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3 Laughter In The Lightwood Library

Chapter 3 - Laughter in the Lightwood Library

Magnus sat in the Lightwood kitchen in awe. Alec lived in a mansion. Magnus knew the Lightwood house was posh but what everyone failed to tell him was that the house was actually a mansion. When Alec had pulled into the drive, after buzzing in at the gate, they had driven down a long drive and then from behind the trees the Lightwood home had emerged.

It had taken his breath away. All around the white building spread the emerald lawn, trees were dotted about, it was beautiful – but then Alec and Izzy had acted like it was nothing. They pulled up in the garage which housed Alec's truck, three other cars and two other empty spaces.

"Why so many cars?" Magnus asked, thinking of his old beaten up truck back at home.

"My parents have one each for when they're here." Alec nodded to the two of the other cars, "Then there is Izzy's but-"

"I never drive it." Izzy cut in from the backseat.

"And, Jace's." Alec continued, shooting Izzy a glare in the mirror.

"And, where is your golden brother?" Magnus asked.

"Jace was staying to model in Clary's art class." Izzy explained. "Shall we get out of the car now? I think my hair is going static and I want to show Magnus my designs."

"Oh Gods, get out now while it's still salvageable!" Magnus told her, deadly serious, whilst Alec shook his head."

The three of them got out the car, they trooped through the garage which disappointed Magnus slightly because the front door look very grand and he had wanted to go through it. Once through the door leading into the house they entered the kitchen. Izzy went out of the room after dumping her school bag.

The kitchen was spacious and clean, it was brightly lit with windows and French doors leading out onto the patio, a flash of light outside drew his eye to the swimming pool. He looked back into the kitchen, the far wall was covered in green patterned wall paper, white and black counters covered most of three walls, with counters in the middle, a breakfast bar on one side and a table at the other end of the room. The room looked more practical than comfortable.

"We don't spend a lot of time in here." Alec pressed his lips together.

"It's nice though." Magnus told him, "It's so different from my measly, little house."

"It's not a good different." Alec reassured him but before Magnus could ask, he changed the subject. "Do you want a drink or anything to eat?"

"A drink would be grand." Magnus smiled.

"Anything in particular?"

"Whatever you've got."

Alec nodded and then went to the door, he yelled into the huge house, "Izzy, do you want a drink?"

"Yeah!" Izzy yelled as she rushed into the kitchen, she had changed from her school clothes into a pair of black shorts and a royal blue tank top, her feet were bare and her hair was down and left natural. She had sketchbooks clutched in her hands. "Are you doing your green smoothie?"

"Sure. Magnus, do you want some? It's apple, kiwi, grape and spinach." Alec asked.

"Yes please, it sounds interesting." Magnus smiled. Alec grinned and moved towards the fridge where he pulled out the different things he would need for the smoothie, he started chopping away.

"Magnus!" Izzy called, she had set her sketchbooks out on the breakfast bar and she gestured him over. He went. During the fifteen minute car journey from the school to the Lightwood mansion, Izzy and Magnus had bonded over clothes, Magnus had promised to show Izzy his designs and that she show him hers.

Izzy handed him the first sketchbook. He flipped through all the designs slowly, appreciating how lovely they all were and how much time and effort had gone into them, he immediately found his favourite of her designs. He particularly liked one of a short dress that was based on a kimono but without the long sleeves, they instead ended elegantly around the elbow, and had no tie around the middle. The pattern was delicate and intricately designed, he felt the familiar spark of inspiration to make something. He heard Alec finish cutting things and then he turned a blender on as Magnus flipped through the rest of the sketchbook, all the designs were flawless.

When Magnus was finished with the design books he met Izzy's nervous gaze, he kept his face blank. Alec turned off the blender, "Well, the designs are very varied."

"And?" Izzy implored.

"They're all very different." Magnus pressed his lips together, he heard Alec chuckle in the background.

"And?" Izzy bit her bottom lip. "Did you like them?"

"Honestly?" Magnus answered. Alec walked over with a bright green smoothie in a glass, he placed it in front of Magnus and shook his head slightly but his blue eyes were twinkling with amusement. Alec knew Magnus loved her designs.



"Magnus, just tell her you love them." Alec rolled his eyes as he handed Izzy her glass of smoothie.

"Fine." Magnus grinned, "All your designs are flawless and thus, I love them all!"

"Really?" Izzy exclaimed, her brown eyes were shiny with happiness.

"Yes." Magnus answered. "I want to make so many of them."

"Hey, maybe we could work as a team?"

"Yes!" Magnus agreed, his eyes lighting up. "So, you design and I make?"

"But we could dabble in the each other's expertise." Izzy smiled.

"I think we have a deal."

"I think we do." Izzy beamed. They swapped numbers and made plans to meet up when Magnus had his designs.

"Great, well if you're done, Magnus, shall I give you the tour?" Alec asked, his voice had a slight bitter edge and his gaze seemed to harden when he looked at his sister.

"Sure." Magnus smiled. "We'll carry this discussion on later."

"You betcha." Izzy winked.

Alec rolled his eyes and led Magnus out of the kitchen.

Once away from his sister, Alec grew more talkative. They went down a hall with doors coming off it, Alec told him they lead to the dining room and then the laundry room. They entered the main entrance hall that had a big staircase in the middle, two doors either side of it.

