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Secret behind the door ( shivika)


The dark fantasy

Mystery / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Book is highly mature kindly the reporters and readers in wolves clothing please don't report my book as I'm giving warning before starting the book so that's kindly stay far from stuff like this and stay close to those books that are of your type.

And one more thing may I know.

Why you people only report Shivika mature content not any other hindi fiction couple?

Is that complainers are still tom and jerry fans or is that jealousy that make you ruin other hard work?

Think before spoiling someone work and more more thing complaint then why book contains pornographic if not then keep your eyes close when mature content comes.

Thank you


Mrs Tia Thomas was wife of late Daksh Thomas who years back died in plane crash. Mrs Thomas was too young and beautiful to get widow so early and it was difficult for her to manage the responsibilities of single parent specially when she's mother of daughter.

But more than her daughter needs for her father she was much more in needs of her husband who can fulfil her dark fantasy desires of her longing night that she don't want to spend alone on the furry bed that became bed of thrones after her husband lost. She always fantasize someone hands all over her naked body roaming and fondling her up and down, with rough lips smooching her moaning lips where his length burning her for inside.

Dreaming about those fantasy she married her daughter college Principal when her daughter turned fifteen and her Principal from front came with marriage proposal to Mrs Tia Thomas who jumped in happiness and at the first proposal accepted his proposal and then after few days Mrs Tia Thomas became Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi with whom she did all what she has fantasized.

The bed that became bed of thrones for her turned to be bed of heaven where she and her second husband did all the sinful acts.

But for Mrs Tia Shivaay Singh Oberoi it was love, lust, sexual needs and pleasure but for Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi from Principal turned step dad of his student come step daughter was only...........


Hope you like the first part I know it's short but what to do, I can't write long as writing secretly is not easy but still I'm doing that that's my other book HER NEEDS is on hold and don't know when I do the same with this book too.

But what can I dooooo, when sometimes your mind gets out of ideas or sometimes fails to write what's going inside the head. Sorry in advance if somewhere I get lost here too but still hope so I don't get out of ideas till then what you people can do is.





Don't report

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