Does This Darkness Have a Name?

By Epicalovelies

Thriller / Drama

The Mermaid who got Lost Along the way


Will, Emma, Rikki, and Zane are gone now. They have escaped…temporarily. And now, my most undeserving-of-evil ex-best-friend has to face Charlotte's wrath all by herself. And all Cleo can do is sob. Sob as she stares at Lewis's corpse.

Charlotte turns to me, and offers a broken smile we used to exchange when I admired her. But… Now, I don't. I can't. Not when she's taken away a lost girl's true love. Well…maybe I did that. But, I didn't want Lewis to have to suffer… He would die anyway. What if Charlotte took away Will? I knew what Charlotte was capable of it… Capable of even forcing me to do away with him. I shudder, look back at Cleo, and will her to try and run…try and live again.

"Well, Cleo… I hope you got what you wanted! Lewis is dead. All because you. You must be happy…tearing apart people who are destined to be together. You little bitch! Your torture session is going to last for eternity… You'll wish you were dead." Charlotte cackles, but she's in the midst of a breakdown.

Truthfully, I like Cleo. And anger is suffocating me. Cleo just sits there, letting Charlotte take hits at her…because Cleo finds no reason to respond. Lewis is gone, and she can't process it. Just like when mum was gone. Just like when my innocence was.

"Charlotte… You're the one who cut off Lewis's penis, and ruined your relationship with him. He chose Cleo. You were angry, and then decided to make him hurt. And…" I smile, a devious one at that. "Then I killed him so that both of you would stop fighting over him. He's just a science geek, for heaven sake's. Now, no one can have him."

The silence is deafening.

Charlotte's image breaks. "Bella, don't get me started with you. If you do as I say, maybe I won't have to slap you. Insane bitch doesn't know what's good for her…" She mumbles. Then her amber eyes turn to her half brother's friends…all hovering around, finding absolute pleasure and amusement in our insanity.

"This plan is getting edgy…about to collapse, even. So, all of you must go find Emma, Rikki, Zane, and Will. And when you find them, you will kidnap the mermaids, put them in the boxes over there. Make sure they can breathe…a little." Charlotte refers to the wall. "And then we will take them on the boat we came here on, and hide them away on Mako. Our revenge will officially end there, when I feel they've had enough. And that'll take years." Charlotte finishes, eyes in ecstasy in thoughts of her evil revenge.

A thought pipes at me. "What about Will and Zane?" I ask.

Charlotte smiles at me, clutches my hand, and fills with horrific delight. "I'm doing this for you, Bella." She peers back at the guys. "Kill them."

"Any preference on method, Charlotte?" One of the guys asks, as if he's filled with all sorts of devious ideas at this moment. I am too… They can't kill Will. They won't.

"Heights." I state. "Zane is afraid of heights. Rikki told me one time… One time when we were friends." I go on. "You should push him off a balcony. That'd be…terrific." Then my smile crumbles. "But…you will not kill Will. If you kill Will, I kill you." I lift my hand, about to strike within my power.

Charlotte's eyes panic for a moment, and try to find safety. Cleo looks up, the first thing that's interested her since Lewis was murdered by me. Charlotte tries to reach my rationality. Doesn't she realize there's none left? "Bella, don't get crazy now…" I'm already crazy. I've gone off the deep end and reached insanity. It couldn't be any other way. "Of course, Will will be safe. We won't kill him."

I got my way. I smile. Cleo's eyes reach mine, but, for the first time in our friendship, all they are filled with is fear.

"Now go. And cut off the mermaid's fingers to make sure they won't use their ungrateful powers. Make the mermaids wish they were dead." And, with Charlotte's last word, the guys leave to stir more insanity, and force their evil ways upon more victims.

Now… What to do with Cleo while she waits for our trip to Mako, or really…her trip to hell.

This is when Charlotte and I realize Cleo has reached for her phone, and is trying to type something into it. Havoc ensues, as Charlotte gasps. "The little bitch!" Charlotte nears Cleo, and pulls her hair before grabbing the phone away. Cleo looks lost, but not angry. Her eyes are lifeless…sad.