They walked through a doorway that lead into a lounge. The lounge went from the back garden with the swimming pool to the front garden, the room had high ceilings, the walls were covered in a cream and white striped wall paper, a huge cream rug was spread across the floor, in between the sofa, arm chairs and fireplace.

The sofas curved around, making a 'U' shape and had a coffee table that was cluttered with magazines, the settee and chairs were white with beige pillows and blankets thrown over them, there were pictures on the wall and shelves which were full of films. The TV hung above the fire place and looked perfect for movie nights.

"You have a lot of films." Magnus whistled.

"Stunning deduction Sherlock." Alec laughed.

"I guess you have film marathons a lot."

"Of course." Alec smiled, then thought, "I'll invite you to the next one."

"Oh no, you don't have to."

"Hey, if I don't Izzy will. You've gained a new best friend there." Alec replied, "And anyway, you're my friend first, not hers."

There was definitely a sign of jealousy in Alec's words but then Magnus' self-depreciating mind made him think he was imagining it. "I'll make it clear to her that you're my number one Lightwood."

Alec blushed and smiled as they left the room, they went back down the hall (which Alec said one of the bathrooms was off) to the staircase, but instead of going up the flight of steps, they went down the side.

"Okay, this is my favourite room." Alec said, as he opened the door and held it open for Magnus like a perfect gentleman.

Magnus commented as much as he stepped into the room. The smell of old books hit him right away, blasting him back to the old bookshops his mother loved, then he realised why; the room was a library. It was long with two floors, there were several large windows in the back wall but then every other wall was covered in bookshelves all filled with different books. The second floor was more of a balcony with a spiral staircase going up to it, a fireplace was fitted in one of the walls on the ground floor and sofas were strewn around it. The half of the room under and on the balcony was broken up by shelves and seats. The second doorway also lead into this room from the hallway.

"It's beautiful." Magnus gasped. "I can't believe you have your own personal library! My Mum would have killed for a room like this, she loved books. We used to go around all these old bookshops and spend hours looking through the yellowing pages, I loved all the scrawling writing and the leather binding and so did my Mum. Even when she was in hospital she still had stacks of books with her, I used to smuggle them in for her."

"What happened to her?" Alec asked cautiously, his eyes were full of understanding.

"She died last year." Magnus shot him a sad smile, "Cancer."

Alec nodded, his face turned sympathetic and he spoke softly: "That's hard, I would say 'I'm sorry for your loss' but I know it doesn't help."

Magnus smiled, he was sick of people apologising when they did not need to. "Thank you."

"I lost my grandma to cancer, which I know isn't as drastic as a parent but I understand." Alec told him.

"The pain is still the same." Magnus offered, then a moment of silence later, "Wow, this got depressing quickly."

"It did." Alec sighed, "I guess we can take the depressing to a whole new level and start history about a war with a whole lot of casualties."

"Sure." Magnus smiled softly, he really wanted to stay in the library, "Can we do it in here?"

He laughed as soon as he realised what he said, Alec blushed.

"W-we're t-talking about h-history right?" Alec stuttered.

"Yes." Magnus replied still laughing.

"I-I'll go get your bag…" Alec stumbled and then hurried from the room.

Magnus smiled after the boy, he was too sweet for his own good. He spent the rest of the time wandering along the shelves of books, the books were old fashioned – many were classics or in different languages that Magnus could, surprisingly read some words of, a few how-to-books and a so-and-so's guide to something books littered a few of the shelves, there were lots of history books from different countries and different periods of history, books about art and architecture, books about mythology and even some about demonology.

He did not hear as Alec re-entered the room and set their bags on one of the tables, he did not hear as he friend walked over to him, he did not hear Alec's almost inaudible laugh at the look of pure awe on Magnus' face, but he did hear Alec's deep, soothing voice near his ear when he spoke.

"You can borrow some if you'd like."

Magnus jumped and spun to face Alec, his back hit the bookshelf behind him as he realised it was just his friend. Alec tried to supress his laughter at Magnus' reaction and expression but he could not help it and turned to the side, he bent over snickering.

"That's not funny." Magnus huffed, readjusting his t-shirt. Though he was pretending to be annoyed, he was far from it. Alec's laughter was the freest and happiest sound he had heard from his crush, he wanted to record it so it could brighten up all his days. Not to mention what it did to his face. His blue eyes were growing watery with tears, they were scrunched up but the happiness in them still shone through, his mouth was open slightly and it showed his straight, white teeth and his cheeks were slightly flushed. Magnus concluded that Alexander Lightwood was a beautiful human being.

"Your expression…" Alec gasped between his hoots of laughter.

"Was fabulous." Magnus supplied, he tried to remain his cross façade, but Alec's laughter was too contagious and he found himself chuckling along too.

After a few moments, Alec straightened. He wiped a tear from his deep blue eyes and held his ribs with one hand. "That was funny."

Magnus rolled his eyes, "Shall we start history?"

"Alright." Alec grinned, they made their way over to their bags, Alec still tittering as they went and Magnus making a silent promise to make him laugh like that again.

W/M: So this was not the best chapter, but I felt like it had been a while since I had updated so here it is.

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