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The Goblin King

By Darkphantomlight

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter One: The Promise

The Goblin King

Mai works for Shibuya Psychic Research, she and the gang continue on to solve cases. Mai has an allergic reaction when men touch her even with the slightest brush. One night, she finds a letter. She opens it and finds the most romantic words, which she ever read, thus trapping her in the world called Labyrinth… Meeting the Goblin King, her world turns upside down… To escape, she needs to do one task and one task only…. To save the lost soul, that is trapped in the labyrinth.

Three rules she learns:

One: The Goblin King is no Joke

Two: Never ever, touch him, if she can?

Three: The labyrinth is not what it seems.

Can she follow the rules? After all, the Goblin King rules his labyrinth, and his words are law. A deep innocent true love that will leave both aching for each other.

A disclaimer: I Don't own Ghost Hunt or Labyrinth. It won't go as the original story, will be my own original plot, I hope… Slightly Au.

NxM pairing:

Friendship, Adventure, Horror, Supernatural and Romance

(Will take both points of view)

Chapter One: The Promise

Mai pov

There's a story, a love story. Maybe you have heard of it before or not.

Many can start, as Once upon a time, or One stormy night. That is not the case with this.. My story will start at.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star," he whispers, watching his light blue eyes shining with happiness. I press my hand on the glass, spreading my fingers. He does the same; I close my eyes and wish I could feel his warm hand.

"Oh my Goblin Prince, why you never answer me, why are you trapped in the mirror?" I asked him. The Prince small face drops and removes his hand.

"I did a bad thing, so I'm punished, that's all you need to know." He stands up from his sitting position and looks behind him. I saw his body going rigid, and all I can see is my pink bedroom reflection instead what he could see, but my heart hurts for him.

"I have to go. Promise me," his voice seems to hesitate. I nodded.

"I will, remember, too…."

"Mai who are you talking to this time?" My mother surprises me when she opens the door. I turn around with wide eyes.

"To my friend; he wants me to…"

"Not again.. Mai you are eleven years old, is it the Goblin again?" she asks, moving towards my side, eyeing my big mirror.

"Yes mama, he needs my help. I'm the only one that can help him." I stood and turn to look at him, but for my disappointment, he was gone.

"Since you were five, you made him up, and only see him in the reflections. Aren't you a little too old for this?" She sighs, shaking her head in a disappointment.

"Mama, he's real, I say he's real. We made a promise, Mama, don't please." I shout, watching my mother take a hold of my mirror.

"This is for your own good." And before I could protest, she takes away the only thing that connects me to the Goblin Prince. Tears swell in my eyes.

"Goblin Prince. I promise, just promise me that you will." and I cried hard.

I gasp out from my dream; sweat covering me from head to toe. I turned to face my alarm clock, and it flashes one in the morning. Isn't it great, when you are sleeping deep and wake up that time because of a dream or nightmare? I purely love it. I rolled my eyes and gather my blanket up to my chin.

"I keep having the same dream. I can't remember anything." I frowned, looking around my dark room. My heart beats hard, and I can feel a headache pounding in my head.

"I'm twenty-three, and I'm acting like a child," I whispered to myself, huddling back into my safe zone. Closing my eyes, I tried to back to sleep, but one thing's for sure.

"I miss mama," with that final thought, somehow I drifted to sleep.

"You are late." I heard my boss hiss behind me. I sigh; turn around to look at his icy blue eyes.

"Sorry, I was taking my finals, didn't I tell you yesterday?" My boss lowers his cup.

"I'm surprised that you even made it to the college." he raised a brow, making my blood boil with anger.

"You are a jerk, ever since I met you seven years ago, in high school you haven't changed one bit," I grumble.

"I doubt that. " I heard on my right. I raised a brow and turned, to see Lin leaning against my desk looking at some papers at hand.

"Oh, didn't see you there Lin. Good afternoon, and what makes you say that?" I cross my arms, arching a brow up.

"Just stating," He shrugs, giving my boss a smirk, turning around to head for his office.

"Men," I gasp out. My boss stood up from his couch, and adjusts his black shirt, then ran his fingers through yet black short hair.

"Tea and you can leave early, there's no case today." He mumbles, heading for his office.. I found, tilting my head.

"Okay, want me to call your girlfriend? She has been worried calling me nonstop yesterday." He stops in his tracks and turn his head, giving me a smile, as his icy eyes warm up. I smirked at him.

"Tell her to meet me later at the Café down the office." I smiled at him.

"Yes boss, as you wish." He smiles even more.

"You Mr. Davis is a love-struck fool," I mumbled. Suddenly his eyes turn icy once again, turning to face me. I gasp out when he gets close to me.

"Please, don't touch me," I begged, already feeling the effect. He smirks at me and leans closer. I blinked.

"Mai, you have never been in love, so don't judge. When you do, I'll be the one making fun of you." He quickly stated.

"Jerk, you know I had a crush on you, but you rejected me." I reminded him, taking a step back. He chuckles.

"Seriously, it was a crush, but when you fall in love, you will become a love struck fool, but a word of advice sometimes is dangerous. Love comes with pain," with that, he goes into his office, leaving me confused by his words.

"Fool, I was hurt when you rejected me," I whispered, looking at my hand.

"I'm the fool, because this would never work out since I can't even hold any man hand."

"Ayako, Bou-san our boss has been acting odd after he got a girlfriend, is strange," I whispered, holding my bag strap, that night, heading home. Today has been normal as always. School and work, that's all. Ayako and Bou-san wanted to hang out for a bit since it's their day off.

