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You Belong With Me

By TheForgottenDreams


1 Windows, Memories and Messages

Chapter 1 – Windows, Memories and Messages

Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Alec gazed out of the window like he had every day since he remembered, trying to catch a glimpse of the boy next door. He sighed as his cerulean eyes fell on the tightly shut curtains. He vaguely heard the commotion of his siblings carrying out their morning routines as his mind went back to when he first met the boy whose curtains he was cursing.

It's not fair, he thought as he huffed into his room, he slammed the door with as much strength as his seven year old self possessed and he slumped down in front of it and stared at the baby blue wall opposite. He heard his sister's footsteps as she ran after him and then her knocks on his door – which were surprisingly strong.

"Aaaa-liii-ckk!" She called, "Play with meeee!"

"No." Alec shouted back. "I don't want to be a princess!"

"Why? Princesses are pretty!" Little Izzy replied, her five-year old mind not comprehending how a boy might not want to be a pretty princess because, to her, there was nothing better.

"I'm a boy, I don't want to be pretty or a princess." Alec sighed.

"Fine!" He heard her sniff followed by her heavy footsteps as she stormed off. He felt slightly guilty.

Alec got up then and walked over to his huge window – it took up most of the wall - standing on his toy-chest to get a better view out of it, he opened the window so he could smell the flowers from the garden below. His mind drifted back to his little sister, he wouldn't have minded playing with his baby sister if she hadn't insisted he be a princess and that he dress up too – normally he was a handsome prince who saved his sister from the evil dragon (their dragon was their Persian, Church). Boys didn't want to be princess but Izzy didn't understand that, he sighed, like he never got why she didn't want to be a prince.

That's when an unfamiliar face popped up at the window opposite his. He was so surprise he fell off his toy-chest with a thud. Through the open windows he could hear a boy's laughter. He got up slowly, not believing his eyes, but sure enough the boy still stood there. The sunlight made his tanned skin glow and his bright green eyes were scrunched up in laughter, his smile was genuine and it made Alec want to smile too, though he forced a scowl onto his face.

"Don't scare me like that." Alec grumbled, rubbing his head mainly for dramatic affect.

"Sorry." The boy answered, his laughter calmed down, "You were staring at nothing for so long I thought it'd be funny to surprise you."

"It's not." Alec replied.

"Was for me." The boy sung, he place both of his caramel coloured arms on the windowsill and pushed his torso out, towards Alec "I'm Magnus Bane by the way. We just moved here."

"Alexander Lightwood, but people call me Alec." Alec responded, "I've lived here all my life."

Magnus laughed again, "You're funny, I think we're gonna be best friends."

I hope so, Alec thought with a grin. They chatted for the rest of the afternoon, until Magnus had to unpack and Alec had to go for dinner.

Alec jolted back to reality (and onto the floor) when he realised a familiar pair of emerald and gold eyes were crinkled into a smiled and staring at him. He got off the floor and moved to his window, smiling at the boy who had popped up like the day they first met.

"You have got to stop doing that." Alec told him through the open windows.

"But, Alec, dear," Magnus grinned slowly, "it's so fun."

Alec blushed at the endearment but ignored it –the endearment and the blush, "For you maybe."

"You were off in some world and it thought I'd surprise you." Magnus replied with a smile, he then tilted his head slightly. His jade eyes questioning Alec, "Where were you?"

"Nowhere." Alec answered too quickly, he felt the heat in his cheeks rise and hoped Magnus didn't notice. Judging by Magnus narrowed eyes and crossed arms he did notice.

"Sure, let's say I believe it." Magnus smirked. Alec's stomach did some weird things when Magnus smirked like that – he ignored that too.

"Magnus! Get ready!" Magnus' mother called from somewhere in the house. "I'm leaving, see you later baby!"

"Bye, mum!" Magnus called, the front door in his house slammed shut and Magnus rolled his eyes, "See you in English, Alec. We're going to continue this conversation though – I will find out this magical place you go to in your head, if I'm not in it I shall be thoroughly disappointed."

Alec pressed his lips together, Magnus wouldn't be disappointed. Ever. It seemed Alec's wandering mind always found itself to Magnus, the way he spoke, his beautiful green eyes flecked with gold, the way he moved lithe like a cat, the way Magnus' tight trousers clung to his figure – Alec's mind loved to think about it all. And that was Alec's secret. He was in love with his next-door neighbour. He shook his head slightly and ignored the fire in his cheeks.

"You want a lift?" Alec asked, hoping to extend the time he had with his neighbour.

"Camille is getting me, thank you though." Magnus said with a small smile. Alec felt his joy deflate like a popped balloon at the mention of Magnus' evil girlfriend.

"Okay, well see you lat-"

"ALEC!" Jace shouted up to his room.