Charlotte looks at Cleo's phone screen and smirks. "The little bitch of a mermaid was trying to alert her friends… How sweet. I'm happy to tell you that no one has signal any more." Charlotte says happily, and then an idea pipes up. "But…just so you can't get your paws on anything else…" Charlotte grabs the last knife that was left before the guys took them up to the mermaids. Charlotte sneers, and just like that, she slices through Cleo's fingers.

Cleo screams, but when she takes in all the blood gushing from her hands…stops. Cleo just stares at Charlotte and I, full of hatred, full of fear, full of loss…

"Good bitch of a mermaid. There's no reason to scream… Your torture hasn't even started…" Charlotte cackles, in a horrific soothing voice. I observe the happenings. Perhaps, in a few years, I can leave this all behind, and start anew again. Perhaps…

"Get away from me." Cleo whispers, as tears flood her eyes. I stare down at her, on the floor…wishing I could say something that could coax her. I never hated her. I loved Cleo, just as I loved Will…and once upon a time, loved Rikki. But, Emma was always evil. And then Rikki betrayed me and…took advantage of Will…and I knew she had gone evil too.

"Okay, Cleo. You don't want near me, but you want near Lewis, don't you? Even when he's dead, you want to be his whore, and push me out…Don't you? Don't you?" Charlotte starts babbling, and suddenly cackles and more cackles escape her mouth. And then, Charlotte grabs Lewis's lost body part…the torn of piece of him, and grabs Cleo's hair, and pushes it into her mouth.

I gasp at the horror of a scene. It is the first action of Charlotte's that I'm surprised at. I didn't know she would go this ludicrously evil. It's so disturbing… Cleo's gagging meshed with her screaming…while Charlotte cackles and cackles.

And all while, Cleo's eyes gravitate at me… Full of misery. Full of hate. Full of everything that will now always be lost. I lost her. Our friendship is no more. A tiny part of me feels sad, but the larger part is angry. I thought she would be able to see that I feel terrible watching the torture of old best friends…but she doesn't. So, the anger reeks in me….

But I can't watch Lewis's lifeless dick be pushed in Cleo's mouth by Charlotte, as Lewis lays…a lifeless corpse just a few feet away. It's too much hysteria to take in. So, with a vomit-induced gasp, I run away…out in the hallway of the hotel.

I try to breathe, but things get blurry very easily. I'm crying. How could I become such a menace? I miss having two best friends, an amazing true love, and an extraordinary secret that bound us forever. I miss the person I used to be…even if she was a lie.

The people surrounding me are crying as well. They are trapped in my own insanity…and for no reason except bad luck. I brought tragedy to all of them. This isn't Cleo's fault, or Charlotte's, or even Rikki's for taking advantage of Will… It's my fault… I caused all of this. I'm a terrible evil lost girl…and there's nothing I can do to change it.

Only one person could. Will.

No One

Meanwhile, Emma was sneaking off to complete one aspect of the plan. It was not an easy one. It was one that would definitely destroy any remaining piece of the so-called sane soul of Bella Hartley's. But, as the plan went… Will would find Bella; offer a runaway plan to escape this place, so conveniently gathering the information of how to escape. After they would find the possible way out, Will would distract Bella with a million kisses. Meanwhile, Emma would have snuck into Charlotte's torture chamber, and froze the evil girl with red hair and amber eyes, and rescued Cleo. Emma and Cleo would then get Rikki and Zane, and find the newly opened exit…where Will would abandon Bella, and they would call the police. Bella would be put in jail or better yet a mental institution.

Yes, this was the plan. But, plans have a tendency of being broken, and going down a chaotic twirl of events that no one expected.


While I have my breakdown of sobbing on the floor, into my knees, once again…that I hear familiar footsteps, and an even more familiar voice. "Bella? Bella….don't cry." I look up, wondering if I starting to have hallucinations. But, there he is. Will Benjamin. The lost love of my life.

"Will?" I say, still in shock. His eyes spiral in forms of pity in my direction. He thinks I'm a nutcase. He hates me… I wish he really could stay true to his words in the video he sent before getting on the plane…but I know what he said. Tears fall from my eyes like it's pouring.

"Bella, you know I hate it when you cry." Will says again, and suddenly his hands are wiping the tears away. I find a light; somehow, I find that light at the end of the tunnel.

