Him and Her

Chapter 11: Him

I made it through work, all the way through lunch, with Thomas being so annoying.

"So? You followed her home. Did she talk you to death? Do I hear wedding bells?"

"No, Thomas. Leave me alone. I have work to do. She's not very happy with me and she's really mad at you. Can we just leave it alone?"

"Sure, whatever. Did you at least get her number?"

"No. But I got her to go to that ball with me tonight."

"Really? Melissa and I are going together."

"Since when?! You said yourself that Melissa is out of your league! She's not even in our department. What made you go with her?"

Thomas shrugged at my question. "She saw the posters and said she wanted to go. I said I'd take her. So we'll see you and Miss Snotty Pants tonight."

"You're such a child, giving her names like that."

"You're such a stalker, picking her up and going dancing with her like that."

"I don't even know if she dances, Thomas!"

"Well. I hope she makes you happy." He walked away, still steaming that Miss Eliza Rein was kind to what he considered an underling, yet totally dismissed him for trying to honor her.

I had no idea how on earth I could find her after her hotel burned down, so I talked to the co-worker that never smiles that talked with Cassandra earlier and got Cassandra's number.

"Hello? Miss Cassandra?"

"Yes, honey? How can I help you?"

"I'm trying to find where I'm supposed to meet Eliza – I mean, Miss Rein, for the ball tonight… you know… since her hotel burned down."

"Oh! Well, at the moment, honey, she's trying on a couple of dresses. You know the church that's just up the road from there? She's staying there for now." There was a great deal of noise in the background. "She says she'll be at the church at 6, ready to go. And thank you for picking up her suitcase."

"It was no big deal. Thank you. I'll be at the church."

I was so happy when 6 o'clock came around and I could take a taxi down to the church, which is a sister church to my home church, to go see Miss Eliza Rein. I just love the way the words look. She's extremely charming in my mind. So kind, trying to show love and kindness to people… except that it might just be a front. I still haven't forgotten about her being the one who might have started the fire. Is she really a druggie? After all my stalking, wouldn't there be some sign that she does drugs? Or that she started the fire? No. Have to stop this doubt! But… what if?

She came out of the church and down the front steps, dressed in a fancy, old-fashioned dress, with the cape that she had been working on the night before draped over her shoulders. I don't think I'd ever seen anything so stunning or radiant as that woman looked just then. So soft in the shoulders, the dress wasn't revealing, yet she fit it perfectly. If she were born in another time, I would have loved to have seen her in that kind of outfit all the time. It just seemed to suit her.

"Hello, Mr. McPherson." She said as soon as she reached the bottom.

"Hello, Miss Rein. Ready to go?"

"Of course. That's why I'm out here." The outfit might be radically different, but the girl was still the same. Darn. I guess clothes don't make the woman.

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