"ALEC!" Izzy screamed from somewhere in the house "GET HERE NOW BEFORE I KILL JACE!"

"Wow. That girl has a pair of lungs on her." Magnus marvelled.

Alec sighed. "I know. See you in English."

"Good luck with the drama." Magnus shot him a supportive smile and then left his room. Alec closed his window and ignored the happiness he felt from the little exchange with Magnus. He turned around and looked in the mirror, he shook his head at the smile on his face.

"Get it together Lightwood." He muttered to himself. And just like that he put a scowl on his face and headed down stairs to see what the death threats were about.

Magnus couldn't keep the smile from his face, even half an hour after his talk with his neighbour, as he put the toast half in his mouth and grabbed his house keys. He grabbed his bag and raced out of the door, he could hear Camille beeping the horn until he emerged.

"Hey, baby!" She called from her bright red convertible.

He waved with his free hand and then locked the door, toast still in mouth, and hurried to the car. He noticed the Lightwoods just leaving, he heard their conversation:

"He ate my cereal!" Izzy protested to Alec. "He doesn't even like it!"

"That's because you ate his." Alec responded. Magnus felt himself smile involuntary when Alec spoke.

"Because we ran out of mine!" Izzy threw her hands up.

"Jace! Hurry up!" Alec yelled, he then added quieter to his sister, "Maybe if you'd put it on the shopping list…"

By now Magnus had gotten into Camille's car, he sat shotgun and began eating his toast.

"Morning Magnus." Lily called from the backseat. Lily was Camille's closest friend who was not actually fake or pretending to like her.

"Morning Lily." Magnus replied, he turned and smiled at her, "Loving the new hair."

"Thanks." Lily grinned and ran her hand through her dyed blue bob, it framed her face nicely.

Camille faked a cough to get Magnus' attention. "Morning Camille." Magnus leaned and kissed her cheek between bits of toast. He tried no tot choke on her perfume.

"Morning Magnus." Camille smiled, eyes on the road, she turned up the radio and they began to sing badly and way out of tune – but they didn't care.

The drive to their high school wasn't long but they had a routine: say good morning and then turn the radio up and sing as loudly as possible, they stopped to get coffees on the way and resumed singing, then they drove into the school car park and parked in one of the best spots (a perk of being popular). This morning was no different and Magnus sipped his caramel latte whilst singing to whatever bad pop song was on the radio. Camille pulled into their parking spot with a triumphant smile.

They got out of the car and went to their lockers, also normal, Cat and Ragnor joined them – they were Magnus' best friends but they both hated Camille. They chatted until the signal for class to start. The bell rang. Camille kissed him goodbye and sauntered off to whatever class she had next with Lily, Ragnor went to class on his own and Cat shot Magnus a smile and they walked to their English class, chatting about nothing much, they dumped their empty coffee cups in the bin along the way.

Once they got to English Magnus went to his seat, second row from the back on the desk-for-two next to the window, Alec was already there. The light streaming in from the window gave his porcelain skin an otherworldly glow, his cerulean eyes lit up and he smiled a small smile as Magnus approached.

"Hey." Magnus said as he slid into the seat next to Alec, the one nearest the aisle.

"Hi." Alec replied sleepily. "I'm sorry about earlier, Jace had eaten Izzy's cereal and she was going ballistic."

"I heard." Magnus responded, he ignored his resent at the mention of Alec's adopted brother. He didn't like Jace for taking Alec away from him. They had been best friends for a good four years when Jace Herondales' parents died, and the Lightwoods, being his Godparents, had to take him in. Alec had become friends with Jace almost instantly and then he hadn't needed Magnus as much. Magnus made stronger friendships with his other friends and over time he and Alec drifted apart, they talked occasionally but that was about it.

"Great, the whole neighbourhood probably knows." Alec groaned, putting his head in his hands, covering his eyes. Magnus smiled. The teacher started the lesson and they barely had a chance to talk. The rest of the day passed as usual, neither seeing the other again until Magnus found himself in the doorway of his dark room.

The lights from Alec's room bled into Magnus' dark one Magnus looked into the window and there bathed in light laid Alec on his double bed, his laptop in front of him and about ten different textbooks open around him. Alec wasn't wearing one of his usual sweaters but instead wore a tee-shirt and pyjama bottoms with monsters on, which Magnus found it incredibly cute, the garments clung to Alec's muscular figure which Magnus did admire. Even if he did have a girlfriend, he could admire how attractive the tallest Lightwood was. He was nodding his head slightly so Magnus guessed he was listing to music.