"Ah, you keep calling him boss since then, why? Are you jealous?" Bou-san wiggles his eyes brows. I frowned, looking up at him.

"Jealous?" we stop at the crossing lights and blink.

"Yes. You did have a crush on him when you were younger." Ayako spoke this time, looking at the red light.

"I did, but not anymore." I remembered the feeling, but after he rejected me, I moved on. That aching feeling came back, so I rub my chest.

"Maybe the entire ghost hunts scared your love away?" Bou-san lamely joked. I blinked, giving him, 'Are you serious?' look.

He nervously laughs as a sweat drop.

"Seriously, you stop liking him?" Ayako asks, watching the light change, and we started to cross.

"I did. I have no feelings for him." I told her, is true, plus, I feel like I have something important to do.. Maybe has to do with that strange dream?

"Wow, first love out." Bou-san whistles out, turning the corner, after reaching the other side of the sidewalk. Down an alleyway we went a short cut to my own apartment. I normally never make it by myself, but if I'm with someone I trust, I don't mind.

"Can we stop talking about him, and let's concentrate what matters, that I will be single for the rest of my life," I joked, even though deep inside, I ache to have a boyfriend and get married.

"Tell me again, how did you inherit that strange allergy? I mean, I'm a doctor and I never heard of allergies to men.." Ayako crosses her arms, thinking hard. I shrug my shoulder.

"I don't know, it started after I was eleven, I break out bad. The first time was when I enter school one day, and a boy from my class touched my arm. I broke into hives. I thought it was something else, like food or something, but it was confirmed, when some other guy touched my arm once again and painfully hives broke out again. Since then, can't touch any male." My sad life, so I never dated. Bou-san stops his tracks and shook his head.

"Sad, really sad, don' worry, I have faith you will one day." he was about to pat my back, but Ayako stops him by grabbing his arm.

"Geez, thanks Monk." I rolled my eyes, smiling at him. While we kept walking, cough up in our own thoughts, a sudden noise caught our attention. (A tin lid falling down,) Turing round, we saw a typical horror flick cliché, a black cat jumping on top of the trash can.

"Typical." I laugh while Ayako nods her head.

"It is."

"Let's go, before something creepy happens, I want a break from horror, after our last case." Bou-san mumbles. I shivered from the memories.

"Hai, let's do that."

Walking rapidly, my heart starts to hammer hard. It's getting creepy and suddenly the street lights started to flicker. I shivered once again.

'Something feels wrong.' My guts screamed. Turning my head, I spot a large worn out warehouse in my right. Never took notice of it until now. Suddenly a large dropping noise echoes inside...

"What is that?" Ayako asks nervously. I shrug at her

"Sounded like something was dropped or something," I mumbled. Bou-san took steps forward.

"Let's investigate, someone might hurt?" he took a wild guess.

"Who would be crazy ought to be inside of abandoning place?"

"Crazy people, you should know by now." Bou-san started running toward us the opening of the creepy abandon factory. There, a large hole is found, near the trash cans.

So we all three went in, being careful to not get hurt. Ayako takes out her cell and put on the flashlight.

"Is creepy, looks very old." She mumbles. I look to around see old machinery around, looks like to make shoes or something, rusting into nothingness. I groaned, when a sudden shiver ran down my spine.

"Let's get out of here." I whispered to her. She nodded in agreement, but Bou-san disagreed, causing us to moan.

"Let's make sure no one is here first." Both of us nodded, in defeat, knowing that he won't give up. Walking deep into the factory, looking at an old shoe, and some clothes, rotting away, another loud thump is heard behind me. Stopping in my tracks, I turned, and head in the direction of the noise.

The thumping continues to get louder and louder, and my heart kept on thumping fearfully. Using the moonlight as my light, I continue on. (I look up, to spot holes in the ceilings.)

"What am I doing, I need to tell them." I scolded myself.

Turning around, to reach them, suddenly there was no one around; my eye widens to see a mirror, a mirror that looks like in my dream the same body length mirror.

My heart thump, walking up to it, I press my hand on the cold glass.

"What are you doing here? Didn't mama throw you out?" I talk to it as an old friend. Shaking my head, I rub my forehead.

"Okay, I'm going mental. Ayako! Housho?" I called out, moving around and the creepy mirror, but stop; I felt something crumbling under my shoes. I look down, to see a folded paper. Bending down, I pick it up and read it. With the small light, I could make out the words

"My Dearest; how much I miss you. It's been too long, how much I long for your company and your warmth. You are the only thing that keeps me sane. Come to me, let me hold you in my arms, and let me show you, how much you mean to me. I can't promise you the moon or the stars, but I promise you my heart to you. I wait for you, like I always have

Truly yours:"

It wasn't signed, but I have tears running down my cheeks, and my heart clenched. Tears kept running, when I turn to stare at the mirror, seeing my own reflection, I cover my mouth.

"Why am I crying like a fool? Why does my heart hurts?" I gasp out, clenching into my chest, crumpling the paper.

"Oh God, what's wrong with me?" I kept crying, hurting, for how long, I cried, I don't know, but it felt forever. Suddenly the mirrors start to move inside. It looks like a water effect, with a wave effect.

I breathe out, wiping my eyes.

"What the?" I question, placing my hand on the glass. My eyes widen when my hand phase right through.

"What the hell?" I yell, but before I could pull back, I felt a warm, strong hand on mine and it pulls me in the mirror.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!"

"Keep your promise, and save him."

Let me know… should I continue?

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