"I thought you hated me…" I mumble, in disbelief. "You said that you didn't love me anymore!" I sob. Suddenly, Will has taken me and is whispering in my ear. He's close. He's not full of anger and sorrow anymore…but of… Is he full of the love we used to have?

"Truth is, Bella, I had to lie to you. Emma and Cleo… They tried to brainwash me that…that you were the bad one. But, I know the truth. You're the one I'm in love with, and if Charlotte and you are friends, I can accept that. Emma, Rikki, and Cleo are the evil ones here. I just… I always wanted it to be you and me, always and forever in love. I was angry that you just left and had this whole past you never told me about…but, it's okay now. We can leave this place, if you'll show me the way… And we'll be the Will and Bella who were in love again." Will is coaxing into my ear. And I look into his eyes, trying to reach into his soul…wanting reassurance he's telling me the truth. But, my emotions get the best of me.

"Charlotte and I aren't friends, Will! She scares me…and she told me that they all were evil, but I'm not even sure now… I'm…so…lost, and confused, and scared. But I do know that you're the one thing in my life that hasn't been a lie." I look to Will's hazel eyes. They've changed. They're feeling something, and at this moment…. I know he's true. I knew he still loved me… I knew it. Now, everything will be okay…cause we're in love again!

"I know, Bella…. I know. We can leave all this behind. This is Charlotte and the girls' mess. Not ours. We can run... We'll be happier, and you won't be scared or confused or lost anymore. Not with me." Will pleads, holding my hand as our fingers intertwine. I want so desperately to believe him, and run away together…but there's one little thing.

"Rikki told me that she took advantage of you and fucked you. That's why I had to carve Lying Whore into her skin. See, everything I did…it's so you and me can be together…" It swarms out from my mouth, as I'm wondering if he'll feel the same way. But, he has to. We're meant to be. I knew he'd understand.

"Me too, Bella. I even shot that brother of Charlotte's to put on a good show…to make Emma, Zane, Rikki, and Cleo think I'm on their side. But, it's you and me against the world, Bells. It's always been that. And Rikki…" Will winces, but I choose to ignore that. "Rikki is a lying whore. She….She needs to know it. She started coming at me like a…desperate slut after Zane cheated on her." Will squeezes his eyes tight, and then peers back to me, and kisses my hand. "You did the world a favor. And…you'll do it another one if you run away with me."

I nod; loving how even in our darkest times…love isn't lost. This is the right fairytale ending. This is right. Will and I, against the world. It's our oyster, and together we will conquer it with our love. He might even make me sane again. He's done it once…. Everything will be perfect.

"I know a way out of the water-jelly gate outside." I squeal, in glee at the thought of our future. "Will, can we go back to Ireland? Sometimes….Sometimes, I miss that place. Even if when I changed to a mermaid, it was in Charlotte's instructions…" I start mumbling.

"Wherever your heart desires, Bells." Will replies, and helps me up from the floor. We intertwine our hands, and go off into the sunset of the doors of the hotel. They're not locked anymore. And off we go, soul mates still in love… Just as I knew we would be. Who cares if a few mermaids get lost along the way?

Once we are outside, I look at the sky to realize it's nearing nighttime. And…up there in the sky, shining upon loads of lost and scared people, a crescent moon appears. I wonder what I'll be doing the next full moon. The people found a way to get past the locked doors, and our now screeching at my solid-jelly gate. I smile. It was a success. They just don't know the secret escape.

Will and I are walking…until he stops, and gasps. "Ohmygod!" I get frightened, but then come to see the fallen body of Zane Bennett. I smile. His head looks cracked; blood is spurring. I look above, and shiver in delight as I see the balcony that holds a damaged Rikki being kidnapped.

Will loses his image of the boy in love with Bella (me), when he starts spewing to a man that has started working on Zane. "Is…Is he dead!"

The man looks up at Will, and sighs. "No. He has a pulse, but I do believe he's in a coma as of now, and has a few broken bones." The man finishes, and adds, "I'm a doctor. I was on a vacation here… Never thought it would get this chaotic in Los Angeles. Not to worry, I'll fix your friend up, and help him recover while I can. Were you a friend?" The doctor asks, looking back at Zane.