Magnus suddenly thought of something and rushed through the darkness to his dresser, he rummage in the bottom draw and got out what he desired before he rushed back to the light switch and turned it on. The sudden light caught Alec's attention and he looked over to see Magnus stood a white board in his hands, on it he had written a word:


Alec smiled and held up a finger, signalling he'd be a moment. He leaned over the side of his bed, the one farthest from the window which gave Magnus a nice view of his butt, a view he shamelessly appreciated, before he pushed himself up and back onto the bed. He sat crossed legged, facing the window in a way that reminded Magnus of a child, in an endearing way, Alec's hair covered his face as he bent over the whiteboard and Magnus wanted nothing more than to brush the soft hair out of his face so he could see those blue eyes. Alec looked up then and held up his board.


Magnus wrote something else on his whiteboard, he smiled at the nostalgic feeling. When they were younger they used to communicate via whiteboard a lot, it was especially useful for when it was late at night and they were supposed to be sleeping, or when it too cold or too wet to open the windows to talk. He realised he had missed this. Talking with Alec either through the windows or by whiteboard, he missed being Alec's friend.

'How are you?' Magnus wrote.

'Studying so meh. How about you?' Alec answered.

Magnus was about to reply when his phone rang, he silently cursed whoever was calling and quickly wrote on his board: 'Five minutes, phone.'

Alec nodded and Magnus answered his phone, he didn't check the caller id.

"Magnus!" Camille yelled a smile in her voice.

"Camille." He answered with less enthusiasm.

"So, I was calling to tell you, there's a football game on Friday."



"And you don't play football." Magnus felt compelled to point out.

"No." Camille agreed, her voice tight. "But I cheer for the team."


"Are you coming to watch me cheer?" Camille asked, her tone implied he should have realised that. Magnus thought, his plans had been to sit and keep his TV and sofa company since he was home alone.

"Is anyone else going?" He joked.

"Magnus!" Camille exclaimed and instantly Magnus knew it had been the wrong thing to joke about "I can't believe you just asked that! You're supposed to support me regardless of who else is going! You don't even care about me!"

"What? Camille, that's not true."

"Yes! It is!" She sounded close to tears, but Magnus knew she was one of the best drama students so it was probably an act.

"No, it's not. That question was a joke, of course I'll be there." Magnus sighed. Alec was watching through the window and saw the change this phone call had had on Magnus, at the start of their conversation he'd seemed cheerful but now, with his shoulders sagging, he looked exhausted. It filled Alec with more anger at Camille.

"A joke?" Camille squawked, he held the phone away from his ear so he didn't have the full force of her shrill shouts damaging his hearing, "That's your idea of a joke! I can't believe you! You are the most! Argh!" She trailed off.

"I'm sorry!" Magnus shouted back.

"You better be so very sorry! And you better make it up to me-" she started screaming at him and he winced, he looked out the window and Alec was looking back, trying to give him a supportive look. And suddenly he was sick of her and her drama, her expectations, her demands and her ridicule.

"See you tomorrow!" Magnus shouted over her and put the phone down. He rubbed his temples, there would be hell tomorrow but he'd deal with it.

He sighed and wrote on the whiteboard and held it up for Alec, 'Sick and tired of girlfriend drama.'

He watched Alec, something flashed over his face but it was gone too quickly for Magnus to be able to tell what emotion it was, 'Are you going to the game on Friday?'

'Yeah... are you?'

'Magnus, I'm on the football team.' Alec rolled his eyes.

'So that's a yes.' Magnus smiled.

'Yes, that's a yes.' Alec shook his head at Magnus' ridiculousness but Magnus still saw the smile on his face.

'I'll be cheering for you from the stands,' Magnus wrote, Alec stared at the words Magnus had written, surprise on his face and then he blushed. Magnus noticed the blush and then realised his message sounded like that of a girlfriend. Or boyfriend.

'Thanks.' Alec wrote, 'but if I don't hear you 'I shall be thoroughly disappointed.''

Magnus laughed at loud, Alec had quoted Magnus from this morning. 'Touché, Lightwood, touché.'

Alec was about to reply when Izzy darted into his room and said something. Alec threw his hands up into the air and answered her, she answered and then ran from the room. Alec rubbed out what would have been written on his board but then wrote something else. 'I've got to go: sibling drama.'

'I don't want you to go.' Magnus wrote.

'I don't want to go, but I have to.' Alec held up the board with a blush.

'See you tomorrow.' Magnus held up.

'Bye.' Alec wrote, he then left his room.

Magnus sat and stared into Alec's brightly lit room, the walls were still painted green. He remembered when they'd been ten and repainted their rooms, Alec's had been painted green like the green of Magnus' eyes and Magnus had painted his blue like Alec's. He remembered Alec's hair and skin flecked with green paint and the look of joy when they'd finished it. He smiled at the memory. He missed Alec a lot more than he'd thought. And with the blue eyes in mind, he got up, closed the curtains and got ready to sleep.

W/M: Do you like it? What do you think?

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