Does This Darkness Have a Name?

By Epicalovelies

Thriller / Drama

I Did It For Fate, For Our Fate


I woke up to the thundering pound of my scared, dark, hole of a heart. I felt flustered, and very hurt. My head was pounding; and my heart thumping it's beats faster and faster as I panicked more and more. I had been hit. Punched in the head. By…Lewis, of all people.

Once Lewis had seen me; I shut down. I wouldn't talk to neither him or the Dark Stud from the Bar named Drake. I just let myself fall to the ground and let tears escape through my eyes into my white dress.

I had heard they're voices decide they would call Will [Clearly Drake didn't know who he was, but I could see he thought Lewis was the smartest geek he'd ever met; so there was trust]. And get him to take me home. I knew there was deep worried muffled into Lewis's voice. He couldn't understand why I was so crazy all of a sudden. Only it wasn't all of a sudden. I had been planning this for years. But now, flashes of regret were stealing away at me.

And then I had slowly crept away to find Drake's wallet armed with a hand knife. I had sealed it away in the pocket of my dress. And I waited.

Lewis kept asking me how I'd got here and why I'd come here. Basically what I was running away from. I couldn't admit it. Admit that I was crazy and had invested in an evil plot to…destroy all who cared about him just so my old friend from the Looney Boon could have her desires with him fulfilled.

And then finally, when they decided to get food for me, I checked my phone. The solid text message putting the scheme into action.

GET RID OF LEWIS'S MATES. Thanks Bells –Your sister, Charlotte…

Then they came back. And I threw the knife upon Drake. I scarred his neck. A thin line of scarlet blood dripped oozing down upon the white bed. He cried in agony. I smiled a dark sweet smile, and was about to sear his head, when I felt a thunderous amount of weight hit the back of my head, and I fell.

The white pale hands gagged me, and pulled me upon a chair. I felt my hands being scrunched into a knot. It wasn't as if Lewis had knocked me out. After that, I had chosen to close my eyes, and fall asleep.

But now I was awake. And I could hear Lewis talking into his phone.

"No, baby. Its not safe for you to come over. I love you too, Spike. But she's not going to hurt me… Well, just remember, that I'd give the world to you if I could. Kay, love you bye."

Spike? That was a name very un-Cleo-ish. As well, as a twist in Charlotte's plan of terror. Lewis turned to see me staring at him intently, with that strange appeal of dark humor that I was threatening him with.

"I've got you food." He was hesitant. And I knew. Deep down, thumping in his vein, was cold hard fear. He was afraid of me. And it wasn't like he shouldn't be. I could destroy him. He knew it. But he also knew I wouldn't. Because…in his hand was my phone. The one with many texts from Charlotte.

"Not hungry." I muttered with a slip of a smile. Then I pointed to the other phone in his hand. "Who might that be?"

He ignored me. "Bella, what happened to you? You can't honestly tell me your whole friendship with Cleo and Rikki was all lies? Just because you knew Charlotte?"

"Lewis, I didn't just know Charlotte! She was my best friend! And you shouldn't be talking about betrayal! What about Cleo, Lewis? She's in love with you!"

This caused him to go silent. "See…you care. You care about Cleo! I know you care about them both. You can get Charlotte locked in a mental institution. She isn't your real friend. She's just using you!" He went on, but I couldn't listen anymore.

"SHUT UP!" I shrieked a high pitch scream that shattered the room. I looked around wondering where Drake was. He was so cute. "Lewis…I am sorry. But…Charlotte's…She's out of my control. She'll get what she wants. She always does in the end."

And with a shudder, Lewis turned on the TV and we both stared at the screen. Him in worry. Me smiling eerily. He had no idea what was to come.

. . .

In those thirty minutes where our eyes wandered upon careless sitcoms. It turned out they had gotten pizza from a Café a few blocks from the Hotel. I cautiously devoured it. We kept glancing at each other. He knew I was dangerous. And the only sane part of me was aware I was crazy.

"Bella…I think… I think you should see something…" I turned to him with a smirk.

"Will…he…He recorded a video for you right before they boarded on the plane. I think you should see it." He gulped and shoved his laptop in front of my face, after turning the TV off.

He sat there. Waiting for me to press play and watch Will's lips move.

Will. I love him. That is possibly the only truth I have left in my life

Will's solemn face was staring into the soles of my eyes. He looked bitter; not only that, but heartbroken. Torn apart, unable to believe that I had turned into this freak show of a human. He was disappointed in me. He possibly hated me. I couldn't deal with that.

"Bella…Hey. Its me. Will. But you can see that, can't you?"

"I…I wanted to give you this message because no matter what Lewis is rambling about…I…I…still love you. But Bells, how can you say that your friendship with Rikki and Cleo is all lies? Does that mean…that your love for me isn't real either?"