I frown. He's not dead. I thought my plans would always work…but, eventually, he had to die in a coma, right? had to go my way as of now. I'm in control, now that I've left Charlotte. Now that I have Will again. Right?

Will gulps, and I can't help but notice how his eyes flicker of horror as he stares at Zane's body and back at me. "Yeah. We were mates," I'm surprised to hear Will answer. And with this, I am even more in awe when Will gets a stray piece of paper, and jots something down, and then hands it to the doctor.

And with that, Will's "Come on, Bells. Let's get out of here." He clutches my hand, and I take him to the only escape route in all the land of this hotel. But before we escape, I stop.

"You promise to love me forever?" I ask Will, still feeling a vibe of my insecurities in the air.

Will gives me his familiar smile, and whispers, "I promise to love you for all of eternity." And then he takes me into a hug, in which I let a few stray sobs come out into the open. He soothes me, again and again.

When we part, I stare at the jelly-gate, and smile, finally able to breathe again. "The escape is right here. We have to pat the ground a few times, and then this part of the wall will crash, and let us out." And with this, clutching each others hand, we start digging a minor hole, and when the gate lets out… We go off into the sunset. Until I realize people have started to follow us into escape universe.

Ha. Charlotte's plans might not go entirely her way.

As we stare back at the hotel of so much of Charlotte and I's evilness, fears, and destruction of all, Will gulps. "Loving someone means wanting what's best for them." I smile, and nod at him. Things are going so smoothly. I knew he was the one stable thing in my life. I knew our love wasn't lost. He understood. He always did.

"I love you, Bella." He takes me and starts a fit of passionate kisses that cause butterflies to stir inside of me, like they always do. We keep kissing, and kissing, as he presses me against the jelly-gate. But then, she comes along. And I know that, indeed, absolutely everything is lost.

The girl of my insanity, my evilness, my insecurities, Emma appears. With her, is Cleo, with a much less disheveled appearance than I last saw her in. No Rikki. I smile. At least that whore is most likely in distress. Haha. Zane couldn't save his damsel in distress…. It's all so hilarious! I flicker my eyes again and again, until I realize Emma and Will have taken each others hand and all of them are staring at me with hatred.

"And, it's because I loved you that I have to do what's best. You can't hurt anyone anymore." Will says, and my eyes go berserk at the horrific image in front of me. Emma and Will, holding hands, together…. No. This can't happen! This wasn't supposed to happen! My soul deflates, and madness ensures.

"It's over, Bella. Charlotte's frozen. We've escaped. And, we're gonna call the police, and so you'll have to tell them where Rikki is. And then…you're gonna rot in jail, in your own little hell." Emma says with a sneer. She thinks for the moment that she's won. But, she's nowhere close.

I've lost my soul at the bottom of the deep end, and now my hidden monster is going to come out.

"You evil demonic bitch! Whore! Whore! You dirty repulsive slut! Slut! Slut! You were in a porno!" I screech, as I push Emma to the ground. The others screech, and surround us.

"That's how you got this idiotic nuisance of a baby!" is my last screech. And then I cackle, reminding myself horrifically more and more of Charlotte in each second…who's now…frozen? I whisper, "Now, I'll do you a favor. I'll kill that disgusting little fetus. Hehe." I look back at Cleo and Will; who looks completely shocked.

Then, I put my hand directly over Emma's stomach, just a tiny bulge to signify her slutty behavior. I giggle. She's full of atrocious anger, and a tiny word slips out, "Don't."

"You deserve this. You brainwashed and ruined Cleo to mess with Charlotte. And you turned Rikki into a slut who took advantage of Will! And now, your darling little baby will-" Emma stirs on the ground, and suddenly, she's reached into her pocket to reveal the gun she's somehow mustered to get back.

"It was just in case we needed it. And you need to die." Emma says at last. She looks above my head, up to Will. I can feel his nod. No. Shock elopes with me, and I can't think, can't move. My hand stands still. Tears fall.

"You can't hurt anyone anymore." Will says. By this time, I've started twirling my hands in the familiar motion of magic, but it's too late. My heart has already died.

Emma has the gun, to my heart, and with one little press and release, the bullet flies as her eyes squeeze shut. One last glance of my life. Will. Betrayed.

You can't hurt anyone anymore. And, so the end came.

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