The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sleep

2 The Very Magnus Bane

Chapter 2: Magnus Bane

Alec was not having the best day, he realised as he hurried from the history classroom with his face bright red, he ducked his head to avoid eye contact with anyone. First, he had been dragged out to a party the night before – curtesy of Izzy and Jace – and had gotten to bed late, then Church, their cat, had somehow gotten into his room and had woken him up hours before he had to get up, but of course, Alec couldn't sleep after that, thirdly he and his biology class had been given a 'surprise' quiz that he was almost certain he had failed. But that was not the worst of his day. The most awful thing had just happened: he had fallen asleep on Magnus Bane's shoulder.

The very Magnus Bane he had had saved from school bullies a few years ago, the very Magnus Bane that flaunted stylishness, fun and glitter like a personified rainbow, the very Magnus Bane he had a crush on. Knowing Alec's luck he had probably drooled on Magnus' t-shirt or done something else as utterly mortifying. He mentally hit himself in the head. Nice way to ruin your chances Alec, he thought, fall asleep on him, real classy. Then it hit him properly, like a 14,000 pound elephant: I fell asleep on Magnus Bane.

He stopped dead in his tracks, his hands covered his mouth, his eyes wide in realisation and his face flushed scarlet again. How can I ever face him again? Doubts and fears raced through his mind, he had probably lost the best history companion because he had stupidly drifted off in the middle of class. Magnus probably heard him snoring and was completely put off and so Alec had eradicate any chance he had with the sparkling teen.

He mentally scolded himself, Magnus was different (he hoped) he would not be put off by a bit of sleep slobber or snoring (again Alec was strongly hoping). He made himself move to the principal's office, he didn't need to give himself more of an excuse to be yelled at – especially as Grayhart would have rung and told the principle to expect him.

Alec sighed. He didn't know if his siblings would be shocked, amazed or proud that he had gotten in trouble – probably all three at once, he thought. He trudged through the hallways until he reached the principal's office, he gulped down a breath before knocking on the door, time to face the music

Facing the 'music' had been a hard thing for Alec – especially as the 'music' in this case, was Derick Redtree, a squat bald man with a shrill voice and also the role of being school principal, yelling for at least twenty minutes to Alec about expectations, the importance of getting enough sleep and about Alec's future. He had no punishment apart from being yelled at, seeing as it was his first offense.

However the reminder of how he had 'let down' his family name had left Alec in a sour mood. And, also the fact people kept shouting to him, asking him about his nap and what life was like as a 'rebel' now. He had ignored them and carried on trying to find a specific locker. Magnus' locker.

Fortunately it was easy to find. When they arrived at Lady Clare's Academy each student was given a locker and told to 'personalise' it, Alec had merely painted it the same dark blue as his eyes when he was angry with the runes he and his siblings had designed on it, he knew his sister's was black and gold with runes and her name scrawled on it neatly. However Magnus' locker was something else. He had painted the rainbow on his locker and then put glitter on top of that, it was very bright and apparently, though Alec did not know how true it was, it glowed in the dark.

Alec was relieved to see Magnus stood in front of his open locker, his back to Alec, he was chatting away to a girl with pale blonde hair, the ends dyed a bright aqua blue that seemed to match her eyes, she wore a blue beanie, a black tank top and blue trousers, her bag was white and covered in badges and different coloured paint. Her eyes shifted from Magnus to Alec who was still approaching, she raised her eyebrows slightly and a smile played on her lips.

"…It was really cute!" Magnus finished saying as Alec came into earshot.

"I bet!" the girl smiled, "Anyway, I'm going to go ahead, I have to talk to Raphael about something without Ragnor eavesdropping, catch you later?"

"You bet, see you Kitty Cat." Magnus replied.

"Bye." The girl smiled and then hurried off, leaving Magnus alone with Alec slowly making his way over.

Come on Lightwood, you can do this. Alec motivated himself, you can do this. Alec was just planning what to say when Magnus threw some books in his bag and shut his locker with a bang – some students further down the hall gave him a dirty look for making them jump but he ignored them. He spun around and almost crashed into Alec.

Magnus' green eyes lit up and the gold flecks in them seemed to sparkle under the bright light, he flashed a grin at Alec, "Well if it isn't Sleeping Beauty?"

Alec rolled his eyes and tried to ignore his blush, "Can I speak to you… about earlier?" He bit his bottom lip nervously.

"I presume about your use of me as a pillow." Magnus teased.

Alec's eyes widen and his face went from pink to tomato in a matter of seconds. "Yes… I'm really sorry about that! I had a late night and an early morning thanks to my cat and Grayhart was drowning on and on and on and I just fell asleep and I'm sorry for sleeping on you…" Alec trailed off towards the end.

"It's okay." Magnus replied.

"I'll replace the top you're wearing because I probably drooled… I'm really sorry about that again, so if you tell me which top and where …"

"Alec, you didn't drool on me." Magnus cut him off, he would have kept the top if The Alexander Gideon Lightwood had drooled on him anyway. "It's seriously fine but you'll have to promise me something."

"Okay…" Alec answered wearily, Magnus stepped forward slightly, the close proximity not helping Alec's blush, his heart started beating faster.

"You have to let me use you as a pillow sometime." Magnus said, his voice seemed deeper and quieter as he said it, sending a shiver down Alec's spine.

"That's fair." Alec nodded, deadly serious. "I also have another thing I wanted to talk to you about?"

"And that is?" Magnus raised an eyebrow.

"Teach me what I missed in the lesson?" Alec bit his lip.

Normally Magnus would have said no, he didn't want to endure more of history than he had too. But there was something in Alec's deep blue eyes, the way he bit his lip and the adorable blush on his cheeks and of course, the chance for Magnus to spend time with his crush.

So of course, being the fool he was Magnus said yes and he would never regret that decision. Never.

"Okay, when and where?" Magnus asked.

"My place, tonight?" Alec blurted before he could stop the words from spilling out.

"That works." Magnus nodded, looking slightly terrified. "Meet you here at the end of the day?"

"Sounds good." Alec smiled, "See you then."

"Bye." Magnus smiled back, Alec nodded and then started to go. As soon as the shorter brunette had taken a few steps Magnus called out, "Don't fall asleep in anymore classes Alec!"

He saw the Alec's head duck down and Magnus guessed he was blushing, the sparkling teen tried to bite back his smile and ended up turning to face his locker to hide it, he head-butted the locker with a 'thud' and then he pulled out his phone and texted Cat: 'I am going to The Alexander LIGHTWOOD's house!"

He put his phone away just as Ragnor joined him, his blonde eyebrows raised and his green eyes had a mocking light to them, he spoke: "What happened to make you smile like that?"

Magnus did not answer but continued to grin like the Cheshire Cat.

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