boy's grip but Alec held on strong. Magnus saw a shadow fall onto his desk and looked up, Grayhart was stood, her arms crossed, looking angry.

Alec grumbled and shifted slightly, his blue eyes flickering open, he squinted against the bright light of the classroom.

"Where am I?" Alec mumbled to himself.

"History class, back row, I suggest you let Mr Bane go, gather your things and then visit the principal's office, Mr Lightwood. Or is that going to be too much effort, do you need another nap?" Grayhart raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Miss." Alec replied, his face flushed bright red, he released Magnus quickly, it was then the taller noticed all of their classmates were turned around and staring at them, some laughing, some eager to share the gossip that Alec had gotten in trouble and that unlike his siblings – his perfect record had been tarnished. Alec gathered his things, shot Magnus an apologetic look and rushed from the classroom.

"Mr Bane, don't let him fall asleep again." Grayhart said as she turned away, "And, put your phone away."

Magnus did as he was told, the rest of class was uneventful and as soon as it ended he hurried off to go and tell Cat so they could 'fangirl' together. Magnus would not be forgetting this for some time.

W/M:  So this came from a prompt I found on the beautiful place called Tumblr, from a blog called 'otpprompts' which is super good for cute prompts – I recommend you check them out.

The prompt was:

'Imagine your OTP in a high school AU. Their only class they have together is one where Person B gets very tired in, and they sit next to each other. Person A has a crush on Person B and doesn't want to tell them. One day, Person B falls asleep during class, and ends up laying their head on Person A's shoulder. What happens next is up to you.'

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