Him and Her

Chapter 14: Her

Idiot and damned fool! I despise Thomas all the more. To attack another man for being kind in public, the audacity! I must remind myself to carry mace and maybe a handgun if I get the chance. Jack, at the very least, had the decency not to get up and fight back. He has very poor choice in friends, but perhaps Thomas is simply a very different person when not infatuated with a woman like me.

"Miss Rein?"

"Yes?" I pull out of my thoughts. We're at the church. He's holding the door for me. "Oh. Of course. Thank you."

"You're welcome." He closes the door behind me, taking care not to catch my cape. He keeps staring. I can't tell whether it is at my cape, or my backside. Which is pretty much the same thing at the moment.

"What are you staring at?!" I snap at him and his eyes immediately focus on my eyes.

"Just your workmanship. I saw you working on this earlier, and it didn't look like much, but it suits you very well. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare."

"Please stop. It's making me uncomfortable. You're welcome to stay, but I would assume that you would like to get out of that outfit."

"Yes. Thank you."

"You're welcome. And thank you. For introducing me to Mr. Daniels."

"You're welcome. Goodnight." He says, bowing.

"Goodnight." I bow my head and turn my back, going inside, very aware that he is staring at me.

The girls are all over me as soon as I get in the door. By "The girls" I mean Jenny and Cassandra.

"Did he kiss you?!"

"What happened?"

"Why do you look so upset?"

"Did he hurt you?"

"Is he staying?"

"Are you going to a hotel with him?"

"SILENCE!" I bellow, shutting up their idiotic questions. "It's late, I'm tired, he's covered in punch and going home to take care of his bruised jaw. Jenny, the cops are going to be here shortly, taking you into custody. Apparently they have enough evidence to arrest a suspect." I put my hand on her shoulder. "Jesus still loves you, but you have to pay for your crime."

"I know." She says, defeated. "He forgives me, but the law sure won't."

"It will be good for you, Jenny. You'll get to talk with God a lot." I smile at her. "You'll be alright. This church should be here when you get out. Even if I'm not." I wish them both a goodnight and march to the couch in the youth room, where I slept last night. Cassandra comes in.

"Honey, did you have two men fighting over you tonight?" she asks, sitting at my feet.

"Probably. I didn't hear all of it. Jack was just insulting Thomas' behavior. The man's a loose cannon, lost control and punched Jack." I yawn. "It's never happened to me, but that doesn't make it unusual for the New York people. Or even dating people."

"It just means that you're desirable, honey. You should be proud of that fact."

"I am very proud of my desirability, despite the fact that I am a very angry and fairly violent woman myself. I am quite angry with the both of them, but am willing to go crawl under a rock for the time being."

"Oh don't do that. Didn't you have fun?"

"Yes! Oh! I forgot!" I hand her the card Mr. Daniels gave me. "Here. Jack knew Mr. Daniels would be there tonight and he wants to publish my book, just as soon as we can get it to him. Can you do that for me?"

"Of course, honey! What's an agent for?" she winks. "You get some sleep. I'll find you another hotel for tomorrow. I do wish the snow would let up out there. I have other places to be, you know!"

"I know, Cassandra. Goodnight."


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