Tears slid from his eyes. Tears evolved from my eyes as well.

"Whoever this Charlotte girl is…She can't come between us. You can't change the undeniable feelings I have for you. And I just can't believe…that everything. Everything that we've been doing; feeling; that its fake. If it is…than I never knew you at all."

Lewis glanced at my pained face, and slowly touched my hand. I glanced at him. He smiled a sad bitter smile. And then I saw him leave the room. At the end giving me a hopeful glare.

"I believe the best in you. I don't believe that your crazy. Hell, neither does Rikki or Cleo, really; I think. Just remember; real or not; my love for you will never stop. I'll love you forever. I'm sorry if that's a problem."

The video went blank.

. . .

I had time after that; alone in the Hotel Suite to think over what Will said. His love for me…It was that strong. And perhaps he was right; I did care. Not just about him; my love was steaming out of my ears for that boy. But for Cleo and Rikki. I had been shocked and disheveled to see Lewis was involved with some ratheaded twat named Spike.

All of us in life deserved love. I felt myself become attached to the merry excitement building up inside of me. I, Isabella Hartley, was in love with William Benjamin. We could get married, and live happily ever after, if…If I chose to rid myself of the war in process inside my head, and drove myself to find sanity.

Rikki, [Heaven knows why], was in love with Zane. Even if she didn't admit it out loud, I could sense it. They would probably be one of those off-couples who lives together, and is drunk a lot, but eventually they would settle down. Cleo was mad for Lewis. They would get married and have a couple kids if only that…whore Lewis was infatuated with was destroyed.

Yes, that was how it was supposed to be. Cleo, Rikki, and I in love.

The only feeling that felt real; Love. And knowledge that it would make things right in the end.

. . .

The shock I was entitled to when the Hotel's Suite door opened and became unlocked, and Lewis didn't walk in, was huge. A girl with black short hair walked in giddy and giggling. The first thing I noticed was her dark ringlets and nose piercing, and probably how she had the style of an Emo girl taken to the runway.

Not that she wasn't pretty, she was. In an odd exotic sort of way. Her tan skin glistened lightly against the white top with the purple and black striped gloves. She wore a mini-skirt, ruffled and cute, with short purple and black striped sparkly leggings. I knew from the beginning, I hated her.

"Hey! Is Lewis here?" She asked in a poised position. I smiled deeply at her.

"Whoa. You must be Spike. I'm Bella. Lewis has told me so much about you!" I exclaimed in the excited tone I had faked so many times with Cleo and Rikki.

"Oh." She took my in slowly with a frown. Then she decided to sit down on the luxury couch and talk to me. "Your one of Lewis's old friends?"

"Yes…Isabella." I didn't offer her my hand. I just included her in a breathless hug, which she 'oomphed' at.

"So, where have you two met?" I asked in girly excitement. She smiled at me and I saw her eyes reckoning trust and possible admiration at me. And I knew what I had to do. Had it planned in the back of my mind.

It turned out her named wasn't Spike; but Leah. And she had been seeing Lewis for three months; which basically meant they'd been mindlessly fucking with no real substance. Lewis deserved more than that.

I could sense she liked me very much. Perhaps saw me as a possible friend. And I knew what my life was supposed to be now. And this girl, Leah, Spike, and all the rest of the tramps Lewis was involved with were not supposed to be there. And I would get rid of them.

. . .

I eventually persuaded her to come to the pool with me, and Lewis and Drake [and some others I had no clue about] were to come with us. But they wouldn't. Before we left, I made sure to grab a plastic bag, and Drake's lighter. This was going to be Leah Fletcher's death scene.

. . .

I smiled a meek grin as I watched her lifeless body float upon the surface of the gleaming blue water. Her head suffocated in the plastic bag enlarging her throat.

I lifted my hands and stuck the water around into a crumbly sphere of jelly. Slowly the water floated her sculptured circle to the shallow end of the pool and to my outstretched arms.

I licked my lips with the flicker of the lighter.

Suddenly the own Hotel's lights flickered, and then they were out.

I could still seem a fragment of Leah's body. And carefully and with a discreet ability, I dragged her out of the pool room, into the dark hallways, and near the dumpster.

After throwing her upon the scattered trash, I almost heard a scared whisper from her. "Please…" Her eyes flickered in mercy.

I whipped the hot fire onto her body and watched her go a flame.

. . .

Lewis deserved better. I had done this for our futures. Not only did Lewis belong to Charlotte. He belonged to Cleo. He was theirs.

This was how our fate was going to turn out. In Flames.

. . .

After checking my phone, I saw I had three new texts.

WILL: I love you forever. Almost there.

RIKKI: Hey…We're here. ? R U? Lewis is in deep worrying sh!t.

And then Charlotte.

I helped you out with this one. Good job. Together, they'll be destroyed. One by one, we'll kill them until Lewis is mine.

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